sanskar and swayyam entered icu. while entering sanskar looked at swara painfully whereas swayyam just ran to her mother.
swayyam went and climbed the bed in excitement of meeting his mother but sanskar came and held him.
sanskar- champ be careful. see mumma is hurt and there are many bandages.
swayyam- sorry papa.
swayyam- papa mumma is sleeping but i want to talk to mumma.
sanskar- champ you speak whatever you want to tell mumma. she will listen you.
swayyam- but how? she is sleeping.
sanskar- she can feel that you are speaking. you are mumma’s baby naa. your heart is connected to mumma’s heart. so say everything you want to speak to mumma.
swayyam- really.
sanskar nodded.
[swara was stabbed in stomach, bullet hit her left shoulder, wound on her forehead and cuts on her right hand’s wrist due to bandages.]
swayyam sitting on the right side and holding swara’s hand
swayyam- mumma i don’t like this place. when will you wake up. i want to go home with you and papa. mumma those bad uncles are also gone. but mumma i am scared. if they come back and will take us again then.

sanskar- champ i am there. they can’t come to you. police uncle took them so don’t worry.
swayyam- papa they were very bad. and that bad aunty also. she beat me and those bad uncles were holding mumma. mumma was telling them to leave her but they were not leaving. i and mumma were crying. see they beat mumma also. [he was saying this while crying]
swayyam hugged swara. sanskar closed his eyes remembering swara’s scream and swayyam’s cries which he heard on phone. tears made it’s way.
sanskar- [to himself] such a bad husband and father i am. i was listening everything but i could not reach you. i was feeling so helpless. i could not save you. and above all that swara you took the bullet on yourself. i will die of guilt if you don’t wake up soon.
swayyam- [crying and speaking innocently] mumma i saw in tv that when any person hit by gun they go away. mumma don’t go. i will not trouble you and also listen to you. i will eat less chocolate and drink milk also. i will be good boy. but you wake up soon and promise me you will not leave me.
sanskar was silently crying hearing swayyam’s confession.
sanskar- [composing himself] swayyam
swayyam- [looking at sanskar] papa now mumma will wake up naa. she will not go away naa. tell naa papa. i will be good boy. god listens to good boy then god will listen to me naa.
sanskar- yes champ god will listen to you. you already are a good boy. you are the best boy. mumma will wake up and she will be with us. how can mumma leave her baby. and why have you started crying so much. from morning you are crying. from my champ i think you will become cry baby.
swayyam- [wiped his tears] no papa i am champ for you and mumma’s baby. i am not cry baby.
he again hugged swara.

sanskar- [to himself] swara i can convince swayyam for sometime but till when should i convince him like that. swara you wrote in your diary that we are your heart. if so then see we both are here and both of us are crying and desperately waiting for you to open your eyes and talk to us. won’t you listen to me and your baby. swayyam has turned gloomy and how can you bear tears in his eyes. from morning he is crying or either asking for you. i can’t handle him alone. we both need you. please get up naa princess.
it was becoming hard for sanskar to control. he kept his hand over swayyam’s by which he was holding swara’s hand.
sanskar- [tried to smile but couldn’t] champ let’s go. mumma need rest.
swayyam- papa i want to be with mumma.
sanskar- but champ. try to understand. we can’t. we will come back again. now come.
swayyam was getting up and they were about to leave swara’s hand when they felt a grip. sanskar first shocked, then surprised and finally happy. he looked at swara’s hand gripping theirs.
sanskar- [whisper] swara. [happy tears came from his eyes]
sanskar- champ i think mumma is getting conscious. i mean mumma is getting up. you be here, i will call doctor.
sanskar was about to leave but swara’s grip was tight and he couldn’t. he looked towards her. she was sweating and trembling.
sanskar- swara… swara…
sanskar- [shouting] doctor….tanmay…..doctor….
tanmay and uttara opened the door shocked hearing his shout.
tanmay- what happened sanskar.
sanskar- [panic] swara is gaining conscious but she is sweating and shivering. please call doctor.
tanmay- haan.
sanskar- swara….. swara relax. [tears falling from his eyes]
swayyam who was sitting there was happy initially that his mumma is waking up but then he started crying seeing sanskar crying.
swayyam- papa what happened. mumma…….
tanmay came with doctor. others too came in.
sanskar- swara open your eyes. what is happening.
sanskar seeing doctor.
sanskar- doctor see swara…..

