swara- [panicking] sanskar kamala bai is not picking up the call.
sanskar- [tensed but composing himself] swara don’t panick. let us search. he must be here itself.
swara- i will check in rooms.
without waiting for a second even swara ran to the room and here sumi sanskar rashika and rishita too started searching along with hotel staff. maheshwari’s and shekhar also got tensed and they too started searching in the hall and parking lot.
swara was running from one room to another and tears continuously rolled down her cheeks whereas sanskar was also not in a good condition. all gathered in hall and swara too came down.
swara ran to sanskar and holding his hands.
swara- sanskar did you find him. where is he?

sanskar- shhh swara relax. hotel staff is searching him.
swara- searching him means. you did not get him. sanskar he was with me till we were here and was coming along with me when we were going out to bid bye to uttara. he must be here. [crying] please find him. i am not feeling good. i told him not to go anywhere and he also promised me. you were there naa. then where did he go. i will find him.
sanskar- swara , swara please calm down. we will find him. don’t worry. you sit down here.
swara- no i will find him.

swara freed herself from sanskaar and started moving around the hall and rooms calling his name.
swara- swayyam come out. baccha if you are playing hide and seek then don’t. mumma is not in a mood to play. come out swayyam. see mumma is worried for you. won’t you listen to mumma. swayyam
swara- swayyam baby mumma will allow you to do masti and will play tomorrow. for now come out. you are a good boy naa. swayyam
all the time sanskar and sumi tried to control her but all in vain.
suddenly a hotel staff came running.
staff- sir there is a lady unconscious in the store room. i think she is the lady who was with you all.
swara- [whispered] kamala bai.[to staff] where is she. is there a child with her. what are you waiting for. take us there.
staff- [scared] ye..s maam. come.
swasan and others followed the staff and reached the store room.
swara- [sitting beside kamala and patting her cheeks] kamala bai…. ….. kamala bai………. open your eyes. kamala bai……….
swara- sanskar why is she not opening her eyes. where must be swayyam. nikita ji she is not opening eyes.

nikita- swara two minutes.
nikit checked her.
nikita- sanskar swara she has been given chloroform to make her unconscious and it will take her time to gain consciousness.
sanskar who was side hugging swara to console her was now tensed and all bad thoughts started occupying his mind but he tried to stay strong.
swara- [crying and hugging sanskar] sanskar i want my swayyam. where is he sanskar. where will i find him. do something sanskar. i want my baby.
sanskar-[gulping his tears but in broken voice] swara cha..mp……champ will be fine. we ….will find him.
risabh- [keeping hand on sanskar’s shoulder] sanskar we found kamala bai unconscious and swayyam is no where to be found. i fear that…….
sanskar- sir……what are…..you …trying…..to ….say.
risabh- sanskar calm down. you need to stay strong now. understand the situation. these all happenings indicate kidna…..pping.
sanskar- [hell worried and scared] sir

swara- [whispering] kidnapping [broke the hug and wiped her tears] sir how can you say this. my swayyam is so small. why will anyone kidnap him and we are in kolkata just since 7-8 days. my baby is all fine. he must be here itself. you all are thinking too much. don’t say all these things for swayyam again. my swayyam is safe [swara was blabbering continuously in shock]
while sumi was handling rashika who was hell scared and maheshwari were tensed too. nikita came forward and held swara from shoulder. sanskar was like statue thinking about swayyam being kidnapped.
nikita- swara listen to me.
swara- [blaberring] my baby is here only. he is fine. swayyam is…
nikita- swara [shook her] swara listen to us. swara stop speaking. [loudly] swara [no use swara was continuously speaking]
nikita slapped swara and swara was shocked and kept hand on her cheeks and stopped speaking. others were shocked too.
nikita- just stop speaking and compose yourself. think about swayyam who is not with us and we have to find him. you need to be strong and think wisely. you can’t act like this now. [cupping swara’s face] swara we want that swara who has the ability to fight against any situation. you need to be strong for swayyam and for sanskar.
swara hugged nikita and cried.
swara- my swayyam. where would he be. [she cried more]
nikita- swara you have to handle sanskar. see he is not saying anything. he is in shock too. u are his strength. go and bring him out of shock.
swara looked at sanskar who was standing like a statue. she moved towards him and stood in front of him.
swara- sanskar

sanskar- no response
swara- [shook him] sanskar say something. speak up. [loudly] sanskar
finally he looked at swara and tears flowed down his cheeks
swara- [cupping his face] sanskar listen to me. i want our swayyam back. i trust you and i mean it. do anything but i want him back. you know naa your champ does not have habit till now to sleep alone. it is night time he must be sleepy. he won’t be comfortable without us. we need to find him and we will. i am right naa.
sanskar instantly hugged her tight.
sanskar- yes we will find him. we have to find him.
sanskar composed himself and broke the hug.
sanskar- [shouting] manager
the hotel manager came up to him running.

