swasan were left in the room. sanskar was still standing near the door.
swara- sanskar why you did this.
sanskar- i already told you the reason.
swara- sanskar [teary eyes] i …..[started crying and turned other side]
sanskar got worried and came to her. he cupped her face but swara cried and did not look at him.
sanskar- swara please don’t cry. look at me. i am sorry. please don’t cry.
sanskar hugged her and she just cried.

sanskar- swara please stop crying. [tears welled up in his eyes] i can’t see tears in your eyes.
swara- sanskar………… you should control………your anger. i know what you did was for me and swayyam………….but this is not the way.
sanskar- swara they deserved more than this. i stopped because of you otherwise i would have shown them what pain means.
swara- [angrily pushed him] i don’t want that. you don’t realise but your anger is killing. till you beat the goons it was all fine as you had no emotions for them but i know the trauma you went through while punishing bhabhi. you wanted to punish them but why the hell are you punishing yourself.

sanskar- swara it’s nothing like that. i am satisfied to punish those people who were cause of your and swayyam’s pain and fear.
swara- sanskar i understand you more than u urself. i know you are satisfied to punish them but i also know that what you have been through to punish bhabhi.
sanskar- she is not any one to me.
swara- but she once was and that’s what was troubling u. that’s why u came here now and not with swayyam.
sanskar did not say anything.

swara- sanskar i am happy that you punished them. but what i want to say is i don’t want the happiness which compromises with your peace. i am scared of your anger. this much of anger is not good for you. you were about to kill them if i wouldn’t have stopped you. have you ever thought what would have happened with you if they died. what would have i do with the happiness which i will get by losing you. sanskar they were jailed and that was their punishment. i don’t want you to dirty your hand. please understand.
sanskar- i understand that i should control my anger but just answer me one thing. what would you have done if i were at your place and you were told that i am no more.
swara- sanskar

sanskar- [slightly smiled] you don’t like me telling about death even and i just experienced the moment where i just lost you. [teary eyed] you don’t know that moment ..it was just…..i can’t say in words because that pain is indescribable. yesterday night when you were horrified with that dream of kidnapping incident, seeing fear in your eyes, i felt someone snatched my soul from me. in your eyes i just want to see the glow of happiness but every time i see pain, sorrow, tears, and fear in your eyes, it becomes unbearable for me. i can’t tolerate it swara. i just can’t.
sanskar- yesterday when swayyam was looking at the ot door continuously, you don’t know how i felt. being his father i could not protect him and keep him away from the eyes of evils. i could not prevent these things from happening. you are right that i was thinking about what i did with that lady [parineeta]. but trust me i am not at all thinking about her now. i am happy to see swayyam fearless again. he is happy. i am satisfied that i punished them. [in rage] and if i could i would have punished them more. no punishment is enough for the crime they did. even if i reached, you are in this condition, the thought that what would have happened if i would have been more late than i was, that thought even feels to me as death.
sanskar- i can’t bear your separation swara. i just can’t. if you still think that i did wrong then i can’t help it as i am not at all guilty for that. in my point of view, i was right and i promise i won’t let conditions like this to come in our life again. but if i don’t succeed in keeping my promise and in future someone tries the same again i won’t think even once before punishing them more brutally than i did today. and this is my promise.

swara was just looking at him without blinking.
sanskar stopped and waited for swara to say something but she didn’t and was looking at him with tears flowing down her cheeks.
sanskar- [holding her shoulders] swara say something.
swara hugged him. she wrapped her both hands around his waist tightly as much as she can. her left arm pained but she didn’t cared. her head on his chest and tears continuously flowed from her eyes.
swara- sanskar how did i go so lucky to get your love. why you love me this much. don’t do so. i fear that you don’t forget yourself loving me.

sanskar- [hugging her back] so what if i forget myself, loving you. i will be happy.and you are there to remember me, so no need to worry.
swara- [sobbing] i love you…….love you so much.
sanskar- i love myself because my love loves me so much and i love my shirt more which are absorbing your tears. [chuckled on his own saying]
swara- [slightly hit him] what should i do to you. you are mad, absolutely mad. [she stopped sobbing and smiled]
sanskar- just love me and nothing more. and my madness is all about you. if it makes you smile then i like to do mad things. [kissed on her hairs]
sanskar- were you really unhappy that i punished them.

