SWASAN; ONLY FOR YOU [EPI-32] arshaanya ya she is hurting him but not by will. and she told things to him knowing his behaviour and fear. she wants him to live his life as before. happy and without fear. about mood swings these are common for the people going to be parents. my mother used to feel cry and sometimes relly happy when i was in her womb and craved for raw mangoes all the time. she tells me about how she used to get them by house members.
the SS TRUST was on name of swara which consisted of music school, orphanage and old age home. this was gifted by sanskar to swara on god bharai. this project cum social service which was swara’s dream have started and their was a meeting held for this in which swara have to go as she is the owner[major share holder].
the meeting went all good and fine. and then sanskar took her along with himself to another business meeting which was lined immediately after this meeting. he did not want to leave swara along with driver to home. he did not trust others when it comes to swara in this state else than sumi, uttmay, rishita and rashika. swara has entered her 8th month and sanskar tries maximum to be with her.

so in the meeting which was of all buisness companies head of mumbai, all were present. meeting was held properly but one person was burning in anger seeing sanskar and sanskar was cool enough during the meeting. he only thought that the meeting should end soon as swara was waiting outside.
sanskar wish was granted and the meeting got over and he rushed outside to swara immediately. risabh was also there as he is the chairman of malhotra industries. he smiled seeing sanskar rushing out. he too came behind him.
sanskar- swara were you bore.
swara- what do you expect. [said this with a pout] sanskar- [smiled] sorry. accha chalo let’s go home.
risabh-hello both of you.
swara- hello sir
sanskar shook hands and said hello as professional.
risabh- sanskar stop being professional. meeting is over.
swara laughed and sanskar was embarrassed.
risabh- so swara all good.
swara- haan.

risabh- what’s the plan for this sunday. rashika, nikita and me can’t wait for sundays too come. now a days it is becoming difficult for us to wait till sunday. [sad sigh] swara- did not think but let’s see. will surely plan something good.
risabh- sure. come we should leave.
they were moving out when a voice stopped them.
voice- so sanskar congratulations for your success.
swasan and risabh turned to see sanskar’s ex boss smirking.
sanskar was like now what and swara was looking at the peson confused as she never met him before.
swara- [whispering] sanskar who is he.
sanskar- ex boss.
swara – ‘o’

ex- boss- what happened. i hope you did not forget me. after all i showed mercy on you by giving you job at your tough times. [he was trying to insult sanskar] sanskar did not say anything and all were looking at the drama and swara was fuming listening to the ex boss.
ex- boss- well must say that you are quite clever to reach till here so easily with the help of mr. malhotra[risabh]. what a mind game you played and got his company for you wohh [clapped his hands] ex- boss- but mr. sanskar don’t you think we should know your full name. no one knows your title. as per as i know you are a……….
swara- he is an intelligent and efficient buisness man who knows to give credit to person who work under him and runs his buisness on his skills not on others. he is one who never lives on the mercy and sympathy of others but earns with his hard work. and he is the one who was a fool to work under you who don’t have brains to talk in public and who is a selfish and greedy person. you are….

ex- boss- [feeling insulted] who are you to speak in between.
swara- mrs. swara sanskar, his wife and i warn you not to speak a single more word for him. and mr. ex boss whatever your name is title is not necessary for a person to live. and if person with surname is like you then people without surnames are much better. and what did you say that you showed mercy on him. don’t you think the other way round as his joining your company was a mercy for you and your company which received huge profit because of him. think before you speak. chalo sanskar.
sanskar- one minute swara. sir i did not speak till now because i worked in your company but that does not mean i will not speak ever so be in your limits and yes one thing you don’t need to take tension about my surname as i don’t feel necessary to have it. and last thing, listen to my name carefully. my name is SANSKAR SWARA.
everyone present there was shocked along with swara.
sanskar- [continuing after a pause] yes you all heard it right. SANSKAR SWARA.
ex- boss- so now you will add a woman’s name with yours

sanskar- we heir the name of parents who give us life and for me she has given me life so from today i am SANSKAR SWARA. as she has my name after hers so will be with me. when i don’t have any problem why do you have. if you have problem calling me that call me SS in short. and mr. ex boss keep an eye on your market prices. if you don’t do something now then definitely the profit you gained during my work period, the same amount of loss you will have to suffer.
sanskar- [lovingly] swara chalo. sir[risabh] i think we should leave. risabh and swasan left from there leaving his ex boss insulted and loss of words and others too shocked by sanskar’s declaration of his name and few praising him for having so much guts to name himself after her wife.
outside the building in parking lot. risabh praised him for the answer he gave to his ex- boss and also the name he gave to himself. risabh felt proud to be a part of a person’s life like him and her daughter getting a brother like him.

