sorry for late update. actually my exams were there and it was over on 23rd so i was late. sorry once again.
ayush and swayyam were playing and after sometime function came to an end. all the guests left. only tanmay and his family were there along with maheshwari’s and gadodia’s and swasan, uttara and malhotra’s [rashika family]. sumi already went to her room as she could not hold her emotions seeing ayush in front and that too she can’t tell him that she is her mother.
excusing herself swara came too sumi’s room while the moving out.
she entered sumi’s room and seeing her mother’s state her eyes welled up and she immediately hugged sumi who was sitting on floor crying miserably.

swara- maa [tightened her hug as sumi cried hard getting her daughter’s shoulder.
sumi- [while crying] shona… my ayush…. he has grown up…….i want to hug him and tell…..that i am his mother…….. he is in front of me…….. but i can’t tell him….. about …our …relation. i want to hold…. him. shona [cried more] by now swara too started crying and stroked sumi’s back to calm her because she didn’t knew how to console her mother. she herself is a mother and only the thought of being away from swayyam pains her then she can understand that staying away from ayush these years how difficult it was.

swara- maa calm down……please stop crying. i can’t see u…like this.
sumi- shona…first when ayush was to be born then all were against…..then after birth……. he was not with us and………. when i got him then also……….. he was taken away from me……….i controlled myself till now as he was not infront of me………. but now i want to be with him and ………give my love to him……….. [breaking the hug] u know when swayyam was born i imagined ayush in him….. the love i could not give to ayush…….i tried giving all to swayyam.
sumi- today when ayush told that he don’t have mother …….i felt like someone stabbed me…….i wanted to say that i am your mother. [saying this she cried more] swara- maa i ……[she received a phone call] swara wiped her tears and received the call
swara- hello

sanskar- swara tanmay will be leaving. where are you. [hearing the sobbing sound] is maa alright. should i come there.
swara- sanskar no need i am coming down. you wait. [cuts the call] swara- maa [wipes sumi’s tears] don’t cry. i will come in a while. you need to be strong. atleast for me. i am coming ok.
she left sumi and came down after making herself presentable. uttara saw her first and literally ran to her.
uttara- bhabhi maa is fine. should i go to her.
swara- she is fine uttara. come will see of tanmay.
swautt came to them. sanskar was about to ask her about sumi when she herself assured her about this by blinking her eyes.
tanmay- where were you and where is aunty.
swara- wohh.. maa is tired so she is resting in her room.
tanmay- ohh ok. we are leaving.
rashika- [from behind]- not so soon jiju.
tanmay turned and SPLASHHH

rashika drenched tanmay with haldi water. all looked shocked and wide eyes and tanmay stood frozen. they came out of their shocked state listening the laughing sounds of four persons uttara, rashika and swayyam and ayush. first all they all looked at tanmay and then all four laughing alternately. and then all burst out laughing.
tanmay- rashika ki bacchi you are a devil. now wait.
saying this tanmay started chasing rashika and they ran all around the house.
finally tanmay catch hold of rashika and was searching for something to be applied to her.
rashika- bhai save me. jiju leave.
tanmay- no way. do you find me always to play your pranks. today i will definitely give return gift to you. just wait.

sanskar- tanmay leave her.
tanmay- but
sanskar- first listen to me completely. leave her but after this. [saying this sanskar showed him the halidi bowl] both smirked.
rashika- [wide eyes] bhai i told to save me not to help him.
sanskar- what can i do. kiddo forgot in morning you made me to drink milk. now u also need to be punished naa.
swayyam- yes papa. i will also give punishment.
sanskar- why not champ.
rashika- haww you all are so bad. sorry sorry i mean bhai, buddy, jiju you all are so good. spare me for this time naa. [making cute and innocent face] harshit- no bhai don’t leave her. don’t go on her looks.
rashika- oye shut up.
sanskar- sorry kiddo
saying this sanskar applied haldi on her face followed by swayyam. rashika closed her eyes and then tanmay was about to apply it on her when uttara came for her rescue.
uttara- tanmay if you apply haldi on her then then get ready for the consequences. leave my sister.

tanmay- [carelessly] what consequences. i am not gonna leave her. rarely i get a chance when i can revert back her pranks and when sanskar bhai is on my side then you are saving her. i am not gonna leave her especially after what she has done now.
rashika- [puppy look] di please save me naa.
uttara- tanmay leave her. bhai say him to leave rashika. see how she is pleading.
rashika immediately made a pleading innocent look.
before sanskar could say anything
tanmay- today nothing will work.
rashika- [shouting] dad

due to the sudden shout tanmay left her and kept his hands on his ears.
rashika- [moved and winked] jiju not so easily. and bhai you are going to get ur punishment.
rashika ran from there leaving everyone confused and she came back tiptoeing and was about to pour haldi water on sanskar when swayyam alarmed him and he moved and the water fell on tanmay yet again making him wet. sanskar sighed in relief.
sanskar- [to swayyam] you are really my lucky champ. [swayyam and sanskar giggled] tanmay was about to apply haldi on rashika when swara stopped them.
swara- stop now otherwise till tomorrow evening you both will be playing like this. tanmay you go and freshen up in a room and i will send you a dress. and rashika play pranks after we return back. now we have to prepare for tomorrow. and [teasingly] tanmay i hope you don’t want to delay tomorrow’s wedding.
tanmay- bhabhi i think i should change. haan
tanmay- maa papa you all move to home. i will come after sometime. tanmay’s family left and tanmay went to a room.
swara- uttara i think you should also
uttara- ji bhabhi.
uttara too left for a room.
swara once looked at maheshwari’s and gadodia’s and thought how to tell them to move. she was also upset for sumi and her sobs, her words were echoing in her ears.
thinking for a while swara said– kamala bai take swayyam to room.
swayyam- mumma i want to play more with ayush.
swara- swayyam baby go and clean this haldi. kamala bai will help you.
swayyam obediently agreed.

