swasan: only for you [epi-35]

time doesn’t wait for anyone. it passes by very quickly. so was with swasan and family. swayyam is of six months now. today is swayyam’s muhjuthi. [this happens after 6 months of baby’s birth that they are fed something else than mother’s milk.] swayam’s two teeth have started coming on the lower jaw.this pains child a lot and so was with swayyam and he used to cry a lot. so did sanskar. hahahha actually seeing himcontinuous crying he used to feel bad. he can do anything to make swayyam happy and keep him smiling.

today also some puja was done and then swayyam was fed for the first time with solid food else than her mother’s milk.
all were sitting in the hall and chatting. now rashika comes more often to swasan home and risabh is building a home near swasan’s home because rashika wants to visit them almost everyday.
rashika- bhai almost 1 month more and we will shift in the new home and i would come here everyday and cutie maam as you promised you will teach me guitar completely.
swara- yaya i remember. don’t worry you will learn it completely in few months.
after sometime

sumi and swara were standing in front of sanskar and uttara at their back.
sumi- sanskar i want to tell you something.
sanskar- haan maa say. you don’t need permission. say whatever you wanna say freely.
sumi- uttara has completed her mba and she wants to work.
swara- yaa she wants to work and we want you to allow her.
sanskar came to uttara without saying anything to sumi and swara.swauttsumi were nervous although they know that sanskar is of modern thinking.
sanskar- [serious tone] uttara what maa and swara are saying is true.
uttara- [nodded bending her head down] sanskar- then why are they saying it. why didn’t you come to me directly.
uttara snapped to look at sanskar with tear full eyes.
sanskar- if you would have asked me directly i would have felt more happy. [saying this sanskar hugged her] uttara hugged back and cried.

uttara- i am sorry bhai and thank you for allowing me to work.
sanskar- pagal. no need to say thanks because it’s your life and you can live it the way u want. and i am happy that you want to stand on your own feet. i am proud of you.
sanskar kissed on her forehead and wiped her tears.
sanskar- now why are you crying
uttara- did you feel bad that maa and bhabhi asked you on behalf of me.
sanskar- not bad exactly but i would have felt more good if you would have asked me. leave all that. umm i am thinking that when you want to work then why not with me. haan but you will be appointed as per your skills and your interview. ok
uttara nodded happily and hugged him while others admired this brother sister especially tanmay admired his love who is so innocent.

uttara came and hugged sumi and swara together.
rashika- bhai you already know her skills and being your sister she should get the privilege to join without interview.
sanskar- [smiled] she can do that also but that would not be satisfactory. getting something on your capability gives you self respect, satisfaction and a felling of proud for your family. when you get something because you are their family is not your own earning rather is just a favour and nothing else. got my point in your little brain my kiddo.
rashika- i understand everything and my brain is not little.
sanskar- right. sorry
rashika- thik hai thik hai. you are forgiven.
rashika- [yelling] di congratulations [she hugged uttara tightly to which uttara reciprocated happily] uttara- thank you. chalo let’s play with swayyam.
few days later in evening in sanskar office [ss company]

tanmay took uttara with him and proposed her.
tanmay- [sitting on his knees] uttara i am a simple person and i can’t do something very filmy so directly saying you that i love you. i love you since the very first time i saw you. i know it’s shocking for you but it’s the truth. i am not forcing you to accept me. i am ok with whatever answer you give whether it be yes or no. i promise in both cases nothing will change. i will still be the same and even if its a no our friendship and family relation won’t get affected.
uttara- [in shocked state] i need time to think. i can’t say anything to you know and moreover i need bhai and bhabhi’s acceptance. it isn’t easy for me because earlier because of me many things happened and i don’t want any mess in my life again. i am not saying that i don’t trust you. i do but i am afraid.

tanmay- it’s ok you take your own time. i don’t have any problem. and don’t stress yourself much as i already told you that whether it be yes or
no nothing is going to be changed. ummm… can we have coffee together as friends for now as we had before.

