SWASAN: ONLY FOR YOU [EPI-45] swara was shouting at the goons to leave her and swayyam was crying miserably. sanskar who was hearing all this was shocked and shattered and parineeta was smiling evilly and laughing like mad.
swara- i said don’t touch me. sanskarrrr. [cried and remembered sanskar] {swara remembering a part of their conversation once
sanskar- swara i am all yours and you are only mine.
swara- yes sanskar i am only yours. my soul, my body, everything is only yours and only for you. no one has right on me except you}

swara- [to herself] yes sanskar i am only yours and i won’t let anyone touch me.
swara completely loosened her body and calmed her body and goons thought that she will not protest so they too loosened their grip and seeking opportunity swara freed her hand and pushed the man above him and kicked the man holding her feet and stood up. this all was so fast that no one understood what happened.
sanskar who heard swara taking his name felt helpless.
swara ran and picked a wooden piece of log and moved towards swayyam and hit the man holding him and they both ran towards door when one goon held swara’s hand but she jerked and moved out but her bangles broke causing a cut on her wrist.
parineeta- get hold of them. they should not go out of the building.
the goons were searching for swara where as parineeta was too searching for them holding gun in her hand.

parineeta- swara come out. you can’t escape from here because two goons are already at the exit and so where ever you are come out. it won’t be good for you. as much time as you take the more difficult and painful death you will get.
voice from towards the door- were these two at the entrance to stop my swara.
yes it’s our sanskar.
parineeta- [shocked] sanskar
sanskar- yes me.
parineeta- don’t move forward otherwise i will shoot you.
sanskar- then do so police is only two minutes distance from here so even if you want you can’t escape.
parineeta- police. how did you know about us.
sanskar- that’s not important. you think how much time do you have in your hands.
goon- madam here are they.
two goons came holding swara by hair and swayyam putting knife on their neck.
swayyam- [seeing sanskar] papa.

swara- [smiling with tears] sanskar
sanskar- swara swayyam.
sanskar was moving forward when parineeta stopped him.
parineeta- stop right there. even a step you take will cost their life and i don’t think so you want this.
laksh came inside and was shocked to see the scenario and especially parineeta holding gun.
laksh- bhabhi you are behind all this.
parineeta- [angrily] yes i am behind all this. [to her men] go and hold them and you two [to those holding swara and swayyam] come with me. we have to leave from here.
the two men were dragging swara and swayyam behind parineeta.
sanlak beat the goons holding them and came behind parineeta
laksh held parineeta’s hand holding gun and sanskar freed swayyam while swara tried to free herself but the goon stabbed her in stomach and seeing this sanskar beat the goon and swara kept hand on the stabbed part and held swayyam and moved to side.
the other goons to came there and a fight started between them. parineeta was furious and she picked the gun. while all this was happening police arrived with rishi and aadarsh and started getting hold of the goons.
parineeta seeing the police got scared as well as angry and saw sanskar who was fighting with the goon and pointed gun at him and shoot.

the bullet escaped but hit swara who came in between.
sanskar- swaraaaaa
the song ‘DIL SE MERE’ from movie pyar me kabhi kabhi played in background.
parineeta was about to fire another but swayyam threw some object on her and it hit her, result in gun firing in air. everyone there was numb for few seconds.
aadarsh came forward and gave a tight slap to parineeta and she fell down and looked at aadarsh in shock.
parineeta- aadarsh
aadarsh- don’t take my name from your mouth.
police arrested the goons and parineeta and took them away.
sanskar- [came to swara and kept swara’s head on his lap who was lying on floor in pool of blood] swara why you did this. that was not meant for you. that bullet should hit me. why swara why?
swara- [smiling] i love you…ahhhh. sanskar give them punishment. ……… they tried to force……
sanskar- i know everything swara. i heard when swayyam called me. i am sorry. i came late.
swara- no….. you are on time…..ahhhh……i don’t know how…..much time i have….. take care of swayyam……. and
sanskar- stop talking this rubbish. i don’t know anything. you have to be with me.
swara- i am always with you…… once say naa i love you.
sanskar- [tears rolling down] i love you.
swara- [smiling while tears came out of her eyes] i love you too. see half of my pain vanished. but sanskar it’s still paining a lot…….. why god gives pain when we think that everything will be fine……. [crying] sanskar promise me you will make everything fine.
sanskar- swara don’t talk like this. i can’t do anything. you have to solve everything as always.
swara- sanskar please.
sanskar- promise.
swara- where’s swayyam.
sanskar looking around. swayyam was standing at a fixed place. he did not move from there. he was in extreme shock.
sanskar- [seeing swayyam] swayyam mumma is calling you. [not responding] champ come here.
laksh brought him near swara as he was just numb.
swara- [cupping his face] baby say something.
swayyam- [burst out crying] mumma…..i want…..to…. go home…….. i am scared mumma………. you are hurt….. i will do bandage……….. don’t leave me.
everyone shocked to hear his statement.
swara- no baccha i will not leave you [ breathing heavily] i..a..m al…way..s…….with…..you…….listen….to…papa….and….be….a….strong boy.

