tanmay family reached the hotel.
sanskar- finally you came. what took you all so long.
tanmay- you know naa everyone takes so much time in preparations. court marriage is much better. at least don’t have to face these tortures. and today this haldi. i understand for girls but for boys. eww.
rashika- ohhoo jiju. this haldi will make you more fair and handsome and di will fall for you more.
tanmay blushed a little but showed fake anger.
rashika- don’t give these fake looks. i can see your blush.
sanika laughed tanmay while he blushed a little more.
everything was settled. all guests almost came and the function was about to begin.
rashika who was roaming here and there saw harshit going upstairs. she found something fishy and followed him. he was murmuring something to himself and rashika heard it and thought something and smirked.
harshit- [murmuring to self] this bhai naa[tanmay] can’t wait for sometime. is it necessary to send this letter to bhabhi[uttara] i hope nobody sees me.
she hurriedly came in front of him.
rashika- harshit where are you going. this side is uttara di’s room. you wanna meet her.
harshit- [sweating and hiding the letter] haaa.n i….thought to….meet…bhabhi…once.
rashika- [smirking]is that so. why are you sweating and you know you should not come here. and di is coming down in few minutes. come let’s wait for her downwards.
harshit- i thought to meet her once before haldi and cheer her up.
rashika- [fake anger] why should you cheer her up? do you think we keep her sad.
harshit- no i didn’t mean that. [giving up] ok let’s go down. i will meet her there itself.
rashika smiled inwardly. they both came down and rashika told everything to sanskar and they laughed while harshit went furiously to tanmay and gave the letter back to him. tanmay looked disappointed.
uttara came down along with swara, sumi and nikita. she was made to sit for the function and tanmay was already sitting on the other side of partition between them. they cannot meet after haldi.

haldi started and ladies started applying haldi first.
tanmay family’s member first applied haldi to him and uttara’s side, all were in dilemma whom to start.
sumi- sujata ji, annapurnaji u start the ceremony.
sujata and ap looked at each other and at swasan. sanskar did not look at them whereas swara didn’t knew what to do. uttara was in tears thinking that what a fate that everyone is thinking whom to apply first but not due to love and trust on each other but due to separation and dilemma.
uttara did not say anything because she did not want to hurt anyone but then gathered courage and spoke.
uttara- everyone has to apply haldi but i would feel happy if bhai bhabhi you both start the ceremony.
swasan looked at uttara who had tears in her eyes.

ap- i think uttara is right. you both go first.
swasan went to uttara and sanskar wiped the tears which were about to fall down her cheeks and nodded no and gestured to smile though fingers across lips.
then swasan together applied haldi to uttara.
swayyam jumped in between.
swayyam- mumma you said that you will teach me.
swara- [smiled] come here.
swayyam came and swara dipped his hands in haldi then applied to uttara on her feet, then hand, her cheeks and forehead.
swayyam was happy and was about to kiss uttara but stopped.
swayyam- bua i can’t kiss you. you have this on your face [showing his hands which had haldi.] everyone smiled hearing swayyam [this is a child who spreads happiness in the most difficult time] uttara- so what i can kiss you naa.
uttara kissed swayyam on both cheeks. and then took haldi and applied a bit on his nose tip.
swayyam- why you did this.i will also do.
swayyam applied haldi on uttara nose tip and she made an aww expression.
swara- baby don’t start your i will also do thing now. you learnt naa now let others apply this on bua. go to papa.

now one by one everyone started applying haldi to uttara. uttara was emotional when maheshwari’s applied but she controlled herself. when aadarsh nd parineeta came she had no emotions.
rashika too came and applied a lot of haldi on her hand and face by rubbing it.
uttara- rashika so much. yaar apply a little amount.
rashika- di let me do my work. [teasingly] i am doing for your benefit. you will glow after applying this and jiju will be blown to see you.
uttara blushed slightly and showed fake anger.
uttara- [holding rashika’s ears] u are becoming more naughty day by day. trying to tease me haan.
rashika- di leave my ear. whatever i said was all true.
uttara- accha then i am not leaving you.
rashika- as you wish. then i will read the letter which jiju was trying to give you
uttara- [shocked and left her ear] what! which letter?
rashika- jiju tried to give you but unfortunately it landed in my hand.
rashika remembered: flashback
when others were applying haldi to uttara then secretly tanmay tried to pass the letter to uttara through the space between the partition but uttara didn’t knew and rashika observed this and picked the letter without anyone’s notice.
flashback ends
uttara- rashika kiddo give the letter to me.
rashika- do you think i will. now sit quitely and let me go to jiju. i need to apply haldi to him also. if you try to move or take it then i am going to read it aloud.
uttara- no
rashika- that’s better. [whishpering] by the way jiju wants to meet u once according to letter.
uttara- haww you read the letter. how could you?

