sanskar- [to mm] haan i was saying when are you going to fulfil my demands.
laksh- sanskar what has happened can’t be changed but if you forgive us we can live happily like before. swayyam will get the love of full family. i know that not trusting you we did a big mistake and it affected you a lot but can’t you give us a chance.
sanskar- no i can’t. did you all give. before showing your distrust did you even think of us once. how could you believe that i would harm you laksh. you were my lucky for whom i could have done anything, my best buddy once but you, you believed that i could do that to you.
laksh- bhai i am still your lucky. i am sorry.
sanskar- no you are not. you are only laksh for me.
ragini- sanskar try to understand. that time we were going through bad times and situation happened like that, that we could not think wisely. it’s not laksh’s mistake.
sanskar- oh please ragini. time was bad for us too, you were not the only one to be in that situation. so don’t try to justify.
ap- beta you call me maa, then at least for me last time forgive us.
sanskar- [emotionally] yes i call you maa because you gave me love of a mother. but maa when you loved me the same as laksh and bhaiyaa then why you showed difference that day. why didn’t you understand me and trust me. tell naa maa. was i that bad to gain your distrust and hatred.
ap bowed down her head.

sanskar- don’t bow down your head maa. i still don’t like, that you bow your head for any reason but that also doesn’t mean i forgive you. i won’t.
sanskar- dad only you are left. if you want you can also say.
rp- beta i am your father but i too didn’t trust you. what could i say. i can only ask for forgiveness. i am sorry for not trusting you. parents are support of children but i left you at the time you needed us the most. as i did not stop you the day you left, i won’t stop you today also. i want your happiness and if it is by staying away from us then go for it.
all looked at rp shockingly.
sujata- what are you saying ji. he will go away from us.
dp- ram we did mistake but now that we have realised we are trying to solve it and you are saying him to go far away from us.
rp- bhaisa i don’t go against you but this time i want his happiness which our distrust snatched from him. sorry if i did said anything inappropriate.
sanskar- uttara i am going to swayyam.
laksh- bhai please think about it once. we really are sorry.
sanskar- do you all think our life a comedy. someone says come back, someone says go if you want. when you feel like you welcome us and when you think we are wrong leave us. i am a human and i too have my feelings. don’t try to convince me so much because your attempts are going to be a failure.
aadarsh- it’s because you don’t want to be convinced. but in actual you still miss us sanskar.
sanskar- don’t keep your fake hopes too high and make assumptions.
aadarsh- if it’s so then why you have shares in maheshwari company. sanskar admit it that you miss us, need us. we are your family sanskar. we did mistake but u can’t live without us for long that too when now everyone knows the truth and asking forgiveness.
sanskar- mr. maheshwari you think in your own way, i won’t stop you. but i keep my personal and professional life separate. i bought those shares an year back when it was at low rate and profitable and if now someone offers me better price i may sell them too. don’t give so much stress to your brain.
aadarsh- sanskar we know that you are stubborn but i will seek your forgiveness for the family. when i have done mistake then i will correct it too.
sanskar- in your dreams.

aadarsh- we will see. i forgot for some time that you are my younger brother and did wrong with you but don’t worry. i can’t fix the damage but i will surely try to mend relations back and sanskar don’t forget i am your elder brother and i know how to get over your stubbornness.
sanskar did not paid any heed to aadarsh words and before going inside he saw sumi who was silently sitting and went to her. he kneeled in front of her.
sanskar- maa i have to say something to you.
sumi looked at sanskar
sanskar- maa swara has filed ayush custody case. she wanted to tell this to u herself but all this happened. day after tomorrow is the case hearing. i want to know your opinion about this. you take your time to think.
sumi- case, custody and that too now. shona is in this state and suddenly all this…..
sanskar- maa trust me swara will be fine. i have full faith and you know naa how stubborn she is and as much your daughter is so am i. she will wake up before 24 hours and doctor will declare her being fine. you just think about what i told.
sumi nodded and sanskar came in swayyam’s room.
outside uttara was going from there but aadarsh stopped her.
aadarsh- uttara
uttara did not listen and was going but aadarsh held her hand.
aadarsh- once talk to me. i am guilty for what i have done. i will go away from you all if you want but before that help me to reunite our family.
uttara- [plainly] leave my hand and let me go.
aadarsh- once talk to me. i am also your brother.
uttara- [sarcastically] brother. [plainly] i had three brothers and now i have only one.
laksh- uttara don’t say like this.
uttara- then what should i say. how can you all ask for forgiveness and raise this topic at this point of time. can’t you understand his pain.
laksh- uttara we are sorry. it’s just that in the heat of moment we……
uttara- laksh bhai why are you so impulsive. why don’t u analyse situation before reacting. in all you three, u have loved and pampered me the most and for me you were at first priority always. i have always been by your side but still i went with sanskar bhai. do you know why? because i understand my brothers very well and i also know all of your nature.
uttara- bhai that day you all mistrusted sanskar bhai but did you ever thought that why will he do like that. seriously you all believed that he can do that cheap work for money. did you all forget that sanskar bhai was the owner of karma and that he built by his own hard work without taking a single penny from home. that person will do such a cheap act really. those who can give their life for the family sake were considered guilty for harming their own family. wow. for once if we consider that sanskar bhai did that but do you think swara bhabhi will stand by him for even a moment after he does something like that. you all know swara bhabhi never tolerates anything wrong.
uttara- aadarsh bhaiyaa what you did i understood that time only and you disappointed me the most. you shattered me that day. and now i don’t want to get involved in all these. if ever bhai forgives you all then i will also return and if not forget that any uttara existed for you all. and please don’t try to persuade me anymore. i am very happy in what i have, so please let us be as we are.
uttara went and sat with sumi and avoided looking at mm while mm people were drowned more in their repentance hearing sanskar and uttara.
in swayyam’s ward.

