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in flashback.
swasan slept in each others embrace peacefully obvio with the new coming member in swara’s womb who watched their romance secretly. he..he..he.

next morning
swara woke up with a beautiful smile on her face but soon it turned to a frown not finding sanskar beside her. she looked around the whole room and but he was nowhere. something caught her attention and she got down the bed.
she went near the table and saw coconut water kept on table along with a chit.
CHIT:- good morning princess. sorry for not being with you when you woke up but what to do had some work. i will return at breakfast time and till then you freshen up and make sure to drink the coconut water kept for you. be ready because after breakfast we will go for your check up……………………………………LOVE YOU AND BABY.
swara smiled and talked with the baby.
swara- [to baby] baby see papa cares for us and love us so much. you know when papa told me about u i could not believe and so pinched him. ha haha when i realised that it is real and at that time i could do was only to hug your papa and cry in happiness. i didn’t knew how to react. love you baby. now let’s get ready.
swara freshened up and then drank the coconut water with a smile.
————- at breakfast time sanskar came and swara smiled sweetly at him bringing a wide curve on his lips and started setting the table. they all had breakfast and then swasan left to hospital [nikita’s hospital]
nikita’s hospital
swasan were sitting outside nikita’s chamber as someone was already in. more than swara sanskar was nervous.
sanskar- swara would you drink water.
swara- no
sanskar- ok i will drink. [he gulped a full glass]
then after two minutes.
sanskar- swara you are ok naa.
swara- [smiled] haan sanskar.
a nurse called them in.
while entering.
sanskar- swara don’t be nervous ok. i am with you.
swara- [squeezed his hands] i am not nervous and i know you are with me. everything will be fine. trust me.
sanskar relaxed on swara’s assurance and both entered the cabin. both greeted nikita and so did she.
nikita took her to a connected room for tests and sanskar was sitting in cabin. then a nurse came and called sanskar to that room.
sanskar tensedly entered the room and nikita told him to sit beside swara.
nikita- swara sanskar look at the screen.

it was the first ultrasound of swara. swasan looked at the screen but didn’t get anything.
nikita- you see that small dot like thing that’s your baby child.
swasan looked at it and had tears of happiness came in their eyes. they were holding each other’s hand tightly.
swara- sanskar our baby.
sanskar just nodded.
nikita- if your condition is this just by seeing then what will happen when you will hear the heart beat of your child.
sanskar- [voice getting stuck due to immense happiness] maam…..can…….we really…..hear….the heart….beat.
nikita- yes wait a minute.

after a minute they heard lub dub lub dub sounds and they were extremely happy.
nikita- since you are about 1 and half months pregnant so you can hear it. generally it starts after 1 month of pregnancy.
nikita- you be here if you want but after 5 minutes come to cabin.
swasan remained there for 5 minutes just looking at their love symbol and then nurse came and removed the equipments and swasan came in cabin.
nikita- reports are all right. baby is healthy and swara is also good. yaa but don’t take stress like yesterday and…………………[nikita told them about reports and precautions to be taken]
sanskar asked numerous questions to nikita while swara blushed and nikita smiled at his concern.
they came out and sanskar hugged swara.
swara- [shocked] sanskar everyone is seeing us.
sanskar- let them. i don’t care.
swara- please sanskar.
sanskar broke the hug and kissed her forehead.
sanskar- chalo.
they sat in the car.

sanskar- swara i have to go to risabh sir office for joining. so i will drop you home.
swara- no sanskar i have to go to school.
sanskar- school. no you are not. you will just take rest. remember maam told that first three months are crucial. we should be extra careful.
swara- but sanskar…
sanskar- no means no.
swara turned her face other side being sad.
sanskar- swara try to understand.
swara- no response.
sanskar- princess it’s for both of your betterment.
swara- [without turning to sanskar] i also know but not going to school isn’t a way out.
sanskar- but who will take care of you there. try to understand. i am not stopping you from working. you continue after few months when baby will be born.
swara- i know sanskar you will not stop me from doing anything. ok i agree to you but i will have to give leave application or a termination letter to the school authority so that recruit new person at my place. so please for that at least drop me at the school now.
sanskar obliged and dropped her at school went to malhotra industries and joined in there and then came to pick up swara after school where he met rashika and all three talked to each other happily.

