SWASAN: ONLY FOR YOU [EPI-21] swasan joined their foreheads and had their eyes closed. everyone hooted and clapped for the wonderful performance but swasan were lost in eachother. they came to senses by a squeal of a child and a curve formed on their lips.
child- [clapping his hands and jumping in excitement] very good mumma-papa.
swasan looked at the child and smiled whole heartedly and knelt down in front of him. the child literally jumped on swara and hugged her.[ yes your guesses are right. he is our swayyam, swasan’s 3 year old son] here maheshwari’s are shocked to see swayyam calling swasan mumma and papa. and rashika standing there. sumi too was there standing with them.

swayyam- mumma you sang very well. and you are looking very pretty. [he kissed swara’s cheek] swara- [kissed him back on his both cheeks] thank you mera baccha. my baby is also looking very handsome and cute.

sanskar- [clearing his throat] aahmmm i am also here and by the way champ i sang the whole song and you are giving credit only to your mumma. very bad.
swayyam- yes because i am angry on you.[ he said this with a pout looking extremely cute and keeping his hand around swara’s neck and his face on her shoulder] sanskar- and why is my champ angry
swayyam- because you started without me and you did not tell me that you will sing this song.
sanskar- with ‘o’ expression. champ i also didn’t know that i will sing this song before i actually started singing that’s why could not inform you.[holding his ears] sorry and champ you were late. why did you sleep when you had to start the function.i had to call nani to wake u up[yes sanskar called sumi to come down in the last episode] swara- don’t scold my baby
sanskar- i was asking not scolding.accha now forgive me, please.

swayyam- [looked at swara and swara too told him to forgive him one last time] ok .
swayyam hugged sanskar and then kissed him too while sanskar pecked his forehead.
sanskar- come on let’s start the function. bua was waiting for you.
swayyam- i am going to bua.[swayyam ran towards uttara] rashika- bhai champ went. give some attention to this sister also, although she is not getting married.
sanskar- i didn’t knew you wanna marry. don’t worry will find someone for you too soon. [saying this sanskar chuckled] rashika- aunty, cutie maam see what bhai is saying.
sumi- he is pulling your leg. don’t concentrate on what he is saying.
swara- maa you go to uttara. i will see them.
sumi nodded and went from there to uttara. she saw the maheshwari’s but ignored. she knew that swara invited them.
swara- nikita ji and sir, where are they. they did not reach yet.
rashika- [sad]i called them. they must be coming any moment, they were stuck in traffic. [nikita and rishabh malhotra are rashika’s parents whom swara call as nikita ji and sir and sanskar calls as sir and maam respectively] sanskar side hugged her- missing them

rashika- yes bhai. it’s been three days without them. their work never ends. they should have come with us. but no. and now also they are late.
swara- accha when they will come then we will scold them. for now start the programme you planned. it’s high time.
rashika- ok.
here uttara tanmay sumi and swayyam were talking and swasan joined them too.
swara- swayyam baby rashika bua is going to start the programme. she told that you are going to perform.
swayyam- yes mumma. rashika bua taught me everything. i will do it and then you clap for me ok.
swara- ok but what are you going to do.
swayyam- mumma it is my and rashika bua’s secret.

on stage-
rashika- ladies and gentleman a very warm welcome to you all. i think you all are bored but don’t worry the programme is going to start with the first performance from my buddy. huge round of applause for him.
everyone clapped and swayyam jumped from uttara’s lap and dragged tanmay and uttara to stage saying come i need you both for my performance.
song started playing[it is matargasti song from movie tamasha] matargasti khuli sadak pe, pakdi tadak bhadak me
oole gire sulagte se, sulagte se sadak me
chatri naa thi bagal me, aaya hi naa akal me
ki bhage hum ya bheege hum akad me toh soccha phir
gila hua hai jo sukhana hooohoaho
chahe janana ya mardana hohohoho attention
pheka naya pasa phir de gayi jhansa.
anway mujhe phansa teri aise ki ho taise zindagi
pheka naya pasa phir de gayi jhansa
anway mujhe phansa chirkut zindagi you know.
[swayyam danced moving his hands in air in different forms and then showed rain water falling on him and he looked beside him and found no umbrella. he took out his hanky and placed on his head and then tried to show that he is drying it. every move of his tried to express the music. he moved his hips and did many dance moves cutely. his small hands moving and his expressions while dancing was adorable. everyone enjoyed the dance and clapped when the dance was over.] as the dance ended swayyam ran to swara.
swayyam- [breathing heavily due to dance] mumma… i danced good naa
swara- [picked him up in his arms and wiping his sweat] my baby is the best and his dance was best too.
a couple came from back and- yes champ is the best.

