Swasan-we enough for each other (episode -2)

As somewhere said in holy books..path of truth is not so easy….destiny will test in different ways. ..sometimes it break us completely. ……the person who walk on it with faith and strength can only taste success
Swara is coming from market she has many load of packets ….people standing by seeing her
1 Man-can I hold your wait baby
2 Man-dont you think it’s big burden she looks expensive
1 Man-who cares if she satisfy me
Voice -i can satisfy you
Both-acp sanskar ….both run away
Sanskar -come i will drop you
Swara-no thanks
Sanskar snatch bags from swara’s hand and put it in his jeep and forcefully make swara sit in the jeep and drive off and stops outside a lonely park both comes down
Sanskar -this is my kavita’s park it’s her favourite park her grand father made it for her
Sanskar-kavita my love. …like u she was also a bengali. …..this world is against our relationship. …this society snatch her from me forever
Swara-are you okay
Sanskar -yeah …you must be thinking why I brought u…here
Swara nodes
Sanskar -swara the pain which u have kept in hurt just let it out in form of tears swara …..
Sanskar -swara you have to win a big fight you have to bear many things. .upcoming things wouldn’t be easy for you ..with heavy hurt you can’t fight like this
Swara break down and cries her pain is flowing from her eyes and sanskar is also seeing her with heavy heart …after sometimes
Sanskar -shh …swara calm down. ..you have to be strong
Swara -thanks Sanskar
Sanskar -my pleasure. ..by the way anyone told you you look white witch while crying
Swara-no one told me.she realise what he said. …..you I won’t leave u today.
Swara run after sanskar both spend good time
Sanskar -swara can we friends
Swara -yes
Sanskar-swara in any point of time u think u need me with out any hesitation call me
Sanskar -have u appointed lawyer
Swara-no tomorrow I will appoint
Sanskar -if you need my help
Swara -i will ask u
Sanskar -good

After sometimes they goes to their room
Next day
Swara went to see lawyer
Lawyer -ms swara you know I rajat garewal ….. I didn’t do anything in free …u know my fees it’s 40thousand only
Swara-tensed I didn’t that much but I will pay ur full fee …plzzz give me time
Rajat-are u came here to purchase scooter …which payment you will pay in installment …but I have a solution for you
Rajat-sleep with me …….
Swara-are you in your senses
Rajat-its just a fees for your so called case
Swara-i don’t need u …..
Gets up and go but rajat holds her and pins her to door
Rajat-this much attitude of a prostitude daughter …not good. …same like your mother you also will end up in some one bed
Swara-leave me …you bustard…my mom is not that
Rajat -i think your mom must be bomb. ..bad luck i didn’t Able to taste her …
Swara slap him hard ….
Rajat-you blo*dy b*t*h I won’t leave u today. …
He tears her dress from her shoulder and through her on sofa …..and remove his shirt but swara gets up and run towards door but rajat holds her and hit her head on Wall. . .but she somehow managed to push rajat and run from their …..she is running aimlessly in road ……all were seeing her running like mad …..
A group of goons see her they having photo of swara ….so they catch her and takes her with them

In jungle
Goon Leader talking on phone
GL-parvati ji the girl is with us …….ready our payment
Dadi-okay. ..but don’t kill her simply first break her self respect then …..u are good enough to understand
GL-smrikes by looking at swara
Swara understand ……goons where lustly looking at her and coming forward swara is lying on floor..blood is flowing from her head. She is moving her body backward..
Swara-plz leave me I beg of you please
Goon-sorry we have taken contract
Swara-plz if you want my body i will give you. ….only give me time till I win the case ..my mom get justice then I will give you my body myself ….folding both her hands. …..
Swara-trust me. .after that I will not back off ….her condition is becoming worse because of her head injury she is losing her consciousness if she faint she will loose everything
GL comes towards swara laughing and sit next to her
GL-i am doing this type of work from 15 yrs. ..lots of people do bargain with us in exchange of their life they give us every thing. But you …for your dead mother respect you are giving your dignity

Swara sitting in shock
Gl -go before I change my mind
Swara gets up with great difficulty. …and walk but stops by hearing him
Gl stands and comes toward her ….
Gl-you are fighting a big battle …keep yourself ready always this society is filled with people like parvati gadodiya. ..they are worse than us ……keep yourself alert always ……and till then keep this gun with u
Swara shockingly looks toward him
Gl-after u won through it away go now and take your mobile …..
Swara comes out of jungle with lot of difficulty and sit on stone which is placed on road side …..her phone started ringing
Swara attend it
Sanskar -swara where are you. .many people told about your kidnap. ….answer me damit
Swara-sanskar I don’t know where i it’s jungle outside the kolkatta
Sanskar -u waiting there is am coming
After one hour. …..sanskar reach to swara ….he becomes shock to see swara’s condition she is unconscious blood is coming from her head. ..he takes her to hospital. …ramta also came to hospital. ……….

