SWASAN: ONLY FOR YOU [EPI-40] all were looking at sanskar expectantly.
sanskar- tomorrow is my sister’s wedding and by destiny she shares a blood relation with you all, so you all are cordially invited in the wedding and shower your blessings on her for her future life. give her a special blessing that never in her life she faces anyone’s mistrust. if you all will come tomorrow and be a part of the ceremony she will feel happy. and other than this i don’t want any kind of discussions and nor want to answer anything else.

everyone was shocked to hear sanskar as he said each word calmly and without emotions.
swara held his hand and squeezed it to assure she is there for him. she can understand the inner turmoil which he went through and how much it pains to speak all these things to someone who once was his dear ones.
dp- [guilty] sanskar we did mistake but at least once try to forgive us. take your own time because i understand we did wrong with you and you have went through a lot because of us. what aadarsh has done and our mistrust, we can’t undo it but now we can ask for forgiveness only.

ap- [guilty and teary eyed] haan beta. think once about it. please. we are your family and don’t you think we deserve a chance. try to forgive us. please beta.
rp- [teary eyed and chocked voice] sanskar i am your father but i did not trust you. i am so sorry beta. please forgive us once.
sujata- [came forward and folded hands] sanskar i am the one who was responsible for all this. being your own mother i proved you wrong in front of all. but trust me in that situation i did as i thought was good for you. aadarsh told that he won’t be harming anyone and…….. leave all that. i wanted to give you happiness but instead it became the worst for you. i am sorry.

by now sujata was crying. sanskar’s grip on swara’s hand was getting tighter by each passing second. he somewhere was melting but did not wanted to. he did not want them back in his life. but a mother’s tears always stabs child’s heart and melt it and this was happening with sanskar but he was firm that whatever happens he will not accept them back and so he silently listened to them without answering them and holding swara’s hand tightly.
ragini came and held sujata by shoulder.
ragini- sanskar hum sab aapse maafi mangte hain. [we all ask forgiveness from you] we are guilty for not trusting you. please forgive us.
laksh- sanskar we are sorry bhai. please forgive us.
sanskar wanted to say something but kept quite holding swara.
everyone had kept their pleadings in front of sanskar but he did not buzz.
aadarsh- [stammering and guilt ridden] s…..san..skar
all looked at aadarsh. aadarsh became nervous seeing everyone looking at him. he closed his eyes and open them being determined.

aadarsh- sanskar i am sorry. you were my younger brother but i did so wrong with you. i am sorry. i accept that all was done by me. you were always their for us but because of me you were left broken. since the mistake was mine don’t punish others for it. i am ready to bear any kind of punishment you give but just come back home. [in tears] as an elder brother i didn’t do anything for you but you have always been an ideal son for the family and a perfect brother. you did things selflessly and i in my foolishness hurted you a lot. please forgive us and return to our home.
sanskar listening aadarsh was angry, hurt. he felt like to burst out all his anger right now and was about to speak when he saw tanmay coming down and remained quite and moved towards tanmay.
maheshwari’s and gadodia’s thought that sanskar didn’t forgive them so he is going and were disappointed. but when they saw tanmay they understood why he didn’t replied.
sanskar- tanmay all set.

tanmay- [seeing everywhere] yes.
sanskar- don’t look everywhere uttara has gone to change and you are not allowed to meet her now. see your bride tomorrow directly in mandap.
tanmay- [shy but tried to cover up] no i was not looking for uttara… haan…vo…vo..rashika. that angel devil was showing her devil side to me today. [lets out a sigh] sanskar- [dramatically] haan haan i know. you were finding rashika not uttara. i should tell uttara not to marry you. as you don’t care to look for her.
tanmay- [hurriedly] no no i meant . uuhhh bhabhi see your husband. he is really playing smart with me.

swara- sanskar don’t trouble him and tanmay you give him chance to show his smartness, so what i can do.
sanskar/tanmay- you are taking my side or tanmay/ sanskar
risabh- she is not anyone’s side because she is much smarter than you both.
swara smiled while sanmay made faces.
nikita- tanmay i think you should leave. the early you leave the better it will be. because we need to prepare for wedding and if you will be here then i think we should delay the marriage.