swara was still shocked. risabh left and sanskar made swara sit in car and drove to home. on reaching home sanskar walked in with swara and made her sit on sofa. he was going from there when swara held his hand and asked him to sit beside him. sanskar sat beside her and swara hugged him and cried.
swara- i love you sanskar. thank you for coming in my life. but what was the need to add my name with yours.
sanskar- swara i can’t explain why i did it but felt that it is only my right name. you know you care for me like a mother and scold me and show me correct path when i am wrong like a father. you cheer me up like a sibling and you were my best friend then my love and now my wife and most importantly my life. what i did was ONLY FOR YOU. you have made my life colourful and i am lucky that i got you. what i did was nothing in front of what you have done for me. now stop all this crying and let me see if something is sweet there in kitchen. i feel to celebrate. you know when you were scolding my boss i was just looking at his expression. when my jhanshi ki raani scolded him he was looking like a student getting scolded by a teacher on not doing his homework. sanskar laughed a little saying this.
sumi came there and asked what happened and how was the meeting and swara told her everything and sumi was looking sanskar with astonishment while he was behaving as nothing happened and was eating chocolate.

swara seeing him having chocolate threw a pillow on him and he asked what.
swara- you are eating alone forgetting your pregnant wife. how mean.
sanskar- you were busy in talking so what could i do. i celebrated myself.
sumi went from there as she knew their nok-jhok will start now.
swasan fought and then convinced each other and ate chocolate together. and sanskar did romance with her and she beat him with her hands playfully.
the day passed and two days later it was sunday. rishita and rashika came swasan home.
rashika came running and hugged sanskar
sanskar- woahh what happened kiddo. you are so excited.
rashika- [squealing] i am so so so proud of you. dad told us about the incident after meeting. i am proud to have a brother like you.
uttara- true.
sanskar smiled at her sisters and then they were all sitting in the hall thinking what to do for today.
rashika- i am not getting any idea for today.
swara- i want to see a movie.

sanskar- ok then i will start the tv
swara- sanskar not on tv..i…want to …go..to…..theatre.[cinema hall] sanskar widens his eyes.——– no we are not going there. how can you even think about it in this condition.
all others were silent as they can’t speak in this matter.
swara- [puppy eyes] please i want to go. it will be so much fun. full theatre with claps and whistles and howls. and we eating popcorn and coc………..
sanskar- no
swara- sanskar please. baby wants to see theatre.[trying to emotional blackmail] sanskar- [strictly which sounded a bit rude] swara don’t even think. this is not going to work on me.
swara- [teary eyed] baby papa don’t love us. he can’t fulfil this wish of ours. no problem we will not go anywhere. mumma is there for you.
swara stood up slowly holding her belly.
sanskar- swara it’s not like that. try to understand. it’s not safe for you. swara listen.
sanskar was walking along with swara trying to make her understand but swara was adamant.
swara- i am not in mood to talk. you better go and enjoy. i and baby will manage somehow.
sanskar- swara try to understand.
swara- i dont want to.
sanskar- ok we will go.

everyone stood up in shock as how could sanskar agree.
swara- really[excited] sanskar nodded
swara- thank you ty so much.
swara side hugged him.
sanskar- i agreed to your wish but now you will have to follow all my instruction.
swara- [happily] ok
sumi and nikita- sanskar are you really agreed. sanskar nodded.
they all were standing outside theatre and swara was extremely happy. sanskar was happy to see swara happy but at the same time tensed to. they all went in while sanskar was only concentrating on swara. they all took their seats and the movie started [deewani mastani]. swara looked around and found the section in which they were sitting was empty.
swara- sanskar this area is empty. i mean people are all around but why the seats near to us are empty.
sanskar- because i have booked them. you wanted crowd that’s why i did not book the complete hall but i booked these seats near us for no disturbance and comfort. and if you question anything else i will take you back home.

swara- no i am quite. see. [she kept fingers on her lips] sanskar smiled and they watched the movie.
it was interval time and sanskar went to buy snacks which swara demanded along with uttara. tanmay was sitting with rashika a seat away from swara. they were talking something and swara overheard them.
rashika- you like uttara di.
tanmay- [shocked] what?
rashika- don’t act. i am observing you since many days. the way you look at her, care for her and help her indirectly it speaks. now blurt out.
tanmay-[sighed] umm you only look small but you aren’t. the most clever among all of us. yea i like.. i mean love her. love at first sight. since i dashed with her at railway station since then. first i thought it to be infatuation but now i have realised that i love her a lot but don’t tell it to anybody. i don’t want to complicate things. i am good the way i am. if she is destined in my life then she will love me. till then keep it as a secret.
rashika- you are impossible. how will di know that you love her.
tanmay- i don’t know but you promise me that you won’t be telling this to anyone.
rashika- ok baba promise.

