SWASAN: ONLY FOR YOU [EPI-41] the morning looks beautiful with the sun spreading the redness in the sky and disturbing our swasan’s sleep who were tugged to each other as if they will lose if they let them go from their grip. as the morning was beautiful will it end the same? today is a memorable day as it’s the wedding of uttara and hope so this day brings lots of happiness to her life.
swasan were disturbed by the morning sunrays and swara woke up but sanskar was sanskar. he tightly held her and placed his head in the crook of her neck and slept peacefully. seeing this swara was smiling and did not disturb him but stayed there to his surprise without argument. he without moving asked her leaving his breath on her neck making her shiver.
sanskar- swara today no arguments. something special.
swara- don’t know, just felt like to stay back for sometime. [teasingly] if you don’t like then i am going [she moved a little] sanskar tightly held her not allowing her to move even an inch.
sanskar- you know rarely i get mornings only with you and can snuggle in you and you want to go. i won’t allow. be here for sometime.
sanskar was sleeping almost over swara nuzzling his head in her neck and swara was ruffling his hairs affectionately with her eyes closed.
after about half an hour.
swara- sanskar now get up.
sanskar- [lazily] why so soon.
swara- i hope you are not forgetting that today is uttara’s wedding. so get up.
sanskar- [sadly]hmmmm.
swara- don’t be sad and behave like this. she is going to stay with us only just the difference will be the house will be of neighbourhood, i.e., tanmay’s house. but still she would be before our eyes all the time. now cheer up and leave me, need to get ready.
sanskar- i was also sad because i have to leave you now. [naughtily] to cheer me up u need to do something.
sensing sanskar’s mischievous look she commanded him
swara- sanskar leave me now.

sanskar loosened the grip but how he could leave opportunity. he came above her completely and placed his lips on hers without giving swara a second to realise what happened. he was kissing her passionately and did not wanted to leave her easily and so was with swara. initally shocked but gave in without any protest.
sanskar-[breaking the kiss when out of breath] what happened today everything so different. you are not protesting for anything.
swara- if i don’t protest then also you have problem.
saskar-[smilingly] no just was amazed.
he kissed her forehead and swara kissed his cheeks and they got up.
sanskar was busy with all the preparations in the hall while swara was busy looking after uttara’s necessary things like her clothes, jewellery and pooja ingredients. all the time rashika and nikita was with uttara and sumi along with swayyam also accompanied uttara in her room. risabh was helping sanskar. like this the whole day passed and it was evening time and the last minute preparations were being done by our swasan. after they all went and got ready. in swasan room
swara was making swayyam ready in a beautiful sherwani and pyjama and he was looking extremely cute.
swara- baby don’t run in the hall and sit beside uttara bua or be with nani or rashika bua all the time. ok don’t go anywhere without telling us and be careful. there will be many people, so be around us. ok
swayyam- offo muma why are you telling so much to me. i am big boy and i can take care. right papa.
sanskar- right champ
swara- [stricyly] u are not so big so just listen what i am saying and promise me u will not roam around much.
swayyam- ok promise.

swara kissed his forehead and on his both cheeks. swayyam giggled.
swayyam- mumma so many kisses. hahaha
swara- [poutinly] can’t i? after all you are my baby.
swayyam- off course mumma.
swayyam too kissed on her both cheeks.
swayyam- papa.
sanskar who was setting his hair all ready looked at swayyam.
sanskar- say champ.
swayyam pointed towards his hair.
sanskar smiled and came to him and set his hairs.
sanskar- perfect. champ is it ok for you.
swayyam- yes. mumma how am i looking?
swara- my baby is looking handsome.
swayyam- mumma who is looking more good me or papa.
swara- off course my baby is the best [sanskar glared swara] because he is papa’s champ naa. [sanskar smiled widely] swayyam- yes and mumma’s baby.
swasan laughed at swayyam’s innocence and cute talks. sanskar picked him in his arms and kissed on his forehead and spread his arm to welcome swara in a side hug and instantly came up and hugged him and caressed swayyam’s cheek with one hand. it looked like a complete family together.
swasanyam came to uttara room. she was already ready in her bridal dress with heavy jewellery and makeup, looking beautiful.rashika, nikita and sumi were already present there. sanskar came and was a bit emotional. uttara too had tears in her eyes. sanutt hugged each other emotionally.
sanskar- looking very beautiful. i always thought you to be small but see today you are going to enter a new phase of life.
sanskar kissed on her forehead emotionally. uttara was silently crying.
swayyam- bua why you and papa are crying.
sanutt wiped their tears. uttara made him stand on the stool.
uttara- i was not crying. your papa made me cry.
swayyam- but he did not scold you then how he made you cry?
uttara- but he is crying naa. so i also cried.
swayyam- papa why are you crying.
sanskar- i am not crying champ. waise bhi men don’t cry right.
swayyam- right.
rashika- what right. bhai now you were crying and champ when you get hurt or i take your chocolates how you cry and go to cutie crying. [mockingly] men don’t cry.huh!
swayyam and sanskar angrily glared rashika while she gave i am not afraid look to them.
uttara- [complaining] bhabhi you made me ready so early. it’s difficult to manage for so long and these heavy jewellery. offf.
swara- you are looking like an angel, so don’t complain like a school going girl. and earlier you loved to wear heavy dresses naa.
uttara- yaa but after i started working i wore lght and professional attires so am not habituated to all these anymore.
sanskar- ohh grown up kiddo. stop complaining and take rest for sometime. u will feel better. [teasingly] tanmay will be reaching here in a while. they have left from their house. after they reach you will not get time to rest.
uttara blushed crimson red.
uttara- maa see bhai is teasing me. [uttara hide her face by hugging sumi] sumi- [scoldingly] sanskar don’t tease her. [softly] but uttara it is his right. this occasion will not come again.
uttara- maa [shyly] sanskar- see now maa is on my side too.
swara- sanskar enough now don’t tease her.
rashika- bhai why cutie became so strict. huh! doesn’t allow to tease properly.
nikita- rashika it’s you both who never get over by your teasing. swara is right.
sanskar- ok ladies now need to rush downstairs. sir is handling guests alone.
he kept hand on uttara’s head like blessing her and moved out.
swara- uttara relax and rashika don’t tease her much. i have some work. i will come and swayyam you be here and no masti.
swayyam- ok mumma.

