swara’s ward
sumi- shona i will be leaving now. will come tomorrow early before your discharge.
swara- where maa.
sumi- shona i am staying there from today itself.
swara- maa take care of yourself.
sumi- ok.
swara- maa one minute.

swara- uttara tanmay tomorrow come to mansion for pagphera rasam if you don’t have problem.
tanmay- bhabhi why so sudden.
swara- not sudden. i know you both will come to see me and girl after marriage comes for pagphera first to her mayka. so as you will come tomorrow it will be your pagphera tomorrow.
tanmay- ohhh.

swara- because of us you could not go on honeymoon trip and have to spend your days in hospital just after your marriage. i am really sorry for that.
uttara- bhabhi if i would have been in hospital and you were going to trip and you get to know about me then what would you have done.
swara- what kind of question is this. of course my first priority would be your health.
uttara- exactly. that’s what we are doing. and moreover if we would have gone and know about this later i would have felt extremely bad. bhabhi if i am married that doesn’t mean that you all will keep me away from your problems. [teary eyed] i hope i am am still part of the family even after wedding.
swara- uttara i didn’t mean to say that. it’s just that we wanted you both to go for the trip and enjoy your time. sorry and haan as nanad you definitely are in family but as my brother’s wife cum my bhabhi also you will be the family and now i can show you what nanad means.
uttara- [shocked] bhabhi whose bhabhi.
swara- of course mine. tanmay considers me his sister and i consider him as my brother so in that sense you will be my bhabhi now.
uttara- no way i am only your sister in law cum sister and kind of your younger sister that’s it. i am not your bhabhi or anything of that kind even though tanmay is your brother.
swara- hoo getting tensed that how will i be as nanad.
uttara- no not like that. and you will be the best in all relations, simple and sweet but for me you will always be my bhabhi, like an elder sister and a mother.
swara- aww look sanskar. seeing her this face no one will say that she has turned out to be a buisnesswoman with her bhai and husband. everyone will think of her as a homely girl.
uttara pout while others laughed a little.
sanskar- [taking her side] she is not in office now that she should behave like a buisnesswoman.
uttara- right bhai.
tanmay- enough stop all this otherwise i know there will be an hour of senti talks here. bhabhi we will come for pagphera rasam tomorrow and their i hope we will have fun like always. rashika please entertain us as you can set things right. otherwise these people only talk all serial stuffs and sit down crying.
rashika- [cheerfully] don’t worry jiju. tomorrow we will rock. after all it’s only we who think of fun.

swasanutt were glaring tanika.
tanmay- sanskar bhai please call me if you need anything and bhabhi take care. we are leaving and meet you tomorrow. uttara let’s go. rashika why don’t you accompany us.
rashika- why not come jiju.
tanmay and rashika left the room.
swara- maa i was saying that mr. gadodia has allowed ayush to be with us tomorrow then it’s good. and maa i will need your help for the pagphera rasam. i mean for doing the rituals as i can’t do it alone in this state.
sumi- beta you don’t need to ask me this. i will do the preparations for my daughter and noone needs to tell me that. [sumi caressed uttara’s hair and she smiled and hugged sumi]
sumi- now should leave.

uttara- me too.
sanskar- let me drop you till outside.
sanutt, sumi and rishita came out
here tanmay and rashika were walking out rashika side hugging him and tanmay wrapped his hand around her shoulder. she was walking more on tanmay’s support and they were talking and giggling. mm people saw them and sujata didn’t like this. tanika did not notice mm and were walking like that carelessly cracking jokes and laughing. they caame out.

