guys your response was exactly as i thought. but don’t worry i will stand up by ur expectation. and don’t stop reading, at least for next 4-5 episodes.after that i don’t need to request you all as you will read the story further with your will and happiness. you will get to know what i have planned for the story and i am sure you are going to like it. and it will be according to you. i also just can’t forgive mm and gadodia’s . keep reeading and don’t leave just for the twist in the last episode. some hint of what i have thought you will get reading this episode.
sumi and sanskar was in swara’s ward now.
swara- what is this maa. maa don’t you think you should reconsider your decision. i mean i am not at all convinced of you living with him. ayush can come with us. maa we would win the case. why have you taken this decision. maa what if dadi plans something yet again against you or ayush as she did years back. if she harms any one of u then. and maa does that man even know what dadi tried to do and the reason for ayush’s illness. [swara started coughing]
sanskar- swara easy.
sanskar made her drink water and rubbed her back.
sumi- [teary eyed] shona i know you are worried for me and you never thought that i will decide something like that. but honestly speaking i feel this is the best for ayush. listen to me first completely.
swara- what best maa. he will live us and we will love and care for him more than they do. he will be a better person when grown up by you.
sumi- shona first listen. i am not going to live with him. what all i have done is for the betterment of ayush. shona if we win the case then also i would lose ayush. first listen and try to understand what i am trying to say and want to do.
swara- what do you mean.
sumi- shona ayush is a child and today i told that i am his mother to him. and tomorrow if i take him away from shekhar after hearing then it will affect him and till now he is not attached to me. i have decided to bond with him properly and gain his trust and love as a normal child has on his mother. moreover i still think that maa[parvati gadodia] is upto something. i don’t want anything wrong. i have talked to shekhar and i have told him that i will initially live with him for a week and think about if it’s correct or not and till then the case will be postponed. i have done this that when we will fight for ayush he should have some affection with me and he could adjust with us. i didn’t wanted to go to him randomly after winning the case and say him that i am your mother and i will live with you.
sumi- shona i have decided all this thinking about ayush. and i am not going to forgive shekhar for what he did. and another perspective for this decision is that it would be a bit difficult for us to win the case. i mean i talked to lawyer and he assured me but he also mentioned that the only chance of losing the case will be if ayush is not in our favour and shekhar raises the topic of leaving him when he was child and about his illness. we don’t have proof that it was all done by maa. so my motive to live there is getting some proofs and convincing shekhar for willingly giving ayush to me.

swara- maa are you sure about this i mean it won’t be easy and when did you think all thhis and how are you going to do this.
sumi- shona the decision was not easy and the strength to take this decision came from you. [swara looked confusingly at sumi]
sumi- i have got all my strength from you. when i was expecting you i had a hope to live, the strength to face this world. shona baccha you are not only my daughter but my pillar of strength who no matter what always stands by me. and i know that now also you will support me. if you are there then nothing wrong will happen. i exactly don’t know how this will happen but i have faith on god. he will show us the right path.
swara- maa if you think this is ok then i am with you.
sumi- [smiled] i knew that you will understand and support me.
swara- maa please take care of yourself. i will be worried for you. maa you have been my baba and maa both and i don’t want to loose you and i can’t bear to see you hurt again. [swara said with moist eyes]
sumi- [kissed her forehead] shona i will take care and one good news for you. [swara looked at sumi] ayush will be living with us tomorrow the whole day.
swara- [happy] sach maa.
sumi nodded smilingly.- tomorrow when you will be discharged then i will bring him.
swara- mr. gadodia gave permission.
sumi- that i have talked earlier itself.
sumi- sanskar beta you don’t have any problem with my decision.
sanskar- maa same like swara i am worried for you. i don’t know what to say on your decision but surely as a mother you are the best and i got to know that swara has been such a wonderful mother because of you. in these years you have loved me and uttara as if we are your own child, i mean the same as you love swara. and i will really admire you for that. [sanskar was teary eyed while saying this]