swara- i was worried for you that you don’t hurt yourself. you just loose your control over yourself when you are angry and you often hurt yourself too. you were feeling guilty about not being able to prevent this so i was just worried. and punishment was good. i mean you could have punished them more and i would have been more than happy but i don’t want you to dirty your hands and stress yourself and court would have punished them. but as you have punished them i am very happy. they tried to force me and that could not be possible as i am only yours and our swayyam have to see all this which i won’t approve myself. i wanted to slap them myself. how dare they slap my baby. huh! but now i just want you to be with me. that’s it.
sanskar- so much you wanted but then also weeped like a baby to stop me. you are impossible swara.

swara- whatever i am, all in all i am only for you. and i weeped for you. i know how bad you were feeling. leave this topic and let me get my share of peace now, don’t disturb me.
sanskar was about to move out of hug but swara tightened her grip.
swara- where are you going.
sanskar- you only told you want peace.
swara- haan toh i am getting naa, in your arms. don’t move. [sanskar smiled] i can’t hug you more tightly. my arm will not support me for that.
sanskar- [concerned] swara you should not move your hand now. it must be paining. leave me and rest.

swara- [angry] i am saying you not to move and you are saying to take rest. sanskar just stay quite. i am crying since the time you went to police station and you are not bothering to stay here. what’s your problem. i am tired and want solace. please stop being concerned and hug me tightly.
sanskar- [smiled] as you say princess. but not like this. just for two minutes leave me.
swara moved out of hug a bit angrily.

sanskar was smiling seeing her. he made her lye on bed properly and himself lied beside her and hugged her from side. swara became happy and smiled and was about to move completely in his embrace but he stopped.
sanskar- don’t move your left arm much. it will pain.
swara pouted. sanskar moved more closer and almost lied half above her and held her by waist. he lightly pecked her pout shocking her.
sanskar- swara don’t do this. you are urging me to lose myself. you are looking tempting in this weak and fragile form too. just sleep now. i don’t want to do something here when you are in this condition.
swara was shocked, her eyes wide open while sanskar chuckled. he again kissed her.
sanskar- [huskily] swara should i continue.
swara- [coming out of shock and blushing] sanskar you have become extremely shameless. in front of others you are so innocent but it is only to show them. you are not so innocent as you look by your face.
sanskar- [rubbing his nose with hers] really swara.

swara- sans..kar please. stop. i want to sleep.
sanskar- [kissed her forehead] accha….. sleep i won’t do anything.
he hugged her and swara slept peacefully in his embrace.
in swayyam’s side.
all were going towards waiting room. swayyam was in sumi’s arms.
swayyam- nani where are we going?
sumi- beta we will sit in the waiting room.
swayyam- nani i am bored. i want to play.
sumi- beta we can’t play in hospital.

swayyam became sad and kept quite.
they all came in waiting room and sat there. maheshwari’s were also there. they once want to talk to sanskar and try once again to convince him and talk to swara if possible. aadarsh was still in garden. maheshwari’s and shekhar were looking swayyam and the others as if wanting to talk to them but didn’t utter even a word.
rashika seeing swayyam sad thought something.
rashika- lets go in garden area. it will be refreshing and buddy we can play there.
swayyam- [jumped from sumi’s lap] nani come we will go and play. [he pulled sumi’s hand]
sumi- but we haven’t informed sanskar and swara.
tanmay- maa we will inform them later.
uttara- haan maa. and it will be a change in everyone’s mood too.
sumi- ok chalo.
rashika hi fi with swayyam.

rashika- mom dad lets have some fun time. come on.
risabh- y not. chaliye srimati ji [to nikita]
nikita- [slowly] see the environment before saying your cheesy lines.
risabh- arre what wrong did i say.
nikita just gave a look ‘what should i do with you’ and got up from her seat.
swayyam was thinking something.
rashika- buddy what are you thinking.

swayyam looked at rashika and then without saying anything goes towards laksh. all just looked at him.
swayyam- [standing in front of laksh] thank you uncle.
laksh- champ why thank you.
swayyam- you also came with papa yesterday when those bad uncles were holding me and mumma. that’s why. you are not bad uncle.
laksh- if i am not bad uncle then can i be your friend again.
swayyam- [thought for a while] promise me that you will not fight with my papa again. then i will make you my friend. [swayyam forward his hand]
laksh- promise. [kept his hand over swayyam’s]
swayyam- [smiled] will you play with us.
laksh- yes why not.