rashika- as it is done.
rashika winked and came to sanskar and showed him the letter and he smiled and looked at uttara who was highly embarrassed and shy.
then sanika went to tanmay and applied haldi and then showed him the letter.
seeing the letter he stood up and was about to run behind them but his mother told him to sit not knowing his situation.
tanmay and uttara restlessly looked at the letter which rashika waved multiple times in air and then tried looking at each other. sanika were enjoying this. when swara saw sanika and uttmay weird behaviour she asked sanskar and when he told her she laughed. maheshwari’s also saw this and were confused at their behaviour but were happy to see sanskar happy.
seeing uttmay restlessness sanskar smiled and thought something. he discussed something with swara and then they talked with tanmay’s parents.
after few minutes sanskar started singing.

sanskar went to uttara and made her stand and caressed her hair. uttara was shy and turned crimson red and hugged sanskar.
swara came to tanmay side and made him stand and sang these parts and he too was shy and smiled.
sanskar and swara moved towards the partition along with uttara and tanmay and swasan together removed the partition by removing the cloth and uttmay saw each other. sanskar came with uttara and gave her hand to tanmay. and he held it smilingly.
[tanmay sang the above lines looking at uttara to convey how much he loves her and is impatient to make her his] uttara- THAM LI MAINE TERI YE BAAHEIN
[uttara sang these lines to convey her love and they hugged sideways] sanskar- PHOOL SA KHIL KE MEHKA HAI YE DIL
[sanskar held swara from shoulder from back and sang this part] swara- DIL KA KYA HAI YE TO HAR PAL BEKARAR HOTA HAI
[swara looked at sanskar and smilingly sang the first line and then moved to uttara and holding her sang the next line and uttara hugged her being shy] sanskar- CHOTI CHOTI RAATEIN LAMBI HO JATI HAIN
[sanskar too moved towards them and sang this line] ALL- LALA LAL LALALA LALA ….
[swara sang this line pointing uttara to tanmay] sanskar- SAPNEN TO PHIR SAPNE HOTE HAI
[sanskar took swayyam in his arms and came towards them] swara- JAGTI AAKHEN DEKHA KARE SAPNA
[swara sang these lines by placing uttara’s hands again in tanmay’s hand and came to sanskar] sanskar- NA DIL PE KABU NAA KHUD PE IKTIYAR HOTA HAI
[sanskar gave swayyam to swara and swara kissed swayyam’s forehead to which swayyam smiled and kissed her back and kissed sanskar too] rashika- CHOTI CHOTI RAATEIN LAMBI HO JATI HAIN
rashika did some dance steps in front of uttmay
harshit came and danced along with her singing these lines.
uttmay hugged sanskar simultaneously.
all- lala lala lala laala….
[all were taking rounds of uttmay holding each other’s hand.] almost at the end of song a child was running and dashed sumi and fell down.
child- ahhh

sumi and others looked on concerned.
sumi knelt down and helped the child get up. meanwhile swara too came there.
sumi- beta are you ok. did you get hurt.
child- [crying] sumi- beta don’t cry.[sumi wiped his tears] show me where you get hurt.
child felt good with her caring and soft talk and pointed towards his and knee where he felt hurt due to falling.
sumi gently rubbed over his knees and then on palms
sumi- feeling better.

