the function was at it’s end and guests were slowly departing from there. we can see[actually we cannot but can imagine] swara running behind swayyam.
swara- swayyam baby please listen to your mumma. have your dinner baccha. swayyam.
swayyam- no mumma first you do that everyone is doing. then i will eat.[ swayyam is talking about mehndi. swara has not applied mehndi. such acaring child naa]
swara- swayyam i will do it after you have your dinner pakka.
swayyam- no first you do that then i will eat.
swara was frustrated running.- champ now papa will catch you wait i am sending him.
swara went to call sanskar. here swayyam was standing near maheshwari’s. aadarsh called him and swayyam went to him.
aadarsh- hey champ why aren’t you eating
swayyam- because mumma is not listening to me.i know she will forget to do that [pointing towards mehndi in tray]. so i am not eating [awww.. how nice naa]
maheshwari’s were astonished to listen swayyam.
aadarsh- oo accha you told me not to call you baby but your mumma calls you baby only.
parineeta- [in mind] why is aadarsh so friendly with him. this is not right. i will have to distance them.
swayyam- ohoho big uncle she is mumma. she can call me baby but you don’t call.ok
aadarsh- ok [saw swasan coming] champ your mumma papa coming go.
swayyam ran from there and swasan were chasing them. finally sanskar caught him.
sanskar- champ why are you troubling mumma. come have your dinner.
swayyam- no papa. first tell mumma to do that.
sanskar- [confused] do what
swayyam- that there in everyone’s hand. only mumma doesn’t have that.
sanskar- [understood that swayyam is talking about mehndi] hmmm champ you are right. [to swara] swara why haven’t you applied mehndi. chalo let’s put mehndi in your hands.
swara- sanskar i need to make him eat. how can i apply mehndi.
sanskar- champ she is also right [swayyam made pout] soolution
swayyam- what

sanskar- today papa will feed champ while mumma put mehndi. ok champ.
swayyam- ok mumma now put that in your hand.
swayyam dragged swara for putting mehndi while sanskar brought food plate.
swara forwarded her hand and getting her mehndi done. and swayyam sat beside her observing it very keenly.
sanskar came and sat in front of swayyam on a chair.
sanskar- [smiled seeing swayyam observing mehndi on swara’s hand] champ now have your dinner.
swayyam opened his mouth and sanskar feeded him. swara was admiring this father son jodi.
swara- [to sumi and uttara] maa , uttara did you both eat.
sumi- haan i ate and tanmay fed uttara. [uttara blushed]
swara- nikita ji you all had your dinner.
rashika- haan we had and now papa is also having his along with jiju. see there. now don’t ask about every single person. all are mature and they know how to eat.
everyone laughed while swara made a pout.

swara’s pov
life has so much up’s and down. sanskar and i faced difficulties together and always won.sorrows were there but it became beautiful when my swayyam came in this world. we forgot all our sorrows and are leading a happy life. uttara has also got a true life partner. i am happy for her. everything is going well and smooth. i feared today that what will happen when the whole maheshwari family will come to attend the function, but to my surprise sanskar was least bothered about this fact when they arrived, although he got angry when i told him about inviting them. i know he is upset but not showing it and swayyam presence is also a fact which easily diverts his mind.as the function was going in flow everyone was engrossed in it but i saw maa lost and upset sometimes. i know she must be willing to talk to ragini and wish to meet ayush. i also want to meet ayush.he must have grown up. but for now first priority is uttara’s marriage.
pov ends
sanskar- swara where were you lost
swara- nothing.swayyam baby you want to eat something more.
swayyam- no mumma i am full. but can i eat one chocolate.
swara- swayyam how many chocolates will you eat in one day. it is not good for your health.
swayyam- mumma only one more.
swara- no
swayyam- plz mumma
swara- only one
swayyam- pakka
swara- ok [swayyam happily went to get chocolate] such a chocolate freak he has become.
sanskar- in this matter he completely went upon you.[sanskar chuckled]
swara- ohh really.
sanskar- yup
swara- and in stubbornness and attitude he is like you.
sanskar- [shrugged] i am his father so obviously he will take some good qualities from me naa.
swara- haww such a shameless you are.
sanskar- huh! now open your mouth and have your dinner.
swara- let it be. i will have it after sometime by myself.
sanskar- i did not ask you. i am saying you to open your mouth so do so.
swara- no
swayyam – [coming to them with a chocolate in his hand] mumma see only one chocolate i took.
swara smiled.
sanskar- champ see your mumma is not eating.
swara saw him open mouthed and wide eyes.
swayyam- why mumma
swara- beta i will eat after sometime.
sanskar- no champ she will forget. tell her to eat from my hands as she can’t eat by her own. she has put mehndi in her hands naa.
swara- no baby tell your papa to eat his dinner.
swayyam- stop
swasan became silent.
swayyam- papa you feed mumma and i will feed you. problem solved.
swayyam took a bite and fed swara and then the other bite he fed sanskar. then sanskar fed swara and swayyam was feeding sanskar and in between he was feeding swara. everyone else who saw them was admiring them.