uttara agreed and they silently had coffee and they came home.
uttara immediately went to swasan and hesitantly told them everything that happened in evening.
uttara- bhai, bhabhi……[told everything] i don’t know what to do. i had no idea about all these. i am sorry.
sanskar and swara looked at each other and then smiled.
sanskar- uttara we knew everything from before.
uttara shocked.

swara- i know that tanmay loves you since the day we went for theatre when i was 8 months pregnant and then after i got to know, few days later i told everything to sanskar and we observed tanmay for some days.
then on swayyam naming ceremony i confronted him and he told me that he loves you. i supported him and we all tried to know about your feelings about him and you always said him as a good person. sanskar knew everything but he remained silent.
sanskar- two days ago tanmay himself came to me and told to me that he loves and wanna propose you. he was damn nervous about my reaction but when i agreed he couldn’t believe and then i told him that i knew everything from before itself and he was shocked. according to me he is good. he even talked to maa before proposing you and took her permission too.
sanskar- [coming near uttara and cuppi
ng her face] uttara it will be your decision and come over your past as you always said to me. life is all about to move on. it is not that what has happened will repeat. you take your own decision, we will always be with you.
uttara hugged him and then came to sumi and talked to her about this matter.
uttara thought deeply about this matter and in few days she realised that she loves him but did not confess as she wanted to go slow and also she was shy. tanmay showed no hurry and this was the best part in their love.
days were passing happily like this. rashika and rishita have shifted to the new house nearby sanskar and rashika spends maximum time of evening at swasan house and swara has become kind of her home tutor.
one night swayam woke up mid night and was not sleeping and crying continuously. so swara started singing lullaby and sanskar admired her as how nicely she handles everything and wondered what would have he been if swara was not in his life.
swara singing lullaby while moving in the room and patting swayyam’s back

swara-[ ta ri rari rarira rum
tari rari ra rum]*2
[sun sun nanhe lori ki dhun
ho jaa mithe sapnon me gum]*2
tu mera suraj hai tu mera chanda hai
tu meri aankhon ka tara hai sun
sun sun nanhe lori ki dhun
ho jaa mithe sapnon me gun

[swara moved to and fro in the room patting his back and sometimes moving her hands to make feel that he is swinging in craddle] mere ladle tujhko odhoun aanchal
aa thapkiyon se sulaun tujhe
main taro ki nagri se nindinya bulaun
ankhiyon mein teri chupaoun use
nindiyan kya tere liye tare laun mein
maa ka tu nanha dulara hai sun
sun sun nanhe loriki dhun
ho jaa mithe sapnon me gum
[swara placed him on bed and covered him with her transparent duppata and removed it and by now swayam has stopped cryingand was smiling and listening to swara peacefully. he was moving his hands and legs happily. sanskar was admiring his son and wife.] suno ae hawao naa tum shor karna
tote naa nanhe ki nindiyan kahin
bade bhag se hai mili aise raatein
main gati rahungi lori yunhi
sote huye nindiyan tujhko hasanti hai
aise hi mithe sapnon ko chun
sun sun nanhe lori ki dhun
ho jaa mithe sapnon me gum
[tari rarum tari ra rum]*2

[swara agin took her in her arms and slightly tickled him to which he laughed and then swara again patted him on his arms and forehead and he eventually falls asleep] swara sighed and placed him on the middle of the bed where she already have placed a small comforter for children. she covered him and then both swasan slept on their sides while swara kept one hand on swayyam still patting him so that he doesn’t wake up.
few months passed more and it was a day when uttara confessed her feelings to tanmay stating that she loves him and she informed this to everyone in home and then they celebrated it with rishita and rashika joining them for dinner.
everyone was extremely happy and enjoyed a lot teasing uttmay. rashika and rishita went after it was 11:30 p.m but tanmay stayed there for some more time making excuses.
swasan came to lawn giving some time to uttmay for talking.
in lawn

