like this all were playing. swayyam was running and hit someone and fell.
swayyam started crying.
the person kneeled and made him stand with concern, care and love. swayyam looked at person and he was aadarsh who was silently watching everyone standing away from them with tears of happiness as well as guilt flowing from his eyes.
aadarsh- hey champ stop crying. are you hurt somewhere. show me.
he looked swayyam’s hand and legs if he got hurt somewhere.

swayyam- [stopped crying] uncle are you with that bad aunty.
swayyam ran and hugged uttara who was the one nearest to him.
swayyam- bua he will take me. that bad aunty was with him in party. i want to go to mumma papa.
aadarsh and others were shocked. aadarsh was not able to bear this. he don’t want swayyam to hate him and tears made it’s way from his eyes. laksh felt sad for him. uttara had no idea what to say to swayyam.
laksh bent in front of swayyam and talked with him.
laksh- champ he will not take you anywhere. you remember he also helped us.
swayyam nodded remembering that aadarsh slapped parineeta when she was about to shoot again.
laksh- he is also with us and not with that aunty.
swayyam- sacchi [relly]

laksh- mucchi [absolutely]
[laksh forgave aadarsh as he saw him repenting. last night after they went from hospital in mm aadarsh was crying vigorously and cursing himself for doing so much bad with sanskar and trusting parineeta. this was all seen by laksh who came to meet him due to some office work. seeing his devastated state he felt bad and forgave him. aadarsh apologised to laksh also and told his heart out to laksh crying hugging him. almost two hours they talked and laksh consoled him]
swayyam looked at aadarsh who was standing at that place only and also saw his tears. swayyam moved towards him and gestured him to sit down. aadarsh sat down.
swayyam- sorry uncle. don’t cry. you were with that aunty naa on party day so i thought that you will take me like that bad aunty. [swayyam wiped his tears with his hands]
aadarsh felt really happy when swayyam wiped his tears and he hugged him.

aadarsh- champ you are not angry with me naa.
swayyam- no. thank you for helping. and don’t talk with that bad aunty. she is very bad and haan like lucky uncle promise me u will also not fight with my papa.
aadarsh- promise champ. i will never fight with your papa.
swayyam- good. mumma always say fighting is bad habit and bad people fight. now you will not fight then you are also good. come you also play.
aadarsh felt real happiness after a long time. he knows that still his family is incomplete, he needs forgiveness of swasan but still swayyam accepting him is a big thing.
they played for sometime in the garden and here swasan cuddled each other more in their sleep. [don’t worry sanskar closed the door before sleeping.
swayyam was tired playing and it was almost three hours that they left swasan.
swayyam- nani i am tired. i want to go to mumma.
sumi- [they must have talked and solved everything. i think now we can go and moreover i would check them too whether they are fine or not]
sumi- accha chalo
swayyam- wait nani.
swayyam- lucky uncle, big uncle we will play again next time. i am going to mumma. so bye.
laksh/aadarsh- bye.
swayyam- aunty [to ragini]
ragini bent down and swayyam kissed on her cheek.
swayyam- you are very nice. bye.
ragini was smiling with tears. swayyam went from there. laksh kept hand on her shoulder and she stood up and wiped her tears.

ragini- i am fine laksh.
after sometime dp and rp went to office and others stayed back in hospital.
swayyam pushed the door but it didn’t open.
swayyam- nani it is not opening.
sumi knocked on the door but no reply. swasan were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace. sumi knocked again and again but no response. she called on their cell and again knocked. finally swara woke up.
swara- [sleepy and eyes closed] sanskar see who is knocking and disturbing.
sanskar- please swara let me sleep.

swara- sanskar please see naa. [again knock and swara opened her eyes]
swara looked at the room realising they are in hospital and shook sanskar.
swara- sanskar we are in hospital and swayyam and others must be knocking. go and open the door.
sanskar instantly opened his eyes and stood up.
saanskar- what the hell. can’t they let us in peace for sometime.
swara- [fake angry] sanskar it must be swayam. don’t say like this and open the door.
sanskar- sorry but it is the fact. what a peaceful sleep i got and they ruined it. can’t champ and others stay within themselves for some more time. huh!
sanskar unbolted the door.

swayyam- papa why you took so much time to open.
sumi- haan beta everything is fine.
sanskar- nothing maa we were talking that’s why and then i forgot to unlock it and we both slept.
sumi- ohh. swayyam and sumi went in followed by rishita while others gave suspicious look to sanskar and sanskar just went and sat on sofa, rubbed his eyes and drank a glass of water.
tanmay- bhai are you sure you were sleeping and not…[raised his eyebrows]
sanskar- and not…. what tanmay. don’t give these looks and speak clearly. [yawned]
tanmay- nothing.[seeing him yawning and his sleepy state]

swayyam- mumma i played a lot and lucky uncle, big uncle and aunty also played with me. they are also good.
swasan looked at swayyam when they heard about laksh.
sanskar- champ you were angry on them and you were also not talking to them then how.
swayyam- papa they helped us naa, so i said thank you to them and they promised that they will not fight with you so i made them friend again.