swara- take ayush with you and share your chocolates with him. he is your friend naa.
swayyam- ok mumma.
dadi- chori ayush will not go anywhere.
swara- [cold tone] i did not ask you.
everyone was shocked and confused by swara’s this behaviour, even sanskar because he knows swara may be formal but such cold behaviour was something unexpected at this moment.
swara- kamala bai take them and till i don’t say they should not come down.
kamala bai left with swayyam and ayush.
swara- [softly] rashika you also need to change. see sanskar has covered you with haldi.
rashika was confused at this behaviour.—–yaa ok
rashika too left.
swara called someone
swara- how much time more.
op- ….
swara- ok be fast.
call ended.
sanskar- swara whom did you call and who is coming.
swara- sanskar just 5 minutes.
swara- [to risabh] thank you sir.
risabh- no it’s ok.
swara smiled.
ragini- swara..
swara- mrs. maheshwari it is mrs. sanskar for you.
ragini- i… actually we….want to….talk to you both.
swara- about what.
laksh- we….got….to know…that….you….both are….
person- maam
everyone turned to see a man standing in professional attire and all were confused.
sanskar- [confused] mr. gupta
mr. gupta- good afternoon sanskar sir. good afternoon sir and maam[to rishita] good noon swara maam
all nodded.

sanskar- why are you here. [turning to risabh] sir did you call him.
mr. gupta- sir actually swara maam called me here with these papers.
sanskar- which papers?
swara- sanskar one minute. mr. gupta please read it aloud so that everyone can know.
mr.gupta nodded. [he is a lawyer and works for ss company branch in kolkata and near by cities. in these years sanskar has expanded his company almost all over india and in few foreign countries.] mr. gupta- these are the papers of ayush gadodia custody case papers sharmistha bose against shekhar gadodia. if mr. gadodia signs these papers now by will with some compromises then it will end here and if not the case hearing for this case will be 3 days from now.
all were shocked to hell except swara and rishita.
sanskar- [coming out of shock and whispering to swara] when did you did all these and how so sudden.
swara- after meeting ayush maa went crying to room. i could not see her broken like this always. risabh sir saw all these and when i asked him he suggested me mr. gupta and i called him and now he is here. why should maa pay for what she had not done. i hope you don’t have any problem.
sanskar- no i don’t and i am proud of you to take such a decision with your ownself.
swara smiled sadly.
everyone was still in shock.
swara- mr. gupta hand over the papers to mr. gadodia.
dadi-[coming out of shock] ae chori what rubbish are you talking?
swara-[confidently[ it’s not rubbish. i know you won’t be ready for compromise so hearing is after 3 days. be prepared.
shekhar- swara you can’t do this.
swara- i can do many things which you can’t even expect. so it’s better that we don’t discuss all this.

shekhar- swara i came to know the truth and i want to ask for forgiveness from you.
swara- [shocked but then angry] and i don’t grant you your forgiveness. keep your sorry with yourself.
ragini- [angry] swara how are you talking to baba. he is your baba for god sake. behave yourself.
swara- [same anger] he is not my father. neither he was, nor is and never will i consider him one in future. i have my maa who is both my maa and my baba and i don’t need any name sake father. so better keep this in your mind.
sanskar holded swara from shoulder to support her.
dadi- ae chori hold your tongue. u can’t say anything to my son. and ayush, i will not let you take him. we will see in the court who wins.
shekhar- maa keep quite. i am talking naa. we came here to apologise not to fight and i already told you not to speak in between. so better don’t interfere.
dadi- i am taking your side and you are saying me only.
shekhar- whatever you have done is enough for me. i don’t want more from you.
dadi become more angry and felt highly insulted. she kept quite seeing swara with venom filled eyes.

shekhar- swara beta please try to understand. it was all planned in such a way that we believed whatever we saw. please give me a chance to rectify. for last time forgive me and accept my apology. infact i want to apologise from misthi also.
swara- don’t take my mother’s name from your mouth. and we are not in anyway want to come back to you. what we have got is more than enough. mr. gupta i said you to handover the papres. so be quick.
mr. gupta gave the papers to shekhar.
everyone was looking at swara disbelievingly. they have always seen swara who mended relations, cleared misunderstanding but this swara was the one who was someone they have not imagined.
laksh- bhai, swara try to understand. we have got to know the truth today morning itself and we didn’t said anything till now because we did not want to spoil the function. so we thought that after the marriage would be over we will ask sorry for not trusting you. [teary eyed] sanskar at least you say something. from the time we have met each other again, you did not say anything.
sanskar was looking at laksh continuously and swara was looking at sanskar. she wanted to answer back laksh but then wanted to know what sanskar wants to say or thought about this matter. she don’t want herself to be the single person to decide in this relationship. her duty was to support sanskar at bad times and that she has done and now that the decision is about his family she wants sanskar to take decision. it was her family too and if sanskar accepts them then she would live with them but surely the relations won’t be like before. thinking all this she just waited for sanskar to answer.
all were looking at sanskar hoping to get some positive answer.taking few seconds sanskar answered back something which shocked everyone.
done with this part.

precap- sanskar’s answer.

and from today I will be regular.

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