in morning hospital, swara’s ward-
later uttmay and rishita along with sumi and rashika came there.
risabh- champ see what i brought for you. [taking out chocolates]
swayyam- chocolates. [swayyam jumped down the bed in excitement but in a second his face expression changed]
swayyam- i don’t want.
everyone looked shockingly at him.

rashika- did i hear right. buddy you don’t want chocolates.
swayyam- [sad] i promised that if mumma will not leave me then i will not eat chocolates.
swara- [tears brimmed her eyes] swayyam…. baby you can have them. i don’t have problem.
swayyam- you will not leave me.
swara- i told you yesterday night naa. i won’t leave you. you are my good baby. you don’t need to leave your chocolates for this.
swayyam became happy and took the chocolates and started munching them.
everyone smiled at him and thought how pure heart he has. really children are so pure. it’s the society, cultures and myths that destroy a person.
nurse came with swara’s breakfast and sumi fed swara. all were talking happily. sanskar came out of swara’s ward and talked with someone on phone and smirked angrily. he came back in swara’s ward and looked at everyone.
sanskar- feeding mumma chocolates secretly is bad manners champ.
all looked swara and swayyam.
swara- but i didn’t ate. [acting innocently]
sanskar- that i can see. wipe chocolates from your lips. it’s still there.
everyone laughed.
swara- [wiping the chocolates] when you all have to eat that tasteless plain food then you will understand my condition.
all stopped laughing seeing swara’s angry face.
ward boy coming in- sir your food.
sanskar- [taking the packet] thank you.
sanskar unpacked it and started eating and fed swayyam too. [all had breakfast at home] while others were talking swara glanced at swayyam and sanskar and she was shocked to see sanskar eating plain food like her. [swayyam had normal food]
swara- sanskar why are you eating plain food.
sanskar- just thought to taste it. it’s not that bad. for few days it’s ok.
everyone admired swasan’s love. soon they completed their breakfast and swayyam again went to swara.
sanskar received a call.
sanskar- is the work done.
os:- yes everything is arranged.

sanskar- good [he cut the call]
sanskar came to swayyam. taking swayyam’s hand in his.
sanskar- champ i want a help. will you help me.
swayyam- [excitedly] yes papa. tell me.
sanskar- ok then we have to go somewhere for this. [swayyam nodded]
swara- what help sanskar.
sanskar- you will get to know.
swara gave a confused look and was about to ask but stopped as he started talking to uttmay.
sanskar- uttara be with swara. we are going out for sometime.
sanskar picked swayyam in his arms and told tanmay to come with him.
sanskar- sir could you please come with me too.
risabh- where sanskar.
sanskar- i will tell you on the way.
rashika- but bhai where are you going.
sanskar- [smirks] you will know it soon and don’t worry you will like it too. we don’t have time, should leave.
sanskar- maa, nikita maam please stay with swara and don’t leave her.
sumi- but beta where are you going.
sanskar- maa trust me and be here with swara.
sumi- i trust you. give swayyam to me.
sanskar- no swayyam is the main person for the work. after all he will tell me everything.
rashika- are you going to ice cream yaa chocolate party or what.
sanskar- [serious] this is not time for that.
sanskar- hurry up.
everyone did as sanskar said.