At 1:00 clock
Swara gain conscious but she is still under medicine effect ram and sanskar is sleeping by hugging each other in sitting position on small bed which is for visitors and sujata is sitting on stool and caring swara’s head. ..swara assume her as sumi ….swara sits and tightly hugs sujata and cries. ..by her crying sound sanram gets up
Swara-maa where you gone leaving me …maa I will be good girl. ..I will never ask any questions to u ….done leave me …
Sujata-beta I am here only ..try break the hug but swara tighten the grip
Swara-maa u know that lawyer rajat. ….cries vigorously. ……and tell everything …by hearing her trio has tears and anger in their eyes …..swara falls in sleep because of medicine effect. ..
Sujata -beta may be we can’t teach her dadi a lesson but we can teach rajat a good lesson
Sanskar -sure maa

Next day
Sujata and sanskar goes to drop swara to her house then goes to rajat office and without any permission enter his cabin
Rajat-manner is this
Sujata -that what your mother forget to teach you…..
Rajat-what the
Sujata -don’t worry I will teach you. ….
Give tight slap
Rajat-how dare you. ..he rise his hand but sanskar stops him
Sujata-learn to behave with girls…..beta yesterday only I have done manicure I don’t want to spoil my hands by touching pig like him…..and many days happen in didn’t saw action movie
Sanskar -i will show you today …
He beats rajat
Sujata-childishly sanskar …give choke slam
Sanskar gives him some other slam
Sujata-sanskar it’s not choke slam ….
Sanskar -mom johncena does like that only
Sujata-stupid he does other slam choke slam is done by Kane
Rajat -is this wwe going on
At that time Rajat assistant comes he is weak in size sujata hold him
Sujata -i will do on him u do on rajat okay
Sujata does on him and same sanskar apply on rajat
Assistant -ayee sabji me faltu me lapete m agya
Sujata -next tym never dare to take advantage of girl ……
Sanskar -if you think to fill complain against us then I will charge many cases on u
Both went from their. …..

After a week
Hearing day….swara got lawyer but dadi lawyer is well known identity Sahil sen gupta
Swara is sitting with her lawyer and sanskar and ramta raglak janaki and dadi is sitting in audience and Shekhar with his lawyer
Judge comes. ..swara lawyer starts first
S.lawyer-my lord. .my client ms swara wants her rights from her father. ..who betrayed and left her mother. …and I don’t think we need to drag the case there is the dna report which say he is her dad
Sahil-well said ….but my lord as whole kolkatta know her mother shermistha bose is a characterless lady …and have a child without husband. ..and you know such ladies are known as prostitude …and rich people have hobbies to hotel there bed with such girls but they doesn’t give girls to their children …for proving I want to call shobha ji on witness box
Sahil -so shobha ji why you break all ties with shermistha ji
Shobha -because she was a carrying child without marriage
Sahil-oh. ..so before you didn’t stop her
Shobha-many times she use to tell lies to me . As she was going to her friends house but she go somewhere else. .always stay out …Late night party and all
Sahil-from her it’s clear shermistha ji is characterless girl
Judge -any cross questions
Sahil-next swara
Sahil-so swara …did you ever seen ur mother fight for her rights
Sahil-any thing discuss with u
Sahil-how she says when she is prostitude
Swara-no my mom is not that
Sahil-sorry every child her mother is queen …
Then sahil bring sumi ‘s teacher and neighbour from which he proved sumi is characterless
Sahil -i have proved sumi is prostitude of Shekhar and others and child of prostitude didn’t get any right
Judge-defence u want to say something
Lawyer -no

