recap- last episode swasan breakdown and swara going kali maa temple as the kidnapper messaged swara to come there. swara in kali maa temple.
swara standing before kali maa’s idol folding her hands.
swara- [tears oozing out her eyes continuously] maa i beg for my son’s life and health. nothing should happen to him. i am ready to do anything for him, just protect him from the evil eyes. he is too small and innocent. he doesn’t know the reality and cruelty of world. please keep him safe. a mother is begging you. please fulfill this wish of mine.
while swara was praying a man stood beside her covering his face with shawl.
man- madam come down. there is a taxi waiting for you. be fast if you want your son.
swara opened her eyes and saw the man going from there. she wiped her tears and came down and saw a taxi. she went near the taxi when someone blind folded her. swara was about to scream when the man covered her mouth.
man- don’t scream and sit down quitely.

swara sat in the taxi and the taxi started moving.
other side
inspector reached the hotel.
sanskar was tracing swara and swayyam’s location. finally he got the location. he was still in his hotel room.
sanskar- sir [risabh] we got the location. let’s move
inspector- mr. sanskar you tell us the location we will go. it’s not safe for you to go there. it may risk your life.
sanskar- [extremely angry] when my life is there then about which life you are talking. i am going to bring my wife and son back and no one can stop me. you just do your work and be ready with the force. we don’t know who they are and what they want and no action until swara and swayyam are safe. i can’t risk there life.
inspector- but sir

sanskar- no ifs and but. what i told is final. my first priority is swara and swayyam’s safety.
sanskar took his laptop and stood up for moving out when a diary fell from table because of his hand.
sanskar looked at the diary and picked it up.
sanskar- [in mind] whose diary is this. i never saw it in our room before.
sanskar opened the diary and saw his and swara photo on the first page and in capital letters it is written ‘ONLY FOR YOU’ and turned the page and saw swara’s handwriting.
sanskar- [to himself] swara writes diary but from when and why? she never told me about this.
risabh- sanskar we should hurry up.
sanskar- haan

sanskar took the diary along with him too.
sanskar was about to sit in his car when laksh stopped him.
laksh- sanskar i know i don’t have rights to interfere and you also won’t like it but i want to help you. i mean let me drive. you have not been in kolkata since a long time, so i can be fruitful for you for finding the location.
sanskar thought for a while and then nodded.

sanskar- sir [risabh] you come with police. it will be better and inspector follow us and call more people.
rashika- bhai come fast with cutie and buddy.
sanskar- i will. you take care of yourself and others till i come back.
rashika nodded.
sanskar- guards be alert. i don’t want any stranger here.
laksh along with sanskar and risabh along with inspector moved from there and aadarsh too followed them in his own car. they were driving towards the direction where swayyam’s location was shown and tracking swara’s location as it was shown moving and not constant. after sometime both their location was same. sanskar told laksh to drive fast.
swara’s side

the taxi stopped with a jerk and swara was taken inside an abandoned building which looked like an old factory. swara was still blind folded and she was made to stand at some particular place.
swara- where have you brought me and where is my son. see i did all what you said now give my son back to me. who are you and what do you want. i said………..
voice- mumma.

swara- swayyam
swara removed her blind fold herself and looked around but there was no one. she heard the door locking sound and banged on the door. tears rolled down her eyes.
swara- [called out loudly] swayyam. baby where are you. see your mumma has come. swayyam. who are you all. why have you locked me. please let me meet my son. please. i did as you said. let me meet my son. please.
swara was continuously banging the door and crying and pleading to let her meet her son.
after about 10 minutes the door was being opened and swara moved back. two men entered the room and held swara and started dragging her.
swara- who are you and where are you taking me and where is my son?
man 1- ayeee keep quiet and come with us. don’t irritate.
swara became quite and they took her to another room and there were many men and someone was sitting facing back to swara. swara was seeing the person but soon her concentration shifted hearing swayyam’s voice.
swayyam- mumma.[crying] mumma.
swara- [seeing on her right side] swayyam baby don’t cry. i have come naa.
swayyam- mumma they are bad people. they slapped me. mumma i want to go home. i want to meet papa. i don’t want to be here.

swara- yes baby we will go home. [to the man holding her] leave me.
swara struggled to get herself free while swayyam too was trying.
swara- who are you all and what do you want. why have you brought me and my son here. leave me.
one man holding her slapped swara and she fell on floor and her head hit on the floor and she winced in pain.
swara- ahhhhh.

blood oozed out from her forehead.
swayyam- mumma.
swayyam bite on the person holding him and ran to swara.
swayyam- mumma.[while crying] swara hugged him and both were crying.
swara- baby stop crying. you are brave boy naa.