—————–next day was pooja of the swasan new house.————–
sanskar did all works by himself with the help of tanmay. he did not allow swara to do any work but she was stubborn too and she helped him in her own way.
adjacent to swasan home tanmay too bought a home because he was so attached to them now that he thought to live near to them.
malhotra’s arrived and sanskar introduced them to sumi, uttara, tanmay. and the pooja started and was successfully done.rashika very easily got involved with them. although uttara was little jealous when sanskar told about making rashika her sister the other day but after meeting her she was very happy.
they both were having prasad while chatting. tohers were too sitting there having their prasad.
uttara- di you know you are very nice. i did not have any brother and sister and i did not bother even as mumma papa were always with me but when i met bhai i felt nice and so asked him to be my brother and see i got a sister also.
saying this she hugged uttara and she reciprocated.
uttara- truly when bhai told about you i was little upset because earlier i was the only sister to my brothers but i am very happy to get a sister like you. and i will tell you a secret. whenever i saw swara bhabhi and ragini bhabhi together i wished to have a sister.
hearing this swara and sumi became upset.
rashika- is she cutie maam sister.
uttara- [not realising as she is happy] haan.
rashika- where is she?
uttara- kol………[interrupted]
sanskar- uttara check if your room is according to your choice or not and if you need any changes then tell me.
uttara looked at sanskar and realised what she was talking. she felt guilty as well as upset. she went from there. malhotra’s were confused about their behaviour but somewhat they could sense that it is related to their past.
swara went in kitchen and sanskar came behind her.
swara- [without turning] sanskar don’t worry i am fine.
sanskar- [amazed] how did you know that i am back of you?
swara- [turning around] just felt your presence.
sanskar- [teasing] oh you can feel me. [romantically traces his finger from her forehead to her cheeks and holding her by waist] tell na how do you feel.
swara- [removing his hand from her face and waist and hiding her blush] don’t act smart. go from here.
sanskar- no i won’t. [he again tried holding her]
swara- [serious tone] sanskar stop it right now. guests are here.
sanskar- [pout] going. don’t be serious. [sanskar turned to go]
swara- [holding his hand] sanskar
sanskar- [happily] yes
swara- [holding his both hand] why you cried the other night.
sanskar- when???
swara- day before yesterday while we were talking to baby at night.
sanskar- [avoid looking in her eyes] no i didn’t.
swara- [holding his chin] look at me and then say.
sanskar- [now can’t deny so gave up] with the thought that how much you love me and trust me and those who raised me up could not trust on me because i did a mistake in my life [breaking swalak marriage and trying to take revenge from dp and laksh] and for that mistake i am blamed for those ones which i didn’t do. but you know what i don’t regret now that i did that mistake because i got you. but i feel shame on myself just for one fact that i in a way harmed and broke you and maa[sumi] unintentionally for that matter. i am sorry for that. [tears brimmed his eyes]
swara- sshhhhh you already regret for that and helped me to set things back. for me what you did to correct is most important and i forgot everything and you too forget. only remember one thing that i trust you and love you a lot. you are my life and the upcoming baby too, after all our baby is our love symbol. and one more thing never try to blame my husband ever otherwise it will be very bad for you. understand.
sanskar was just looking at her with tears. swara wiped his tears and kissed on his left cheek.
swara- sanskar i can do anything and everything ONLY FOR YOU. just remember that and forget the past. it hurts me more to see you broken and in pain. [tears forming in her eyes]
sanskar- [wiping tears from the corner of her eyes] i promise princess that you will always see a smiling and happy sanskar from now onwards and all will be genuine. [sanskar kissed on swara’s forehead]