Judge-next discussion will be held tomorrow
Judge goes sahil smrikes and goes dadi comes to swara
Dadi-uff sumi must be thinking. …. .why i given birth to her….my remain respect also she kicked ……tomorrow my lawyer will prove u also a prostitude. ..and goes followed by Gd
Swara falls on her knees and cries her lawyer comes in her
Lawyer-i am sorry Swara i can’t ….I am leaving your case
Swara folds hand in front of him
Swara-plz don’t do it plz I beg of u…
Lawyer-i can’t win in front of sahil….and goes
Ramta and sanskar see her emotionally swara run away from their and in front of temple she break down. ..people surrounding to her abuse her
Swara-god does it did a mistake. ….for getting my mom respect I have insulted her in front of all world
Someone put hand on her shoulder she looks up
Sanskar -my friend doesn’t is stubborn she doesn’t share her pain with me but it’s my responsibility to support her ….swara is can’t lesser ur pain but I can help you in lawyer
Sanskar -my friend rabia she is best …..I have asked her and she is ready to help you
Swara-her fees
Sanskar -one big box of dms. …..
Swara-smiles little
That whole day is like hell for her everywhere where she gone people bad mouth her very badly

Next day
Judge-defence first
Rabia-judge sir Mr sahil has taken this case to different level this case is for swara’s right he takes it to her mother but dont mind still he has done my work…he himself proved shemish is in relationship
Rabia-judge want to cross question her neighbour…..so u tell me did u seen sumi with someone or some guys came late in her house or u seen her in unusual condition
Rabia-then on which basis you said sumi ji is characterless
Neighbour-she became mother without marriage
Rabia-that’s other thing ….it’s maybe be love failure result so on but prostitude is other thing …u may go …..now I want to question teacher
Rabia-so.simple question for u….why are you suspected for 3 yrs from college on 1998
Teacher-woh student complained against me that I am leaking question paper
Rabia-students or shermistha ji
Teacher-woh especially
Rabia-judge sir his both the vitness is useless
Sahil-still from shobha ji it’s clear shermistha is
Rabia-sahil ji your daughter anjali I heard she didn’t obey u and ur wife and she used to do late night party and all mini alcoholic so does it mean she is prostitude
Sahil-you are crossing your limit
Rabia-dont be hyper I telling facts same as u presented……now I want shobha ji on witness box
Rabia-so shobha ji ….please tell me ….what you did after Shekhar ji denied he doesn’t have relationship with sumi ji
Shobha -i wanted her to get married
Rabia-then what happen
Shobha -she denied and told she is pregnant and doesn’t want to spoil some one else life…and her child is enough for her to live
Rabia-whats the exact reason that’s why you disowned sumi ji
Shobha -because of her …my husband got heart attack and passed away
Rabia-sir here everyone has personal baise to hate sumi …their words couldn’t be the base of judgment
Sahil-but still it’s not prove shemish where lovers not clients for each other
Judge-defence have any proof
Rabia-i want tym
Judge-tomorrow will be final hearing….Court is adjourned for the day

In swara house
Rabia-think swara anything or anyone ….who knows about sumi ji and Shekhar relationship. ..otherwise we can’t win…..that sahil has complicated the simple case
Swara-mom never told about anything about her past life
Sanskar -swara you have to think ….about her friends
Swara-yeah I remember once mom told her best friend know everything about her ….her name. .eh hhhh
Rabia-think dear
Swara-uttra jaiswal …..but I don’t know her address
Sanskar -don’t worry I have a super cop rosey ..she will find out
Sanskar calls rosey
Sanskar -gulaboo
Rosey-sanskar ….what work u have
Sanskar -gulu what’s this ha when I have work only I call you
Rosey-yes it’s true
Sanskar -sry. ..after this work i promise we will go for shopping
Rosey-don’t butter tell the matter
Sanskar tells every thing
Rosey-her address is xyz
Sanskar -this much faster

Rosey-sanskar I always keep of update my beloved once…bye
Sanskar gives address to swara ….and they has to Uttra house but sanskar and rabia stand outside ….swara tell everything to Uttra
Uttra-I couldn’t help u
Swara-plz aunty. .u are only friend of mom plz ….
Uttra-because of it I have beared many problems. ..u know because I was her friend people also consider same as her with lot of difficulty my marriage
Swara-aunty please only u can help me to get my mom justice. ….folds her hand
Uttra-swara please. ….
Swara holds Uttra feet
Swara-i beg u please. .help me
Uttra-swara why can’t you understand. …my daughter marriage is fixed I don’t want to spoil my daughter’s life i folds my hand in front of u
Swara gets up
Swara-sorry aunty ….may God bless you and your daughter with lots of happiness. I am mad who is going to spoiling your life in sake of friendship who already died
Swara goes out its all seen by ishani uttra’s daughter