sanskar- [bossy and anger tone] i want to see the cctv footage of last one and half hour and call the guards here right now.
maheshwari’s looked at sanskar amazed. his commanding and bossy nature and anger. although they have experienced it earlier but not to this extent.
manager- [shivering tone] ye..ss. sir.
within five minutes guards were standing in front of them.
sanskar- did you find anything unusual. anyone unknown entering the party without invitation or someone going out with a child secretly.
guard 1- no sir. as per instructions we allowed only those who had cards and no one else entered the hotel. and we were all time on our duty.
guard 2- yes sir and we didn’t find anything unusual.
sanskar- [angrily] if that is so then how is my child missing. have i appointed you all for this carelessness. get out of my sight right now.
guards left and sanskar passed his fingers through his hair.
manager- sir everything is ready.
sanskar- hmm move. everyone entered security room and the footage was placed.
it was shown that all were heading out for bidaai.
swara told swayyam to move along with her. swasan were giving honeymoon tickets to uttmay and then swayyammoved with kamala bai inside the hotel and passed through hall. swayyam drank water. while he was drinking water someone came from side ways and kept chloroform on her kamala’s mouth and and on swayyam’s mouth too from behind and dragged kamala through corridor. and another man took swayyam in his arms. the faces were not shown as they covered there faces. after the corridor scene they don’t know where they went.
sanskar- where is the footage of store room area.
security- sir we don’t have camera for store room and that corridor so there is no footage.
sanskar banged his hand on the table angrily while all were scared.
swara- [lifelessly] sanskar where is my swayyam.
sanskar turned just to see his life his swara turning lifeless.
sanskar hugged her.
sanskar- swara please don’t lose hope. we will find him.
swara- sanskar they took her. where did they take him and why? [cried]
risabh- we should call the police immediately.
sanskar nodded and risabh called the police.
all were in hall.
parineeta- [fake concern and show off] swara don’t worry. we will talk with the police. they will definitely find swayyam in our influence after all we are maheshwari’s.
rashika- [rudely] we don’t need.
parineeta- [angry but did not showed up] you are a kid. you don’t know the influence of power and money. and i am sure swara and sanskar can’t afford this with a simple job. and they have invested so much on the function.
maheshwari’s still don’t know about swasan work and power.
rashika- [was about to say something but kept quiet and smirked.
after sometime police came.
police- mr. malhotra, mr. sanskar.
all looked at police.
police- tell us about the incident.
sanskar- inspector. my son is missing since the last two hours and according to the cctv footage two men completely covered made my son and his caretaker kamala bai unconscious and took my son from here.
inspector checked the cctv footage and then all were in hall.

parineeta- inspector we are maheshwari’s and he was a family member. please find him soon. you know about us very well. so i hope you will be finding swayyam soon.
inspector- mrs. maheshwari it’s our duty to find him. you don’t need to tell us. and it’s a high profile case so we need to find him sooner.
parineeta- off course when it’s about our family member then it will be a high profile case.
inspector- sorry but i was not talking about you all. i was telling because he is mr. sanskar’s son annd mr. malhotra is involved in it that’s why. [all confused] and mr. sanskar you should have kept the police security before itself.
sanskar- we did not think that it was necessary. we came here just for my sister’s wedding.
inspector- but still. in such a high profile wedding security is must. now you are seeing the consequences. leave all that. did you all get any phone calls or threats before or in these two hours.