doctor checked swara. swara was sweating and had closely shut her eyes and her eyeballs were moving.
doctor- she is gaining conscious but something is bothering her. may be the incidents happened with her before bringing her here is coming in her mind.
swara murmuring- sanskar swayyam sanskar…
sanskar- swara we are here. swara please open your eyes.
sanskar pecked her forehead- swara i am here only.
slowly swara calmed down and opened her eyes murmuring sanskar’s name. swayyam became happy seeing swara opening eyes but cried more out of happiness. [it happens with me. when i am crying and someone tries to make me happy, i cry more]
sanskar smiled with tears seeing swara awake. she was trying to keep her eyes open and talk.
doctor- she is fine but don’t give her stress. and she will feel dizzy for sometime but that’s because of weakness.
sanskar- ok doctor.
swara- sanskar swayyam…
swayyam- [crying] mumma.
swara looked at swayyam who was crying.
swara- baby . why is my bacha crying.
swayyam- [crying] mumma i was scared. you will go away.
swara- baby mumma is fine. i will not go anywhere. stop crying. mumma don’t like you crying.
swayyam wiped his tears and hugged swara and she smiled. swara looked at sanskar who was already staring her emotionally.
swara- sanskar
sanskar- [crying] swara
sanskar joined his forehead with hers while tears flowed from both their eyes. his one hand was on swara’s cheek and other was on swayyam who was hugging swara.
sumi- shona.
sanskar stood up and wiped his tears.
swara looked at sumi.
sumi- [teary eyed] shona beta you ok.
swara nodded assuringly. sumi kissed her forehead and caressed her face.
uttara- bhabhi you scared us to hell.
swara- sorry.
tanmay- you should be.
swara- huh!
nikita- everyone was tensed for you.
risabh- you are precious dear. don’t do this again.
rashika- bhabhi……
all looked at rashika shocked.
swara- [faint voice due to weakness] rashika it’s not time for giving shock.
rashika- [with tears] i am not giving shock. you don’t like me calling you cutie, that’s why. i will call you bhabhi but just don’t go far from us.
swara- i won’t. and bhabhi sounds weird from your mouth. cutie is better. and one more thing i don’t like this rondhu look of yours. please all of you smile. i am alive and talking to you, not dead.

sanskar got angry on her last statement.
sanskar- [angrily] so you wanted to. are you jhansi ki rani that you can face all troubles and what was the need of taking bullet on yourself. have you ever thought what our condition was seeing you in that state.
swara- i thought it’s better for one to be on hospital bed rather than both of us. after all someone have to look after swayyam too.
sanskar- [gritting his teeth] shut your nonsense. do you even know what his condition was. he fainted due to fear of morning incident and thinking that you will go far away from him.
swara- fainted. he is fine now. swayyam [no response] baby…
sanskar looked at swayyam and got tensed if he fainted again. he tried picking him from swara but swayyam tightened his grip.
swara- he is sleeping.
sanskar- [worried] what if he fainted again.
swara- [smiled] no he is sleeping [sanskar gave a confused look] he tightened his grip on me and listen to his faint snores. like father like son.
everyone controlled their laugh hearing swara and sanskar again got angry.
sanskar- [angry] it’s better i leave from here.
sanskar turned and swara in attempt to stop him moved her left hand and it pained as she got hurt on left shoulder.
swara- [painful voice] aahhhh.
sanskar- [turned worried] swara what happened.
swara- [tears flowed from corner of eyes due to pain] woh pain. i tried to move left hand and it pained.
sanskar- [scolding] swara what do you think of yourself. don’t you have brain. when you are hit on your left arm then why are you trying to move it. don’t try to show yourself strong because you aren’t. didn’t you hear what doctor said. you are extremely careless about yourself. you care about everyone but when it comes about yourself then… what to say. [frustrated look]
swara was listening him like a small child. and when he stopped she spoke.
swara- i am ill and you are scolding me. that’s not fair.
sanskar- [glaring her] so what you want?
swara- huh! a patient needs care and love, not scoldings.
everyone was listening to their cute fight smilingly while some had tears in their eyes.
sanskar- but if patients do mistake and show carelessness then they get only scoldings.
swara- [feeling drowsy] sanskar we will continue later. i am feeling drowsy.
sanskar- [worried and cupped her face] are you ok. should i call doctor.
swara- [trying to keep her eyes open] no i am fine. just feeling drowsy.
sanskar- ok you sleep.
sanskar removed his hand from her face and swara held, her eyes half open.
swara- [low voice] don’t go.
sanskar- i am here only.
sanskar held her hand tight in assurance. swara dozed off. mm were standing near the door. they did not in front. they were happy that swara is fine.
tanmay- sanskar we are outside. if you need anything call anyone of us. sanskar nodded and all left the room leaving the trio.
all were happy for swara being fine. uttara remembered something and came in swara’s ward again.
she saw sanskar staring swara and swara and swayyam sleeping.
uttara- bhai.
sanskar looked at uttara- uttara you n..
uttara- [forwarding a glass of water] bhai drink this water. you promised swayyam that you will have after bhabhi wakes up.
sanskar smiled and took the glass and drank the whole.
sanskar- i am very lucky to get you as my sister.
uttara- no bhai i am lucky to get you as my brother.
sanskar smiled more- i guess we both are lucky. [uttara smiled]
uttara- i am outside. if you need anything tell us.
sanskar nodded.
done with this part.

precap- sanskar’s care for swara.

guys i will post next on either thursday evening or friday as i have an exam on thursday. sorry for that. thanks to all who commented and your best wishes you gave me. ARs all the best to you too. i will pray for you. fingers crossed for both of us. those who are liking my ff thank you and those who read all at once and commented thank you to them too.

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