dp- [angrily]why are you saying all this now.now you realised that you did wrong. we trusted you and distrusted sanskar and now you are saying that bring him back. is it so easy.
ap- aadarsh how will we ask forgiveness from sanskar now. why you did this. we didn’t trust him.he pleaded but we didn’t listen.
ap- [coming to sujata] sujata we are sorry that we treated you like this these many years. now that we know everything let’s go and bring sanskar back. [to dp] kyun ji[what do you say ji]

dp nodded.
sujata- [emotionless] whom will you bring jiji. he will never come back.[tears flowed down] jiji i know that many a times i act foolish and do things with greed but jiji i never harmed my family ever. i know i have always thought about sanskar and his good first but that doesn’t mean that i never thought of laksh or aadarsh ever. i never neglected them. i loved them equally. it’s just that sanskar was my first child so i showered my love more on him. my son kept on telling me to tell the truth that he didn’t asked for the money and i denied him and proved him wrong and when i realised that i am doing wrong he went. i could not say that beta you were right. my son could not do anything wrong with his family.
sujata- you want to bring him back jiji but how will you bring him back when he is no more.
everyone shocked to hear this from sujata.
ap- sujata why are you saying like this.
sujata- [smiled sadly while tears flowed down] you heard me right. he is no more. the day he left us i clearly saw immense pain in his eyes and his broken state. till yesterday i had a wish that i meet my son and ask for forgiveness and a hope that when i will meet him i will get him back. but when i actually saw him he was not my old sanskar. he had no emotions in his eyes for us. he is a changed person now. we don’t have a place in his life. i am his mother and what i felt i am telling you that we don’t matter to him now. i lost my son, my daughter, my family. now i am just breathing jiji and i want one thing only. i want to say sorry to sanskar and uttara for being a bad mother and once hug them before i die.
rp- sujata don’t say like this.
sujata- i feel happy that i could hear my name from your mouth but it could not come over the guilt i have in my heart. you also did not trust him and you didn’t even ask me once why i did this. no problem because now all these doesn’t matter to me. just one request that i want to be a part of my daughter’s wedding. so please if you all come then it will be good and one more thing i want her wedding to be successful so if we don’t talk anything irrelative their then it would be better. seeing my children happy is enough for me.

saying this sujata left from there.
everyone was guilty for their act. all were standing in the hall and everyone silent.
dp- sujata is right. we will attend the wedding and other functions silently and talk about this matter later. no one will raise this topic their and spoil the functions. once the wedding will be over we will ask forgiveness from sanskar. we did wrong with him.
ap- ji you are saying right.
laksh- [guilty] yes papa and i did more wrong by saying him so much.
rp- bhaisa sanskar will forgive us naa.
dp- we can only hope ram. after what we did i don’t know whether he will be able to forgive us or not. today is uttara’s haldi. all of you get ready on time. we will go there a bit early. and if possible help sanskar with the preparations.
ragini- before that one more work is to be done.