child nodded. sumi unknowingly kissed his forehead and the child smiled.
swara- what is your name. with whom you came and where is your mumma.
child- i don’t have mumma [saying all this tears again came into his eyes] i ..came… with …papa.
sumi and swara unknowingly had tears in their eyes.
swara- i am sorry . now stop crying. [she wiped his tears] swayyam seeing swara and his nani caring for another child came to her and holded her hand possessively. swara looked at him and understood why he held her hands.
swara- baby i am helping him. see he is crying naa. do one thing u make him your friend.
swayyam- [obeying swara] why are you crying. mumma says strong boys don’t cry. hai naa mumma
swara nodded. child wiped his tears.
swayyam- what is your name.
child- ayush

sumi and swara along with sanskar and uttara looked on shocked and thought is it sumi’s son ayush, and if so then how is he here.
[actually when all were singing and dancing and teasing uttmay then ragini received call from shekhar that they have reached venue. ragini went out to receive them and as soon as they entered ayush got excited and ran inside to meet laksh. so the child is ayush sekhar and sumi’s son. shekhar and ragini too came behind him and when he fell they were about to come to him but seeing sumi picking him up they stopped and are looking at them emotionally. dadi has also come with them doing fake drama of forgiveness.] swayyam- i am swayyam. friend [forwarding his hand]

ayush shook hand with swayyam.
ayush- friend
sumi and swara came out of shock and swara holded sumi’s hand and asked in chocked voice to ayush.
swara- where is your papa.
ayush looked around and saw shekhar standing along with ragini and dadi and pointed him.

ayush- there. wait i will call him.
ayush came to shekhar and dragged him to sumi and swara. environment was becoming tensed bit by bit. shekhar was standing in front of swara and sumi. he looked at them with love and guilt while swara and sumi were extremely shocked to react. sanskar came there and held swara from shoulder and swara with the touch looked back and he asked her through eyes to relax and then saw towards sumi. swara understanding squeezed sumi’s hand and sumi had tears in her eyes. no one knew how to react.
swara- chotu [adressing ayush] are you fine now.

swayyam- mumma his name is ayush, not chotu.
ayush- yes my name is ayush. only my didi called me chotu. [thinking something] you can also call me chotu. you are same like my didi.
swara- hmmm. [in mind- i your didi only but how to tell you.] swara- maa
sumi- [holding her emotions] haan
swara- maa vo..[interrupted] sumi- shona haldi function is going on. we should complete it.

swara- maa are you…[interrupted] sumi- come let’s go.
sumi bent down and kissed ayush forehead and caressed his face lovingly and turned.
shekhar- mishti
but sumi left before he says anything and came to uttara.
shekhar- shona
swara- [avoiding him] swayyam u want to play with ayush [swayyam nodded] ok i will come. be here only. [to ayush] be careful and don’t run. ok.
ayush nodded and swara too kissed him on forehead.
swara- i hope you don’t have any problem mr. gadodia.
shekhar- i don’t have problem. shona i…
she left before see cries and also she did not want to hear him. shekhar was disappointed.
sanskar- champ be here only. kamala bai be with swayyam.
swayyam- ok papa.
shekhar looked at swayyam as he came to know that he is swara’s son as he called her mumma and sanskar as papa.
shekhar- [knelt down] [to swayyam] your name is swayyam.
swayyam- yes.

shekhar- i am your…..
before he says further ragini came and put hand on his shoulder and signalled no.
shekhar- [understandingly] swayyam u both play we will just come.
shekhar left and swayyam and ayush bonded quite well and played for sometime and sumi was continuously seeing ayush with teary eyes. she wanted to hug him and call him beta and tell him that she is her mumma but she controlled herself because she don’t want to ruin the function by creating any drama. swara was also feeling to cry and seeing sumi like that she really felt bad. she too controlled her emotions.
ayush took swayyam to maheshwari family where shekhar and dadi were standing with them.
seeing maheshwari’s swayyam got angry.
ayush- swayyam see he is my papa, my dadi, she is my ragini didi and this[pointing to laksh] is my….[interrupted] swayyam- they are bad uncle-aunty. they fight so you also don’t talk to them.
saying this swayyam ran from there to swasan as he promised that he won’t misbehave with them. [as parents so is son, always keeps his promise] maheshwari’s were sad that swayyam is not talking to them and feels that they are bad and in heart thought that in one way he is right.
seeing swasan uttara and sumi sad faces tanmay and rashika and rishita were most confused as what happened suddenly.