swayyam- dada, dadi yeepiee you came. where is my chocolate
[it is risabh and nikita. swayyam calls them dada and dadi as rashika taught her.] swara- baby why you always ask for chocolate. it’s bad manners [swayyam made a pout and swara sighed] risabh checking his pockets- sorry champ i think i forgot to bring
swayyam- [disappointed] you forgot.
nikita-[warning tone] risabh
risabh- [smiled] how can i forget. here take it[he took out chocolates from inside of his coat and swayyam was very happy] risabh- champ you are forgetting your return gift
swayyam kissed both risabh and nikita while being in the arms of swara.

swasan, sumi and uttmay greeted them and rishita[risabh+nikita] congratulated them.
risabh- looks like someone is angry on us [while looking at rashika who did not look at them] rashika- [without looking at them] why would i be angry. who am i to be angry.
rishita- [holding their ears] sorry
rashika-[melted] ok this time i forgave you. [hugged them] i missed you both.
rishita- [hugging back] we too missed you
rashika- accha now i have to go for the next performance. [to tanmay] jiju where is your idiot cousin.
tanmay- ummm i don’t know.
boy- i am here and it took me time to get ready, after all i have too look good while performance. sorry for being late.
rashika- harshit[the boy’s name, he is tanmay’s cousin] now come.
here maheshwari’s were all confused seeing the new faces and they felt like strangers even though it was their daughter’s marriage. the situation was awkward for them as they can’t involve in the function in any way other than being silent spectators for the programme.
on stage- rashit[rashika+harshit] made announcement.
rashika- so now next we would like to show you the journey of our couple till now
harshit- how they met, how their love blossomed and their journey till today.
rashika- yes it is love marriage so here we go.
different pics were shown through projector and rashit were enacting some moments of their life.
1st pic:- uttara and tanmay pics separately and a pic of railway station in between.
rashik:- they first met each other at mumbai railway station about 4 years 2months ago.
harshad- actually not met but dashed each other.
saying this they enacted the part when uttmay first met and were introduced to each other by sanskar.

rashika- they faced each other almost everyday but interacted very less.
harshit- tanmay bhai realised very early that he had fallen for my bhabhi infact he fell for her the very first time he saw her but never expressed as he was afraid of sanskar bhai.[harshit chuckled while tanmay here was hell embarassed and uttara was shy] rashika- his conditon was like his love was in front of him but he didn’t utter a word. it will be better if we show you how
song was played-
[dekha hai tujko jabse hai main toh hill gaya
lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya ]*2
harshit- he always tried to behave properly in front of uttara bhabhi but did mistakes in panick.
rashika- they many times fought, no actually jiju got scolded by di because jiju never replied her back and waited for her to herself realise his love for her.
mummy se kya daddy se bhi milaunga tujhe

