SWASAN: ONLY FOR YOU [EPI-25] sanskar waiting outside the room worriedly.
the door opened and sanskar started firing his questions.
sanskar- what happened to swara? why she fainted? is she still unconscious? when will she gain consciousness? can i meet her?please say something.
doctor aka girl’s mother- if you allow
sanskar- ohh i am so sorry. please tell me how is she.
doctor- she is fine now but unconscious. and she fainted because of 2 reasons. due to some kind of shock and weakness her bp was low but don’t worry i have injected her and the other reason is because of you. you should take full care of her in……..
sanskar only registered the line that she fainted because due to shock and other reason because of you. he assumed things in his own way and without listening completely ran inside the room leaving all confused.they all too came behind him inside.

sanskar sat beside swara and holded her hand.
sanskar -[tears flowing from his eyes]- swara i talked about aadarsh bhai after so long that’s why you were shocked naa. i am so sorry. i promise i will not talk about him from now. please open your eyes. i won’t keep myself away from you. i will share all my pain with you. open your eyes and talk to me once. i will sort out everything. please.
sanskar forgot about the surroundings and kept on blabbering to swara to open her eyes and talk to him.
doctor kept hand on his shoulder and sanskar looked at her.
doctor- she is completely fine
sanskar- [teary eyes] then why is she not opening her eyes.
doctor- i said that her bp was low so i have injected her. due to the medicines effect she will gain senses after sometime. be calm.
sanskar nodded and looked at swara.

doctor- and one more thing you need to take more care of her now onwards as she is expecting.
sanskar- [did not understand what the doctor meant] what is she expecting doctor.
doctor- [smiling] i mean to say you are going to become a father.
sanskar- i am going to become father that’s ok but what is she expecting. [in his griefs sanskar is not understanding/realising what doctor is saying.] doctor- [frowned] obviously babies.
sanskar- [without thinking and realising] ohh
everyone in the room was hell confused at sanskar’s behaviour. sanskar was sitting holding swara’s hand and was staring her.after 2 minutes or so he jumped from his place and looked at the doctor.
sanskar- [shocked face] what did you say a while ago.
doctor- [understood that sanskar realised it now and thought to tease him a bit] [serious tone] she fainted due to shock and her bp is low.
sanskar- [impatiently] no no after that
doctor- [thinking] she is unconscious due to injection’s effect[smiled seeing sanskar’s changing expression] and will gain consciousness after an hour.
sanskar-[annoyed] no maam after that.
doctor- after that i didn’t said anything.
sanskar- [happily] no you said that swara is expecting and i am going to become father.
doctor- [with uncertain expression] really did i said that.
sanskar- [sad as doctor denied but still hopeful] no you said that swara is expecting babies.
doctor- no i think you are mistaken.
the girl and her father smiled at her mother/his wife teasingness.
sanskar -[in mind] i heard she said that swara is expecting but now she is denying. ohh god my head will blast today. what is all this happening.
sanskar kept his palm on his face and arched his neck back to relieve himself.
doctor seeing his tensed condition- sorry for teasing you and congratulations.[sanskar snapped to look at doctor] she is expecting and you are going to be a father.
sanskar’s happiness has no boundries.but he wanted to be confirm.
sanskar- really

doctor- [smiling] really. i guess she is one or one and half months pregnant.
sanskar in happiness twirled doctor multiple times and held her from shoulder and thanked her.
sanskar- thank you, thank you so much maam. i am going to be father. swara is going to be mother. wow such a great news.
he sat beside swara and holding her hand- swara we are going to be parents. swara come in senses quickly. i can’t wait to give this news to you.
sanskar-[to doctor] don’t you have any medicine to bring her to consciousness now. i can’t wait for 1 hour.
doctor- i can understand your excitement but you need to wait. and one more thing tomorrow get her all tests done. she is one and half months pregnant.
sanskar- ok and thank you so much for the news.