outside hospital sanskar talked to two three persons and then drove. they came and stood outside police station. sanskar called uttara.
uttara- hello bhai
sanskar- uttara an office staff is waiting for you. he brought a laptop. take it and come on video chat in 10 minutes in swara’s room.
uttara- [confused] ok bhai
in hospital uttara came and met the staff. she was returning when mm people reached there to meet swara. laksh questioned about the man she was talking. she told he was an employee. she also told that don’t know what sanskar bhai is upto. he told to do video chat in bhabhi’s room. she talked normally with laksh because she was confused that what sanskar wants to do and forgot that she was talking with laksh. she walked towards swara’s ward.
along with uttara mm people and shekhar too came there. swara did not react anything seeing them. uttara connected laptop for video chat. all were hell confused as what is sanskar going to do.
in police station
sanskar- inspector is all things ready.
inspector- yes sir but sir what you going to …..i mean it’s against law.
sanskar- but you can show things according to your law. and i am not going to do much. just do what i said to you.
tanmay – bhai are you going to tell why you brought us here.
sanskar- how about punishing those who did all this.
risabh- sanskar but they are already under police custody and will be punished.
sanskar- but that’s not enough. you didn’t hear swara’s scream and swayyam’s cries but i did and for that i myself will punish them before the court. you have no idea what they both went through. they tried to force swara and they should know the pain she went through and other girls and women goes through when they are forced.
risabh and tanmay were shocked to know this as no one knew this fact and they kept silent as sanskar was right at his place.
sanskar took swayyam and others followed him to the cell where those goons were locked.
swayyam got afraid seeing them and hugged sanskar tight.
sanskar- champ don’t be afraid. i am with you and we are here to punish them. you wanted to help me naa. so now tell me who are those who held mumma when mumma was shouting and crying and who all slapped you.

swayyam looked at the goons. he was still fearing but sanskar’s presence was enough to give him courage.
sanskar- tell me champ if you remember.
one laptop was kept in the cell too and it was on video chat now. swara could see everything and she had tears in her eyes seeing this. others were shocked.
in police cell.
swayyam- [pointing fingers to goons] that bad uncle and this one were holding mumma and those two also and this two were holding me and slapped me too.
sanskar kissed swayyam’s forehead.
sanskar- tanmay take swayyam.
swayyam was adamant not to leave sanskar.
sanskar- champ you want me to punish them. [swayyam nodded] then go with tanmay and wait. i will punish them and then you don’t need to be scared as they will never come again. [swayyam went to tanmay]
sanskar- you all go out.
everyone went out.
sanskar seeing the laptop screen.
sanskar- [smiling] princess enjoy the show. now they will pay for every tear escaped from your’s and swayyam’s eyes.
swara- sanskar please come back. police has arrested them. and i don’t need anything.
sanskar- [angrily] but i do and i will punish them and you will see. i can’t see you suffering and that fear in your eyes that i saw yesterday night is not at all acceptable to me. i won’t spare anyone for the act they try to do with you.
sanskar without hearing more started to beat the goons black and blue and to those who touched swara, he almost broke their hands. all were shouting and the police station echoed with their screams.
sanskar- how dare you all to touch my wife and son…………….with this hand only you touched her naa. [sanskar hit on the goons and smashed goons fingers under his feet] never dare to touch any girl or woman.
here in hospital swara was crying.
swara- maa he will kill them. how should i stop him maa.

swara- uttara call tanmay. he is with him naa.
uttara called tanmay and gave phone to swara.
swara- tanmay go and stop sanskar. he will kill them. please.
in police station. tanmay came in the cell shocked to see the scenario and swara is still on call as well as video chat.
tanmay held sanskar trying to control him.
tanmay- sanskar stop……bhai stop please. see their condition. you gave them their punishment. please stop.
sanskar was still kicking them.
swara spoke loudly- sanskar u have my swear stop. and if you did not stop then i won’t talk to you forever.
sanskar finally stopped. he moved his hand through his hairs and then looked at the swara on the screen with anger for saying those words.
sanskar- you stopped me but that wasn’t enough for them who tried to force you. now you have my swear. one person is left and you can’t stop me from punishing her.
saying this sanskar picked the laptop and went to another cell where parineeta was kept. tanmay too came behind him.
parineeta was sitting there angrily and as soon as she saw him, she was shocked at first then angrily spoke.
parineeta- what are you doing here. don’t you and your wife get peace. always interfere in my life and makes it a mess. because of you all i am here in this jail, but i warn you, the day i come out will be very bad for you.
sanskar- placed lappy on chair and himself sat on another chair with attitude and anger.
sanskar- don’t worry you will never come out. and bad with us…….no more mrs. parineeta or so called bhabhi……i did a mistake by not punishing you earlier for your deeds but this time i will treat you very nicely.
parineeta- what do you mean.
sanskar- watch out for urself.
sanskar- come inside.
some men came in with inspector.
sanskar- start your work.
the men were from mental asylum and they forcefully tied parineeta to a chair.
parineet- what are you doing. leave me. sanskar what are you trying to do.