tanmay- no no i was going. bye. where’s champ
swara- [not wanting him to involve in situation so quickly replied] wo with kamala kaki. have sent him to change.
tanmay- ok bye.
tanmay left from there.
as soon as he leaves sanskar spoke.
sanskar-[curtly] i don’t want any kind of scene here and have to prepare for my sister’s wedding. so if you all please leave then it will be better.
laksh- bhai at least let …..
sanskar didn’t bother to listen.
sanskar- swara i am going to manager to instruct for decoration arrangement. [swara nodded and before leaving sanskar spoke to shekhar] sanskar- mr. gadodia you want compromise or case hearing in court.
shekhar- [shockingly] sanskar beta listen. i am…
sanskar- compromise or case hearing.

shekhar- i don’t want to compromise. i want forg….
sanskar- see you in court after three days.
sanskar left from there leaving everyone in utter disbelief and shock.
swara- [mind]- sanskar is angry or upset. i am not understanding him now.he was supporting me and i knew he will but he was silently dealing with this matter till now and i thought he will not speak to shekhar gadodia but let me only speak but he toh directly came on point. sometimes he gives me shock also.
her thoughts get interrupted by shekhar pleadings.

shekhar- swara beta try to understand. i am regretting for what i have done. i want to start with misthi again. earlier you only united me and mishthi then why can’t you now. i agree i did mistake but it was all planned against us and so this happened.
swara- if something will be planned in future then also you will leave her and that i guarantee as you do this only everytime. so better prepare for the case and enjoy your last days with ayush. i am sending him. [turning to rishita] sir nikita ji you both also take rest. we have a lot of work to do for tomorrow.
without giving a chance to anyone swara too left followed by rishita.

here maheshwari’s and gadodia’s were disappointed and in shock. ayush came down and they moved towards home all feeling guilty and thinking how to get swasan’s forgiveness.
every second was tough for them and so was for our swasan and sumi. amidst all these two love birds were busy in there phone romance forgetting the world and waiting for there future with each other.
after the maheshwari’s left.sanskar has involved himself completely so that he doesn’t remember what happened sometime before. swara was just seeing him standing at one corner. he knew that swara is seeing him but did not meet her gaze because then she will understand him immediately. seeing sanskar ignoring she went from there. she knows him better. she understands that he wants time and that was true. sanskar was in confusion and more than that highly pissed off by today’s drama. he did not wanted to think about maheshwari’s.
swara came to sumi who has stopped crying from eyes but her heart is still crying and yearning to shower her love to his child. she is still sitting on floor in the same position swara left her. seeing her condition swara was very upset. she can’t see her mother so broken. she ran to her room and sat on floor and cried keeping her head on bed. after some time swayyam came in and saw swara crying.

swayyam- [seeing swara crying he too started crying] mumma…why are you crying.
swara was so lost in her thoughts and crying that she didn’t realised that swayyam came in the room. hearing him she became shocked and then immediately wiped her tears.
swara- [holding swayyam in her arms] swayyam see i am not crying. but why are you crying baccha.
swayyam- you were crying so i also cried. [how innocent]

swara- but now i am not so you to stop crying. [she wiped his tears] swayyam- mumma why were you crying [coming into his bodyguard avatar] did papa say you something or did anyone scold you. tell me i will scold them back.
swara- [smiled at his son] no one scolded me. [ something strikes her mind] swayyam you cried because i was was crying hai naa. [swayyam noddded] same way i cried because nani was crying.
swayyam- why was nani crying.
swara- wo naa nani was missing someone. so she cried but you can help me make happy.
swayyam- [innocently] how
swara- nani loves you a lot and you are nani’s favorite naa. so if today you will be with nani, she will feel happy and today you sleep with her ok.
swayyam- ok. i don’t like nani cry. so i will go to her and make her smile. [swayyam smiled brightly] swara- [in mind] now swayyam can only soothe maa’s pain for sometime.
swara- chalo let’s go to nani.
swayyam- ok. mumma where is papa.

swara- tomorrow bua’s marriage naa so papa is seeing decoration work. now no more question. and you be nani for today ok.
swayyam nodded.
swara stood at sumi’s room doorstep and sent swayyam in.
swayyam- [tapping on sumi’s shoulder who was still sitting on floor] nani.
sumi- [came to sense hearing swayyam and a smile appeared on her face] haan beta. [wiped her face] swayyam- nani today i will be with you. were you crying.
sumi- no
swayyam- nani we should not tell lies.