swara too was teary eyed hearing this.
sumi- [moist eyes] sanskar what if you are not my son by birth but you will be my son by karm. i don’t consider but believe that you are my son.
sumi side hugged sanskar and blessed him.
swara- aww so sweet but you both always forget me in mother son senti talks. [pout]
sanskar- swara don’t be jealous that maa loves me same as you.
sumi- haan shona don’t say anything to my son.
swara- huh! i did not say anything to your son and i am not jealous at all. i am very happy seeing you both. but it is true that i feel jealous sometimes when you both neglect me talking between yourself.
sanskar- maa i said naa she is jealous of our bond. [swara glared him]
sumi- shonaaa
swara- what. you both get out and talk within yourself. no need to come to me.
sumi and sanskar laughed.
sumi/ sanskar- sorry
they both hugged her from either sides.
outside laksh was consoling ragini and at the same time swayyam ayush and rashika were coming from that side.
swayyam- [to ayush] see aunty is crying.
ayush- she is my ragini didi. come we will go to her.
rashika- arre where you both are going.
swayyam- bua come with us.
swayyam dragged her along.
ayush- didi why are you crying.
swayyam- aunty why are you crying. someone scolded you.
ragini kneeled and hugged them both together crying.
swayyam- aunty why are you crying and you hugged me so tight.
ragini broke the hug and wiped her tears.
ragini- nothing. i was just feeling bad so i cried. now i am fine.
she kissed both swayyam and ayush emotionally.
ayush- didi you know maa came back. she told me that she will live with me. now i have maa also.
ragini- yes now we have maa. are you happy.
ayush- i am very happy.
ragini- chotu maa is very nice. always be good with her. she was far from us because of some reasons but now that she is back you be a good soon to him and always obey her ok.
ayush- yes didi i will listen to her always. i got maa so late and now i will not let her go.
ragini smiled.

sumi came out and called ayush and rashika and swayyam too came with him to sumi and she took them to swara’s ward.
sumi introduced swara to ayush as her didi same as ragini and told swayyam also that ayush is her son and for swayyam he is his mama.
swayyam- nani he is your son as i am mumma’s son.
sumi nodded
swayyam- then why he wasn’t with us till now.
swara- baby come here i will tell you. chotu you also come.
ayush too went to swara along with swayyam and they both sat on bed on either sides of swara.
swara – i will tell a story and then ask few questions. ok and then you will get your answers.
swara- there was a man and a woman. they loved each other and wanted to be together but the man’s mother got the man married to another lady.the lady and man got a daughter but the lady died . after 20 years the man gets to know that the first woman he loved also gave birth to a daughter. the man accepted the woman as his wife and they were living happily. then they were blessed by a cute little boy. they were happy but something happened and the little boy went ill and the man blamed his wife, i mean the woman for his illness and he had to borrow money from people for his treatment but at the same time he told the woman who was mother of the child to leave them. she did not want to leave and she cried a lot but situation was like that she can’t stay with his son. now the son is five years old and has become a smart boy. the boy’s mother met him and she wants to live with him and love him a lot which the boy missed. the woman prayed everyday to god to let her meet her child and she met his son. now if the son agrees to his mother then they will live happily.
swara- now tell me was the mother wrong that she left her child for his well being.
ayush- [looked at sumi] maa is it our story. i am also five years old and you met me now.
sumi- ayush it is similar to our story that’s why shona didi told this story to you. accha tell me are you angry on me.
ayush- no mumma i am not angry on you. i am very happy that i met you. now don’t go.
sumi- no now i will not go leaving you. and if i go anywhere then i will take you with me will you come with me and obey me.
ayush- haan maa i will come with you and always listen to you.
sumi hugged ayush.
swayyam hugged swara- mumma nani will not love me like before. she has ayush with her.
swara- baby we should not say like this. see you are my baby and i love my baby same way ayush is nani’s son and she will love him but that doesn’t mean nani will not love you. she loves you a lot.
sumi- [heard swayyam] swayyam i will always love u. see now that ayush is here you will have a friend and you can make him your best friend.
swayyam- [smiled] ok and i am sorry and i also love you nani.
swara- [to sanskar] he is same like you jalkukda.
sanskar- ohh really.
swara- haan.
sanskar- [shrugging] that shows how much we love a person.
swara- and are possessive about them.
sanskar- whatever.
swara chuckled looking at his annoyed face.

done with this part.
guys i do really want to read at least the upcoming few episodes so that you can know what i mean to do. i won’t disappoint you.

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