swayyam convinced for maheshwari’s coming next day and swasan sighed in relief.
swara- swayyam now change your dress and sleep.
swayyam- [involved in watching sinchan] hmmm…
swara- sanskar please you change him. i will remove my mehndi till then.
sanskar- hmm.[he is also watching sinchan with his champ]
swara- [unbelievable look] sanskar from when have you become so childish. you are watching cartoon as if you are a child.
sanskar- ohh hello when you watch it with champ then. now i am watching then i am acting childish. huh!
sanskar- champ let’s change. we will watch it later.
swayyam and sanskar changed while swara removed her mehndi and did other works. she went in washroom to change.

in mm
dp- aadarsh i want to talk to you
aadarsh- papa can we please talk in morning. i will answer all your questions, but please in morning.
dp- ok.
in hotel-swasan room
when swara came out she saw swayyam sleeping over sanskar while sanskar patting his back with closed eyes. she smiled.
she came and sat beside sanskar and caressed his hair. sanskar opened his eyes and smiled at her.
swara- sanskar you are ok naa.
sanskar- hmmm.
swara- he slept so quickly
sanskar- must be tired. after all he did so much masti today.
he slowly placed swayyam on bed and covered him with blanket. he got up from bed and came and stood near window looking outside.
swara came behind him and leaned on his shoulder holding his arm.

swara- sanskar you can share what you are feeling. i am sorry for inviting them. i thought about uttara. i didn’t knew all this will happen. i am so sorry.[tear skipped swara’s eyes.]
sanskar- sshhhh swara [wiped her tears and cupped her face] you don’t need to be sorry. in fact it’s good that you called them.
swara looked at him confused.
sanskar- don’t be confused [hugging her sideways] when you said that you called them, i was angry but then i thought why should i be angry even. what happened 4 years ago was our past. you know when they came and i saw them then flashes of past came across my mind but i didn’t feel any pain. you know why?
swara looked at him raising her head from his chest

sanskar- because to be frank they don’t matter to me.what matters is you and swayyam. my life starts with you both and will end at you both. i don’t want anyone else. yaa they were my family and that thing always pinch me that my family didn’t trust me, but more than that this realisation every second that you trust me and my champ in my life takes away all my sorrows. they will always be connected to me as i have blood relation with them, they have grown me up but any relation it may be without trust it’s a complete failure.
sanskar- you know i have realised that i wasted my 6 months thinking about their distrust. [playfully] i could have romanced you and teased you in those 6 months. but i wasted that time but now you know i won’t waste even a single minute.
he tightened his grip on swara’s waist while swara widens her eyes in shock. sanskar caressed her cheeks sensuously and swara came in senses and blushed. she hit his chest with her hands and tried to move.
swara- sanskar leave me. you just need a chance. shameless
sanskar- [huskily] only for you
swara- sanskar swayyam is sleeping. he will wake up.
sanskar- i have given him correct name, your bodyguard. since i got the news that you are expecting, from that day i have struggled to romance with you. i have to find chances to romance with my own wife.
swara- haaan toh. don’t say anything to my baby.
sanskar- i know i can’t dare to speak about him otherwise i am gone. you know sometimes i feel jealous of champ when he snuggles in you and sleep. i also feel like to have that place.

swara- haww jealous of your son. very bad.
sanskar- so what could i do. but i love my champ so much. today when he stood for me, i felt so proud and overwhelmed by his love i can’t say. but when i saw his tears for me it really stabbed my heart. i want to give all the happiness to my champ. i will support him in every condition. i don’t want him to suffer as i did. thanks to you who was there for me always.i love you.[he hugged her]
swara- [hugging him back] i love you too.
sanskar- swara i don’t know what i feel for them[maheshwari’s] or do i even feel or not but for now i want somethimg from you.
swara- what
sanskar- you
swara- [hesitantly and shy] sanskar ..swayyam…. is sleeping…….. on the bed. how can we…..
sanskar- swara we have a sofa in this room too.
swara- but sanskar… what if …he …wakes.. up.
sanskar- he won’t please.
swara just tightened her grip and sanskar understood that she agreed. he picked up swara and placed her on sofa while swara was looking away avoiding his gaze.
sanskar sat beside her and held her chin to make her look into his eyes. their eyes met and only love could be seen in their eyes.

sanskar leaned over her in sitting position. and kissed on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose tip, chin and stared at her lips and then her eyes. swara closed her eyes in acceptance and sanskar placed his lips on her. they kissed tenderly yet passionately and parted away to catch their breath.
sanskar opened his shirt buttons and threw his shirt on the floor and looked at his bare chest and lowered her eyelashes being shy. sanskar came over her and again kissed her on lips and bite her lower lips and she gasped. her one hand ruffling his hairs and the other caressing his back. he sucked her for long to soothe her pain and finally parted.
sanskar- [in swara’s ears] swara why are you so shy everytime. we have a son also then too.
swara- [with closed eyes and blushing crimson red] sanskar because everytime i feel new with your every touch. i feel myself as the most special girl in this world when you are with me. sanskar love me as you wish. i am all yours.
sanskar just stared her overwhelmed. finding no movement swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar staring her.

