rashika and nikita entered the room and sanskar stood up.
nikita- so swara how are you feeling.
swara- [smiled] i am absolutely fine.
nikita- have some soup. you are weak and you need to take more care of yourself from now on.
swara- what was the need of all this. you have already done so much. you need not take tension.

rashika- cutie maam there is no tension. it’s for your betterment and for the new coming baby.[slightly hitting her forehead] oh i forgot. congratulations to you both.
swara- [shyly] thank you.[remembering accident and in a scolding way like teachers] miss rashika first don’t call me with that name. it’s embarrassing and second how were you crossing the road. so much of carelessness.
rashika- maam now you don’t scold me bhai already gave me a good dose.
swara- [confused] bhai i don’t think you have a brother. you are a single child as you told earlier.[saying this she looked at nikita and rashika]
rashika- [happily] yes i didn’t had but now i have one brother and in few months i will be bua. hai naa bhai[to sanskar]

swara-[confusingly] why are you calling sanskar as bhai?
sanskar and rashika looked at each other and then explained everything to swara.
then nikita said her to have soup and they talked normally for sometime and then swasan were about to leave from there when risabh came.
risabh- sanskar can i talk to you.
sanskar- yeah

risabh- actually sorry that we heard your conversation with your wife and got to know that you resigned today.
sanskar-[shocked and hesitantly said] yes but ….what you want to talk about. my resignation is no way concerned to you.
risabh- actually i have a offer for you. you take charge of one of my company and…[interrupted]
sanskar- [a bit angry and rudely] sorry sir but i don’t need your pity or cost to save your daughter. what i did was for humanity and i am sure that i will soon find a job.[swara squeezed his hand to calm him]

risabh-[smiled] you took me wrong. i did not offer you due to sympathy or because you saved my daughter. let’s talk it professionally. i would have offered you job the moment i got to know that you resigned and were in need of one but i came now.
risabh- [serious tone] i have got all the information about you. the company in which you worked took over 4 companies and had a merger with 2 companies and it got an increment in its profit by 35% after you joined that office. you have got multiple promotions in the span of this about 8 months of your job and if you continued there for few more months then you would have been the ceo of that company and your boss the head. and if i am not wrong you are sanskar maheshwari who owned karma industries and later which merged in maheshwari industries. you are the son of maheshwari’s in kolkata who owns that industries.right.
sanskar- [angered] i am only sanskar and not sanskar maheshwari. [malhotras were shocked with his anger]

swara- sanskar calm down.
sanskar relaxed and closed his eyes.
sanskar- i am sorry for my behaviour. i think we should leave.
risabh- at least listen to me completely.[swasan stopped and they sat down]
risabh- i am sorry if i told something wrong but i just wanted to say that i am not doing any favour on you. and i am offering you the job because of your merits. if you don’t like in this way then you can come to my company and give an interview.
sanskar- what kind of job is it.

risabh- one of my companies is going in loss. you will be appointed as its CEO but the company will be owned by me. in 3 months you have to recover all the losses and turn it out in profit. till these three months you will be an employ and all profits will be mine.if you do so then after 3 months you will be the head of the company with 70% shares of yours and 30% mine. and you will be free to run the company and grow it as your wish and in future when you will expand the buisness then in that i want 15% shares in it. i hope now you don’t have any problem as this deal will be completely professional.
sanskar thought for a while.
sanskar- why do you think i can do so. how can you trust me.
risabh- i think so you can do it because of your records and trust is because of your humanity, selflessness and self respect of yours. and another reason is your wife.
swasan looked at him confused.

swara- me?
risabh- yes. my daughter tells me everything that she learns from you. apart from music the values you gave her is all what makes me trust that sanskar you will not go in wrong path as she is with you. so what do you think.
sanskar- [not convinced] all that is ok but are you sure because you know me since the last two hours and we don’t know anything about each other much.
risabh- [smiled] when you can be my daughter’s brother just an hour later you both met then can’t i make a business deal to that person even after searching the complete history of yours. and your boss was a fool to lose a gem like you. i mean the promotions you achieved is almost impossible for a normal person. so quickly answer me yes or no.