sanskar- swara swara…. everything will be fine.
risabh- sanskar we need to hurry to hospital. her condition is deteriorating.
sanskar- haan
swara- baby mumma….. loves …..you.
sanskar picked up swara in bridal style.
sanskar- sir bring swayyam with you.
saying this he came out of the factory and placed swara on back seat but swara was not ready to leave him.
sanskar- swara let me drive. we need to reach hospital fast.
swara- no…d..on’t……lea….ve……
laksh- you sit back. i will drive.
sanskar sat back keeping swara’s head on his lap and swayyam came running and entered and stood between the seats holding swara’s hand. risabh sat in passenger seat and they drove to hospital followed by aadarsh who was shattered completely.
sanskar kept on saying swara to open her eyes and not to close them. swayyam was only crying. risabh informed about swara being taken to hospital and asked them to come there.
scene shifts to hospital
sanskar placed swara on stretcher and she was taken to icu.
swara- [almost unconscious] i …..love …..you sanskar…….love you baby.
with saying these last words she was taken inside icu.
sanskar sat down on his knees and palmed his face and cried.
swayyam was standing a bit away from sanskar and that innocent child was seeing his father crying and something was there which was troubling him. he was crying too and had lost all his charm.
maheshwari’s and shekhar and rashika and nikita along with sumi reached there and risabh told everything to them and all were sad to see sanskar and swayyam. they did not know how to console them.
rashika- [came to swayyam and controlling her tears] buddy go and stop your papa from crying.
swayyam- [crying] when will mumma come out of that room.
rashika- [did not know what to say] buddy mumma is hurt and it is big cut so doctor is doing bandage. she will take time to come out. you say your papa to stop crying.
swayyam- no you are lieing [rashika and others are shocked] swayyam went to sanskar.
swayyam- papa
sanskar hearing swayyam wiped his tears and controlling himself
sanskar- haan champ.
swayyam- papa when will mumma come out of that room and why are you crying. i want to go home with you both.
sanskar- champ she will come out soon. you saw naa she got wounds. doctor is treating her.

swayyam- i saw in tv that when we shoot someone with gun they go away. mumma will not go naa. i can’t live without her.
sanskar- [hugged swayyam] no champ she will not go away. we will not let her go away. [breaking the hug] you are mumma’s strong boy naa, so stop crying and pray to god to make mumma fine quickly.
sanskar was sitting on the floor with support of wall and swayyam was sitting on his lap keeping his head on sanskar’s chest.
sanskar and swayyam clothes were full of blood stains. they both did not chirp a single word to anyone. sumi was completely broken and nikita was handling her while rashika was crying hugging risabh.
half hour passed like this. a nurse came out.

sanskar stood up- nurse how is swara.
nurse- condition is critical. arrange blood quick. patient has undergone huge blood loss.
sanskar- swayyam u be here with nani. i am coming.
soon blood was arranged and operation was going on. sanskar remembered the diary and went to bring it. he came back with diary and sat on the floor again while swayyam went back to sanskar and sat on his lap again.
nikita- sanskar forward your hand. i will do dressing.
sanskar- swara will come then she will do it herself.
nikita shocked with sanskar’s answer.
rashika- bhai stop acting childish and give your hand.
sanskar did not respond.
rashika- bhai you want cutie to do your bandage. are you serious. bhai this time she needs you. so behave and give your hand forward.
rashika took his hand and did the dressing.
rashika- buddy show the cuts. i will apply ointment.
swayyam hugged sanskar tighter. sanskar took cotton from rashika and gestured her that he will do.
sanskar- champ won’t you listen to papa. come on show me your hand.
swayyam showed his hands. sanskar cleaned all his wounds properly and did bandage. he applied ointment on the slap marks on swayyam’s face and kissed on his forehead. swayyam again kept his head on sanskar’s chest and looked at icu door. he is not understanding what is going inside. he is just waiting for his mumma to come out of that door.

