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note- the leap i took was three and half years, make it 4 years and swayyam is 3 and half years old.
here we go with the story.
swasan were in their room and sanskar was now about to open his heart and tell swara his thoughts.
sanskar- swara you will always be with me and love me like this naa [sanskar said cupping her face]
swara- sanskar you don’t need to ask. i am always with you. now don’t divert and speak up.
sanskar- [keeping his head in swara’s lap] swara you when i was away from my family for 5 years then i was not so bothered. i used to feel lonely, sometimes missed them too but my anger and revenge always took over it. i hated them and hence the pain of separation was not much. i felt pain and understood there importance due to you. after you confronted me and made me understand importance of family i had a special place for them. i started loving and respecting them more. they were special to me earlier too but that was not much just normal like any person with complete family have feelings in their heart just like that. but your perspective about family truthfulness and love changed me and my heart completely.
sanskar paused and looked at swara who was listening to him with concentration and looking at him. they both looked at each other. looking at her directly into her eyes he spoke further.
sanskar- when we were together i don’t know how i fell for you but i knew that what i feel for you i never experienced with kavita. i love you so much. the feeling was different and i knew that whatever happens whether you be with me or not i won’t move on ever because you have captured my heart and my soul and now this sanskar was ONLY FOR YOU. he has nothing for his own. then finally we were one. you reciprocated my love and we got married. the time you fell in the river i was shattered but your words kept ringing in my mind and i knew you would come back. because as sanskar is ONLY FOR YOU, swara is only for sanskar.

sanskar again paused for a minute and then instead of looking into her eyes he looked on the front wall.
sanskar- that time i only wished time would stop and we would be the happy family we were. but as we say time keeps on passing. it passed and the bad times come. after spending so much time and loving them with all our heart i thought they will trust me, trust us. but they didn’t. i was broken completely broken. i couldn’t think of anything then. that was my family, our family. we mended every relation with so much of love and care. but they took just few minutes to distrust us. swara you know in those five years no one tried to find me and even after i came bade papa was happy about it. it was all because of you that they changed and accepted me and we were happy. i have always loved him and maa as my own parents and laksh and aadarsh bhaiyaa ,i always treated them as my own brothers. infact more than uttara i have loved laksh but he never takes a minute to blame and distrust me. he always thinks about his situation and now also he is doing the same.[a tear escaped from his eyes and he wiped it immediately]
sanskar- i understand that situation made hi to think like that but but every time it will be the same. there will be many situations in future also and i am sure enough that they will not trust me like they did before.

sanskar – swara i hurted you a lot by not talking to you and not spending time with you the initial six months but at that time more than being broken, i used to think whether i am that bad that they don’t try to trust me even once. i knew you were with me but i feared, feared that i will loose you all and may be you all leave me. i tried to become hard and emotionless so that nothing affects me. moreover those people who called me cheater and the power of money which i have also used many times while taking my revenge compelled me to think that money makes a man powerful and i only thought of earning as much as i can, so that in future no ever could call or point out me and call me cheater. but later i transformed just because of you. uttara’s words about your pain made me realise that how wrong i was and tanmay to told me to think about what i am doing and now i am in front of you. that’s all is what in my heart.
sanskar- about yesterday i behaved like that only because i thought about ow i hurt you and how laksh till now is thinking about his situation and family members too came to seek forgiveness after knowing truth and because they are guilty not because of their love and trust.
sanskar hugs her by waist trying to control his tears.
swara caressed his hairs with immense love and didn’t say anything. they remained like that for sometime. after sanskar felt a bit better he relaxed his position but was still hugging her.
swara- [felt his condition better] sanskar what have you thought next.
sanskar -[departing himself] what do you mean/
swara- are we going to live here or back to mumbai and are you going to live with this pain in your heart for whole your life.
sanskar- no swara. i have thought of something. if you support me i will execute it.
swara- i am always with you.
sanskar- i want to be free of everything except one thing.
swara- what
sanskar- your love. now i want to live my whole life ONLY WITH YOU, ONLY FOR YOU AND OUR LOVE. and last but not the least for our kids. swayyam and soon the new member who will add in our life.
swara- new member?
sanskar- yes new member. our second baby. i have planned everything. after you get well and fit then we will plan for it. i desperately want to give swayyam her sister and take my angel in my hands.
swara looked at him shocked.
swara- what!
sanskar- what happened.

