after the mehndi and sangeet swasan romance and swasanyam slept.
next morning
sanskar got disturbed by the sunrays.
sanskar- [sleepy tone] swara please put the curtains. i am getting disturbed.
swara was sleeping and did not listen him.
sanskar- [sleepy without opening his eyes] swara please put the curtains.
swara opened her eyes hearing sanskar and rubbed them.she gently placed swayam properly and got down from bed.
swara- haan
she went and closed the curtains and went to washroom and freshened up. when she came from washroom she saw swayam snuggling in sanskar and sanskar protectively wrapped his hands around him and both were sleeping peacefully. she smiled and sat in front of mirror and filled her hairline and came to bed. she sat beside swayam and caressed his hair and sanskar’s too.

swara- swayam sanskar now get up. sanskar it’s 7:00 a.m. we have lots of preparations to do. get up naa.
sanskar- [lazily] swara 5 minutes please.

swara- don’t act like swayam. get up.
sanskar opened his eyes and saw swara and then swayam who snuggled into him. he smiled.
sanskar- if i will wake up champ will be disturbed, so let me sleep for some more time.
swara- i am waking him too. so don’t make excuses.
sanskar- what’s so hurry. let us sleep naa.
swara- you are never going to change. are you forgetting that today is uttara’s haldi and we have to do all the preprations.
sanskar- no i didn’t. but 5 minutes.
swara- [giving impossible look to sanskar] ok you sleep.i will wake up swayam. [sanskar just looked at her] swara- swayam baby get up. [swara slightly shook swayyam] swayyam lazily opened his eyes.
swayyam- mumma i want to sleep more.
swara- baby it’s morning and you have to get ready. be a good boy.
swayam- i will wake up with papa. let me sleep.
swayam again snuggled in sanskar and sanskar smiled winningly and wrapped his champ in his arms and closed his eyes. swara saw both of them and murmured.
swara- god knows why they like to sleep so much early in the morning. see me even after sleeping late i got up but they. huh!
she unknowingly blurted whatever came to her mouth and sanskar who heard this smiled naughtily remembering last night romance and pulled swara such that her face was so close to him and her hairs falling on his face. he tucked her hair strands behind her ears and swara was shocked by this sudden pull and then she looked at swayam who was sleeping peacefully and sighed but then with fake anger.
swara- [slowly] sanskar what are you doing. have some shame. swayam is here only.
sanskar- [naughtily] don’t worry he is sleeping. waise if you are feeling fresh then we can do it again now what we did yesterday.
swara widened her eyes and sanskar winked at her.
swara- you are really shameless. talking all these when your son is sleeping beside you. [she hit him on his shoulder] sanskar- what! cool my princess. don’t hit so hard. whatever i said was for swayam only.
swara- oh
sanskar- yes. for how many days he will play with us. so i am thinking of giving him a baby sister. [smiled widely] swara- [blushed and shy and tried to divert the topic] sanskar stop talking and get up. we have to see the preparations.
sanskar- [pulling her again] first tell na what do you think about it.
swara- [shy] sanskar we will talk about this later.

sanskar- when
swara- [to escape] after uttara’s wedding. now get up and no more talks.
swara quickly got up and came out of room blushing.
here in room sanskar was smiling widely and then looking at time got up and woke up swayam.
swara came in uttara’s room and saw her gloomy.
swara- [sat beside uttara] what happened to my sweet sil [nanand]

uttara- bhabhi how is bhai.
swara- he is extra fine and both this father-son troubled me to wake them up.
uttara- [happy that sanskar is fine] thank god. i thought that again bhai will be depressed as happened earlier.
swara froze for two seconds but then composed herself.
swara- [firm on her belief] no uttara this time he will not suffer. i will not let that happen. i have full faith that sanskar this time is strong enough that he will handle himself well. he will not get affected.

swara- and you don’t take tension. and why this gloomy look. today is your haldi and you should shine. promise me that u won’t be upset with anything.
uttara- [smiling] promise bhabhi. if bhai is fine then i am all fit and fine. [she hugged swara] swara- good otherwise tanmay would think that what kind of wife i got who is upset. accha now take this. you have to wear this for haldi and now let me go. i have lots of work. haan where is maa.
uttara- she went to other room to get ready.
swara- ok.
swara was going down when she thought to see whether sanyam woke up or not.
she came to room and saw sanskar and swayam both took bath and were wearing just a towel.
swayyam was jumping on bed and sanskar was finding clothes.
swayyam- [while jumping] papa did you find the clothes.
sanskar- haan finding. don’t know where your mumma have kept them. she should have at least took out the clothes before leaving.
swara- second shelf right side swayam’s clothes and first shelf in the middle are yours.

sanskar turned back hearing swara and saw that she was trying to hold swayam and smiled. he checked the shelf and in one go found out the clothes where swara told him.
swara- swayam baby stop jumping and come here and let me dry your hair properly.
swayyam was not listening and continuously jumping. swara held him and made him stand properly.
swara- [strictly] i want no movement swayyam. stand here properly and let me wipe your hairs.
swayyam stood in front of swara silently. and she started to rub his hairs with towel to dry them.
swayyam- [innocently] mumma are you angry?
swara- no why?