doctor- you hand is bleeding. come will do your dressing.
sanskar [looking at swara and caressing her face and hair]- i am fine. and dressing i will do it after sometime. if you don’t mind, i want to stay with swara for sometime.
doctor nodded and they left the room.
sanskar- swara we are going to be parents. i can’t believe it. i am waiting for you to open your eyes and seeing your reaction on knowing this. someone will call me papa.[keeping hands on swara’s belly] baby this is your papa. i am the first one talking to you. can you listen me. i am so happy to know that you are coming into our life. papa loves you a lot. i am waiting for you.
sanskar kissed on swara’s belly and then on her forehead. he was holding her hand and staring her continously.
after sometime sanskar heard guitar playing sound. he came out of room giving a kiss to swara. the same girl was playing guitar. he came near her and seeing him she stopped and stood up.

sanskar recalled that she is the same girl he saved and got a bit angry.
sanskar- you are the same girl who was crossing the road carelessly right.
the girl nodded smilingly.
girl’s parents came there hearing sanskar’s voice.
sanskar- [hands across his chest]why are you smiling. you have not done a great job. you were about to get hit by a car. do you even realise that if anything happened to you what would have your parents done.
sanskar- [seeing her smiling continuously] i am scolding you and you are smiling.
girl- i love you
sanskar- [shocked] whatt…
girl- what what i said i love you [sanskar widens his eyes] don’t be so shocked. accha will you be my brother.[girl’s parents smiled while sanskar again shocked] sanskar-[composing himself] you are asking a stranger to be your brother. are you kidding.
girl- no i’m not. i am damn serious and you are not any stranger but the one who risked his life to save mine’s like a perfect brother.

sanskar was shocked and surprised to hear her answer.
sanskar- i saw you in danger that’s why i helped you. anyone else would have done the same.
girl- you are elder to me and you know this world better than me and you also know that no one risks their own life to save some random person as you did. [with attitude] and i am clearly saying you that i am not going to thank you for this. just accept to be my brother.
sanskar- [amused by her answer and her attitude] and i don’t agree to be your brother then?
girl- [teary eyed] then go to hell
she turned other side.
sanskar- oh so new found unknown sister got angry.
girl- [happily turning to him] it means you agreed.
sanskar- i hope i called you sister now.
girl- yeyyy. mom dad he agreed.[the girl side hugged sanskar while sanskar was a bit shocked again by her sudden move but then patted on her head.] thank you.
sanskar- now can i have the honour to know your name.
girl- ya ya why not. i am rashika malhotra and they are my mom dad-nikita malhotra and risabh malhotra. as you know mom is doctor and dad is business man and i am a lovely girl. i am in class 9 and now in my family you are my brother.[she said all this with so much of excitement and all others were smiling at her.] i have told everything. now you tell me about yourself.
sanskar- hmm so my name is sanskar and inside, she is my wife swara and i have one more sister uttara and sumi maa, this is my complete family and now you are my younger sister now and yaa how can i forget the soon to be coming member will add in my family.
risabh- [came forward and shook hands] nice to meet you. and thanks for saving my daughter. thanks is very small word for what you have done.
sanskar- no it’s completely alright sir.
nikita- i think you all can talk later. sanskar your dressing. it’s necessary otherwise it will get infected. so shall i.
sanskar nodded and nikita cleaned and bandaged his hand.
sanskar- thank you.
nikita- not needed. it is my duty.
rashika- ok now tell me what should i call you brother, bro, bhaiyaa, veerji..
sanskar- bhai you call me bhai. uttara also calls me bhai only.
rashika- cool bhai you know you are the first one to scold me.

sanskar- [amazed] why haven’t you got scoldings from anyone else.
rashika- no no one dares to scold me and dad does not allow anyone to me. you are the first one and dad also could not say anything to you.
sanskar looked at rishabh
risabh- yes because i love my daughter so much but you were right and so i didn’t stop you.
sanskar- [smiled] [to rashika] from next time cross the roads properly. be careful and….
rashika- now don’t start again.
sanskar- that’s for your safety. [seeing rashika annoyed face] so you were playing guitar.
rashika- yaa i am learning from cutie maam
sanskar- cutie maam
rashika- [giggling] your wife aka our music teacher.
sanskar- so you call swara cuite maam.
rashika- yaa she is so cute and so lively. i love her a lot.
sanskar smiled.
nikita- you both talk we will join you later.