swara heard everything and was shocked. she didn’t knew what to do. should she say this to sanskar or uttara or talk to tanmay directly? she then decided to confront tanmay first.
interval was over and the second part started. in the second part it was shown about mastani delivering her child and swara became nervous seeing that and held sanskar’s hand. sanskar looked at her nervous and he too was tensed thinking about the pain swara has to go when her delivery will happen. he squeezed her hand assuring her that he will be with her.
they watched the complete movie and at the end swara, uttara and rashika were crying. uttara and rashika stopped crying as the lights were on but swara was crying hard. it becaame difficult for sanskar and others to console her.
after lot of time she was silent and finally they came home and all teased swara for crying for the movie. swara was embarrassed and looked at sanskar for help. sanskar first did not give any heed to her but then how can he deny his princess silent request.
sanskar- rashika uttara my sweet sisters why were you crying at the end.
uttara- [stammered] n….no i….was..not
rashika- [confidently] same here

sanskar- then why are you stammering and rashika why are you looking away.
uttara and rashika were embarrassed and swasan and others laughed.
like this days were passing and sanskar made a kids room and decorated it by himself and surprised swara. previously swasan shopped many things for the kids. those things were arranged properly in the room. a craddle was kept at the side.
swara- sanskar that craddle should be placed in front of bed. that will look better.
sanskar- swara this craddle i will keep in our room as initially baby will be with us in our room. this room is for baby to play but baby will sleep with us until he grows so i have kept craddle aside.
swara’s delivery date was coming near. it was ten days left for swara’s supposed delivery date.
swasan were walking in the lawn, sanskar holding swara from shoulder and walking slowly.
sanskar- princess you aren’t tired naa.
swara- no will walk for some more time.
swara- sanskar i am being nervous. date is coming nearer.
sanskar- swara i am with you. everything will be alright.
swara- hmm.

swasan walked for ten more minutes and sat on the swing for sometime and then came in room.
sanskar made her sleep by caressing her hair. and then pecked her forehead and kissed on her belly as he does everyday and slept beside her.
next day morning
sanskar- swara please drink the coconut water.
swara- no sanskar i won’t. i am drinking it since seven months every morning. how could you be so cruel. i won’t drink it means i won’t.
sanskar- princess please few more days. it’s good for your health.
swara was not at all agreeing.

sanskar- accha i will give you chocolates. i full pack.
swara- that won’t work. but if you bring me raw mangoes and prepare kheer by yourself and give me rasgullas during breakfast along with the chocolates you said then i may drink.
sanskar- raw mangoes with rasgulla and kheer. what type of combination is this.
swara- [angry] you will give or not. otherwise i won’t drink this and neither will have breakfast.
sanskar- [surrendering] ok ok. now drinkthis then only i will prepare kheer.
swara drank it unwilllingly and sanskar came in kitchen and prepared kheer. [in this eight months sanskar has learnt many dishes to prepare.] swara was in the room reading magazine. she felt slight pain in her stomach but somehow she managed as the pain was not to much.
she came out of the room slowly and saw sanskar in the kitchen cooking kheer. she smiled but was feeling dizzy. she ignored it and started moving towards kitchen. [swasan have shifted downstairs for swara’s ease.] swara again felt dizzy and was about to fall but sanskar saw swara and came running too her and held her.
sanskar- swara are you alright.
swara- hmm just feeling little dizzy.
sanskar made her sit on chair and made her drink water. swara felt better.
sanskar- [scolding] why did you come by yourself. can’t you call me.
swara- the smell of kheer tempted me. now don’t scold me.
sanskar melted seeing her pleading expression.
sanskar- ok but now don’t go anywhere. call whenever you need anything.
sanskar got a call from office, he received it.
sanskar- yes nisha
listening this swara got angry. sanskar saw this and chuckled.
sanskar- but i already told you don’t schedule my meetings for the next fifteen days.
nisha- sir it’s urgent.
sanskar- ok.
sanskar cut the call and looked at swara with sorry expression.
swara- its ok you go but bring chocolates and rasgullas for me while returning as you promised in morning.
sanskar nodded and went office after breakfast.
here swara was feeling pain in her belly which was slowly increasing but she was ignoring it. she could not bear more and so she dialled sanskar’s number instead of calling sumi or uttara. she only wanted sanskar. she was sweating and breathing heavy.
sanskar phone rang but it was on silent mode and he was driving back home hurriedly after meeting. he was not feeling good about coming to office leaving swara.
it was traffic and so he thought to call her once and picked his mobile and was shocked to see swara’s so many missed calls. he was about to dial again but swara called him again and he immediately picked it up.
sanskar- swara what happened. you…
swara- [breathing hard and fisted bed sheet with one hand to control her pain] sans…kar……please….come. it’s paining…..sanskar
tears rolled down her cheeks.
sanskar- swara relax. breath in and breath out and call maa and uttara.
swara- sanskar…………..i ….want..you. aahhhhh.sanskar
sanskar- [tears rolled down his cheeks hearing her painful voice] princess, swara i am on my way just 5 more minutes. i will reach. call out for maa and uttara till then.
swara- [crying] sanskar…. sanskar..i …..want you…..it’s paining so much. [loudly] aaahhhhhhhhhhhh sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrr
the phone fell from her hand and she was shouting out of pain.
done with this part.

precap- swayyam birth and swasan moments with baby.

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