maheshwari’s too came out. sanutt, sumi and rishita also came out.
sanskar- tanmay swara will be discharged at about 10:00 so you all reach mansion by 11:30 for pagphera so that we get time for preparations. and directly come home. no need to come here. i will manage things by myself. ok.
tanmay- ok.
rashika- see you tomorrow. [rashika said hugging tanmay and then uttara]
sujata came there.
sujata- if you don’t have problem then can we part of this function. i know you both won’t agree for pagphera in mm but as you allowed us to be part of all functions let us be present in pagphera thinking of us as guest.
sanskar- [thought for a while] uttara will you be ok.
uttara- as you say. i don’t bother about anyone’s presence unless you all are there. if you want allow them.
sanskar- ok you all may come.
uttara- tanmay let’s go. mummyji [tanmay’s mother and uttara’s mil now] must be waiting for us.
uttara went and sat in the car and tanmay too bid bye to all and sat in and drove.
risabh- sanskar we will also leave. sharmishthaji come we will drop you.
sumi nodded and went and sanskar without talking to anyone came inside hospital.
mm were sad about sanutt’s behaviour and they too left from there.
sanskar came in swara’s ward and there swayyam was already sleeping and swara was waiting for him.
sanskar came sat beside her and told about maheshwari’s coming for pagphera. swara did not feel good about them coming and had a worried expression.
sanskar- what happened now.

swara- nothing. i love you.
sanskar- kya baat hai today you are being romantic. i mean from morning you have said i love you multiple times. what’s the matter.
swara- if you don’t like then i won’t say. not a big deal for me.
sanskar- [instantly] no i didn’t mean that. i tried to just tease you. i feel immense happiness when you say those three words to me. i love you too. and i would never be bored even if you say it this to me whole day and i won’t be tired to reply you the same way.
swara- that’s why i said naa i love you.

like this swasan chatted romantically for sometime and dozed off. the night passed and the sun rose indicating a new day.
swasanyan were already to go to mansion. discharge papers were ready and sanskar did all the formalities and came to take swara and swayyam in the ward. here swara was trying to get down from the bed.
sanskar- swara what are you doing. do you like to be scolded by me all the time. why you try to do things which i warn you not to do.
swara- now what i was just trying to get down the bed and walk by myself. what problem you have in this.

sanskar- i have problem. sit here and first wear this arm sling otherwise due to movement your left arm will pain. and i will take you out. you will not walk by yourself. you are still weak. understood
swara- sanskar why are you scolding me so much. see baby papa is scolding mumma.
swayyam- papa don’t scold mumma.
sanskar- oo mumma’s baby. i am saying this for her benefit. mumma is weak now and she shouldn’t walk. i am just helping her not scolding.
swayyam- papa we should talk softly with girls. they are soft naa. so u also talk nicely with mumma. she will agree. girls get agree when we are soft with them and they will be good with us.
swasan widen their eyes hearing him.
sanskar- champ from where did you learn this. i have not told you this. [thinking whether he said him this] i guess so [confused]
swayyam- tanmay fufaji said this to me.
sanskar- waise he said truth. we should be soft with girls.
swara- ho gaya [done] now should we move. i will talk to tanmay today. teaching my innocent baby flirty things and you are supporting him.
sanskar- what i said. i supported for the fact that we should be soft towards girls. [slowly only audible to swara] and by the way now or later he will learn this, infact i will teach him so that he could flirt and enjoy his teenage and then later get his love as i got u.

swara- but you didn’t flirt with me. i loved you because of your pure love and care for me. the unconditional love and support you showed for me. i fell for your heart which desires only for love and always loves other. i myself don’t know when from my support you became my lifeline, my breath. it’s just that without realizing i got addicted with your presence and i am falling for you more and more each day. and now i feel that the three words i love you can’t even express what you mean to you that’s why i say you multiple times that i love you. i still am in loss of words to describe my love and the same way name your love which makes me feel like a real princess of my prince each moment of my life. [she said all this in a flow and with lots of love and innocent eyes]
sanskar- [overwhelmed] swara you are the princess of my life, my heart. i feel blessed to have you. i love you a lot. [he kissed her forehead]
swayyam- [interrupting] papa mumma what are you talking. i am not able to hear and papa why you kissed mumma.