ragini dialled someone and all looked at her confused.
ragini- [on call] hello baba. you come here with dadi. have to talk something important.
ragini cut the call
laksh- ragini
ragini- laksh things need to be cleared completely. i did wrong by distrusting swara. for once i should have listened to her. even after going from here she tried to call me once and speak to me but i didn’t listen to her. [chocking]i …i have … always….done… mistake by not listening….her…. and blaming….her. but now i want….to correct everything.
after sometime gadodias reached mm
shekhar- namaste [while descending the stairs of hall] dadi- namaste
ayush- [running to ragini] didi
he came and hugged ragini happily. [he is about 4 and half years old now] ragini- how is my chotu
ayush- very good
ragini- accha ayush you go to my room upstairs i will come there in some time. you play there ok.
ayush- ok
ayush ran to ragini’s room.
shekhar- ragini why you called us here immediately. any problem?
ragini- so dadi would you like to tell us the truth or i should unfold it.
dadi- [confused] what are you talking about laado
ragini- [angrily]you planned everything with aadarsh bhaiyya and parineeta bhabhi to take revenge from maa and all of us and proved sanskar and swara wrong.
dadi and shekhar shocked
dadi- laado what are you saying. i didn’t do anything and why are you talking about these things now.
ragini- don’t lie and try to divert the topic now. aadarsh bhaiyaa have confessed everything.
shekhar- what confession ragini.
ragini- baba …………….. [tells everything to shekhar] ragini- baba swara and sanskar are innocent. and i am sure that behind aayush illness also it must be dadi. so that we become completely helpless and they use this opportunity. am i right dadi.
dadi- laado… nothing …..like that.
ragini- then why are you stammering. how can you do this. aayush was a child and he needed mothers care and love and you separated him from his mother. [broken] he is growing like me without mother just because of you.
dadi- laado listen.
ragini- i don’t want to.
shekhar- maa you. i believed on you and every time you break my trust. now how will i show my face to mishti and swara.
dadi felt insulted a bit but bad too. still she don’t like sumi.
ragini- baba today is uttara’s haldi. swara sanskar maa and uttara all are in kolkata. we are going there. if you allow can i take aaayush there. i want him to meet maa.
shekhar- [happiy] mishti and swara are here in kolkata.[ragini nodded] durgaprasad ji if you don’t mind can i and aayush come along with you all.
dp- no need to ask you can.
shekhar- thank you.
scene shifts to hotel where function is to be held. the whole hall is decorated with yellow and white curtains and yellow and white flowers. in between the hall a partition is made which separates it in two sides. one side of partition will be grooms haldi and the other side will be brides haldi simultaneously. the partition is long enough to separate the bride and groom only, i.e., except bride and groom all others can see both and be part of haldi for both. it is like we divide stage into two halves by making a cloth barrier.
sanskar is checking the final decoration and swara is busy with stuffs arrangement like haldi and other materials. all the works were almost done.
swara came to sanskar
swara- sanskar all preparations are done. ask tanmay when are they all reaching. they should have arrived by now.
sanskar- ohh god don’t take tension. tanmay himself called me and said that they will reach here in some time.
swara- good. [serious] sanskar rashika is sad about yesterday’s incident. she is hell angry on maheshwari’s and on us too.
sanskar- why on us?
swara- as you know she knows about everything about us and because of yesterday fight and knowing that we invited them she got angry. i went to talk with her but she didn’t.
sanskar- serious problem. ummm… come lets try once. where is she now. i didn’t saw her from morning.
swara- playing with swayam in the garden area.
sanskar- chalo.
swasan came out and saw risabh, rashika and swayam were playing.
sanskar- can we join too.
risabh- why asking?

rashika glared risabh and he went quite.
sanskar- so what is my kiddo sister playing with champ.
rashika- [angrily] don’t have eyes to see.
sanskar- [wide eyes] this much anger.
swara and risabh giggled.
rashika-[angrily] so what do you want me to do.
swayam- bua why are you angry.
rashika- ask your papa.
swayam- papa why is bua angry.
sanskar- woh woh….[didn’t know what to say]

swara- swayam papa did a mistake that’s why.
sanskar looked at swara open mouthed and swara and risabh chuckled.
sanskar- oh hello don’t put everything on me. you are my partner in crime. actually crime is yours and i am being blamed.
rashika- you both continue. swayam let’s go inside. will play something else.
rashika moved inside with swayam while swasan looks on.
risabh- i tried to make her understand but she is angry on you both that you both didn’t tell her earlier about their arrival.
sanskar- need to think something to pacify her.
risabh- all the best. i have to make some calls. see u later.
swasan came inside behind rashika.
sanskar- rashika we are sorry. for this time forgive us and cool down.
rashiika turned abruptly while sanskar stops and swara who is walking behind him strikes him and loses balance and was about to fall but she held sanskar’s hand and he to loses balance and they fall on each other.
at that time maheshwari’s come there and are standing at the entrance and saw swasan falling.
swasan- ahhhh.
sanskar- why did you make me fall.
swara- why did you stop suddenly.
sanskar- because rashika turned suddenly.
swara- so what because of you i fell.
here maheshwari’s are looking at swasan emotionally.
swara- sanskar move you are heavy.
swayam and rashika started laughing. swasan looked back tilting their head and at each other. sanskar winked at swara and she understood. sanskar moved from above her and sat beside her rubbing his hands.
swara- rashika are you going to laugh only or will you help me get up.
rashika forwarded her hand to swara. swara held it and before rashika pulls her she is pulled by swara and lands on floor beside her.
rashika- aahhh why u pulled me.
swara- laughing too much haan.
swara starts tickling rashika and rashika started laughing loudly and uncontrollably. swayyam seeing this started laughing too and sanskar pulled swayyam to him and tickled him. all four were laughing enjoying the moment.
rasika- [speaking hardly while laughing] pl….e..a…se……..st……op
rashika- [loudly] bhabhi
swara stopped tickling being shocked and rashika held her stomach which ached due to continuous laughing and breathed heavily and sanskar too stopped tickling swayyam and hugged him sideways while swayyam wrapped his hands around his neck and both looked at swara and rashika. maheshwari’s were looking at them with tears in their eyes.
swara- [shocked] what did you call me.
rashika- [shrugging] nothing
swara- accha nothing.
swara forwarded her hand to tickle her again but rashika stopped her.
rashika- please no i can’t laugh more. it was just a shock treatment to stop you. you are still cutie maam.
rashika sat properly.
swara- no you embarass me a lot. bhabhi is better.