arre jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta hai kyun galat,palat
[tera dhayan khidhar hai ye tera hero idhar hai]*3
toh palat, tujhe itni bhi khabar hai ki tera hero idhar hai
[tera dhayan kidhar hai ye tera hero idhar hai]*2
rashit danced on these lines showing the situation.
harshit- then bhai sometimes used to go to her college and met her saying that he came there for some work and often asked her to join in for coffee.
rashika- someone recognised his love but it was not di.hahaa
harshit- swara bhabhi found out that tanmay bhai loves bhabhi and made him confess this when they all went for a movie and then swara bhabhi agreed to help him after confirming that he truly loves uttara bhabhi.
arree aa kahi coffee pilaun tujhe main
haaan aa koi picture dikhaun tujhe main
chaal le chal tujhko aise jagah
oo meri jane jaa jaha humko nahi ho kisi ki khabar

jahan lage lage naa kisi ki nazar
arre jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta hai kyun galat, palat
[tera dahyan kidhar hai ye tera hero idhar hai]*3
toh palat
tujhe itni bhi khabar haii ki tera hero idhar hai
[tera dahyan kidhar hai ye tera hero idhar hai]*2
rashika- then finally a day came when he confessed his love after taking sanskar bhai’s permission ofcourse. and this happened almost 2 years ago.
harshit- and here was the true test of bhai’s love. uttara bhabhi asked him time to think.she said that she trusts him and he is a good friend of her but for being in relationship she needs time to think. she also told him about her dream to work and be independent.
rashika- jiju is very nice person. he agreed to her working instantly and supported her in all the way. di took almost 6 months to say him i love you although she realised it within few days after jiju’s proposal.
ho kehta hai kyun mujse jamana,
arre haan nahi aasan hai tujko pana
aahhh tere nakre uthaun sanam
mujhko teri kasam
[taak doon chand ko, teri khidki pe main]*2

arre jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta hai kyun galat
arree palat
[tera dhiyan kidhar haiye tera hero idhar hai]*3
tujhe itni bhi khabar hai ki tera hero idhar hai.
[tera dhiyan kidhar hai ye tera hero idhar hai]*2
harshit- like this they confessed to each other
rashika- and finally after family’s consent they got engaged 6 months ago and today is their sangeet. huh finally day after tomorrow they will get hitched.
everyone clapped.
rashika- so from us a special performance for you both.
song wah wah ramji and rashit performing around uttmay.
harshit- wah wah ramji, jodi kya banayi
bhaiya aur bhabhi ko badhayi ho badhayi.
sab rashmon se badi haii jag me dil se dil ki sagayi
[uttmay angagement pics are shown in background]

rashika- aapki kripa se ye subh gadi aayi
[folding hands in front of swasan and tanmay’s family] jiji aur jija ko badhayi ho badhayi
sab rashmon se badi hai jag me dil se dil ki sagayi
harshit- wah wah ramji
rashika- wah wah ramji
harshit- wah wah ramji
[uttmay were blushing like hell] harshit- mere bhaiya jo chup baithe hai
dekho bhabhi ye kaise aaithe hai
[aise bade hi bhale hai]*2
maana thode machle hai
par aapke siva kahi bhi naa phisle hai
rashika- dekho dekho khud pe jiji itrayi
harshit- bhaiya aur bhabhi ko badhai ho badhai
rashhit- sab rasmon se badi hai jag me dil se dil ki sagayi
harshit- wah wah ramji
rasika- arree wah wah ram ji
harshit- wah wah ramji
rashika- suno jija ji aji aapke liye meri jiji ne bade tap hai kiye
mandiro me kiye phere
mandiro me kiye phere pooja sanjh sawere

teen lokpe ye dewo ko rahi ghere
harshit- jaise maine mangi thi waise bhabhi payi
rashika- jiji aur jija ko badhai ho badhai
rashita- sab raasmon se badi hai jag me dil se dil ki sagayi.
harshit -wah wah ramji
rashika- aree wah wah ramji
harshit- wah wah ramji.
rashika and harshit performed well and everyone clapped for them.
then uttmay were forced by rashita for a performance and so they danced on the song ‘sanam re’ romantically but in limits as family was present there. [i am not elaborating this part as it is not so necessary] done with this part.

precap- swasan dance and swasan -maheshwari’s encounter. mehndi and pov of maheshwari.

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