swara blushed hearing swayyam’s question and then hearing sanskar’s reply.
sanskar- champ why do you kiss mumma.
swayyam- because i love mumma and you.
sanskar- i also kissed mumma because i love your mumma a lot. [kissed swayyam’s forehead too] and you too.
sanskar- now we have to go.
sanskar picked up swara in his arms and they started moving from there. everyone watched them and swara was blushing.
sanskar drove to home. sumi already reached there and has done almost all the preparations.
sanskar picked up swara in his arms again and was entering the house when sumi stopped them and did their aarti and welcomed them.
rashika- wow bhai and cutie. you look amazing together especially when bhai picks you up in his arms.
swara- [hiding her blush] rashika don’t you think you are becoming extra naughty day by day. nikita ji i think you start finding boys from now. she has turned 18 and by the time you will find a suitable boy who can handle her i am sure 4-5 years will pass and she will become 24-25 till then, eligible for marriage.
rashika- [dramatically] nahi cutie don’t do this to me. i don’t want to marry. arre think if the boy would not be good then. i will not marry and how can i leave mom dad. and [teasingly] moreover all are not lucky to get my bhai like you got him. so loving, caring, roman….
swara- shut up. atleast don’t talk these things in front of swayyam. he is a kid.
rashika- sorry i forgot it in teasing you. but whatever i told is truth.[winked]
sanskar- rashika don’t worry i will find the groom for you myself, who will care for you, love you and will keep you happy.
rashika- bhai you should be on my side.
sanskar- i am in your side and i am saying this seriously.
rashika- hahaha not so funny. don’t talk these bullshits seriously. i am not gonna marry. i will live with you all forever. and now let’s get into the preparations to welcome di and jiju.

rashika- [murmuring] my teasing backfired me only. huh!
swara- maa where is ayush.
sumi- [from kitchen] shona i have told shekhar to bring him. i would have been busy in preparations so i didn’t brought him with me. shekhar would be bringing him anytime.
swara did not like the fact that shekhar will come their.
sanskar- [entering the kitchen]- maa let me help you.
sumi- sanskar kamala is their to help me and nikita ji did some basic preapations. i have started working just a while ago. you go and sit. relax for sometime. you have been in hospital for two days with shona.
sanskar- it’s ok maa. i want to help you and you already know that i have become good in cooking over these years. thanks to swara and swayyam’s demands and your help.
sanskar started helping sumi joined by nikita while rashika, risabh swara and swayyam were in the hall.

soon shekhar and ayush came and maheshwari’s too arrived. ayush and swayyam got involved in playing. others were just formally welcomed from swasan. situation again became awkward.
all preparations were done and uttmay finally arrived.
sumi and swara did their aarti and tied holy thread in their hands and welcomed them. they did the required rituals. [i don’t know what we do in pagphera so can’t describe]
then the game was played that happened in raglaks pagphera[that cotton wala game] and some suggested by sujata. swasan avoided everything which will result in any kind of argument and drama.
they all sat on dining table to have lunch and mm and shekhar were also present.
swara was about to serve herself lunchh when sanskar kept a bowl and some khicdi on her plate. swara looked at the food served to her and the delicious food kept on table and then at sanskar.
swara- sanskar i am fine now. i don’t want to eat this please.
sanskar- [firm voice] sorry but you have to eat this only.
swara- sanskar i will eat whatever you say in night but for now let me eat what all are having.

sanskar without saying anything sat on his chair close to swara and forwarded spoon for feeding her.
swara looked at everyone around who were seeing them and felt awkward.
swara- [low voice] i will eat it myself.
sanskar- just have it without saying anything.
swara started eating and so did the others. sanskar was feeding swayyam too.
rashika- di jiju how is the food.
uttara- awesome.
rashika- after many days aunty and bhai’s special with helping hand of mom.
uttara- really. bhai after a long time.
sanskar- i got the opportunity because swara was not well otherwise it would have been solely swara’s hand made.

tanmay- i am waiting for that. i think it’s been two weeks i did not eat bhabhi’s made food. bhabhi get well soon. i want to eat your hand made.
swara- the day i will enter kitchen again of course after getting permission which is not possible sooner i will definitely cook for you. now enjoy what maa and sanskar made.
tanmay- yaa why not. after all one is your guru and the other chela in cooking.
sanskar- should i also tell something about you.
tanmay- i am having my food silently. bhabhi your husband sounds dangerous sometimes.
swara- what to do.
their chit chat continued like this for sometime and they completed their lunch in which maheshwari’s and shekhar were silent participant. done with this part.

precap- next three episodes will be like maha episode and you will have to wait for it two days. i will finish mm and shekhar chapter in these two episodes.

i have exam fr next two days so no update. will update on saturday most probably. sorry. and thank you for support.

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