after sometime sumi took uttara to room after she met maheshwari’s and rashika, her parents and swayyam along with them also went to their rooms.
[actually they all will stay in the hotel for that night. then next morning they will go to ss mansion which sanskar built in kolkata after uttmay engagement as it was decided that the wedding will be in kolkata, rest will be clear as the story proceeds]
here swasan were bidding bye to the guests. maheshwari’s waited till the end because they wanted to talk to swasan.
after all the guests left, sanskar started taking to the manager. he knew about maheshwari’s presence but avoided .swara a while ago went to see swayyam.
in hotel room upstairs
swara- swayyam you get your dress changed by nikita ji or rashika. nani and uttara bua are busy.
swayyam- no you do it.
swara- ok wait for some time. i will wash my hands then change.
swayyam- no mumma don’t wash it.
swara- then how will you change your dress
swayyam- call papa. he will change.
swara- ok he is in the hall. i will call him. you wait.
swara came downstairs and swayyam followed her after sometime.
here in hall
rp- sanskar we want to talk to you.
sanskar signalled the manager to go and turned to rp
sanskar- [expressionless and not looking at them] yes
rp- where were you these many years and you did not inform us about swayyam also
sanskar- [cold tone] i am not liable to inform you about all these.
dp- i think we have right to know about uttara atleast.
sanskar- you got the invitation
laksh temper rose.
laksh- [shouting] we are not any guest to be invited. we are family and we have the right to know about her marriage before hand.
sanskar- [angry] oh really. then where were you these years. you did not even bother to find or contact us.
laksh- i tried to call uttara but her number which we had was switched off. so we couldn’t find you all
sanskar- [tauntingly] you and your tries.
laksh got angry and held sanskar by his collar
aadarsh was just standing not knowing what to do.parineeta was enjoying the fight as if some drama is going on while ap, sujata and ragini were tensed to see all this.
swara reached there and shocked to see sanlak like this. she immediately came to sanskar and slightly pushed laksh to free sanskar.
swara- sanskar are you ok
sanskar- hmmm
swara- laksh what problem do you have haan.
laksh- ask your husband, blo*dy cheater.
ragini came to laksh and held his arm to calm him.sanskar fisted his hand in anger.
swara- [shouting] mind your words laksh
ragini- don’t shout at laksh. he didn’t say anything wrong
swara- ragini when will you be mature and think things clearly.
ragini- it’s you who need to see properly. you are blinded in his love.
parineeta- let it be ragini. whom are you speaking to. it’s her only for whom sanskar did all these. swara you are such a cheap person.
sanskar- [dangerous tone and blood shot eyes] not a word against swara otherwise you will see the worst.
for a moment everyone was feared from his tone.
laksh- we are not scared of you, so don’t try this on us.
swara- laksh stop all this now.
laksh- no i won’t and who are you to speak in between.
sanskar was raged – mr laksh maheshwari i said not a word for swara.
laksh- i will speak. what will you do.
sanskar was about to raise hand when he felt gripon his leg. he saw downwards and found swayyam hugging his leg. he immidiately calmed down.swara too saw him and became tensed. while they were fighting swayyam too came down and saw them fighting and rashika who came behind him saw all these went to call her parents and sumi and uttara. they came down.
sanskar- swayyam
everyone hearing swayyam’s name composed themselves and looked at him worried.
swayyam had tightly hugged sanskar’s leg.
swara bent down- swayyam when did you come down baby.
swayyam- no response
swara- [softly and lovingly]swayyam
swayyam left sanskar leg and went towards laksh
swayyam- [crying] you are bad uncle. you fought with my papa. [laksh felt hurt when swayyam said this] [wiping his tears] and you both are bad aunty. i will not talk to anyone of you.[swasan were in tears to see swayyam’s love towards them]
parineeta- hey you child how dare you to…[interrupted]
swasan/raglak/aadarsh- bhabhi/bhabhi/parineeta
parineeta looked at everyone as they shouted at her at the same time.
swara- don’t you dare say anything to my swayyam.
swara came and knelt in front of him and hugged him.
swara- swayyam don’t cry. go upstairs mumma will come soon.
swayyam- no[he ran to sanskar and opened his arms to indicate sanskar to pick him up and sanskar picked him up] papa they are not good. don’t talk to them. i will also not talk to them and i break friendship also.
swayyam was crying
sanskar- [wiping swayyam’s tears] champ you go upstairs. me and mumma are coming.
