SWASAN: ONLY FOR YOU [EPI-34] sorry for late update but i was bit busy and also was restricted to use my lappy so can’t update.swaragini ended and fells like my world has stopped for some moment but no worries everything has to come to an end. please don’t stop reading ffs. i will be posting stories even if the serial has ended. keep reading.
thanks to all to read my ff and comment. thank you so much. today i will share my emotions with you. i feel very lonely although i live with my family and i don’t know why but i feel sad but as i read your comments a smile appears on my face. thank you for making me smile. i quite often read your comments with my chotu mobile hiding from my parents and i can’t reply to your comments. so sorry for that but i appreciate that you comment even though i don’t reply.
bonus for posting late.5-6 episodes today itself.

today is the naming ceremony of swasan’s baby. everything was ready. pandit has arrived and all preparations were done. swasan came down while sanskar holding the baby in his arms.
they sat down and pandit started telling mantras and finally at the end asked them to keep the name for the baby.
rashika- tell the name of baby fast. who is keeping the name.
uttara- haan bhai tell us naa who has thought of the name u or bhabhi.
swara- sanskar has thought for a name. he will tell us all.[to sanskar] sanskar what name have you thought.
sanskar- champ’s name will be…………[paused] uttara- will be

sanskar- [smiled] SWAYYAM…….. SWAYYAM SANSKAR SWARA.
everyone was happy to listen to the name.
tears of happiness rolled down swara’s cheeks first listening her baby’s name and second listening her name after sanskar which makes her overwhelmed by his love whenever she listens to it.
swara- [happily said caressing swayyam’s cheeks] SWAYYAM.
rashika- wow what a good name. hai naa mom dad
rishita- yes.
uttara- bhai very nice name. from where did you find the name and why this name only?
sanskar- this name because my champ will be complete in his own self. he will get all the happiness in his life and we as parents will always be his support in all condition. he will make his own identity with his goodness, talent and hard work. his name means ‘OVERALL’ that is complete in all ways.
tanmay- bhai have you done research for the name too. [laughed a little on his saying himself] everyone gave a glare to tanmay and he became silent.
sanskar- yes i have searched a lot of sites for my champ’s name because i wanted the best for him.
everyone smiled.
sumi- i will give you all prasad.

sumi distributed prasad and pandit [priest] too left after the pooja.
after sometime.
rashika- bhai baby and cutie maam’s name has first three letter in common. [teasingly] ohh it means you kept his name thinking about cutie maam.
sanskar- [care free, unaffected] kind of.
rashika- ohhoo cutie maam see bhai always keeps on thinking about you only.
swara- [blushing and sanskar smiled seeing this] you are becoming naughty day by day. [trying to act angry] and rashika please don’t call me with that name. you can call me bhabhi as you call sanskar bhai.
rashika- [with pout] no i will call you cutie maam only because you were my teacher first and second because you always act like teacher and give moral science classes upon do this and don’t do that. so i will call you cutie maam and that’s it.
everyone laughed hearing rashika’s reply making swara embarrassed and angry on sanskar for laughing at her.
she did some works silently and went to their room eyeing sanskar angrily. sanskar saw this.
sanskar- [in mind] why was she looking angry. i should see.
sanskar- maa
sanskar gave swayam to sumi and came to his room behind swara who was arranging room.
seeing sanskar entering room swara again was in angry mood and continued doing her work.
sanskar- [standing behind swara] swara what happened. you look angry.
swara- no response.

sanskar- arre tell naa. minutes ago you were laughing and now you are angry.
swara- so you don’t know why am i angry. how will you know as you too were laughing and enjoying.
sanskar- what are you saying i am not getting anything.
swara- [angrily] why did you laugh when rashika told that i behave as teacher.
sanskar- [understanding why she is angry] so what. she was right.
swara arranging babies craddle- yaya she was right. so go from here i don’t want to bore you with my moral science classes.
sanskar- [teasingly] but i want to listen to your classes.
swara- sanskar don’t make me more angry. go.
sanskar- [enjoying her anger] no i won’t.
swara slightly pushed him aside and moved towards the cupboard angrily. sanskar followed her.
sanskar- [still teasing] swara please tell naa something.
swara- sanskar i said naa i am angry and you go from here.
sanskar- [teased more] and i said naa i won’t go. i want to listen to your moral science classes.
swara- [irritated] ok then listen. you are very bad. you are making me more angry by trying to tease me. if you don’t go from here then forgetting my moral values i will surely do something which either you or me will regret.

sanskar turning her abruptly and pinning her to the cupboard.
swara- sanskar what are you d….
sanskar- sshhh [kept finger on her lips and coming close to her] [huskily] you know what i really want you to do something immoral which is absolutely right between a husband and wife.
swara widens her eyes listening sanskar.
sanskar [coming extremely close]- i extremely want this immoral thing to happen now.
swara breath got uneven listening sanskar and their proximity. sanskaar gently caressed her lips with the finger he kept on her lips and then cupping her face with one hand and holding her bare waist with other he leaned closer and closer and more closer and captured her lips. swara closed her eyes to feel him and reciprocated with equal passion. her hands moved to the back of his head and ruffled his hairs and other clutched his kurta on shoulder. they kissed for long until they were out of breath. they parted and slowly opened their eyes and saw each other with love. within no time snskar kissed her again and then started kissing on her neck while swara bit her lips to stop her moans.
while they were romancing uttara entered their room as the door was open. uttara came in and did not see them as she was standing near the door and swasan were romancing near the cupboard and the cupboard door was open hiding them. uttara moved further in and called
uttara- bhai bhabhi
swasan were shocked hearing uttara’s voice and looked at each other. uttara moved further in and again called them and turned side wards and saw swasan so close and was embarrassed.
uttara- i am so sorry. i did not see anything. i am sorry [she turned otherside] swasan were hell embarrassed and moved after by composing themselves.
sanskar- uttara any work
uttara- [hurriedly] haan woh someone from your office came to meet you and bhabhi swayyam is crying. i think he is hungry.
sanskar- we are coming.