rashika- no cutie maam.
swara- go i am not talking to you.
rashika- i was angry and you are saying that you will not talk to me. wahh
swasan- sorry naaa please [they both were holding their ears] swayam angrily saw rashika as she made his parents to hold their ears which he thinks only he can do.
rashika looked at swasan holding their ears and swayyam with angry face.
rashika- ok ok. remove your hands or else buddy [swayyam] will kill me with his anger.
sanskar- [sighed] thank you champ. you solve everything.
rashika smirked thinking something.
rashika- cutie maam
swara- please call bhabhi
rashika- ok ok i reduce maam but i will not call you bhabhi. i will call you cutie.
swara- why can’t you call me bhabhi
rashika- [dramatically]i have thought to call you bhabhi when i will get married.
swara- [holding her ears] first concentrate on studies. you are to small to think of marriage now.
rashika- aahh ok leave my ears now otherwise i will add maam in your name again.
swara immediately left her ears while sanskar was laughing at them along with swayyam.
rashika- cutie i was saying something
swara- what
rashika- today in morning i was descending stairs when i saw that
swara- that
rashika- bhai drank half of the milk that you gave to swayyam to drink.
swayyam and sanskar went silent who were laughing by now and thought to run.
swara- but kamala bai said that swayyam drank the full glass.
rashika- bhai bribed her not to say anything to you.
swara glared sanskar and swayyam angrily while rashika giggled silently.
swara- you both are going to get punishment for that.
sanyyam looked at each other.
swara called someone.
swara- kamala bai bring two glasses of milk in the hall ordering the waiter.
sanskar- [innocently with puppy eyes, trying to escape from swara] swara swayyam was full drinking half and you would scold so i drank it. you don’t worry he ate his breakfast full.
sanskar and swayyam gave their best smile to her.
swara- this smile of yours won’t work.
sanyyam smile faded. kamala bai came with two glass of milk in a tray and both looked at the tray.
sanskar- swara i forgot. some decorations are left i will just come. swayyam papa will come in a while.
swayyam looked at sanskar with puppy eyes.
swara- sanskar you will have to drink two glasses if you go now and i will make sure of it myself.

sanskar looked at swara horrified– two glasses.
swara- swayyam you too
swayyam- mumma i don’t like milk
swara- but you have to drink. no other option. and sanskar if swayyam doesn’t drink then you will have to drink four glasses.
sanskar- [horrified and shockingly] four glasses.
rashika was laughing silently at sanskar’s state.
sanskar quickly picked up the glass from tray and gave one to swayyam and took one for himself.
sanskar- champ now i can’t help. please drink otherwise your mumma will make me drink four glasses. please drink for your papa.
swayyam nodded and looked at the glass. while sanskar drank all in one go and made bad faces.
swara and rashika were laughing from inside.
sanskar- [to swayyam] why just looking at the glass. drink in one go as i did.
swayyam looked at swara with puppy face. swara could not take it.
swara- come here.
swayyam went to swara. and swara took the glass from him.