swara- but you told me angrily to stand here.
swara- [smiled at his innocence] no my baby i am not angry and i can never be angry on my baccha. i said strictly because you were not listening me. chalo now wear your clothes. sanskar pass his clothes [in all this swara was not looking at sanskar as he was just in towel till now] swara took the clothes which sanskar forwarded her and made swayyam wear clothes. she combed his hair.

swara- [kissed his forehead] my baby is ready and is looking so cute.
swayyam- mumma i am a boy. i am handsome not cute.
swara- awww yes my handsome baby. [she pulled his cheeks and then kissed him on cheeks] swayyam too kissed her on both cheeks and came on other side of bed where sanskar was standing still in towel only and admiring swara and swayyam.
swayyam kissed sanskar too while sanskar kissed on his forehead.
swayyam- papa see i am ready and you did not wear your clothes.
sanskar- i will wear my clothes. for now you go to bua and wish her good morning. ok.
swayyam- ok.

sanskar- you know naa bua’s room.
swayyam- yes i went there yesterday. bye papa. bye mumma.
swayyam jumped down the bed and ran from the room. swara too headed towards the door but sanskar pulled her to him and shut the door.
swara- sanskar
sanskar- where are you going
swara- [lokking other side] i have lots of work and you dress yourself.
sanskar- as you made swayyam ready, make me ready too.
swara- [shocked and shy but composed herself] you are not a small baby that you need someone’s help. you are father of a baby so behave like that.
sanskar- there is no such rule book which states that a father of a baby can’t ask for help in wearing his clothes.
swara- [shy] sanskar please. we have a lot of work.
sanskar- first do my work.
swara took his kurta while sanskar still holding her by waist. she was about to put the kurta through his head to make him wear but sanskar held her hands.
sanskar- first dry my hairs.
swara picked up towel from bed blushing hard while sanskar shook his head resulting some water droplets to fall on swara’s face and neck. sanskar was being extremely naughty. swara was drying his hairs and he leaned and kissed on the water droplets on swara’s neck.
first swara is stuck to sanskar’s bare chest and then he is holding her by waist and occasionally squeezing it. above this he is kissing her sensuously over neck with the excuse of water droplet making swara blush and enjoy his sweet torture. while sanskar kissed her she rubbed his hair to dry. sanskar shifted from neck to her face and was kissing near her lips and in the heat of moment towel fell from swara’s hand and she was now ruffling his wet hairs.

swara took a step back and sanskar trying to pull her closer moved towards her and losing their balance they both fell on bed. both had an eyelock and sanskar leaned over her and kissed her lips while squeezing her waist sensuously and with other hand holding her neck. swara fisted his hairs in one hand and roamed other on his bare back and nailed his back. they kissed passionately and parted due to lack of oxygen. sanskar leaned on her neck and started giving wet kisses to her while swara moaned his name.

swara- sans….kar
sanskar was kissing her passionately forgetting the world. but swara soon came to reality and stopped him.
swara- sanskar stop now. we have check the preparations.
sanskar was not paying attention.
swara- sanskar please not now. stop for now. it is uttara’s haldi and we don’t have much time to check the preparations. please.
sanskar stopped and laid down beside her closing his eyes to relax himself. swara breathed in relief that finally he stopped. she turned to him and kissed on his forehead.
swara- get ready and come down. love you.
sanskar pulled her again and kissed on her forehead too.
sanskar- [smilingly] love you too. you go i am coming in few minutes.
swara smiled and went down and sanskar joined her after getting ready and they got indulged in preparations.

everyone assembled in hall.
dp- aadarsh did you meet sanskar in mumbai? and why was uttara so angry on you?
aadarsh- papa [interrupted] parineeta- papa aadarsh met sanskar in his office where he worked when he went for a business meeting in mumbai.
aadarsh- [glaring parineeta] papa asked me so let me tell him and don’t speak in between.
aadarsh- [to dp with guilt] papa i want to confess something.
all looked at aadarsh.
aadarsh- papa sanskar is not at fault, he never was. he was innocent from starting and he truly loved you all and cared for you. you all did wrong by not trusting him and trusting me.
ap- aadarsh we are not getting what you are trying to say. we should have trusted sanskar. but how could we after he did so much to us. i can’t forget laksh’s condition when he was in jail because of sanskar. just for money he betrayed us. i cared and loved him like my own child and what he did.
aadarsh- he reciprocated your love the same way you did. he respected and loved you as much as he does to chachi as his own mother.
ap and others were surprised to listen this from aadarsh.
aadarsh- [looking at ap] haan maa. you all believed what i tried to show you. laksh was beaten in jail because i gave money to inspector to do so and whatever he said was told by me to be spoken in front of you all.
all looked at aadarsh shocked.
parineeta- [trying to handle situation] what are you saying aadarsh. i know after seeing sanskar after so many years your love for him is making you to do all this but you don’t need to. sanskar was wrong and so everyone didn’t trust him. he was a cheater. [parineeta tried covering up as after the truth comes out the consequences will be really bad for her]

aadarsh- [shouting at the top of his lungs] shut up. just shut up. if you say a word more or try to speak in between i don’t know what i will do to you. so just shut up.
laksh- bhai why are you shouting at bhabhi. she is right. didn’t you see how sanskar and swara behaved with all of us and his attitude yesterday. it is uttara’s marriage and we are informed three days earlier, just three days. and over that we have to act like strangers. yesterday i would have taught a good lesson to him but swayyam came so i stopped, otherwise. huh!
aadarsh looked at everyone who hated sanskar just because of him, his jealousy and greed. he looked at his family which is in no way happy but just living. the family which used to laugh and share each and everything with each other is so distant and incomplete.

