swara- [crying] sanskar…. sanskar..i …..want you…..it’s paining so much. [loudly] aaahhhhhhhhhhhh sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrr
the phone fell from her hand and she was shouting out of pain.
swara- aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhmmm aaahhhh sanskarrrrrrrrr [she was crying badly]
sanskar- swara listen to me i am almost near to the house. swara are you listening. swara
listening to the shouts sumi and uttara came to the room and saw swara crying badly, sweating and breathing hard due to pain.
sumi/uttara – shona/bhabhi
they rushed to her.
sumi- shona relax. everything is fine.
swara- maaa it’s…paining a lot maa. unnhhhhh [she cried]
sanskar – hello swara hello

sumi saw swara mobile and sanskar on call and hurriedly picked it up.
sumi- sanskar swara’s water broke. she needs to be hurried to hospital.
sanskar- maa i have reached just 2 minutes. please be with swara.
sanskar cuts the call and drives fast and informs nikita about swara’s labour pain and that they are coming.
sanskar reached home and came running to the room.
sanskar- swara don’t worry we are going to hospital. everything will be fine.
swara was crying- sanskar….the …..pain is becoming……..unbearable. sanskar be with me.
sanskar- swara i am with you.
sanskar picked up swara and placed her in car. they drove to nikita’s hospital. swara was taken in on stretcher and she was holding sanskar’s hand tightly crying in pain.
while entering the ot
nurse- sir you stay here.
sanskar- but

nurse- sir you are not allowed in.
swara- sanskar ……..be ………..with me
sanskar didn’t want to leave her hand but he was not allowed inside.
sanskar- swara i am here only. i am with you. just be strong. soon the pain will go. i love you.
he unwillingly left her hand.
nikita came from behind. she kept hand on his shoulder.
nikita- everything will be fine.
sanskar- it’s paining her a lot. please be careful. [haww so innocent]
nikita gave him a smile and entered the ot.
sumi and uttara were sitting tensedly while sanskar was roaming here and there . tanmay, risabh and rashika also reached there.
swara was crying and shouting in pain which was heard outside also. sanskar was panicking outside while risabh and tanmay consoled him. after about 30-35 minutes later a crying sound was heard from inside. tanmay jumped and hugged sanskar congratulating him. but sanskar was numb for few seconds. after all it was his baby’s first crying sound that he heard.
sanskar after few seconds hugged him back while tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks and a never ending smile came on his lips.
sanskar and others were anxiously waiting outside. after few minutes a nurse came out with a baby in her hands. she came near sanskar.

nurse- congratulations sir your wife gave birth to a baby boy. you are a father of a child now.
the nurse showed him the baby who was crying and sanskar took the first glimpse of the baby and his happiness has no boundries. he slowly forwarded his hand to hold the baby. he was kind of shivering. finally the baby was in his hands and he was so happy that words can’t describe. the baby stopped crying as soon as he came in sanskar’s arms as if he recognised sanskar and knew that he is in safe arms of his father. the nurse was going when sanskar stopped her.
sanskar- [concerned and tensed] nurse how is swara. can i meet her?
nurse- sir she is fine but you can meet her after sometime when we shift her in a normal ward. now she is unconscious.
nurse went and sanskar looked at the baby. he slowly pecked his forehead and was looking at him.
uttara/ rashika- give the baby to us. we also want to hold him.

sanskar gave the baby in uttara’s hand while the baby held sanskar’s finger while rashika looked at him and exclaimed.
rashika- so cute like cutie maam and how small he is. but look his eyes are like bhai.
sanskar felt extremely happy when baby held his hand. sanskar again kissed on baby’s forehead and freed his hand.
sanskar was only smiling and tanmay again hugged him and congratulated him and went and stood beside uttara and moved his hand over baby’s forehead.
sumi was seeing all this with tears. sanskar came to her and took her blessings and hugged her.
sanskar- maa mine and swara’s baby.
sumi- hmm my grandchild.
sumi came and took the baby and kissed on the forehead and cried. sanskar went and took risabh’s blessings too and risabh hugged him congratulating him.
nikita came out and congratulated him.
sanskar- maam swara she is alright.
nikita- yes indeed she is. she is being shifted in normal ward. you can then meet her and she will gain consciousness in sometime.