swara blushed- nothing. you are becoming shameless day by day.
swara- [stopping sanskar to speak further more on kids topic] sanskar you said you thought of something and will execute it. what have you thought.
sanskar- yaa listen……….[sanskar says something to swara, will be revealed later]
swara- i too have to tell you something. [sanskar nodded and swara said him something]
sanskar- ok then everything will be sorted. and i will thinngs right this time for final time.
swara- are you sure.
sanskar- 100% and by the way i have thought of this the whole time yesterday when i was out. you know now i am completely back just because of you and ONLY FOR YOU and i promise this time things will be sorted such that we won’t get pain in our life ever.
swara- i will pray that things goes as it you have thought.
sanskar- it will princess [gets up from her lap and kisses on er forehead] be with me like this always.
swara smiled.

swara- sanskar one question [sanskar looked at her] why did you feared always. didn’t you had trust on me. why you always fear to lose me.
sanskar- i trust you swara and sorry for all that crap that was all due to my poor thinking and the sudden changes in life. sorry. i don’t fear now but yes i can’t imagine my life without you.
swara- sanskar trust me only death can separate me from you and i would love to die in your arms.
sanskar got angry hearing her. he angrily kissed her on lips placing one hand behind her head and other on the side of swara on bed to balance himself. swara was shocked with his sudden move and had her eyes wide open. she did not respond and sanskar bite her showing her anger and swara gasp in pain and closes her eyes and tries to respond but couldn’t. sanskar finally parted due to lack of oxygen. he looked at swara angrily
sanskar- [gritting his teeth] even death can’t separate us. i won’t allow you to go away from me. i have had enough seeing you in that condition and i won’t bear it again. understand this fact and keep it in your mind never to utter that word death again from your mouth ever. if you do so you will see the worst of me.
sanskar looked at her bleeding lips and once again kissed her and licked her lips to soothe her pain. the kiss was gentle and swara was still in shocked state. sanskar parted earlier this time and moved out of the room.
swara after a minute or so came to sense and touched her lips and tear escaped her eyes as well a smile curved on her lips.
swara- [monologue] i am sorry sanskar for saying that word and hurting you. and thanks for loving me so much. i love you too. swara is also only for you sanskar.
at lunch time sumi came to swara’s room with her lunch.
sumi- shona have your lunch.
swara- maa where is sanskar. and i won’t eat here. will eat with everyone downstairs. please. from morning i am in this room.
sumi- but sanskar told to have your lunch in the room and not to allow you to come down.
swara- [wide eyes] he said this. [sumi nodded]
swara- [in mind] i think he is still angry. will have to pacify him. hmmmm.
swara- [stubbornly] no not at all. i will eat with everyone downstairs and that’s it. sanskar can’t just order me to be here. it’s like jail to be in one room. tell him to take me down or i will come down myself.
sumi- but.
swara- maa i said naa.
sumi- ok i will send him.
sumi went and swara smiled winningly.
after sometime sanskar came in the room and without looking at her was about to pick her up.
swara- arre what are you doing.
sanskar- [without making eye contact] you wanted to go down. so i am here to take you.
swara- first talk tome properly.
sanskar- i am talking naa.
swara- not like this. look at me and seeing in my eyes talk to me.
sanskar- swara stop behaving kiddish and let me take you.
swara- i am sorry. i will not tell that again but please talk to me properly and don’t be angry. [she said holding her right ears with her right hand cutely]
sanskar looked at her and then looked away.
sanskar- i am not angry on you.
swara- then why are you behaving like this.
sanskar- [guilty] i am sorry for being rude and treating you roughly and kissing you suddenly that it bleeded.
swara- what [shockingly]
sanskar- [snapped at her hearing the loud shriek] what happened.
swara- [laughs] sanskar sit down. [patting on bed on her side sanskar sat] sanskar you have all rights upon me. i felt little bad but was more happy because of your love. you don’t need to be sorry.
sanskar- did it pain much.
swara- now that you bite it will pain but it’s ok
sanskar became sad and guilty. swara looked at him and gestured him to come closure. sanskar did so and swara gestured him to come more closer and so he did. swara kissed him shocking him and sanskar too closed his eyes and took part moving more closer. it was a kiss full of love and passion.
swara after parting looked down due to shyness and sanskar stared her and smiled seeing her blushing.
sanskar- thanks for everything princess. now let’s go down.
he picked her up and they went downstairs. had there lunch and enjoyed the family time.