swayyam- mumma i am scared. they are bad. let us go from here.
swara- don’t worry baby. we will go from here.
person sitting facing the back to swara— you will not go from here swara.
swara was shocked hearing the voice.
swara- [shocked] bhabhi.
the person turned.
person- wow you recognised me but …tch tch tch you are late.
the person’s face is shown and it is none other than parineeta.
swara was extremely shocked and then angry.
swara- [angry] what the hell. why did you kidnap swayyam and what will you get by doing all these. and how come you here when you were at the hotel
parineeta- peace. i will get peace and about being here after you left i also came making excuse.
swara- stop your stupidity and let us go.
parineeta- [angry] you dared to warn me that if i come near this stupid son of yours then it won’t be good for me. hahahaha. now see i have kidnapped him and tortured him and you can’t do anything.
swara- what problem do you have. i warned you so you have problem with me then let him go.

parineeta- shut up. don’t order me. first let me take my revenge and then will see what has to be done.
swara- what problem do you have from us. when we are not doing anything with you all then why are you behind us. how can you stoop so low bhabhi. and revenge for what?
parineeta- just shut up. it is all because of you that my life is soo messed up.
swara- me
parineeta- yes you. everything was good but since you entered in our lives, in my life you destroyed everything. everybody praised you, loved you. whatever you said was accepted at once. although i was elder dil of maheshwari family but i was not respected like that and then when i could not give heir then chachi ji taunted me many times. i was so pissed off.
swara looked on as parineeta said.

parineeta- i tried manipulating aadarsh ji and was successful. he came in my trap and we got the maheshwari property but then due to dadi have to give 40% shares to laksh. but that was not a problem. i got a luxurious life and we started living life happily. you and sanskar left the city and cut all the ties with us. life was going smooth. ragini did not conceive so their was no problem. no one taunted me about not being a mother. but again you came back and you have a son and this i didn’t like and u insulted me because of him. how could i just let it go.
parineeta- just because of him aadarsh slapped me. he slapped me [putting her hand on her cheek] [parineeta remembered the haldi day when aadarsh told the truth too everyone and after that in room she tried to manipulate him again he became angry. flashback:–
parineeta- aadarsh why are you becoming angry on me. what ever i did was for your betterment of you. yesterday also you rasied on voice for that shit swayyam.
aadarsh slapped parineeta and she stumbled and looked at aadarsh shocked
aadarsh- not a word for swayyam otherwise you don’t know what i will do. and i came in your words but not now. i understand the difference between what is good and not now, so don’t even try to manipulate me.
flashback ends] parineeta- i felt insulted just because of him and all the family members behave so rudely with me as i am a garbage. this is all because of you and your son. seeing their grandchild they don’t understand me. but i will not let this happen. today swara you and your son have to pay for all that i have suffered.
swara was a bit scared listening her talks but she was determined that she will not let anything happen to swayyam.

parineeta- i will share a secret with you. you know what it is because of me that stupid emotional fool ragini can’t become mother. i secretly give her anti fertility drugs. hahaha [she laughed as maniac] u know i can’t bear insult and if she would have given an heir to the family then others would have taunted me again.
swara was shocked and felt disgusting.
parineeta- i talked a lot and you got to know a lot of things. now let’s not waste time and start the action. i don’t have much time and so you also don’t have much time.
swara- you can’t do anything. i won’t let u succeed. you are mad, completely mad who don’t understand the love of people. i feel disgusted of you. chii
parineeta- [angrily] now what i will do you can’t even think. you will feel disgusted of yourself.
parineeta- [to his men] what are you all waiting for. do your work. she should scream and beg you to leave her and then die.
swara- [horrified] what are you trying to do.

parineeta- [smiling evilly] aww. my devarji sanskar fell for your bold nature and this beauty naa. now they all will enjoy with you and i will see your boldness. hahaha.
swara- [shocked] you can’t do this. [seeing the men approaching] stay away. don’t come near me.
swara said moving backwards along with swayyam.
swayyam- mumma
swara- [looked at swayyam] [only audible to swayyam] baby you are brave naa. take this mobile and run and call papa. run.
swayyam- no mumma
swara- [only audible to swayyam] call papa and ask for his help. just run and hide somewhere. you are brave go. run
swayyam ran from there and parineeta seeing this became furious.
parineeta- catch him. he should not go from here.
some men went behind swayyam.
parineeta came and slapped swara multiple times.
parineeta- what do you think of yourself. i told you no smartness. now you will have to pay for this.
parineeta- [to rest of the men] what are you waiting for. complete the work for which i have paid you.
parineeta went and sat on the chair while the men moved towards swara.
swara- i said stay away from me. don’t come near me.
one men held swara’s hand and swara tried to free herself and tears rolled down her cheeks continuously.
otherside swayyam ran and hide in some place and somehow dialled sanskar’s number while crying. and the men were searching him all over the place.
sanskar’s side-
sanskar- [in mind] why these negative thoughts are coming in my mind. now i have swara and swayyam’s location too and i am about to reach there then why? i am over thinking. everything will be fine. god please keep them safe. they are my life, my everything. don’t let anything happen to them. i can’t survive without them. please.
sanskar- laksh please drive more fast.