uttara went from there as fast as she can.
sanskar- [turning towards swara] by the way swara i am because of your goodness and morals only. [he kissed on her forehead and turned to leave] swara- [held his hands and turned him] and i am because of your love and care. [she kissed him on his cheeks] i love you
sanskar- i love you too. [he leaned towards swara] swara pushed him lightly– go and see who is there to meet you.
sanskar sighed and left followed by swara both smiling.
time eventually passed and it was evening. tanmay was still at swasan home. he was playing with the baby in lawn with uttara.
[forgot to mention that tanmay works with sanskar now as he left his previous job the day his boss and sanskar’s ex-boss tried to insult sanskar and shouted at tanmay at office and from that day tanmay is considered as brother by swara.] swara seeing a good opportunity sent uttara inside home giving some work and started talking to tanmay.
swara- tanmay i want to talk to you.
tanmay- haan bhabhi
swara- i heard your talks with rashika in the theatre.
tanmay- [confused] what talks bhabhi
swara- ok straight forward let me ask you…….do you love uttara?
tanmay shocked.—–i…i…mean…..bhabhi.
swara- just say yes or no.
tanmay- [hesitantly] y…..y.e….s

swara [serious] are you sure about it. i mean i hope you are not mixing up your attraction with love.
tanmay- bhabhi you can’t say like this about my love. i am not asking or expecting from anyone to accept it and i did not confess it too. i am sorry for saying so but i do love her and only her. you are her bhabhi and you care for her that’s good. you understand what’s better for her and i am not going to do anything about this matter so you don’t worry but please don’t say that it’s attraction.
swara- i am sorry. accha why do you love her.
tanmay- [hesitantly] although the first time i met her actually we dashed each other then her being polite and sayinng sorry, that innocence of her was what made me fall for her. you know that we talked very less in starting and slowly slowly she adjusted with me but we were never too friendly. i think in these few months she started talking to me freely. her love and care towards family and her goodness is all what makes me fall for her more and more.[he looked at swara and felt awkward as he confessed about everything he felt for her] swara- she has gone through betrayal once and it won’t be easy for her to get into a new relationship. i accept your love for her but my acceptance is just a help to you to move some steps towards her.
tanmay face glowed listening swara.
tanmay- really you have no problem. i thought you will bash me for loving uttara.
swara- i also love sanskar and i understand you but i am warning earlier itself, you will talk with her, try to know what she feels for you but won’t confess until i say about this to sanskar and i will do so only when i feel that uttara is comfortable with you and she also feels for you.
tanmay- sanskar bhai will he accept?
swara- i don’t know but i feel that he will. you don’t take tension about that just concentrate on what i say.
tanmay- thank you, thank you so much bhabhi. you are the best. [tanmay was extremely happy] swara- ok listen from now on you will try to talk with uttara and any chance you get try to know her feelings ok but mind you be in limits and she should never be hurt.
tanmay- i promise she won’t be hurt ever. tank you once again.
swara- come inside swayyam will catch cold if stay out for some more time.
like this few days passed and swara indirectly tried knowing uttara opinion about tanmay and she always said that he is nice and kind hearted person that’s it.
tanmay tried to be more friendly with uttara but got very less chances as he could meet her only at home.
one day almost two and half months of swayyam’s birth. sanskar was ready to go to office and swara prepared the breakfast and served him. after the breakfast sanskar came in room and took his files and bag and came in hall. swayyam was with sumi. he took swayyam from her to tell him bye. he kissed on his forehead.
sanskar- bye champ. papa will come in evening and then we will play. ok till then don’t miss me much because papa will feel bad then.
talking with swayyam he was going out and swara came from behind with his lunchbox and kept in the car. it was their daily routine.
before swara took swayyam from his arms swayyam discharged and sanskar coat was wet. seeing this swara laughed loud.
swara- i think he is missing you from now itself and don’t want you to go. hahaha.
sanskar- don’t laugh swara. [with pout] what champ, you made me wet. i can’t be at home. i have some work in office. and see your mumma how she is laughing at us.
swara- not us but only you. hahaha.

sanskar glared swara but she was continuously laughing.
swara- accha accha ok. you go and change and give him to me. i will change him.
swara took swayyam from his hand and they both headed towards there room. sanskar changed and swara changed swayyam. then sanskar went kissing swayyam and swara on forehead.
these are the moments that parents live with their child. although they get responsibilities but these responsibilities comes out to be happiness when they are fulfilled. same is with swasan. they are enjoying the parenthood stage of their life.
[life is so strange. some gets angry and irritated when they get wet in rain and some happy and enjoy it. some find everything positive however the condition is and some never gets up from there negative thoughts. here in swasan case actually no in case of parents they never get angry on their child when they urinate or defecate and always stands by them no matter what but sometimes parents become the cause of child’s sorrow.children who are left in the society grow up by themselves or otherwise die have a tough time. those parents should think about their deeds that what have they done to an innocent soul. help the needy and visit orphanages and give sometime to them.] all rubbish which came to my mind i wrote it.
done with this part

precap- last episode of flashback.

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