sanskar- no
inspector- any rivalry or doubt on anyone.
sanskar- no. as you know except the staff and few close people and buisness men no one knows much about me or my family. we have been living as a normal people and so their is no doubt on anyone.
inspector- ok we will check the hotel once and two constables will be here and i am sending a team to search for your son. you all need to be alert. we don’t know the motive of this kidnapping. may be the kidnappers call you. any news or information you get immediately inform us.
sanskar nodded and inspector left leaving two constables.
rashika- [tauntingly to parineeta] i think now someone doesn’t need to show their influence now.
nikita- rashika keep quiet.
rashika- [angry] why should i mom. why the hell are they all here and why we came to this city. we were good in mumbai. it would have been better that the wedding took place in mumbai. we were so happy. and here now we don’t know where is swayyam. and this lady is trying to show her influence.
nikita- rashika this is not the way to talk.
rashika- this is the only way to talk with them. [to maheshwari’s especially parineeta] you know what you are not worth standing here in front of bhai. what do you he does some simple job then let me tell you that he has made a complete empire of his own. his wealth and power is so much that you are no one in front of him.
parineeta- what do you mean.
sanskar- she means nothing [to rashika] kiddo calm down.
rashika- no ways bhai. who are they to question you and insult. i will not tolerate. you all listen he is the owner of SS company. her wife owns the SS trust and he was the best businessman of the year last year and surely this year will be too.

aadarsh- SS company, the owner is mr. SS and he is sanskar so how come he….
rashika- he is not just sanskar but he is sanskar swara, in short SS. the mr. SS who owns SS company and as much as i know the 45% share holder of your company. how bad is it that you don’t know the person who owns 45% shares of your company. now you all know him so it would be better that you all stay away from us and a word against my bhai then you will suffer for sure.
this was a big shock for all.
sanskar- [leaving swara with sumi] kiddo calm down. relax. why are being so angry?
rashika hugged sanskar and started crying.
rashika- bhai buddy will be alright naa. we are not getting any trace of him and they are talking all rubbish about power and influence.
sanskar- sshhhh i am first time seeing you crying. when swayyam will come i will give him this breaking news and he will make fun of you.
rashika- no problem bhai. i just want my buddy back.

both were crying hugging each other. somehow sanskar calmed her. sanskar was broken from inside but tried to be strong for others because now swara was completely broken. she was sitting and silently weeping.
swaras phone rang breaking the trance and everybody got alert. swara with trembling hands held the mobile and saw the caller id.
swara- [panick] uttara.
swara looked at sanskar once and then she wiped her tears and gulped a glass of water hurriedly. swara lifted the call and talked normally.
swara- hello uttara. why are you calling at this time. any problem.
uttara- no bhabhi. i thought to inform you that we have reached but due to all welcoming ceremony and all i couldn’t. now i got time so i called you but it seems that you forget me as soon as you send me off.
swara- [wiping her tears] no actually i thought you would be busy and didn’t expect your call that’s why.
uttara- where’s swayyam. at the time i was leaving he was not there.
swara- [kept hands on her mouth to control her cry and composing herself] swayyam he is sleeping. you know naa he sleeps so much and today he did full day masti, so he slept.
rashika- [taking the phone] hey di why are you wasting time on us. u are in your new house so enjoy there. ad don’t ask about swayyam and bhai. both kumbhkarans are sleeping like they never slept. you know naa these sleepy heads. accha bakwas band. give phone to jiju, no no actually keep on speaker.

uttara kept phone on speaker.
tanmay- hello
rashika- what hello. jiju u bored di the first day itself that she called us.
tanmay- arre she called to inform you.
rashika- don’t make excuses. ok. and you are going on honeymoon so please enjoy and don’t waste time on calling.
uttara- arre why talking like that. are you all hiding something.
rashika- [panick] hiding di what are you saying
swara took the phone.
swara- actually uttara she is pulling your leg. we had a bet that how much time u take to call us and she won. i told that u will call when u will be leaving tomorrow morning and she told that she will call tonight. and we were waiting if you will call or not that’s why we are awake till now. now you sleep and tomorrow just message us before boarding flight and after reaching and don’t call because may be we will be sleeping and can’t attend your call. all the best for trip and tonight and enjoy. and bye
uttara- bye.
the call ended and swara and rashika cried hugging each other and others were crying too at their helplessness.
swara got up and ran to her room and everyone got shocked and worried. sanskar and others ran behind her.

done with this part

precap- just wait for next epi.

thanks to all for the comments and i know i write be exaggerating the dialogues because i feel like other writers i am not efficient in expressing emotions by short dialogues so i am sorry.

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