sanskar- nothing much. as you have gone insane that you tried to harm my wife and son, so they will fix your brain……umm just few shocks and then it will be ok.
parineeta shocked and others who were listening this in police station and in hospital through video chat were shocked too.
parineeta- no you can’t do this. i am your bhabhi.
sanskar- but you never did a work like that and if so you should have thought about this before. [to the mens] what are you waiting for. start your work.
they started giving shocks and parineeta screamed to leave her and stop this while sanskar closed his eyes as once in his life he respected her and she was his bhabhi and he can’t see all this but swara’s pain was also not less and swara means the world to him and how can he just leave her who tried to get her molested and gave her and swayyam pain. not at all. he won’t show any mercy to them. after sometime sanskar told them to stop. parineeta’s condition was very bad. here in hospital swara was crying and was in shock seeing sanskar’s anger.
sanskar- till you gave pain to me it was ok but what you did yesterday was not worth forgiveness. never in my life i would have thought of doing this to you but it’s you who compelled me to do so. i hope you understand your mistake. may be god shows some mercy on you.
sanskar left from there and came out. swayyam running came to him
and sanskar knelt and hugged him tight. he found peace embracing his son. some tears escaped his eyes but he wiped them quickly. he felt bad for what he did with parineeta but she deserved this.
sanskar- champ i have punished them and now they will never come back. now you don’t need to be scared. [he kissed on swayyam’s forehead] let’s go.
sanskar picked up swayyam and sat in car followed by others and they drove to hospital.
here in hospital swara was waiting for sanskar to come back. uttara sumi rashika and nikita stayed back with swara, while mm people went to lobby. they were in shock with sanskar’s anger.
sanskar reached to hospital. he went near swara’s ward and said swayyam to go in.
sanskar- champ go inside. [swayyam happily went in]
sanskar stood and began going out.
tanmay- sanskar where you going.
sanskar- nowhere. you all go in i will come in sometime.
sanskar came out from hospital building. he sat on bench in hospitals garden.
in swara’s ward-
swara stopped crying and was quite. swayyam entered the room and came to swara running.
swayyam- [happily] mumma papa punished those bad uncles and now they will not come back.
swara- where is papa baby.

swayyam- [looked back at door] don’t know. papa told me to come inside room and i came.
tanmay and risabh entered the rom.
swara- tanmay where is sanskar
tanmay- he said he will come in sometime.
swara nodded and did not talk further, just replied swayyam.
in hospital garden sanskar remembered what he did with parineeta. then he consoled himself that he didn’t do anything wrong. he remembered swara’s pain and last night her fear and dreams of the incident haunting her. he closed his eyes and murmured to himself.
sanskar- i did not do anything wrong. i only punished the person who tried giving pain to swara and it was because of her that i almost lost swara. yaa i didn’t do anything wrong.
remembering doctor saying that swara is no more, how he felt that he died. he was now convinced that what he did was not wrong.
[according to me if a person is good and he does something to others who were at fault, more than the person being punished the person who is punishing gets affected. he/ she has to prepare themselves to do things bad to punish those who did wrong]
[actually if i retort to someone who says something wrong, the time i speak or make them understand that they are wrong i am confident but after sometime i get nervous and shiver thinking what i have done, whether it is right or wrong]

sanskar felt a hand on his shoulder. he turned back to see aadarsh standing there.
aadarsh- you did right. no need to bother much. she was wrong, always wrong. it’s me who could not understand her intentions and got trapped in her words. all this wouldn’t have happened if i would have thought wisely at beginning only. i am sorry.
sanskar gave a blank expression to sanskar and spoke
sanskar- i should leave and please don’t try to talk to me. i said this to you earlier also.
sanskar left from there while aadarsh smiled sadly.
sanskar came in swara’s ward and saw swara. swara too looked at him.
swara- i want to talk to sanskar. swayyam baby go with nani.
everyone left the room leaving swasan.
done with this part.

precap- swasan’s talk.

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