he looked at sujata who was seeing all this as lifeless body and others who were confused, angry and in dilemma. gathering some courage he moved towards sujata and sat on his knees in front of her. everyone was looking at him as they could not get what aadarsh is trying to do.
aadarsh- chachi i am so sorry. because of me you are away from your son and daughter and living like a stranger in your own house. remember you said that a day will come when i will realize my mistake and my pride will break which will break me to an extent that i won’t be able to gather myself and no one will be with me. i will cry for my deeds but no one will wipe my tears.that day i will feel like to die and death won’t come to me. you said to Wait for that day when god will change my fortune to misfortune and punish me for all my deeds.
aadarsh- chachi i think that day has come and you were right. today i regret for my deeds and when all will understand what i am trying to say they will surely break all ties with me. i am sorry chachi for whatever i have done. [crying by now] dp- aadarsh say clearly what you are trying to say.
aadarsh- [wiping his tears stood up to face dp while parineeta was hell scared and nervous] papa listen to me and please no one will disturb as if not now, i won’t be able to say it ever.

aadarsh- papa when i got to know that sanskar has got laksh arrested but that inspector will leave him the next morning as he is friend of sanskar. i bought that inspector by giving money and told him to speak whatever he told to you. then here i told chachi that i will give her ten crores but for that she will have to say everyone that she is taking it because sanskar told to take it and also told that if she does so i will never come in sanskar’s way or hurt him. seeing sanskar’s safety she agreed but still she was concerned about you all. for that i told her that she has to take away her whole family far from us and i will keep you and maa and laksh ragini here with me by giving laksh job and would not treat you badly. to an extent she was satisfied with whatever i told her and when sanskar asked her to say the truth she said what i told her. she did all this for the family’s sake. papa i was jealous of sanskar that he gets all the attention from you all inspite me being the elder son of this house. i wanted things to go in my way. i didn’t knew that when from loving my brothers and family i started to hate everyone and did all this. i am so sorry papa. i am so sorry.
aadarsh sat on his knees crying.
aadarsh- sanskar is not at fault and all of your’s distrust broke him badly. i broke my brother and this family. i am a very bad person. i am so sorry.
everyone was shattered to know the truth. they did not know how to react.
laksh- sanskar is innocent. he never did anything wrong. [laksh said this being shocked]

laksh- bhaiyyaa why did you do this. and i you hated us then why you transferred those 40% on my name and why you behaved good with us. when you got everything then why all this crap.
aadarsh- at that time we did all this with help of ragini’s dadi and the property papers was with her. she demanded that you should get this 40% share so that ragini could live happily with all luxury and she knew that ragini’s happiness lies in you and you won’t be happy without maa papa so she said that we should behave good with you and keep you in this house with full respect.
ragini- [shocked and tears flowing from her eyes] dadi. this all…. in this dadi is involved.
aadarsh- haan ragini your dadi and i and parineeta planned all this. we wanted property and your dadi wanted revenge and also she wished to throw sumiji from her house, so she helped us in everything.
ap- you did so much and did not let us know anything and manipulated situations. and we acted as you wanted. swara and sanskar asked us to trust them but we didn’t. hey bhagwan [oh god] what have we done.

parineeta- [still trying things in her favour] mummiji you are thinking too much. it was sanskar who sent laksh to jail. he was……….[before she could complete she felt a burning sensation on her cheeks] aadarsh- [yes it’s him who slapped her] [furious and held her shoulders angrily] when will you stop all this. it’s all because of you. i became blind in your love and believed whatever you said. how foolish i was. because of your so called status you wanted you manipulated and made me against my brothers and family. what kind of a woman you are. at least when i am confessing the truth let me. without thinking what i am doing i obeyed what ever you said. but no more parineeta. now i have understood difference. you know you don’t love me but your status. you are just obsessed for me and nothing else. you want things in your own way and you don’t have time for anyone. the family, the people whom i hurt were with me and cared for me blindly and you went on manipulating me.

aadarsh- what do you want more. i lost everything. now what do you want. you made me fall in my own eyes. in these years whenever you talked to me it was nothing else than money and your stupid parties. you say that you love me. like really. i am with you because of swara and you took revenge from her only and made me to hate all too. i regret the fact that i loved you.
he pushed parineeta behind. parineeta felt highly insulted and was shocked.
aadarsh- papa maa you give me any punishment but bring sanskar and swara back to this house.
done with this part.

precap- what happens next in drama let’s see. read the next epi.

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