Next morning
swara offered morning prayers.
swara- god give us strength and be with my sanskar always. don’t make my sanskar weak ever. help us come out with this crisis.
they three wished sanskar and he went in search of job.
it was evening time swara was buying vegetables outside baadi when parineeta encountered her and tried insulting her.
parineeta- swara(swara turned to see her) buying vegetables. good good continue. you know i feel so sorry for you. you have to do these household works. won’t it be tiring for you.should i pay as you are undergoing crisis and you must have to think before spending money right.
swara- you shouldn’t care much and i don’t get tired of doing my household works as it’s my house but that can’t be said by you. i think if you even pick up a needle people should worry about you as you may fall by its weight or not able to handle it you may pinch others with it as you are so delicate .please take care of yourself and haa don’t worry about paying that i will do as i have my husband’s hard work earned money. and i don’t have any interest in other’s money like you.
swara continued buying vegetables and pari went in baadi fuming in anger.this all was watched by a pair of eyes that is our sanskar who was coming back to home. he felt proud on swara and at the same time was hell angry on parineeta.
he came to swara and tapped her shoulder. she turned to find sanskar and smiled at him. he too smiled.
swara- sanskar you came. wait a minute i am done . let’s go inside together.
they came in baadi and were heading towards dida’s home when pari stopped them.
pari- arre sanskar how are you? did you get a job?
dadi-(tauntingly) pari who will give him job? i don’t think anyone wants to keep cheater in their company.
listening to them sanskar went inside but swara stayed to back answer them as how can they insult her sanskar.
swara-(retortingly) sometimes people don’t understand who really are cheaters but god knows everything and one day others too will know real faces of everyone.
swara came to dida’s house and pari got angry on her.
pari- dadisa this swara speaks a lot. will have to do something for her.
dadi- don’t worry. ayush is there naa. not only swara but all will starve to see him and come to him today. you go home happily.
pari and dadi smirked and both left to their respective homes.
swara came in directly went to see sanskar in their room. she was shocked to see the messed up room and sanskar sitting on floor holding his head.swara directly went to him and kept her hand on his shoulder. sumi and uttara too came there heraring the noise and were in tears seeing sanskar. sanskar raised his head to look at swara standing there. he was breathing heavily and so dull and pale with tears brimming his eyes. anger could be clearly seen in his eyes. swara kneeled down in front of him and hugged him with tears in her eyes too seeing sanskar in such a state. sumi and uttara went seeing swar with him , consoling him.

sanskar slowly reciprocrated to the hug after sometime and then tightened his grip even more.
sanskar-( chocking voice ) swara i … i am…. not .. acheater. i haven’t cheated on anyone. why don’t anyone trust me swara. i am not a cheater. but everyone thinks of me like that and didn’t give me job.
swara- (calmly and lovingly) shhh…. sanskar please calm down. everything will be fine.
sanskar- swara you know naa i am not a cheater. i didn’t cheat anyone.
swara- yaa i know sanskar. i trust you. please don’t be like this. i can’t see you like this .please sanskar. don’t think about others. iam there naa for you. please calm down.
sanskar calmed a bit. slowly swara parted away from him and cupped his face and wiped his tears.
swara- sanskar look at me.(sanskar looked at her) see i trust and believe one everything will be fine and everyone will trust you. don’t worry and now please don’t be like this. i can’t see you broken.
sanskar was still disturbed and upset. swara saw around and not finding sumi and uttara there anymore kissed sanskar on his lips which shocked him but then slowly he too reciprocated and slowly got involved in it forgetting everything. they passionately kissed each other for long until they were out of breath.they parted away but still had there eyes closed and were breathing heavily. they slowly joined there foreheads and looked in each others eyes. they holded each other tightly to support the other.
sanskar- [somewhat relaxed] thankyou swara for being with me.
swara-[ tears filling her eyes] sanskar i can’t see you like this. it kills me sanskar. please don’t do this again. i can’t see you broken.please don’t get affected by what others say.
sanskar- i won’t swara. from now i will live for you ONLY FOR YOU AND THE LOVE AND TRUST YOU HAVE ON ME. I LOVE YOU SWARA AND NOW I OWE MYSELF TO YOU.
he kissed her forehead and pulled her in a bone crushing hug.they both calmed down and then arranged the room properly.
swara- sanskar you rest for sometime then we will have dinner together. ok.
sanskar nodded and swara went to kitchen for preparing the dinner.
episode ends

thank you guys . will see why sanskar decides to go to mumbai.

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