guests have started coming and maheshwari’s and shekhar [dadi and ayush didn’t came] too reach there and they were welcomed like other guests where as they were looking swasan with expecting eyes but got nothing else than disappointment.
finally the baraat came and rashika yelled in happiness.
rashika- jiju came. welcome welcome my dear jiju.
tanmay was stopped at the gate and swara, sumi and nikita were there with aarti thal. swara did the aarti and with awkwardness moved towards sujata and gave her the thal and gestured to do the welcome of groom. although this was unexpected but they maheshwari’s were happy especially sujata.
tanmay and family were welcomed wholeheartedly and rashika left no chance to tease tanmay.
the ceremony started and tanmay sat in mandap and priest recited mantras and then called the bride.
swaika, sumi and nikita went to bring uttara to mandap.
after a while everyone’s eyes were struck on the stairs from where uttara was descending the stairs holding swayyam’s hand and on her right was swara and right rashika and sumi and nikita on her behind. four men were holding a chunni over their head. sanskar seeing uttara moved towards her kissing on her forehead held one end of chunni and moved towards the mandap when laksh and aadarsh too came and held the other ends of chunni as this is done by brothers and male members of family.
the situation became a bit awkward for them and sujata , ap and ragini too came and joined uttara till mandap. swayyam was irked by their presence but as promised to swara he did not say anything. although he understood minimal of the rituals going on but one thing he understands the most is his parents. uttara was made to sit in mandap and mantras were going on and in between tanmay stared uttara which made her blush and tanmay embarrassed as rashika caught him and teased him a lot. swara was all the time holding swayyam and stood beside sanskar.
then it was time for kanyadan and this was something tough for them. maheshwari’s were thinking that whether they should go or will swasan will do this. with sanskar’s assurance swara told sujata and ram to do kanyadan and they came on sat beside uttara.
uttara- one minute.
everyone was shocked.
swara- what happened uttara.
uttara- panditji if along with my maa papa my bhai and bhabhi do the kanyadan will it be okay.
panditji- yes no problem.
uttara- bhai bhabhi come, won’t you do my kanyadan.
swasan had happy tears in their eyes. swasan along with ram and sujata did the kanyadan happily.
then priest asked to do the gatbandhan. and uttara again requested swasan to do the gatbandhan. like this the rituals were performed. uttmay took pheras and tanmay filled uttara’s mang and tied the sacred mangalsutra around her neck and the priest declared them married and then they took everyone’s blessing starting from tanmay’s parents.
uttmay hugged swasan and uttara got emotional.
swara- uttara now you have entered a new phase of life and you need to be more responsible now and act more mature. [uttara noddded] uttara- bhai bhabhi thank you so much for all that you have done for me.
sanskar- arre pagli why are you saying like that. what have we done. you are my little sisso and these tears don’t suit you. [wiped her tears] uttara- bhai you don’t know what are you to me. i was literate, cultured but out of me you took out my talent and made me bold and confident, an independent person and bhabhi you are the reason i am alive. i owe you and i never be tired to say that you both are my ideal and inspiration. you both loved me, cared for me as your child and fulfilled all my wishes and gave me the biggest happiness of my life today. thank you.
sanskar- you know i never said you but i love you so much and you are like the ray of hope in my life, actually our life. i am blessed to get a sister like you and will miss you. [sanutt hugged each other] tanmay- offo bhabhi when will there this emotional drama end.
sanutt glared him. while swara laughed with tears.
tanmay- what don’t see me like this. if you will miss uttara then why don’t you get a sister for swayyam and a new member to the family.
listening this swara was hell embarrassed and red due to shyness.
sanskar- [shamelesly] that i was also thinking. you don’t worry.
listening him everyone had their mouth open.
tanmay- have some shame. you are saying this shamelessly in front of all.
sanskar- look who is saying, who publicly made an announcement.
uttara- both of you stop. it’s my bidaai and you both are talking as in sitting in the living room of home.
both sanmay were embarrassed but they chuckled to avoid gazes on them.
uttara- [to sumi] maa i don’t know about bhabhi but you have been the best mother ever and i thank you for giving me such a wonderful bhabhi and also for all the motherly care you gave me these years.