swara- kamala bai.
kamala bai gave a spoon and a pack of bournwita to swara.
swara mixed bournwita in milk and gave it to swayyam.
swara- now drink it.
swayyam became happy and drank it.
swayam- thank you mumma.
swara- your welcome my baby.
swara wiped the layer of milk above his lips and kissed on his cheeks. sanskar was seeing this with aww expression.
sanskar- this is not fair.
swara- who told you to miss your breakfast.

sanskar looked on
swara- don’t look at me. and don’tmiss lunch otherwise be ready for one more glass milk.
rashika- [laughing and teased] waise what is not fair bhai. adding bournwita or bhabhi kissing swayyam for drinking milk. which one you wanted.
rashika winked at sanskar and swara blushed little.
sanskar- you. u are being naughty day by day. let me teach you.
sanskar got up and seeing this rashika too got up and ran towards outside followed by sanskar. swara and swayyam got up and laughed seeing them but they became silent seeing maheshwari’s standing at doorstep. rashika and sanskar too stopped running seeing them.
maheshwari’s looked at sanskar emotionally.
rashika- [to sanskar] bhai i have work will just come.
before rashika moves swayyam came to sanskar and holded his hands. swara came there too tensed about what will happen next.

swayyam- papa come with me.
swayyam looked at maheshwari’s with cute angry face and then started dragging sanskar without giving sanskar a chance to say anything. rashika too went along with them.
sanskar- champ wait. where are we going
swayyam- papa come with me. [shouting] mumma you also come.
swara- swayyam you go i am coming in sometime.
swara- [to maheshwari’s] you all are a bit early. there’s time for function to start. anyways please come in.
all looked at swara who was speaking everything formally with them and unshed tears of guilt formed in their eyes.
they did not say anything and came in hall behind swara.
ragini- swara we ……

before ragini could speak swayyam shouted for swara.
swayyam- mumma.
swara- umm… i think we should talk later.
swara hurriedly moved towards swayyam who was with sanika at other side of the hall.
swara- haan baby what happened.
swayyam- mumma we decided naa we will not talk with them. if they will fight i will send them.
swara- [smiled] baby no one is fighting. and you promised that you will behave yourself. so nothing doing wrong like good boy. ok
swayyam nodded.
swara- [whisper]sanskar you ok.
sanskar- [slowly] i am absolutely fine and today i am feeling as champ has become my bodyguard instead of yours.

swara hit him playfully.
swara- rashika i hope you will too enjoy the function.
rashika- [sarcastically] ya why not. with such wonderful guests.
sanskar- rashika kiddo they did nothing wrong with you then why are you so irritated and angry.
rashika- but what they did to you, i will not take them for granted after knowing that.
sanskar- i have no problem with their presence [raglak who came to that side to talk to swasan became happy and rashika looked at him with narrowed eyes.] sanskar- kiddo i have no problem with their presence because they don’t matter to me anymore. [raglak disheartened to hear this] i am absolutely free and when i have you all then why should i bother about strangers. and haan today is uttara’s haldi. it should not go waste. [sanskar winked at rashika] rashika- [smiled] ya ya today is haldi that too di’s. how can i miss this chance and over that jiju will never forget this haldi.
swara- what are you both upto.

rashika- we have not thought but when we think will definitely tell you. for now bye i will change and come in 5 minutes.
rashika left.
swayyam- mumma what we will do in today’s function.
swara- when the function start you be with mumma. i will tell you then. ok
swayyam – ok.
sanskar picked him up in his arms.
sanskar- i will check the preparation last time.

swara- yaa and i will see if the haldi is prepared or not.
swara kissed swayyam on cheeks and he kissed on swara left cheek. sanskar thought something naughty.
sanskar- champ kiss on right cheek also.
swayyam happily kissed her right cheek and that same time sanskar kissed swara on left cheek without swayyam’s notice. swara was shocked and then blushed.
swasanyam moved for respective work.
sanskar was checking arrangements last time and swayyam moved along with him. both ignored the presence of maheshwari’s and they too did not have courage to speak and also they did not want to spoil the environment by any kind of argument.
done with this part.

precap- uttara’s haldi. ayush coming to function with shekhar. swara emotional and fun.

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