sanskar- [looked at swara and she nodded to agree] yes.
risabh- so congrats for two good news in the same day. tomorrow will finish all the formalities of your joining in. must say it is going to be difficult for you to handle both.[work and swara’s pregnancy]
sanskar- true. [shook hands with risabh] thank you
rashika- congrats bhai.
sanskar smiled- thank you kiddo.
rashika- now i am a bit fearful.
sanskar- why?
rashika- i liked when you scolded me but now when you got angry a while ago i was scared.
sanskar became silent. swara understood his condition and to lighten the mood.
swara- rashika his anger remains on his nose tip like angry bird.
sanskar- [wide eyes] accha what about you.
swara- me i am very calm. and rashika anger is very bad for health so try to remain calm like me. don’t be like your newly found brother.
rashika laughed. sanskar was annoyed seeing swara making fun of him but was happy inside. swara too was laughing inwardly.
sanskar- [dramatically] haha very funny.
sanskar- [smirking] waise swara you give moral science classes too. i never knew. what you said [mimicking swara] anger is bad for health so try to remain calm like me.
swara- [looking angrily at him] i will give you special classes of it. let’s reach home first.
sanskar- [gulping] swara now you said anger is bad for health. why you getting angry.
swara glared at him and moved to rishita.
swara- thank you for everything. as rashika has made sanskar her brother so in one way we are family. so day after tomorrow there is pooja of our new house. you all have to come there.

nikita- sure. but before that you have to get your check up done tomorrow and sanskar you must come along.[sanskar nodded]and yaa you can’t take work load and don’t stress yourself.[swara nodded and nikita and swara hugged]
swasan bid bye to them and left for home.
swasan reached home and sanskar did not allow swara to walk even a single step. he carried her in his arms and swara was blushing. they reached the door and swara rang the door bell.

tanmay opened the door and shocked to see swasan like that and stood there unmoved.
sanskar- tanmay move and let us come inside.
tanmay moved aside and swasan came in. sanskar made swara sit comfortably and brought a glass of water and himself made her drink without giving any heed to her protest.
tanmay was looking at them confusedly as sanskar was happy and he was caring for swara and she was blushing. it all looked weird to him as he thought that they would return with sad faces due to afternoon office incident and also because sanskar never tries to romance in front of all.
tanmay- sanskar
sanskar- [setting cushions around swara] haan
tanmay- bhai are you alright.
sanskar- yaa i am perfectly fit and fine, in fact more than fit. where is maa and uttara. [calling them loudly] maa, uttara.

sumi and uttara came out of their rooms.
sanskar opened the sweets box and fed sumi and touched her feet to take blessings then fed uttara and side hugged him and finally fed tanmay and hugged him.
sumi- sanskar beta sweets what for?
tanmay- aunty i think he gone mad after that incident.[tanmay have already told sumi and uttara about office incident]
sanskar- [glaring tanmay] shut up
tanmay became quite.
sanskar- maa its a good news, no actually two good news.
uttara- [curiously] what good news bhai.
sanskar- [scratching his head in shyness] woh haan first good news is that i got a job and the second one is…..[he trailed off]
tanmay- wow man you got a job. where? and so fast?