swara- what happened sanskar
sanskar- why do you love me so much
swara- i don’t know. i just love you and that’s what i know.
sanskar- i love you too.
he kissed on her forehead and caressed her cheeks with the back of his hand and pecked her lips and started giving lingering kisses on her nape. swara was moaning slowly. soon there clothes were on floor and they were in a different world. sanskar kissed every inch of her body. he was soft and gentle. he wanted to pour out all his love for her and show her that how special she is. he romanced her for long and then finally looked at her and caressing her hair.
sanskar- swara may i?
swara- [breathing heavily] sanskar…i already told ..you…i am all..yours. love..me..as …you wish.
sanskar kissed on her forehead and then interwined his fingers with hers and kissed on her lips and entered in her simultaneously.they were making love and swara kept her one hand on her mouth to stop her loud moans as not to wake up swayyam and meanwhile sanskar explored her. they finally climaxed and rested there for sometime.

after sometime
swara- [shaking sanskar] sanskar sanskar
sanskar- [sleepy]hmm..
swara- get up and dress yourself
sanskar- why
swara- sanskar we have lots of work to do and in morning if swayyam wakes up before us then. get up and get into the bed and rest properly.
sanskar- [looking at swara] swara your embrace is the best place to rest. condition might be anything but i can live if i get the warmth from you.
swara was lost in his eyes but then composed herself.
swara- sanskar for now please try to understand. what if swayyam [avoiding eye contact in shyness] sees..us…like ….this. so let’s ..dress…up and..get..into…the b.ed.
sanskar obeyed her and both went on bed after wearing their clothes.
both layed on opposite sides of swayyam. swayyam in sleep turned and snuggled in swara and swara wrapped her arms around him and kissed his forehead.
sanskar saw this and said.
sanskar- [childishly] see i also want this treatment from you.
swara- don’t be jealous of my son.

sanskar -[coming close and keeping his hand on her waist while maintaining space in between not to suffocate swayyam] i am not jealous. you know i love to watch you two sleep like this. i don’t know how he identifies that you are beside him. i mean whenever you sleep beside him he snuggles in you even if he is in sleep.
swara- a person identifies their parents, their love and their child’s presence without even looking at them. that’s why my baby identifies that i am beside him.
swara- moreover you too feel my and swayyam’s presence when we am around you, right.
sanskar- yes because you and champ are my everything.
sanskar kissed swayyam and swara on their forehead and slept keeping his one hand wrapped around swayyam and swara.swara smiled on his gesture.
swara saw them and remembered their beautiful days when swayyam was born, sanskar’s care towards swara during her pregnency and sanskar protective and caring towards swayyam. thinking all these she too slept.
——————————————-here author is showing flashback and not in anyone’s pov respectively.——————————————
aadarsh tried to take away sanskar’s job and sanskar heard his conversation with his boss and he himself resigns and frustrated was coming out of office when tanmay stopped him. sanskar told everything to tanmay and left to meet swara. he was waiting outside swara’s school and swara came out and met him. sanskar started saying about aadarsh and office drama when he saw a car approaching a girl who was crossing road carelessly and ran to save her. sanskar pushed the girl and swara seeing car about to hit sanskar was shocked and shouted his name and fainted.

swara fainted. the school students, teachers and parents standing outside the school saw her fainting and surrounded her to know what happened.
while on the other side. sanskar pushed the girl and the car almost approached sanskar but the girl while falling on the side of road pulled sanskar’s hand and both got saved. the girl and sanskar got slightly hurt on their hands. a man approached them.
man- [panick] [to the girl] beta are you fine. did you get hurt. ohh god it’s bleeding from your hands.
girl- dad i am fine.[yes the man is the girl’s father]
the man helped the girl to stand up while sanskar himself stood up and started scolding the girl.

sanskar- [angry] are you out of your mind. can’t you see and cross the road. what if you met with accident. if you don’t know to cross the road then don’t walk on the roads. if i wouldn’t have come on time, do you even realise what would have happened.
before the girl or her father could say anything something else caught sanskar’s attention.
a passerby- [to a student passingby] hey what happened there. why there is so much crowd.
student- woh the music teacher of our school fainted.

as soon as music teacher word hit sanskar’s ear he turned around to look at the crowd.
sanskar- [tensedly] swara
sanskar immediately ran across the road and entered in the crowd while the girl and her father followed him.
sanskar saw swara on the ground unconscious. he rushed to her and put her head on his lap and patted her cheeks.
sanskar- [while patting her cheeks] swara swara please open your eyes. swara.
sanskar panicked. the girl whom sanskar saved forwarded her water bottle opening it.
girl- sprinkle water. may be she gain’s consciousness.
sanskar- [took the bottle] thanks
sanskar sprinkled water on swara’s face and she slightly opened her eyes. sanskar kept the bottle aside and cupped her face.

sanskar- swara swara are you ok. swara
swara- [murmur with half opened eyes and everything appearing black] sanskar.
sanskar- haan haan swara i am here only. [seeing swara closing her eyes] swara don’t close your eyes. swara
swara once again murmured sanskar’s name and fainted.
sanskar- swara don’t close your eyes. talk to me dammit. i am here only.[tears rolled down his cheeks].
sanskar- hospital haan
girl’s father- hospital is half an hour way. my wife is a doctor and my house is nearby. if you don’t mind come with us.
sanskar agreed seeing swara’s condition. he picked her up and followed the girl and her father and placed her in the car and himself sat in keeping swara’s head on his lap and tried waking her up.

they reached the girl’s home and girl’s mother saw them. the girl told her mother to check swara and they took her in a room and sanskar placed her on bed.
girl’s mother- [to sanskar]you wait outside i will check her.
sanskar unwillingly came out and was pacing outside the door. he was just thinking of swara and nothing else. he did not bother to even talk to the two other people [girl and her father] standing there.
done with this part.

precap- flashback continues.

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