rashika- ok mom.
sanskar- i think you have not learnt completely that’s why the tune was not coming perfect.
rashika- yaa but don’t worry i will learn it soon.
sanskar- shall i play for you.
rashika- do you know
sanskar- yes i and swara love to play guitar.
sanskar started playing swara’s favourite tune.
in the room.

swara gained consciousness and she slowly opened her eyes. the unfamiliar environment confused her. then she heard guitar sound and her favourite tune. a smile formed on her lips and first picture came in her mind was sanskar. but soon reality struck her and she remembered the accident and immediately got up taking sanskar’s name.
swara- [getting down the bed and panick] sanskar where is he and where am i. [tears rolled down her cheeks and she came out of room] swara was still weak and felt somewhat dizzy but sanskar’s and the car approaching him, this scene worried her and she was restless. she came out and saw someone playing guitar.
swara- [faint voice] sanskar
here rashika and sanskar were facingthere back towards swara and could not hear her voice.
swara gained strength and walked towards sanskar taking his name.
she almost reached sanskar and again took his name and this time sanskar heard it and stopped playing guitar and looked back.
sanskar was happy to see swara and came upto her.
sanskar- [holding swara] swara are you alright.why you came here.

swara-[teary eyed] sanskar you are alright. nothing happened to you[cupped his face] you know how i felt seeing that car about to hit you. you did not get hurt anywhere.[she looked sanskar from top to bottom and saw bandage on his hand] this bandage.
sanskar- swara just some scratches. leave all this i want to tell you something.
swara- haan[swara again felt dizzy and holded her head] sanskar- [worried] swara are you alright
sanskar picked up swara and moved in the room. rashika went to call her mother and told her about swara gaining senses and again feeling dizzy.
in the room
sanskar gently placed swara on bed and adjusted pillow to comfort her.
sanskar- swara water[passing a glass full of water] swara drank it.

sanskar- feeling better.
swara- haan.[scolding] why you ran on the road. are you mad. if something happened to you then.
sanskar- woh i saw a car approaching a girl and so to save her.
swara- [concerned] how is she.
sanskar- she is fine. she was standing there beside me in hall.
swara-[remembering] ummm yaa i saw. she was [thinking] rashika.
sanskar- yes rashika your student.[seing swara’s confused face] we are in her home. you fainted so i brought you here as her mother is a doctor.
sanskar- [happily] i want to tell you something.
swara- [remembered sanskar telling about aadarsh outside school] yaa you were telling about aadarsh bhai.
sanskar happy expression changed into sad and angry.
sanskar- i don’t want to talk about that. i want o tell..[interrupted] swara- sanskar please you have my vow. tell me what were you telling in the school. and please this time don’t keep things in your heart.
sanskar- swara[closing his eyes to control himself] what is the need to give your vow for small things. i would have told you this later
swara- sanskar please.
sanskar- ok in office[sanskar tells the complete office incident] sanskar- i don’t understand when we are not interferring in their life, we came far from them then also why is he back of us. i will never forgive him for what he has done.

swara- [cupped his face and with tears in her eyes] sanskar don’t think about him. we didn’t knew that he will stoop so low. you don’t be sad. everything will be alright. we will again start afresh. you don’t loose hope. i am with you.
sanskar smiled seeing her love and kissed on her forehead.
sanskar- swara i was sad but now i am the happiest person in the world. i came to meet you because you are the medicine of all my pain and see today also you took away all the pain by this wonderful news.
swara- [confused] which news
sanskar- [cupped her face] swara i am going to be a father. you are one and half months pregnant.
swara just stared in his eyes for sometime and then pinched him.
sanskar- ouch. why you pinched me.

swara-[in shock] it means this is real. means[happily and tears of happiness flowing from her eyes] sanskar i am going to be mother.
swara- [keeping hands on her stomach] our baby is inside me. [hugged sanskar] sanskar i am pregnant. our first child.
sanskar- [hugging back tightly] why are you crying.
swara- i am not crying. i am happy that’s why tears are coming in my eyes. thank you.
sanskar- no swara thankyou for being in my life.[sanskar again pecked her forehead] nikita and rashika fake coughed from behind.
swasan broke the hug and sanskar stood up.
done with this part.

precap- swara’s mood swings, swayyam birthand end of flashback in the next one or two episodes.

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