laksh applied brake with jerk
laksh- here are two ways, which side is the gprs showing.
sanskar- this diversion, it is showing somewhere in the middle of both roads.
laksh- in the middle. the left one goes to xyzz and the right one towards i guess this route is of some factories. some are closed and some are working but there are very few.
sanskar- [closed his eyes] take the right one. location is 3 kms from here so if not on this road then we will return and take the left one.
laksh- ok
after a while sanskar phone rang.
seeing the caller id he was happy but tensed too and immediately picked the call.
sanskar- hello swara where are you, is swayyam with you. say something.
from the otherside there was no response only faint sobs could be heard.

sanskar- hello swayyam. [paused] champ it’s papa say something.
laksh looked at sanskar who had tears in his eyes and ultimately tears formed in his eyes too.
swayyam- [sobbing] pa….pa …i….am…sca…red. they are….bad….. mumma told to ….run and….hide…and call you……papa come …..fast.
sanskar- champ you are strong naa. so hide where you are and don’t cut the call. i am coming. champ where is mumma.
swayyam- bad aunty told….bad uncles….. to make mumma scream. bad uncles…. surrounded mumma…… and i ran from there…… mumma was saying bad uncles…….. to stay away but they did not listen…….papa come fast. i am……. scared.
sanskar- [shocked] champ listen don’t cry i am about to reach you. you are brave boy naa. listen to papa. papa loves you a lot. i am coming just wait for sometime.
sanskar- [after a minute] champ do you that aunty. have we seen her before.
swayyam- haan papa….. in that party when i danced and yesterday in bua marriage also. that bad aunty.
sanskar- tell something more about her.
swayyam- woh bad uncle wife whom i called big uncle……. mumma called her bhabhi.
sanskar- [shocked] bhabhi
laksh looked at shocked sanskar.
sanskar- [hearing some men sounds] beta don’t cut the call and leave the mobile whatever happens.
swayyam- [scared] [in whisper] papa….those bad uncle are coming near.
sanskar- don’t be scared and don’t leave the mobile. 5 more minutes i will reach there.
swayyam- papa they are coming here.
sanskar- champ be strong. don’t get scared.
man [goon]- hey see there he is hiding.
the goons came and picked swayyam.
swayyam- leave me. papa….. mumma…. leave me.
goons took him with them while swayyam was still holding the mobile. here sanskar was hearing everything.
sanskar- swayyam swayyam.

swara’s side.
swara was struggling to get free. while others too held her and looked at her lustily. soon swara was held by three goons two holding her hands and one holding her legs while two were scanning her body. [dirty fellows. mera bas chale toh i will shoot them till they are dead and first bullet would be on their private part so that even if they survive they remember the incident and never dare to touch any female] one of the goon laid over her and was touching her cheeks.
swara- [crying miserably] leave me. don’t touch me. bhabhi tell them to stop. please. you are a lady. how can you do this to me. stay away. please. don’t come near me.
parineeta was watching all this as if a film was going on. [so much of shamelessness] the other goons brought swayyam who was also shouting to leave him. listening to swara’s screams and looked towards her and he was shocked.
swayyam- mumma leave my mumma. leave. [swayyam too cried miserably]

swara- bhabhi leave swayyam. move away. don’t touch me. [cried more] don’t touch me
sanskar who heard swara’s scream was extremely shocked.
sanskar- swara. leave her bas**rds.
laksh was shocked hearing sanskar.
parineeta- [came and slapped swayyam] you tried to be smart like your mother. now u will see that what happens when someone shows smartness to parineeta.
parineeta unaware that sanskar is hearing all this was slapping swayyam and then again sat to see the drama.
sanskar this side was shattered hearing all this.
done with this part.

precap- can say to wait only.

this is the reality of life. although what i wrote is fiction but there are many families in which molestation and kidnapping or murder is done either for revenge, property, lust or out of madness. if you search for news then you will get to know that for property and lust many relatives either rape or murder house peoples many a times. this is the cruel reality of society. what i have written is more fictitious but in fan fiction that can work. so i am sorry.

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