sitting on the wooden stool beside the bed sanskar caressed swayyam’s hair and face. holding his small hand in his he kissed on it and stared him.
deep lost in his thoughts, he felt his heart heavy but completely empty. why not. the two most precious persons who are his life are not well. he is feeling exhausted and worn out.
[sanskar remembers him gifting swara anklets.
flashback– sanskar comes from office and searches for swara and goes into his room. swara is sitting in room reading magazine about precautions to be taken in pregnancy and child’s care. sanskar happily comes and sit besides swara keeping his bag on table. swara was totally engrossed in magazine and did not look at him.
sanskar- swara i have brought gift for you.
swara- [happily] really. accha wait for two minutes. i will complete this article and then i will see my gift.
sanskar- [wide eyes] are you not excited for the gift.
swara- [while reading] yes i am but first let me complete this. it is the last para.
sanskar snatched the magazine from her hand.
swara- sanskar what are you doing.
sanskar- first gift because i am very excited about it.
swara- ok give.
sanskar smiled- one minute.
sanskar sat towards swara’s feet and took out a box from his pocket and opened it. lifting her saree a bit he made her wear the anklets.
swara happily exclaimed- wow anklets.
sanskar- yes.
saying this sanskar kissed over the anklets adoring her feet. swara blushed at his gesture and smiled winningly seeing this.
swara- these are beautiful but why anklets. i mean what is the occasion.
sanskar- this became beautiful because it is on your feet and anklets for two reason. first it’s sound will tell us you are walking and doing some work and second is by this process i made my baby walk before being born.
swara gave a confused look.
sanskar- arre baby is inside you so when you will walk and come to me i will feel baby is also walking upto me.
swara- sanskar you are impossible. i mean these type of thoughts can come to your mind only.
sanska- best ideas only comes in your sanskar’s mind.
saying this sanskar kissed on her forehead and they joined there forehead smiling.
swara- you know today you completed me from head to toe.
sanskar- what does this mean.
swara- see you gifted me this pendent, bangles and that set after you completed your target in risabh’s sir company completed and now these anklets. so you gifted me all kind of jewel which a woman adorns herself with. and the most important is you completed me with your love. [she blushed saying this]
sanskar- don’t blush so much swara that i lose my control. you already look so beautiful and cute that it becomes difficult for me to control myself and your blush is like oil on fire.
swara- sanskar don’t talk shamelessly. [in low voice]
sanskar- [rubbing his nose against her cheeks sensuously] what can i do. it’s your effect.
flashback ends.]
[sanskar remembers how those anklets sound marked her presence around him.]
[sanskar remembers how swara taught rashika music and her singing lori to make swayyam sleep and swara beautifully playing guitar with her magical smile]
[ sanskar remembers all their moments which they spent together. a smile formed on his lips but soon reality strike him that swara is still struggling between life and death and tear escaped his eyes]
[in this part of song swara is shown who is lying on hospital bed but her mind and heart is reminding of the incidents happened this morning resulting her to be in hospital. she was panicking but sanskar’s face came into her mind who came in the scene and she calmed]
[sanskar remembers their happy moments from her coming into his life and especially the time they spent in mumbai. her pregnancy and mood swings. swayyam coming to their life. swara teaching him to handle baby. giving sun bathe to swayyam. swayyam playing in the water and splashing water with his tiny hands, crawling and bringing his toys to sanskar when he is doing his office work, etc.]
[it’s almost evening 5:30 p.m. and sanskar is still thinking about swara. with the passage of each second he is becoming restless. he is still in swayyam’s room as he can’t see swara like that. he doesn’t want to break down.]
[uttara came in swara’s room and sat beside her.
uttara- bhabhi please gain conscious and don’t extend our wait. think about bhai and swayyam. one has become lifeless and other is also not well because you did not talk to him. he is continuously saying that he is scared and wants you. bhabhi you have so many reasons to fight for your life and i know youcan. i have faith in you and bhai’s love. but i can’t see you both suffering like this. everytime i become cause of,iseries in your and bhai’s life. last time because i thought to marry rajat and this time because my wedding was planned in kolkata. i am sorry bhabhi. please come back and open your eyes.