swayyam- i did good naa mumma.
swara- [confused] haan yaa good. [swasan looked at each other]
risabh- sanskar now i have to go for some office work. will join you all in evening.
sanskar- sure.
risabh- sanskar i have postponed the board meeting for 2 days.
sanskar- i am so sorry sir. i forgot about the meeting. and thank you .
risabh- no need. i understand and yaa when have you thought of going back to mumbai.
sanskar- i think we will stay back for this week and if the doctor allows swara to travel then we will return by this weekend.
risabh- ok then
risabh went from there.

after sometime.
sumi- shona sanskar i have some important work. so i am going. i will come back in 2-3 hours.
swara- what work maa.
sumi- something important. and shona i hope you will support me in whatever i decide.
swara- [confusingly] what kind of decision maa.
sumi- that i will tell after the work is done. now i am going.
sanskar- maa tell me i will take you there.
sumi- sanskar this is the city where i have spent my whole life. i will go by myself. you all don’t worry.
sumi left leaving all confused.

it was evening time. sumi came with shekhar and ayush and raglak, ap and sujata in swara’s ward.
all looked at them especially swasan with confused expression.
swara- maa where have you gone and…
sumi- rashika can you take swayyam and ayush with you.[rashika nodded]
swayyam came to ayush and both were happy to meet each other. they started talking there childish talks.

nikita- i think i should go with them.
sumi- no its ok nikita ji. let the kids go and enjoy.
swayyam, ayush and rashika left.
swara- maa wil you please what is happening.
sumi- shona i have decided to live with shekhar and ayush.
everyone shocked.
swara- [shocked] maa you want to live with him who left you at those times when you needed him the most. who never stands for you. ok i understood. did he agreed you for this emotionally talking about ayush. then don’t worry maa. we have filed custody case and we surely will win it and ayush will stay with us. and i guess you know about this and sanskar have told you already.
sumi- yes he told me and also told to decide what i want. i have thought about it and then i decided to stay with shekhar.

swara- maa how can you trust him again.
sumi- i don’t trust him. and i am not going back in his life as his wife but just as the mother of ayush. shona for a child both parents love is equally important. i have grown you as a single parent and i know how you wanted a father’s love. you became mature much before than you should have been. i am proud to get a daughter like you but i want that what you craved for ayush don’t suffer the same way. you are a mother now. you understand a child’s need very well and as a child too u understand the importance of parents. i hope you have trust on your mother. i don’t want ayush to be nurtured by a single parent. now u tell me whether i am right or not.
silence prevailed.

swara- maa i understand everything but living there with him and mrs. parvati gadodia. i mean i am not in favour with that.
sumi- don’t worry shona. as i told i will live there for ayush and thus living there with my own terms and condition. we will have a contract because i don’t want things to be like before.
swara- are you sure.

sumi- [smiled] yes i am. don’t take tension.
shekhar- swara beta i promise nothing will go wrong this tims and you and your maa will surely forgive me with time. my mistake is big but i am repenting and one day i will seek your forgiveness.
swara- sorry but i am not interested in any of your promises and mr. gadodia try to live in real world and not in imaginary world. that will be better for you. [shekhar was yet again disappointed]
swara- maa ayush. how are you going to tell truth to him. i mean now you need to convince him and tell him that you are his mother.
sumi- i have already told and it took time to convince him but now everything is settled.
swara- didn’t he had questions about your whereabouts till now. i mean…
sumi- things always need to be sorted when they are messed up and it’s upon us that how we think of solving it.

sumi- first when i told him that i am his mother then he questioned me that why didn’t i tell him this earlier and where was i and many more. and i simply answered that due to some reasons i was not able to be with him but now i am back and won’t be leaving him and so he was convinced.
sumi- are you convinced.
swara- i don’t know but i trust you. i hope this decision of yours would prove good.
ragini- swara why are you confused. it was you who did so much to bring them together and now why are you so against it.

swara- that was a mistake of my life surely and i have no regret in accepting it. life was much better and easy going and of course peaceful before the discovery that he is my father and later it was all just messed up. i am against them being together because i don’t trust him. he just leaves maa’s hand and walks off whenever we need him by our side and trust on us. what do you expect me to do. trust him the instant he ask for forgiveness and wait for the time when situation will come and he will again walk off from our life leaving us all shattered.
all bacame mum listening swara.
ragini- baba is sorry for what he did and so are we. give us a last chance.
swara- please all of you leave. i want to talk to maa and sanskar.
all were leaving when swara called ragini.

swara- ragini
ragini- [happily] haan swara
swara- get your proper check up done by a good and trustworthy doctor.[interrupted]
ragini- what for.
swara- first listen completely.
swara- mrs. parineeta gave you drugs secretly so that you can’t conceive. and i guess she must be druging you since a long time, so it will be good for you to get a proper check up done. she told this to me while expressing all her anger and plans she made to me.
swara looked at ragini who was shocked and tears were flowing from her eyes while others too stood there shocked.
ragini staggered back in shock when laksh held her from shoulders.
ragini- [wiping her tears] thank you for informing this to me.
ragini ran out from there followed by laksh. all others too left from there.
done with this part.

precap- wait for the next part.

sorry if you don’t like my view of sumi being with shekhar but according to me a child needs both his mother and father. so with this POV i decided this. and moreover i have added that contract thing also.
thank you guys for commenting and your support till now.

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