swayyam- [sobbing] no they will again fight with you. you come with me.
swara- [seeing swayyam] sanskar you go with swayyam
sanskar- but
uttara- bhai you go i am here.
swayyam- mumma
swara- baby you go mumma is coming. promise
sanskar took swayyam with him seeing his condition.sanskar tried to divert swayyam’s mind and come downstairs but swayyam was not leaving him.
here in hall
swara- mrs. maheshwari[to parineeta] never dare to say anything to my son. warna mujhse bura koi nahi hoga.
parineeta was hell angry and felt insulted- you..
aadarsh- parineeta keep quite
uttara- i was happy that you all came but you all destroyed it. what were you fighting about with sanskar bhai. what do you wanna know.
everyone was silent.
uttara- now why are you all silent. you wanted to know about where and how we lived. then listen,we lived in mumbai and everything went pretty well. didn’t mr. aadarsh maheshwari told you about us. [aadarsh was hurt to listen uttara calling him by name instead of bhai] he met bhai in mumbai 3 and half years ago and tried his cheap tricks there but you know what[to aadarsh] that day turned out to be the best day of our life. that day we came to know that a new member is coming in our life. our swayyam and with his arrival all the happiness came back to us.
everyone was shocked to know that aadarsh knew about sanskar living in mumbai and they looked at him and he looked down.
sujata- uttara what about the accident. i heard aadarsh telling about sanskar accident to parineeta.
uttara- sanskar bhai did not met with accident, instead rashika was crossing road and a car was speedig towards her. bhai only saved her.
rashika- yes and that’s why he is like a brother to me. but i did not knew that you all are his family, otherwise i wouldn’t have talked with you even and you[to aadarsh] are not my bhai. it was a mistake which i did by making relation with you all but i won’t continue my mistake. from now onwards i don’t know you all.
rashika ran to her room.
swara- [concerned] rashika
rishabh- we will see her don’t worry.
risabh and nikita went behind her.
uttara- do you all want to ask anything else.
swara- uttara calm down.
uttara- really bhabhi, you are saying this. you have seen how much bhai went through. then also.
swara- we are here for your wedding, not for all this. so be calm.
uttara turned other side to control herself.
swara- [to maheshwari’s] you all attend the wedding silently, it would be kind of you. tomorrow is haldi, i hope you all will come. and asking about our past would not give you anything.
uttara- attend the wedding only if you don’t create any mess over there. [saying this uttara left and all saw in the direction uttara went]
swara- don’t mind her words. she is just angry.
maheshwari’s left for home with so much of confusion and question in their mind.
swara- maa[sumi] today you be with uttara.
swara checked on rashika once and finding her alright she went to uttara and calmed her and asked her to sleep.
she came to her room and saw swayyam and sanskar watching cartoon together. swayyam sitting on sanskar’s lap while sanskar wrapped his hand around him holding him.
swayyam as soon as saw her hugged her tightly.
swayyam- mumma did that bad people go. if they didn’t go i will send them.
swara- beta they went. and they are not bad people. we should not say like this about elders.
swayyam- no they are bad. they were shouting on you and papa. and that bad uncle was fighting with papa. you told naa that fighting is bad thing. bad people fight. good boy don’t fight. so they are bad. i will not talk to them. [sanskar was seeing swayyam’s love and innocence. he was overwhelmed to see his love and felt to be the luckiest person in this world to get such a child.]
swara- baby you are my good baccha. hai naa [swayyam nodded vigourously] so will listen to mumma naa. [he again nodded] they are not bad people.ok and they will come tomorrow at home. and my baby will behave with them nicely. ok
swayyam- no i will send them out. they will again fight.
swara did not know how to convince swayyam. she signalled sanskar to help.
sanskar- champ come here. [swayyam went to sanskar and he again made him sit on his lap and caressed his hair]
sanskar- champ they will come to attend the function tomorrow. they won’t fight because papa and champ will not talk to them. and champ will not send them because my champ is good boy and he always listen to his papa.
swayyam- pakka they will not fight.
sanskar- pakka
swayyam- ok i will not send them but i will not talk to them because i am angry and you also don’t talk.
sanskar- ok
swara breathed in relief that finally swayyam is convinced.
done with this part.

precap- flashback

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