uttara left the room crying and came out. she hugged tanmay and cried for sometime.
both swasan past images are shown in which they are happy and then finally both of them are shown in different rooms waiting for the other.]
after sometime in swayyam’s room. swayyam gains conscious and finding himself in different environment he starts to cry because he is scared. no one was there in the room. just then sanskar comes out of washroom and rushed to swayyam seeing him awake and crying.
swayyam- mumma……papa……unnnnahhhhaahh……..mumma….
sanskar- [cupped swayyam’s face] champ you got up. hey why are you crying.
swayyam hugged sanskar- [crying] papa…where were….. you…i…was….scared.
sanskar- champ papa is here naa. you don’t be scared. you are brave boy and brave boy don’t cry. [wiping his tears] chalo stop crying.
swayyam- mumma……want to go to mumma.
sanskar- ok we will go but for that you will change your clothes and eat fruits first.
swayyam- no mumma…
sanskar- [controlling his emotions] champ i also want to take you to mumma. but doctor uncle has told that if you change clothes and eat fruits then only you can meet your mumma. so will you?
swayyam- ok.
sanskar washed his face and changed his clothes. meanwhile doctor ame and checked swayyam and said he is fine. swayyam made bad faces to doctor as he thinks that because of doctor he can’t meet swara.
sanskar himself cut fruits and fed him. uttmay and others [mm, shekhar,sumi and rashika] who came with doctor were seeing all this. rishita stayed near swara’s icu.
swayyam- i ate, now no more. chalo….i want to go to mumma.
sanskar- this last piece then we will go.
swayyam quickly grabbed it chewed and gulped it.
sanskar- come.
sanskar picked swayyam from bed and put him down. holding sanskar’s hand sanskar and swayyam started moving towards swara’s room.
before entering icu sanskar made swayyam sit on chair.
swayyam- papa i have to go to mumma.
sanskar- we will go first listen to me. mumma is sleeping. so we will go in and sit beside mumma. if you want you can speak to mumma but mumma will not reply as she is sleeping.
swayyam- then i will wake her up and talk.
sanskar- no. mumma is not well so she should rest. you will tell mumma what you want to say. if mumma herself wakes up then it’s ok and if not then you will not cry. give mumma kissi and wait till she wakes up ok.
swayyam- [sadly] ok
sanskar- now don’t be sad. when mumma will wake up then she will talk to you.
sanskar kissed on swayyam’s forehead and stood up but stumbled a little and held his head.
swayyam- papa
tanmay held him from back.
tanmay- [worried] bhai u fine
sanskar- [standing properly] yes
uttara- [worried and brought a glass of water] bhai sit down and drink water.
sanskar- i don’t need.
uttara- you are starving since yesterday night, feeling dizzy and you are saying you don’t need.
sanskar- uttara i am fine and i seriously don’t need it.
sumi- sanskar you will get ill and we can’t afford that now.
swayyam took water glass from uttara.
sanskar- maa i am fine. please you all don’t take tension.
swayyam- [forwarding glass] papa drink water. mumma is not taking to me since morning. if you will be unwell then you will also not talk. [crying] i am scared papa. please be with me and tell doctor uncle to wake up mumma and give medicine. i want to talk to her.
everyone had tears in their eyes listening swayyam. uttara clutched tanmay’s shirt to not cry in front of swayyam.
sanskar- [emotional] swayyam i am fine beta and [taking the glass from him] i will drink when mumma will wake up. promise. [wiping his tears] i will be with you and talk also. come we will go to mumma now.
sanskar and swayyam went inside icu and uttara ran from there crying. she reached the temple area of hospital and prayed god while crying. tanmay came behind her.
uttara- god please make things fine. please wake up bhabhi. i can’t see bhai and bhabhi like this. god not for me but for swayyam. he is innocent and a child of just about 3 years. he needs his mother. don’t punish him for no reason. he had never been without bhabhi. please give him back his mother.
tanmay came and held her from shoulders. uttara hugged him and cried.
uttara- tanmay do something. i can’t see bhai suffering like this. he will die if something happens to bhabhi. everything will be ruined. bhabhi is the light of the house. when will she wake up.
tanmay- uttara calm down. [rubbing her shoulders] nothing will happen. sab thik ho jayega.
done with this part.

precap- episode 50 special.

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