sanskar- princess for this new start i need something sweet from you.
swara looked at him confused and he pointed at his right cheek.swara smiled shyly and raised up kissed his right cheek.
sanskar- that was nice but some more sweetness is required so [stared at her lips]
swara- [finding his gaze on her lips] so we should go to everyone and eat sweets with them. come.
sanskar- [coming close and whispering] that won’t work. i want the sweetness from my princess and baby’s mumma.
swara- [getting affected by his closeness and breathing heavily] sans……
sanskar placed his lips on her and gently kissed her leaving her shocked.
sanskar- [breaking the kiss] everyone would be looking for us. i should go. [he spoke before swara react about the kiss and turned]
swara again held his hand and came in front. sanskar closed his eyes to hear her scoldings for his act but to his surprise she wiped his lips to remove her lipstick which spread over his lips due to kiss. he opened his eyes and swara smiled with blush and moved out. he too smiled and scratched his head with blush and came out after her.
swasan have moved in this house and tanmay to his which is adjacent to swasan house.
days were passing happily. sanskar was taking full care of swara. he started working in malhotra’s company. he had a hectic schedule. everyday in the morning he keeps coconut water for swara. he gives her medicines on time, although he forgets his vitamin tablets which she reminds him. he had to work a lot to achieve the goal set by risabh.
swara had to work in the school for fewdays till they found a new teacher on her place so till then sanskar either himself comes to drop and pick up swara from school and sometimes he used to send driver. when he came to pick up swara he always met rashika. swara never asked him for anything because she knew that it would increase his work. she was happy with whatever sanskar did for her. due to office work he had to work till late nights but he made sure to spend half an hour with swara before she went to sleep and they both talked to baby. when sanskar goes to sleep after work he always kiss on swara’s forehead and her belly and says i love you to baby.
now it was the end of swara’s third month. she left the school last week. till now everything went easy for her in her pregnancy. she did not felt weak or like vomiting till now except few days. but sanskar didn’t knew about this. it was sunday and sanskar was working in his room when swara hurriedly came in and went to washroom. sanskar became worried for her. swara came out wiping her face with towel.

sanskar- [worried] swara are you alright?
swara- ye…….[swara again ran in washroom]
sanskar was hell worried for her. when swara came out she felt exhausted due to continuous vomiting. sanskar made her sit and gave her a glass of water. swara drank a little.
sanskar- [thought something and called nikita ji] hello maam
nikita- [on other side] ya sanskar
sanskar- maam swara is not feeling well. she is feeling vomiting. what should i do. should i come with her for check up. [as soon as swara heard him she looked shockingly at sanskar]
nikita- [laughed]
sanskar- [confused] why are you laughing maam.
swara- [from side] sanskar keep the phone on speaker. [sanskar kept the phone on speaker]
nikita- sanskar it’s normal to feel like this in pregnancy. [sanskar was like ‘is it’]
swara- sorry nikita ji that he disturbed you.
nikita- no no it’s ok. must say he is very caring and [suppressing her laugh] cute too. even if you cough he asks what to do. [she laughs a little making sanskar hell embarrassed and swara smile]
nikita- sorry. sanskar are you there.
sanskar- [hesitantly] ye.s
nikita- sanskar all this is normal in pregnancy. this is the starting. now slowly slowly you have to bear many tantrums of swara. her mood swings and changed behaviour in the later months. don’t get tensed with all these. i should keep the phone now. bye.
swasan- thank you bye.
swara looked at sanskar embarrassed face and laughed while he made faces.
sanskar- why didn’t you tell me before about all these.
swara- because i thought you know and i have started feeling like this a few days before. before calling you should have asked me. [she laughed again]
sanskar held her by waist and pulled her closer. swara was shocked.
sanskar- you are laughing too much. i should do something. [sanskar leaned closer]
swara- [angry, face turned red in anger] sanskar leave me.
sanskar didn’t and was leaning closer and their lips about to touch when swara pushed him with full force. sanskar looked at her shocked.
swara- why you always come so near to me.
she went out in anger and sanskar stood numb at his place. he was beyond shocked by swara’s reaction and a bit hurt to by what swara said. he came behind swara to know why she reacted like this as she never did this before.
he saw swara sitting on kitchen slab and eating something.
he came in front of her and saw her eating pickles closing her eyes and enjoying its taste to every bit. he was mesmerised to see her eating like this but at the same time her reaction in the room was making him restless.
done with this part.

precap- full of swara’s mood swings and a bit of romance.

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