sanskar was sitting beside swara and continuously staring her. he did not sleep from last night and his eyes were burning due to sleeplessness but he wants to stare his princess the whole time. he didn’t realise when he slept. it was night 9:00 p.m. swara woke up and saw sanskar and swayyam sleeping. she adored them and didn’t move. she didn’t want to disturb them. while laying with eyes open she stared the ceiling and flashes of morning incident came in her mind and tear escaped her eyes. she started sobbing remembering how those goons tried to force her.


sanskar woke up with the sobs sound and was shocked to see swara sobbing while staring the ceiling.
sanskar- swara what happened. [cupped her face and wiped the tears with his thump lovingly]
swara tried to move her hand but it pained and she couldn’t.
sanskar- swara i am here [he held her hand with his one hand and the other still on her cheek] why are you crying.
swara- sanskar they try [she closed her eyes not able to say] [in mind- if i say it to sanskar then he may feel bad] nothing.
sanskar- [confused] swara if something is bothering you tell me.
swara- [looking otherway] nothing sanskar
sanskar- then look at me and say this.
swara- [looked at him but didn’t said anything]
sanskar- tell me.

swara- parineeta bhabhi…… how could she do this……. swayyam is so innocent….. he had to see all this and….. how could she do this being a woman. she…… told her goons…..to…to…… [she cried]…. they tried to touch….me. [sanskar closed his eyes in pain and anger] i somehow……escaped………but how could she. what we did to her that she is doing such things with us.
sanskar- [kissed her forehead lovingly] sshhh don’t think about that. you are safe and with me. [teary eyed] i am sorry i couldn’t reach on time and you have to face all that. i am so sorry.
swara- no sanskar. you came naa and see we are fine and together. i am sorry for talking all these. i don’t like this look of yours. so stop crying. when you are with me then their’s no pain in my life.

sanskar- you know what i can overcome all my pain and sorrows only and only if you are with me. i just need you in my happiness, in my sorrows. i want you only for me.
swara- don’t worry i am ONLY FOR YOU.
sanskar kissed on her eyes.
swasan smiled looking at each other.
sanskar- i love your smile. just smile like this and make my life beautiful.
swara- i love……..[sanskar waited] [swara teased him] swayyam.
sanskar- ummm….only swayyam. what about swayyam’s papa.
swara- don’t be jealous of my son.
sanskar- sometimes show mercy on me and talk about me too. why include swayyam in our talk everytime. and madam he is our son. [whisper near her ears] i have equal contribution.
swara blushed.
at that time nurse came in and they departed. all were in the waiting room and only tanmay and uttara were staying near swara’s ward, and they also came in with nurse.
nurse- sir it’s her medicines time and she needs to have food now.

sanskar- yes.
sanskar tried to wake up swayyam
sanskar- swayyam….champ get up.
swara- sanskar let it be. let him sleep.
sanskar obliged and picked him up and laid him on couch.

swara was trying to get up but couldn’t. before the nurse helps her sanskar came and made her sit in half lying condition. nurse and uttmay smiled seeing this.
sanskar- you tell me the medicines. i will give her.
nurse told him about the medicines and left.
sanskar- [swara was about to eat herself but he stopped] swara are you not able to see yourself that you are hurt. i will feed you.
swara- [looking at food] sanskar it’s plain food. seems to be tasteless.
sanskar- don’t talk and start eating. in this condition you have to eat these food only and i can’t help it. [swara made yuck face] and don’t make those faces.
sanskar started feeding her.
swara- sanskar your dinner.
sanskar- [while feeding] i will have it later.

swara- [holding his hands] did you eat anything till now.
sanskar- swara you ask too many questions.
swara- first answer me.
uttara- bhabhi he didn’t had anything till now, just a glass of water.
swara glared sanskar angrily- what about swayyam.
sanskar- [not looking at her] i forcefully made him eat fruits and don’t worry about me i will have my food after you. first you eat, you have to take medicines.
swara- uttara can you please do a favour and bring food for sanskar here.
uttara- why not. i will bring it now.
uttara went and brought food for sanskar and tanmay informed everyone about swara being fine and having her dinner.
sanskar fed swara her food. meanwhile swayyam woke up. he looked where he is and looking at swasan he ran to them.
swayyam- mumma you woke up. [he climbed the bed] papa why didn’t you tell me. very bad.
sanskar- oye who slept while mumma was talking. [teasing] mumma is upset that you slept without talking to her.
swayyam- [upset] mumma you are upset. sorry [held his ears] please talk to me. i will not do this next time. pakka.