in swara’s ward.
sanskar entered with the baby in his arms and stood beside swara. all others were also there. swara slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar and baby first and a smile came over her lips. sumi aand nikita came and made swara sit and sanskar handed over the baby to her.
swara was so happy to hold her baby in her arms. tears made its way on her cheeks and she kissed on baby’s forehead.
everyone asked swara about her health and then came out to give privacy to swasan.
as soon as all left the room
sanskar sat beside swara and kissed on her forehead.
sanskar- thank you for our baby. and congratulations mumma.
swara smiled- well thanks to you too. and congratulations papa.
both smiled
sanskar- are you alright.
swara- seeing the baby and you everything becomes wonderful.
both looked at the baby and adored their child who was sleeping now. sanskar held his tiny hand gently and kissed on it.
sanskar- [exclaimed happily] by the way i first took the baby in my hands and saw him.
swara- wrong i saw the baby first before going unconscious.
sanskar- i am very happy swara. i can’t explain how much. i have never been so happy as i am now seeing you as the mother of our child and you holding him in your arms. i am not able to believe.
swara- believe it. it’s true.

sanskar- i know. swara i want to show you how happy i am feeling. can i?
swara understood what he meant and looked down smilingly. sanskar leaned towards swara while the baby is in between them in swara’s arms. their lips were about to meet when they jerked hearing the baby crying voice. both were embarrassed.
sanskar- [panicked] swara why is the baby crying?
swara- [looking away] sanskar go out.
sanskar- [wide eyes] why? baby is crying and you are sending me out.
swara- sanskar i need to feed the baby.
sanskar simply stood up and walked out kissing the baby on forehead once. swara smiled.
outside- tanmay- bhai where’s the baby. how foolish question. with bhabhi. let me bring him out. wanna carry him and play with him.
sanskar- after some time. swara is feeding him.
inside the room – tears rolled down swara’s cheeks as she fed the baby. she was no more only swara but a mother now. for a mother nourishing the baby in her womb, giving birth to a life and then feeding, caring and loving the baby is a blessing of god.
the immense happiness she got could not be expressed in words. tears made its way and she was caressing the baby lovingly.
swara- baby mumma loves u a lot. me and papa will give you all the happiness of the world. we will protect you from every problem. papa to loves you and he must be waiting for the moment when we will go home and he will play with you.
after some time sumi enters the ward and saw swara and baby sleeping. she kissed on swara’s forehead by which swara woke up.
swara- [smiled] maa
sumi- how are you feeling now.
swara- being a mother you can understand how i am feeling. carrying my baby in my arms gives me the best feeling in this world. maa i am very happy.
sumi- i too am very happy for you and sanskar. my grandchild is quite adorable.
swara- [smiled] maa where is sanskar and others. they did not came again.
sumi- sanskar went to complete the formalities and tomorrow you can come home. others are waiting outside to get sanskar’s permission to get in.
swara- permission.
sumi- haan. he said that not to disturb both of you.
swara- oh god he will never change.[smiled]
sumi- no one will care for you as he does. and you are so lucky to get him.
swara- i know maa. and i can do anything for him because he is my life maa. he has completed me in all the ways. i am very bad at expressing my feelings and so i can never say him what he means to me but if i get a chance then i will surely show my love to him.
others came in along with sanskar and they played with the baby and then all went home to prepare for baby’s arrival and sanskar stayed back with swara in night. he played with the baby and swara adored him. sanskar then slept beside swara on the same bed while talking to her.

next day morning.
swara woke up and saw sanskar sleeping beside her. she smiled and kissed on his forehead. sanskar woke up feeling her touch and smiled looking at her.
sanskar- good morning [kissed her forehead and woke up]
swara – good morning [trying to sit up]
sanskar helped her in sitting. although she was fine but weak as delivering a baby requires a lot of energy. sanskar went to see the baby and saw him sleeping peacefully. he came back to swara and said her to be ready as they will go home after some time. swara got ready and sanskar came in with coconut water in his hands. swara saw this and made faces.
swara- i am not going to drink this anymore.
sanskar- swara you are weak and this is good for your health.
swara- you have tortured me a lot these days. have this medicine and early morning this coconut water and you did not allow me to do works and things i wanted to. you restricted me a lot. now i am not going to listen you.
sanskar- ohh really. have you forgotten that you made me to cook and do various things. and at late nights your cravings. i wonder why do you all crave for things at odd timings. it was a hard time for me.
swara- you are trying to say that i troubled you.

sanskar- i was speaking in simple language that is quite understandable by you. [teasingly] i mean office works and then your mood swings and tantrums to do this and that. i used to be so tired. [sighs]
swara- [guilty] i am sorry. i did not want to trouble you. all that i did was not in my control and i never wanted to give you tension but unknowingly i have hurted you many times. sorry for that. [a tear escaped from her eyes]
sanskar immediately came near her and wiped her tears.
sanskar- i was teasing you. i didn’t mean what i said. infact i loved to do all these and most importantly i lived those moments and got to see your new shades. [huskily] you know sometimes you tempted me so much but i controlled myself especially when you ate raw mangoes and those pickles. the expression on your face, the way you ate, you made to hold my desires that you arose in me.