uttara- bhai congrats and what’s the second good news.
swasan looked each other.
sanskar- woh… we are ……….
sumi- what happened why aren’t you telling us.[coming near swara] shona you say. you must be knowing.
swara- [blushing] maa [looking down] i…i…..i mean we…..
sumi- what i we say naa.
uttara- haan bhabhi say it clearly.
swara- [closing her eyes and in one go] we are expecting a baby. i am pregnant.
sensing no movement, or any kind of sound swara slowly opened her eyes to see everyone in frozen state and sanskar smiling ear to ear seeing her.
swara- maa, uttara, tanmay [no one moved even a bit]
after few seconds uttara who was standing near to sanskar jumped in excitement bringing everyone back.
uttara- [excitedly] bhabhi you are pregnant means i am going to become bua. ohh god i can’t believe it.
uttara hugged sanskar- bhai i am so so so happy.
uttara held sanskar’s hand turned in circles.— bhai you are going to become papa and i will be bua.
tanmay was seeing uttara and felt a jolt of happiness in his heart to see her so happy for the first time.
sumi- [hugged swara] congratulations shona.[kissed her forehead]
she came to sanskar and uttara went to swara and hugged her.
sumi-[keeping hand on his head] always be happy like this. congratulations.
sanskar hugged her. then tanmay too congratulated him and swara.
sumi- shona sanskar beta come and light diya in front of god. we got such a good news.
swasan light diya and prayed to god.
uttara- bhai bandage on your hand. in all this i forgot to ask about it.
sanskar- woh actually when i went to meet swara there[tells everything about accident, swara fainting, them going to rashika house, getting the news of swara’s pregnancy and rashika asking him to be her brother and risabh giving him job]
uttara- all that is fine but u agreed for being her brother that to whom you just met once.
sanskar- [smiled] don’t be jealous of her. she is a kid.[sanskar side hugged her]
uttara- [low voice] i am not jealous, just felt weird that she asked you to be her brother in one meeting.

sanskar- when you will meet her you will also accept her.
uttara nodded.
tanmay- sanskar i did not tell you before that after you left office mr aadarsh came to me to ask about your living place.
sanskar- [angry] what did you say him.
tanmay-i almost told him truth. i told him that you live at my place as tenant. then he asked me the address. i gave him the address and at last told him that you are leaving my place and shifting and i don’t know where as you did not inform me.
tanmay- i thought may be he will check here once so i came home and i was right. he came and i said him the same thing again and i already told aunty and uttara to be in room until u come back.
sanskar- there is no need of such drama. whatever you did is alright but we won’t be hiding from him. if he comes next time then i will confront him.
swara- maa i am hungry. let’s cook the dinner.

sanskar- [hearing swara] no you are not going to do any work. you are not well. go and take rest and no excuses.
swara went in room and changed and came out after sometime.
she was shocked to see sanskar in kitchen cooking with sumi.
swara- sanskar what are you doing.
sanskar- [putting vegetables in fry pan] helping maa. why you came out. do you need anything.
swara- no you go and take rest. you must be tired. i will help maa.
sanskar- i think i already told you to take rest and i am not going to hear anything from you. if you don’t want to go in the room then sit on the chair there and don’t disturb us.
swara sat on chair seeing his stubbornness. she looked his every action and he asking sumi about what to do next and how to do. tanmay too came there and saw everything amused and sat with swara.tanmay and swara have developed a great bond in these months. tanmay asks swara for food and coffee and other matters as she is his own bhabhi.
tanmay-[to swara] this is a different shade of him i am seeing. he loves you so much.
swara- hmmm. his love, care and the way to express it is what makes him special and makes me to love him more with every passing day, minute and second.
tanmay- is being in love so special?

swara- yes it is. in all it gives you a different feel. when you will love you will get to know. you already know that i am not his first love and he also isn’t mine first love but yes he is only the true love of my life. infact it can be said that it’s our first love because what we had earlier was can say attraction or infatuation because love is what i do to sanskar and he does to me.. you know what once situation was that i fell in river from a cliff and i was nowhere to be found and police declared me dead and everybody believed but sanskar didn’t. he could feel that i am alive. he kept on finding me and others thought he gone mad but no he was right and finally he found me.
swara- [realising something] [in her mind] it means sanskar is only my true love and first love too. and i am his first and true love because he never felt like this for kavita as he feels for me. i should tell him. yeah but how? it should be special.
done with this part.

precap- same as before, flashback continues.

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