swara- baby i am not upset. papa was teasing you.
swayyam made angry face to sanskar and hugged swara.
swayyam- i will not talk to you papa. i am angry.
sanskar- sorry.
swayyam- nooo. [to swara] mumma i missed you so much. when you were sleeping i talked to you. papa told that you can listen me and then you woke up. mumma don’t sleep for so long. i don’t like. you talk with me. ok [swayyam kissed her cheek]
swara- ok my baby [she too kissed him with love and controlled her tears]
swara- now have your food. i got to know that you did not eat.
swayyam- mumma i eat fruits. papa made me eat just like you but so many. [made cute innocent face]
swara looked at sanskar and they had a small eyelock.
swayyam- mumma you feed me.
sanskar- champ mumma can’t. today i will feed you.
swayyam- but i am angry on you.

sanskar- hmm big problem……but if you forgive me then you can eat by my hands.
swayyam looked at swara with pout.
swara- forgive him and papa can tease you this much. you also tease papa naa.
swayyam- but now i will not. i will be good boy. i will listen to you and drink milk also and eat less chocolate. i told you this then you woke up. haan i remember….. mumma promise me you will not go away.
swara looked at swayyam emotionally and hugged him. sanskar too had tears listening swayyam.
swara- i will not go away. promise. [kissed his forehead] and you don’t need to do anything. my baby is already a good boy. but you can do me the favour of drinking milk without making me run behind you. now eat your dinner. [swayyam looked at sanskar] forgive papa. he said sorry naa.
swayyam- ok. [swayyam kissed sanskar’s cheek]
sanskar smiled and kissed his forehead.

sanskar- chalo let’s eat.
sanskar fed swayyam and himself ate.
sanskar- swayyam now you have to go home with nani.
swayyam- no i will stay with mumma. [swayyam hugged swara]
sanskar- but…
swara- sanskar let him be here. i will also be relaxed. and with maa, he may trouble her.
sanskar- ok. accha i will come in a while. you rest and champ don’t disturb mumma.
swayyam nodded. sanskar came in waiting room.
sanskar- sir you all go to mansion and rest. and tanmay and uttara i think you both should go home.
tanmay- it’s ok we will stay back. if you will need something then.
sanskar- [smiled] only one person is allowed to stay and swayyam is not ready to leave swara. if i will need your help i will call you.
uttara- yaa we experienced it very well in the morning.

sanskar- i already asked sorry for that. maaf bhi kar de [now forgive me]
uttara- if you again did like that then don’t ask for forgiveness next time.
sanskar- ok. you have become jhansi ki rani part 2 in swara’s company.
uttara- bhaiiiii.
sanskar- tanmay take your wife with you. it’s becoming dangerous to stay with her. she is all yours now.
uttara- is it so then don’t talk to me.
sanskar- that is not in my control. and please come tomorrow morning to handle jhansi ki rani part-1 for some time.
sumi- done both of you. now stop your fights and sanskar i will stay here itself.
sanskar- maa you are going home and don’t take tension, i am here. i will take care of your daughter very well.
sumi- but
sanskar- no ifs and but. kiddo please for today maa is your responsibility.
rashika- no worries bhai. rashika malhotra taking charge. [she told this like a commando]
rishita, uttmay, sanskarand rashika laughed, mm saw this amused and sumi was standing there with no option left other than going home.
sanskar- [with smile] laksh [laksh looked at sanskar] thank you for helping in morning.
laksh became happy that sanskar is talking. he happily came forward and hugged sanskar shocking him. sanskar did not reciprocate the hug.
laksh- [happily] there is no need of thanks bhai. it was my duty.
sanskar- i just said thanks for helping me. that doesn’t mean you will hug me. you still are no one to me, so please don’t try to make relations.
laksh backed off and his face fell listening sanskar.
sanskar- you all can also go to your home. thank you for staying here, but it was not needed. you don’t need to care for strangers and waste your time. [without giving chance to mm to speak sanskar spoke to sumi]
sanskar- maa you all go home and please you take your medicines on time.
sumi nodded and all left from there. mm people were extremely sad.
sanskar came back in swara’s ward.

swayyam and swara were talking childishly. sanskar smiled listening them.
swayyam- mumma till when we will stay here. i don’t like this place.
swara- me too. but we have to stay here till doctor uncle don’t allow us to go.
swayyam- doctor uncle is bad. he did not let me meet you. you know papa first changed my clothes and made me eat and then i came here. papa told that doctor uncle told to do this.
swara- we should not say like that. doctor uncle was doing his work.
swayyam- mumma story.
sanskar- [from the door] i also want to listen.

sanskar came and sat beside swara. swara smiled and started telling story. during the whole time sanskar stared swara and swara was engrossed in telling story and stroking swayyam’s hair. after the story ended swara looked at sanskar who was staring him and she gave a questioning look of ‘what’
sanskar nodded nothing.
swayyam- mumma tell another story.
swara- baby try to sleep. will tell another story tomorrow.
swayyam- mumma not sleepy.
sanskar- champ watch cartoons in my mobile. let mumma rest.
sanskar gave mobile to swayyam and he started watching cartoons sitting on the sofa. sanskar properly laid down swara.
swara- sanskar maa and all. where are they.