swayyam- mumma ayush is with bad uncle aunty. he is also not my friend.
swara- baby we should not say like that. ayush is good boy like my baby.. so u will talk to him and he will be your friend. ok
swayyam- but bad uncle aunty
swara- if you think as one bad that doesnot mean that everyone is bad. so you will talk to ayush nicely.
swayyam- ok. but i will not talk to bad uncle aunty.
swara- hmm ok.

sanskar came there
sanskar- so what is going on here without papa.
swayyam- papa i was telling that ayush is with bad uncle aunty and i will not talk to him but mumma said that i should talk to him because he is good boy like me.
sanskar saw swara who avoided looking at sanskar and thought to lighten the mood.
sanskar- champ we applied haldi to bua. so i thought why not to mumma.
swayyam smiled- yes papa.

swara- no
but they both didn’t listen to her and swayyam taking haldi in his hands which sanskar brought applied on swara’s cheeks and so did sanskar and swara looked at them shockingly and then she too took haldi and applied them.
swara- [thinking something] swayyam go and bring ayush here. ok and don’t tell that i told you to bring him here.
swayyam- why mumma.
swara- you are mumma’s good boy naa. [swayyam nodded]so do as mumma say.
swayyam- ok [swayyam ran to bring ayush] after swayyam went.
sanskar- swara are you ok and why did you tell to bring ayush here that to through swayyam.
swara- sanskar i am fine. [pointing towards sumi] see maa. she is controlling her tears and continuously looking at ayush. i am a mother and i can understand how difficult it is for her. i have seen her crying many times for ayush but now she can’t even cry. i want that somehow for some time only but she can talk to ayush and that’s why i sent swayyam.
sanskar hugged swara as she chocked at last and he can understand that she is trying to hide her tears and pain.
swayyam came with ayush and swasan departed.

swara- chotu i am just coming. be here.
swara went and brought sumi there and brought some sweets in a plate with her.
swara- [while they were coming to ayush] maa you talk to ayush for sometime and take this [giving the plate].
they came to ayush.
swara- [whispering] sanskar u take swayyam from here for some time.
sanskar- hmm.
sanskar- champ come u did not apply haldi to tanmay fufaji naa. come now we will apply.
swayyam- haan papa. but ayush.
swara- i am here. chtu u don’t have any problem with me naa.
ayush- no[ cutely] sanskar took swayyam with him.
sumi made ayush sit on table there.
sumi- beta would you eat sweets.
ayush being a child did not protest.

sumi fed her sweets lovingly. and tears flowed down her cheeks.
ayush- aunty why are u crying.
sumi- nothing. accha tell me if u meet your mumma what u will do.
ayush- u know everyone tease me that i don’t have mumma. if i will meet her i will ask her that she went leaving me and then i will hug her and won’t let her go again.
listening ayush sumi cried more and swara too had tears in her eyes.
ayush- aunty you are crying more. why?
sumi- [wiped her tears] nothing. u are very good child.
she kissed her forehead and all over his face.
sumi- shona u take care him. i …..i am going to …my room.
sumi turned and was about to go but ayush held her saree.
sumi turned to him.
ayush- u are also very good aunty. [saying this ayush kissed on her cheeks] sumi now could not control. she hugged ayush tightly and was crying. swara kept hands on her shoulder and sumi departed from ayush.
sumi- beta now i have to go.
she kissed ayush on forehead one last time and immediately went to her room.
ayush- swayyam ki mumma why that aunty was crying.
swara- u call me didi. u told naa i am like your didi. [ayush nodded] swara- wo she remembered her son who is same like you. but she is not with him due to some reasons. so seeing you she cried.
ayush- why she is not with her son.

swara- you are small. u can’t understand now. [she kissed his forehead] come will go to swayyam.
swara put him down the table and they walked towards swayyam and sanskar holding hands.
maheshwari’s and shekhar seeing this became happy and thought that may be they all will unite.
done with this part.

precap- drama or emotion coming out or let’s see what.
guys i won’t be posting for 2-3 days so for that i am sorry and enjoy reading.

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