ragini- [childishly] only uncle can play. what about me.
swayyam- [sweetly] you can also play.
swayyam- [coming to rashika and sumi] nani,bua chalo let’s play.
everyone silently went to garden with swayyam including maheshwari’s and shekhar. no one objected as they can’t say truth to swayyam. swayyam started playing with uttmay, rishita, raglak and rashika. sumi stood at one side and just looked at them. dp, ap, rp and sujata were on another side standing seeing swayyam happily.
shekhar finding sumi alone went to her.
shekhar- misthi
sumi looked at shekhar and was about to go.
shekhar- please don’t go. i want to talk to you something important.
sumi- but i don’t want to hear you.

shekhar- if it’s about ayush.
sumi stopped without saying anything.
shekhar- tomorrow is case hearing, but i don’t want this. can’t we find a solution together.
shekhar- i know i shouldn’t have done what i did years ago. but situation were made such. misthi i am sorry for what i did. i really am. please forgive me and let us be together.

sumi- shekhar what have you thought me of. am i doll that when you want you love me and then leave. when you wish you marry me and then again not able to handle the situation you will leave me. no shekhar you can’t. have you ever thought what i have to go through when you just abandon me of no reasons. and this time you separated me from ayush. this is just not done shekhar. i am not going to forgive you and now we should talk tomorrow in the hearing. i have my self respect and i won’t let you to ruin it again and again and let you play with my feelings and emotions.
shekhar- [stunned by sumi’s words and guilty] misthi i am sorry.
sumi- your sorry won’t affect me any more shekhar. [she was again going but stopped hearing shekhar]

shekhar- think about ayush once.
sumi- what is there to think. he will come with me as we will win the case.
shekhar- will he be happy. we have seen ragini grow without mother’s love and swara without a father. that void in their life could not be fulfilled. our both daughters have craved for one or the other’s love and now it’s our son. till now he was without a mother, i know it is all due to me but he is suffering and after the hearing if he is with you, he will be without a father. don’t you think keeping our problems aside we think about ayush. just for once think about him and then decide. and decide soon as the hearing is tomorrow.

shekhar left saying this and sumi lost in thinking.
here swayyam was playing with others. swayyam was running behind others to catch them. he was behind uttara and she ran and hid behind laksh.
uttara- bhai save me. [while playing she forgot everything and normally talked to laksh unknowingly]

laksh- arre uttara why are you hiding behind me. he has to catch anyone of us. if not u then me.
uttara- haan toh what. hide me. i am your sweet sister.
laksh looked at uttara emotionally. while others too were looking at them. oblivious of these facts swayyam was about to reach near laksh and uttara when reality hit her and she murmured a sorry and left from there feeling awkward and a tear escaped her eyes. laksh just stood at his place and swayyam caught him breaking his trance.
swayyam- yeyy uncle i caught you. yipppe. now catch me.

swayyam ran from there.
laksh- [smiling] i will catch you champ.
laksh started to run behind all. tanmay looked at uttara and went near her.
tanmay- uttara are you ok.
uttara- [fakely smiled] yes i am fine.
tanmay side hugged her understandingly.
rashika- di- jiju romance later. now run or else you will be caught.
uttmay parted embarassed.
tanmay- [fake anger] we are not romancing angel devil.
rashika- huh! don’t call me that. and show this anger to someone else. it’s not going to work on me.
she walked off with attitude while uttara laughed.

uttara- even she is not scared of your anger.
tanmay- i was not angry. i can never be at least on her. she and bhabhi are cupid of our love story. and moreover she is like a sister to me.
uttara- then don’t try to pretend to be angry. but u look good in fake angry look.
tanmay- [huskily] is it so.
uttara- [blushed] tanmay we are playing.
tanmay- i would love to play around you like this for my whole life.
uttara- stop it and move.

uttara went away smilingly while tanmay was smiling idiotically. maheshwari’s were happy seeing uttara happy with tanmay.
done with this part.

precap- sumi’s decision.

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