sumi- sorry.
swayyam- good. accha nani tell me stories naa. i am bore. both bua are talking to each other and others are busy. no one is playing with me.[pout] sumi- i am there naa for you. come today i will tell you many stories.
swayyam- yipeee. [swayyam jumped on the bed in excitement] swara sighed in relief and faintly smiled to see sumi becoming normal and came to her room. she started doing something.
swasan drowned themselves in their work and did not talk to each other. swara wanted sanskar to come himself with what he has in his heart and just waited whereas sanskar was too much confused about what he wanted and moreover his anger not allowing him to think properly and in frustration he shouted at workers many a times.
but how long can they keep themselves away from each other. swara was sitting in the room and thinking something deeply when sanskar entered the room. he came and sat beside swara but kept calm. when swara didn’t say anything he spoke.
sanskar- swara what are you thinking so deeply.
swara- [startled] woh nothing.
sanskar narrowed his eyebrows.
swara- nothing special, just what happened today. i did right naa by filing the case.
sanskar- [wrapping his hands around her shoulders and pulling her into his embrace] i don’t know right or wrong but i support you. and i know you must have thought multiple times before taking this decision. i trust you.
swara was overwhelmed by sanskar’s support and she too cuddled in him more. they were silent for sometime.

swara- sanskar what do you think about whatever happened today?
sanskar was silent. swara slightly moved her head to look at him and found him lost.
swara- sanskar it’s ok if you don’t want to s….

sanskar– i am confused. i don’t know what to do. when mom[sujata]….i mean when she was requesting me and those tears, i felt really bad but i was not ready to console her. i myself don’t know exactly what i want. i won’t lie. they were my family and i miss them sometimes but it is very rare. i am happy in what i have now and that is more precious for me. i mean you and champ are my life. maa [sumi] never let me feel that i am not her own son. she loved me and uttara as much she does to you. since uttara was with me i can’t describe how glad i was to have her by my side and i got a brother in tanmay and now rashika risabh sir and nikita maam all are family.
sanskar- i don’t know should i forgive them or not. infact if i think of forgiving them then i remember how they didn’t trust us and then i don’t feel like to even think about them. i don’t know what i want.
while saying all this sanskar looked blankly at the wall.
swara tried to move out of his embrace to face him but sanskar tightened his grip and finally looked at her.
sanskar- please be like this. don’t go. only your presence soothes me and my insecurities.

swara hugged him tighter and so did sanskar. they remained like that for sometime.
sanskar- where is swayyam?
swara- maa was continuously crying and upset so i sent swayyam to her. he will keep maa busy and only he can make her smile. today he will be sleeping with maa.
sanskar- hmmmm.
sanskar- swara you remember i always said during your pregnancy that i want a girl and a boy whenever we used to discuss about it will be a boy or a girl.
swara- hmmmm
sanskar- you know the reason?
swara- not exactly.

sanskar- because of uttara. you know i always thought that she loves laksh more than me and on that day when she supported me and left everyone that was quite unexpected. i thought she would be taking laksh’s side but i was wrong. a sister understands their brothers more than other members. she trusted me. that day you supported me and you became my life but uttara’s support was like a ray of hope to me. that’s why i feel like every boy should have a sister. that’s why i want a sister for my swayyam too. i feel lucky to get uttara and rashika too.
swara- indeed you are and so am i to get you.
swara- accha come let’s have dinner and see swayyam maa and uttara once.
swasan had dinner and went to see sumi and swayyam and they were sleeping peacefully. then they came to uttara room who was busy dreaming with eyes open about her prince. swasan smiled and coughed to bring her back. she immediately sat up and was embarrassed. then swasan teased her and they had some emotional talks where rashika joined them too and they chatted for sometime and then they came to their respective rooms.
in swasan room-
both were trying to sleep in each other’s embrace but couldn’t.
swara- sanskar
sanskar- hmmmm.
swara- nothing.
again after sometime
swara- sanskar
sanskar- haan swara.

swara- nothing.
sanskar- swara say what you wanna say. i know there is something so speak up.
swara- i am feeling restless. i mean, i don’t know, [paused] everything will be alright naa.
sanskar- why are you saying like that. everything will be fine.
swara- haan. but i am feeling like something wrong is going to happen.
sanskar- swara nothing will happen. it is all because of whatever happened today. you have been thinking too much. sleep now. everything will be good. i am there naa.
swara- hmmm. [swara hugged him tightly and closed her eyes] sanskar- [in mind] i said swara but i myself am feeling restless. god please nothing wrong should happen. we are not so strong to bear betrayals and pain each time. keep my family safe and happy and solve all these problems which are arising.
sanskar gently kissed on swara’s hair and slept.
let’s see what is in store for them
done with this part.

precap- uttara’s wedding and something something, don’t know good or bad.

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