sanskar- i sent them home. they will come tomorrow.
sanskar patted on swara’s head—- swara now sleep.
swara held his hand and then slept. sanskar kissed on her forehead and came to swayyam who was watching cartoons.
sanskar- champ now you should also sleep.
swayyam- papa i want to see more.
sanskar- ok but for some time. and i will also watch with champ.

sanskar sat and swayyam sat on his lap and both saw cartoon for some time and then sanskar made him sleep over him. it was like sanskar was lying on sofa and swayyam was lying over him and sleeping peacefully.
it was 3:00 a.m. when sanskar woke up hearing some sounds. he looked around and found swara murmuring in sleep. he placed swayyam on sofa carefully and came near swara.
swara- stay away……. don’t touch me…….. leave my son…….. don’t touch me……please…….sanskar……[swara clutched the bed sheet and was sweating]
sanskar was shocked to hear this. tears came in his eyes. he cursed himself for not saving and protecting her and swayyam before all this happened.

sanskar- [wiped his tears and patted swara’s cheeks] swara…. swara….. calm down…. swara.
swara woke up in shock sweating. swara with moist and fearful eyes looked at sanskar. sanskar felt bad to see swara like this.
sanskar- swara i am here.
swara- sanskar they tried to touch me…… but i escaped…..you are ok naa…….. swayyam…. where is he.
sanskar- sshhh he is sleeping. see there.[pointing towards couch]
swara breathed being relaxed. sanskar kissed on her forehead. he made her sit and gave her water. he wiped her face with his hanky.
sanskar- swara feeling better.
swara- hmm.

sanskar sat beside her and side hugged her and stroked her hair.
sanskar- swara try to forget everything.
swara- i am trying. it’s just that i saw all these in sleep. sorry for disturbing you.
sanskar- no i am sorry. i could not avoid these before it happened.
sanskar- swara how you escaped from there clutches.
swara- just remembered you. only you have rights on me. how can i let them touch me.
sanskar was overwhelmed. they had an eyelock.
sanskar- come on try to sleep.

swara- you be here.
sanskar- i am here only.
sanskar made her lie and he too slept beside her embracing her being careful not to hurt her. he was caressing her hair and face. both were looking at each other.
sanskar leaned towards her and swara closed her eyes. he placed his lips over her and claimed them to be his. soft, small yet passionate, they kissed each other. sanskar broke it and looked at her with love.
swara- i love you.
sanskar- i love you too.
swara smiled shyly. sanskar interwined his fingers with hers and again kissed her gently.
sanskar- [moving apart] sleep swara.
swara closed her eyes and sleep took over her and sanskar just kept staring her and was lost in his thoughts. making swara comfortable, he came back on sofa and slept thinking something.
next day morning sanskar woke up and saw swayyam was not with him and he panicked but next moment sighed in relief seeing him sitting near swara who was sleeping. he had kept his hands under his chin and was looking at swara.
sanskar came near him.
sanskar- champ what are you doing and when did you wake up.
swayyam- papa i woke up now and waiting for mumma to wake up.
sanskar- [smiled] ohhh….. [he pecked his forehead]
swayyam was still looking at swara.
sanskar- aren’t you forgetting something champ.

swayyam looked at sanskar and then stood up and kissed on his cheeks.– good morning papa.
sanskar smiled. they both were talking slowly when swara woke up and smiled seeing both.
swara- good morning.
swayyam- mumma. [swayyam kissed on her cheeks too]
they all three spent some time with each other and then doctor came and checked swara.
doctor- you are recovering fast mrs. swara.
swara just smiled.
swayyam- doctor uncle i want to take mumma home. i don’t like this place. [swasan looked at each other and then at swayyam and then at doctor]
dovtor- [smilingly] why you don’t like this place.
swayyam- this is boring place and here papa also does as you say. in home we do lot of masti.

doctor- but your mumma is not well naa. she has to stay here.
swayyam- [sadly] then when will we go home. [swayyam hugged swara]
sanskar- doctor when can we discharge swara.
doctor- if she recovers fast like this then by tomorrow we will discharge her.
sanskar- thank you doctor.
doctor – not needed. it was your belief that she will recover and really she did which was miracle. i mean coming back to life after death is something next to impossible. so all credit goes to you. and yes your son is very is admiring. [to swayyam] beta you can take your mumma home tomorrow. don’t be sad.
swayyam- really [doctor nodded] yippeeeee.
doctor left and swasan smiled at his son’s excitement.
done with this part

precap- punishment.

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