it was evening time sanskar was playing with swayyam and ayush accompanied by uttmay and rashika. swara was sitting seeing them playing. sanskar constantly came to her and asking her if she needs something. ayush stayed there as sumi told shekhar and he would come in evening to pick them up.
whole day was full of enjoyment with a little bit of work uttmay and sanskar and risabh did.
shekhar and raglak came to their home.
everyone looked at them with displeased face but what to do. they can’t throw them out and so welcomed them.
ayush ran to them, greeted and started telling them how much he enjoyed and everything.
then laksh came to sanskar
laksh- sanskar i am really sorry for what i told yesterday. it was in abger that i spoke all that. i am really sorry. i didn’t wanted to hurt you. please. i am sorry.
sanskar- it’s ok.
laksh- you really forgave me.
sanskar- yaa.
laksh- then please come back. forgive us all and come back to the family.
sanskar – [after a bit of silence] laksh i will think about it. i mean swara is not in condition in moving. after two days we will come to mm and sort out everything.
laksh- what did you say.
sanskar- i will come to mm after two days and sort out everything and we all will move on.
laksh- [happy] really. it means you forgave us. wow. i am so happy.
laksh hugged sanskar and sanskar hugged back with a fake smile.
ragini went to swara
ragini- swara i don’t belive this. we will again be together.
ragini to hugged swara.
laksh- [coming to uttara] uttara you will again come home. back to your bhai. [he hugged uttara too and kissed on her forehead
sanskar looked at swara and smirked and swara too looked at sanskar with a smile. laksh noticed this and thought they are happy to come back home.
with this they did not talked much. laksh expressed his happiness and they played with kids and went from there. sumi, shekhar and ayush too went baadi.
in night swasan room swayyam was already sleeping on the bed.
swara- sanskar are you sure about what you are doing.
sanskar- yes
swara- ok.
sanskar- don’t take tension and now sleep. good night princess.
sanskar made her sleep properly and kissed her forehead. he arranged pillows around her for comfort and took swayyam in his embrace and slept.
after two days. swara was better now. she could move her hands freely and now could walk herself too but our sanskar doesn’t allow her. everyone was ready to go to mm. uttmay have come from there home to swasan mansion. sanskar came down with swara in his arms.
rashika- [teases] bhai now cutie can walk. why are picking her up in your arms.
sanskar- [understood her teasing] kiddo don’t tease me. i won’t take chance with swara’s health. she is still weak. until and unless she is completely fine i will take her everywhere like this.
rashika- awww you are so loving bhai. that’s why i love you so much.
sanskar- and i admire you for making me your brother and giving place in your little heart which is so much full of love and off course your naughtiness too.
rashika- [dramatically] thank you thank you.
sanskar- stop all these and let’s move. today is a big day.
all moved to their respective cars and drove to mm.
mm people came at the door step hearing the horn of cars arriving. all were happy. swasan and family came to mm door and were stopped by sujata and ap.
ap- wait for two minutes beta.
sujata and ap did aarti of swasan and uttmay and swayyam happily.
ap was about to put kalash full of rice for swara’s house entry but was interrupted by sanskar.
sanskar- maa let it be. you did aarti, it’s enough. swara is not well and if you don’t mind then we will come and make swara sit inside.[swara was in sanskar’s arms]
ap- ok beta.
they all came and were welcomed warmly.
swayyam- mumma i came to this house before. it is good naa.
swara- [smiled] yes it’s good.
shekhar sumi dadi and ayush were there too.
ragini- swayyam from now you will live here itself.
swayyam- why. we have our house. we will live in our house. right naa mumma papa.
everyone looked at swasan.
sanskar- haan we will in our house. accha now see ayush is here. so won’t you play with him.
swayyam- yes.
swayyam went to ayush and they both went out to play.
laksh- sanskar haven’t you told swayyam about living here. you are going to live here right?
sanskar- laksh he is a kid. he will take time to undertand. i don’t want to suddenly tell him that he has such a big family. slowly we will make him understand so that he doesn’t get much questions and understand everything.
laksh- ohh ok [he was not satisfied and something was bothering him but for that time he neglected all these things]
all were talking when laksh received a call and he attended it. he was shocked to hear the person but then he maintained his expression and went out excusing himself and met a person who showed him something and then laksh became furious and came in mm with that man.
done with this part.

precap- end of mm. who was that person and what has sanskar and swara talked about executing plan and how will mm will be out. will reveal in next episode. till then wait.

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