sanskar embraced swayyam with one hand and opened the diary and started reading it.
DIARY 1st page was swasan photo and ONLY FOR YOU was written below the photo.
sanskar turned the next page and started reading-
‘it has been two months since we left kolkata. everything is changed but the pain in our hearts are still the same infact getting deeper. i never wrote diary but writing now as i can’t keep my emotions within myself anymore. before marriage life was going all good although i have to hear taunts of society that i am a fatherless child, an illegitimate child. i felt bad and i cried many times that why don’t i have father as others do have. but i rarely showed maa that i felt bad because then she will feel bad. for me my maa and dida were my world and i was happy with them. then i knew the truth that mr. shekhar gadodia is my father and i decided to unite maa and baba but i guess that was the biggest mistake or the most wrong decision i made in my life. he never stood for us. whenever it came to trust me and maa he never did and that i realize now. today maa would have been more happy if i wouldn’t have united them.
page turn-
maa is suffering because of my this stupid decision. she is separated from ayush and she cries everyday for this. what if she doesn’t show us. i am her daughter and i can understand her pain. but to my dismay i can’t do anything. one thing i will never repeat is to forgive mr. shekhar gadodia and accept him back. i have maa and i am very happy about it. if in future circumstances come and we meet again and maa accepts that man then also for me he will be only my mother’s husband not my baba. i will never forgive him for leaving my hand everytime when i need him. he disowned me and broke all ties with maa without our mistake. this time i am not gonna forgive him. huh! why am i even thinking about that man i don’t know but i can’t see my maa in pain. sanskar and uttara treat her as their own mother and uttara always stays with maa whenever she is free from her studies. i never knew that our uttara is so sensible, so mature. she is too sensitive but at the same time her trust on sanskar and her decision to come with us makes me proud on her. we all know how much she is attached to laksh. more than anyone else she trusts and love laksh but then when it came to chose between laksh and sanskar she stood for sanskar with the firm belief that sanskar is innocent. i expected such trust from ragini but i am not so lucky. the sister whom i stood for in every situation of life she left my hand in middle. whether right or wrong i always try to help her but she did not thought for a second before doing shradh of me and our relation.
next page-
relations word so simple but in actual is so complicated but so blissful, only when there is love and trust between members otherwise it turns to a curse. in our case we tasted the bliss and now suffering through the curse. i came to maheshwari mansion with sanskar as his wife, although fake to bring out the truth of ragini but in this process i got my best friend in sanskar and he fell for me. at that time i was so confused that when he confessed his love in drunken state i was shocked and thought that he cheated me because living there with him was just a deal. but later when we were forced to marry by ragini then his thinking blown me. he said ragini that love cannot be snatched and encaged but it is to set your love free and let it come to you by your own. he was right. i did one more mistake in my life for which i feel sorry till now. although i have been forgiven but still the guilt will always remain. i questioned sanskar over ragini’s kidnapping. i actually did not doubt him but as per evidences i raised question on him and he felt really bad about this. the number of times i say sorry to him for that would be less.

next page-
after that incident sanskar left me to baadi and then i realized that i love him. i love him so much. i decided to seek his forgiveness and unite with him but then kavita entered our lives and i thought that sanskar would be more happy with her rather than me and i decided to move away from their life. but god has destined me and sanskar together and kavita came to know about our love and she left from our life and we both confessed. sanskar took me to helicopter ride and proposed me. he really made me to feel like a princess and he is my prince. things were not so smooth till we both were hitched and not even after that. we faced many problems but ultimately we were together. sanskar is the bliss of my life. he is everything to me. he gave me a huge family. bade papa, badi maa, mom, dad, uttara, bhaiyaa, bhabhi, laksh and ragini. a complete family whom i thought to be my own. i could anything for them. bade papa said me as her daughter and i was so happy to get fatherly love from him, dada and baba. i always craved for this love from my childhood.i felt there could be nothing that can go wrong but i was wrong. the family and relations i made gave bliss but that turned into curse the day they all distrust sanskar and me. we asked multiple times from them to trust us but they didn’t. the curse has begun with their distrust.

next page-
was this only their trust. i lived with them for a short span of time and i felt that the world shattered for me , then how would sanskar be feeling. for him i made myself strong. i can’t cry and let out those emotions in front of him and that is only what i am doing. two months have passed. sanskar has changed. he has become a living machine. he only works. he goes to office, comes back and works, sleeps late night and wakes up before me and again works. we talk but not more than calling him to have meals, his medicines which now a days he takes himself without me reminding him. a formal good morning and good night wish and sometimes asking each other about work and material requirements.

once were the days when we both could not spend time without each other and our nok jhoks and now we barely talk. i understand he is going through a lot and trying to forget what all happened and i want to give him his own time. i will force him foor anything but always stand beside him whenever he will need me. but really want to say him THAT I MISS YOU SANSKAR AND I AM WAITING FOR YOU TO COME BACK OVERCOMING THE MISERY. COME TO ME BY YOURSELF AND SHARE YOUR SORROWS SO THAT WE CAN TOGETHER COME OUT OF IT AND LEAD A LIFE TOGETHER. A LIFE WITH YOU EITHER WITH SORROWS OR HAPPPINESS, I DON’T MIND BUT WHATEVER IT IS I ONLY NEED YOU. I CAN’T SEE YOU STRUGGLING WITHOUT SHARING IT TO ME. THIS HURTS ME A LOT.
done with this part

precap- continuation of diary and swara’s condition.

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