swara was relieved to hear him but hearing him further turned crimson red. they had an eyelock and sanskar leaned to kiss her but again the baby cried and they moved apart and were embarrassed.
sanskar- i think our baby is your bodyguard. yesterday too when i was about to kiss you he cried.
swara giggled and sanskar went to the baby who was in craddle and picked him up.
sanskar- [bringing him to swara and talking to him] champ why you always interrupt when i am coming close to mumma.
swara- sanskar what are you saying to baby. don’t be shameless and talk these things to baby.
sanskar- swara champ doesn’t understand our language.
swara- so what. don’t talk to him like this.
sanskar- ok my lord [dramatically while giving the baby to swara.
swara- why is my baby crying. see mumma and papa are here only.
swara- [too sanskar] sanskar woh go out. need to feed the baby.
sanskar- ummm swara you can feed him in front of me too. i am your husband not a stranger.
swara- you are really shameless. turn other side.

sanskar turned and sat facing away from her. and swara started feeding baby by covering him with her duppata. sanskar started talking to her and she was blushing hearing him.
sanskar- i think i will have to deal with champ. he always disturbs me when i romance with you. like now he is crying and when he wasn’t born he used to kick you and or move when i come close to you. before his naming ceremony i am giving him the name mumma’s bodyguard. i hope he allows me near you in future or else it will be a tough time for me.
swara- [shyly] sanskar stop talking all this. you are a father of a baby now.
sanskar- that doesn’t take away the right to romance with you.
sanskar- accha i will meet maam[nikita] and get your discharge papers ready. she have reached the hospital and rashika and risabh sir are waiting for us in home with uttara. tanmay and maa said that they are coming. must be reaching anytime. i will just come.
swara- ok.

after sometime sumi came along with tanmay and tanmay started playing with the baby and sumi talked with swara and got them ready. sanskar and nikita entered the cabin and told that they can leave.
nikita- swara you will feel weak for few days but eat healthy and then you will be fine.
swara nodded and although she was feeling weak but didn’t showed and tried getting down the bed but sanskar picked her up in his arms making swara shocked.
swara- sanskar what are you doing. put me down.
sanskar- didn’t you hear what maam said that you will feel weak for somedays. so till then be quite and take rest and i know even you will feel weak then also you won’t say. tanmay maa you come with the baby. maam you too come.
nikita- sanskar you all move ahead. i will join later. have some appointments.
sanskar nodded understandingly and they moved to home.
at swasan home, sanskar parked the car and came and opened door for swara and again picked her up and came near the door where uttara stopped him.
uttara- bhai stop.
sanskar- what happened.

uttara- first aarti and then you all will enter with baby inside house.
rashika- bhai put cutie maam down and take baby with you. you will get chances to pick her up in future also.
swasan were highly embarrassed and sanskar put swara down and sumi gave baby to sanskar.
uttara came with aarti thal and sumi and then uttara did there aarti and put tika on their head and let them in.
once inside rashika took the baby from sanskar and started playing with him. uttara too joined her along with risabh and tanmay while sumi sent swasan too room to freshen up and relax as the whole night they were in hospital and assured that till then baby will be fine with her. swasan were really happy about having their baby.
three days later at night in the room sanskar was playing with the baby and talking all random things to baby and also talked about business to which swara laughed loud.
sanskar- champ you know the share market prices have gone down but………[talked something about business and new project]

swara- [laughing] sanskar….baby doesn’t understand business.. ..haha.. my poor baby….see how he is looking at you……trying to understand you……hahaha.
sanskar- don’t make fun of me. whatever came to my mind i am talking. so don’t laugh. by the way you tell me what should i talk.
swara- talk anything but definitely not about business. hahaha [she laughed again]
sanskar was annoyed at her making fun of him but her chorus laugh was something which removes all his tiredness, frustration, anger and annoyance. sanskar moved towards swara [they both were sitting on bed on either sides of baby and swara was folding clothes sitting on the bed.] without disturbing baby and suddenly pulled her towards him while she was busy in laughing making her shocked.

sanskar- swara you look really beautiful when you laugh. and your happy face gives me so much of relief.
they have an eyelock which was broken by baby who made sounds while playing himself.
they both looked at their baby who was moving his hands and legs and playing by himself and this brought a smile on their lips. they both kissed on baby’s cheeks simultaneously.
swara- sanskar have you thought of any name for baby. i mean i searched for so many names and now i am so confused.
sanskar- swara i have thought of a name. if you don’t mind can we keep the name i have thought.
swara- [excitedly] yes you can. what name have you thought.
sanskar- wait for two days. you will get to know on naming ceremony.
swara- ok but how will i manage with the curiosity.
sanskar- just two days.
sanskar kissed on her forehead and resumed his work, playing with the baby.
done with this part

precap- naming ceremony and swara confronting tanmay about his love for uttara.

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