sumi and uttara hugged and then uttara took blessings of rishita and hugged rashika who was all happy and excited. swayyam was confused as why are everyone crying and hugging each other. but when uttara came to him she hugged him too and swayyam kissed her.
swayyam- bua why are you crying and hugging everyone.
uttara- because today i got married and from today i will live with your tanmay fufaji.
swayyam- why? i will live with you and i won’t trouble you also then also you will not live with me.
uttara- aww mera baccha. champ it is ritual that after marriage girl have to live with the boy she married. that’s why. and why are you taking tension. tanmay fufaji’s house is just to ours.
swayyam- ok but why girls go with boy. this is not good. boy can also go with girl naa.
tanmay- champ when you will grow up till your papa’sheight you will understand. [tanmay ruffled his hairs] swayyam glared him angrily and moved to sanskar. uttmay chuckled while others were astounded by swayyam’s reaction.
swayyam- papa see fufaji messed my hair. set them.
sanskar set his hairs and said done. then swayyam measured his height with sanskar standing beside him.
swayyam- papa when will i become of your height.
sanskar- after atleast 13-14 years. why?
swayyam- 13-14 years. it means i will take this much time to understand why girl goes with boys after marriage.
sanskar- [controlling his laugh] champ you don’t need to wait for so long. [picked him up in his arms] this happens because girls are stronger than boys when it comes to emotions and handle we boys so they come with boys.
swayyam- ohh as mumma handles you.
sanskar- yes as mumma handles me. [swara and others felt proud on sanskar acceptance and thought about girls] finally uttara came to maheshwari’s and took their blessings and gadodias too. uttara did not involve much except with sujata who cried a lot hugging her.
laksh- uttara have a happy life and if possible forgive this brother for his mistakes.
uttara- bhai when you will realise the real mistake of your life then you will be forgiven by me without asking.
laksh- i know i did a mistake by not trusting sanskar and i am guilty for that.
uttara was surprised hearing him but before she reacts or their conversation proceeds rashika interrupted.
rashika- jiju you till now did not ask about your shoes. did you forget or have thought to go back bare foot.
tanmay- straight to the point. what do you want because i knew it’s your work the moment i stepped down the mandap.
rashika- impressive. ok then my demands are one day shopping with di and you carrying our bags and you will allow me to meet di without restrictions and we will spend sundays as before and off course some cash for now. you know we should not leave chance to loot the person who takes away some one precious.
tanmay- angel devil your wish granted.
rashika- remove that devil from my name.i am only angel.
tanmay- in your dreams. even if i lose my job then also you will be angel devil.
rashika-fine give cash and take your shoes otherwise i will take back di.
tanmay hurriedly gave the cash he had and uttara laughed at their antics.
at last uttmay were leaving and before that sanskar came with an envelope and swasan were standing in front of uttmay.
sanskar- so it’s time for asurprise.
tanmay- which kind of surprise.
swara- take this [passed the envelope] tanmay looked at the envelope confusedly and then opened it and his eyes popped out. seeing his reaction uttara took it from his hands and blushed and was embarrassed.
swara- enjoy the trip and yaa the tickets are of early morning and uttara the red bag i have packed is for your honeymoon, so no tension of packing.
[guys the the envelope was of flight aand hotel bookings of switzerland for their honeymoon] tanmay- [in low tone] what is all this. how can we go. what about maa papa.
sanskar- i have talked to them already. don’t worry and be ready because the flight is early morning.
tanmay’s father- we already know as sanskar informed us about this before arranging. go on beta. and now let’s move and welcome our daughter in law cum daughter to our home.
bidding a last bye they left and everyone here had moist eyes with lots of blessings in their heart.
after they left maheshwari’s were thinking to talk with sanskar and they came to hall but none spoke. swara was looking here and there tensed. sanskar saw this and asked swara
sanskar- swara what happened.
swara- [restless] sanskar where is swayyam.
sanskar- must be here only. rashika is not here, may be with her.
within a minute rashika came there. looking at her swara asked her
swara- rashika where is swayyam.
rashika- he was not with me.
swara- [tensed] not with you means. acccha where is kamala bai.
rashika- [looking around] cutie i actually have no idea about her. after bidding bye to di i came in as i was thirsty and i am coming from the other hall where dinner was arranged.
swara – [restless and extremely worried] not with you and is not here also. kamala bai , yes i should call her.
swara called on kamala bai number but she was not picking up the call.
done with this part.

precap- wait for next episode

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