sanskar- swara i am very happy today. uttara got a true lover and soon he will be her life partner. she will live happily.
swara- yes but you will not hurry. let them decide how they want to take things forward and when.
sanskar- as you say. you know you have made my live blissful and blessed me with our child.
swara- no you have made my life wonderful. no one could love me in the way you love me. you have given me everything. thank you for everything. be with me like this till my last breath.
sanskar- swara how many times should i say not to say such things.
swara- i am sorry. now lets make swayyam sleep. don’t know now a days he sleeps in day time and at night he doesn’t get sleep.
swara started moving while caressing swayam’s face and sometimes patting on his chest to make him sleep and naughty swayam is holding her hairs, or her mangalsutra or saree and playing with them while swara is struggling to make him sleep. sanskar was moving along with swara and seeing his champ’s actions and swara who is struggling but never gets irritated.
sanskar from nowhere starts singing seeing them.

sanskar- tum aaye to hawaon mein
ek nasha hai
tum aaye to fizawon mein
rang sa hai
ye rang sare, hai bas tumhare
[aur kya, aur kya, aur kya]*2
[ as sanskar started singing swara looked at him amazed and was staring him with love and so did sanskar did while both walked around the lawn with sanskar holding swara from shoulder and swara holding swayam in her arms]

swara- tum aaye to hawaon mein
ek nasha hai
tum aaye to fizawon mein
rang sa hai
ye rang sare, hai bas tumhare
aur kya, aur kya, aur kya

[swara sang the above parts looking sanskar lovingly and resting her head on his chest and patting swayam and hearing their song uttmay sitting in hall and talking came to door and saw swasan and smiled. they holded their hands and had an eyelock conveying through their eyes that i too feel the same as the song is sung]

sanskar- he he he ahahhaa
tum aaye ho, to dekh lo
naya naya sa lage ye jahan
ho ho ahahaha ho
swara- hasi hasi hai ye zameen
dhula dhula sa hai ye aasman
tum ho to hai ye sama
aur kya, aur kya, aur kya.
[swasan sang this song while caressing swayam as he came in their life as a light who takes away all their sadness tiredness with his one cute smile] swara- dhadak raha hai dil mera
jhuki jhuki hai palke yahan
ho hahaha ho hoo
[swara sang this part side hugging sanskar] sanskar- jo dil mein ho vo kah bhi do
ruki ruki si hai ye dastan
zaasbat mange zuban
[aur kya, aur kya, aur kya]*2
[sanskar sang this part as he caressed swara’s hair who was still hugging him] swara- tum aaye to hawaon mein ek nasha hai
tum aaye to fizaon me rang sa hai
sanskar- ye rang sare hai bas tumhare
swasan- [aur kya aur kya aur kya]*2
[both sang the above lines conveying the message what they feel for each other and how both of them are enlightened when they are together and wish just one thing that is their togetherness and nothing else]

as swasan finished their song they had an eyelock and sanskar kissed on swara’s forehead. later when they looked at swayam he slept. they smiled looking at him and kissed him together. they turned and came near door where they saw uttmay holding each other hand and were having an eyelock.
sanskar- ahem ahem.
uttmay were disturbed and they looked at swasan and were embarrassed and left their hands.

uttara- i am sleepy. good night [she ran from there without giving anyone a chance to say anything and tanmay looked at the way she went and then at swasan.
sanskar- tanmay it’s quite late. and we are also going to sleep. i think you should ….
tanmay- good night. [ he once kept hand on swayam’s head and left from there hurriedly in embarrassment] swasan laughed after they left at their shy and embarrassed state. they too came to their room and slept.

few days later uttara told that they will marry but after sometime. she said that although we know each other but we want time for understanding each other more and for marriage purpose they can talk to tanmay’s family.
few months later tanmay himself talked with his parents and they were engaged and now as flashback will end they are marring.
so this was the flashback. sorry for boring you and thank you for your support.
flashback ends.
done with this part.

precap- present uttara’s haldi and maheshwari’s knowing the truth. let’s see what happens.

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