Swara-thanx both of you. ……
Sanskar -what happened
Swara-she is not the one we are accepted. …
Ishani -maa don’t back off from helping her ….otherwise people never trust on the word friendship ….
Uttra-but ishani then ranveer and his family
Voice -we will support you
Uttra -ranveer
Rv-aunty we are with you

Next day …
Sanskar -i think you should not go today
Swara-no Sanskar what may be the result I will accept it …..
In court
Judge-so miss rabia did you have any proof
Rabia- yes my lord my witness Uttra jaiswal best friend of shemish in clg time
Uttra-judge sir as all said here shermistha is not a characterless girl. ..she is well behaved decent girl …..shermistha and Shekhar is in relationship. ….
Sahil wipes his sweet
Sahil-but still …she crossed her limits and became mother without marriage
Rabia-i think judge sir sahil sir is aged know. ..this case was of daughter right to swara which he taken to her mother then her character then so on…..yesterday he was singing her mother and Shekhar relationship is of client and pr*stitute. .now he brought marriage point
Judge-sahil rabia is right
Rabia-judge sir till I have answer to him…Uttra ji what relationship shemish share …
Uttra -they are husband and wife …..they have the fear that there parents oppos there relationship so they had done court marriage

Rabia- here is marriage certificate and relevant documents which clearly says that shermistha ji is legal wife of Shekhar and swara is legal child that’s solve
Swara-i also want to say something
Judge-come to witness box and say
Swara-thanx judge sir. …in your judgement you will ask Shekhar ji to give my rights to me….but I don’t want it
Judge-then why this case
Swara-to get justice to my mom …I don’t want anything from him ….my mom use to cry everyday because of him she has beared many things if now I add his name to my name then it will be insult to my mom……..my mom and I doesn’t need name relationship from him by snatching it from janaki ji and Ragini
Swara-because I have seen pain my mom’s eyes being a legal wife of Shekhar people title her as his prostitude which I don’t want janaki ji will feel. .more than me who know the pain of father less child
Judge-what u want
Swara-respect of my mom ……no one will call her as prostitude and permission to do her last ritual in river ganga. ..when she died I did her ritual when I gone to do her last rituals. ..people stop me by saying they won’t allow me to mix the asthi of impure lady in holly river ganga
All having tears in their eyes including sahil
Judge -shermistha ji is not characterless lady she was pure as holy river ganga …if anyone abuse her they will get serious punishment. ….we can’t eradicate what happen we only ask apology behalf of kolkatta to sumi ji and swara. ….you can perform her rituals. .

Judge goes
Rabia-swara you have done it
Swara-thanx rabia
Rabia- okay see you later bye ….
Sahil comes to swara
Sahil-i am sorry. …first time I am happy I lost today. ….ur mother must be a great lady …goes
Sanskar and ramta
Sujata -swara you have done. …it today your mom will be proud of you. ..
Swara teary eyes
Swara-today my mom get justice
Next day
Swara comes out of her house with sumi asthi kalash wearing white suit …but shock to see all badi wearing white clothes
Swara -why you all wearing white
A person -swara when your mom was alive we never leaved a chance to insult your mother. …today we all want to see off her with pride
Swara smiles and moves forward people follow her Gd were also coming but one of neighbour
Stop when she was alive u killed her soul daily. ..now let her soul leave the world peacefully
Whole kolkatta except mm and Gd attend the sumi last rituals. .

In evening
When swara comes back …..to baadi Ragini is standing and crying her lagagge is lying their and janaki is shouting like mad ….by seeing swara she comes to her clapping
Janaki -come Swara. …u proved ur mother is great and you are not illegal. ..but what about me and Ragini
Ragini -teary eyes because of u dp and Laksh through me out because I am illegal child of Shekhar gadodiya. ..for your dead mother u spoiled my and my mother life
Janaki-your mother is died but u killed me alive because of u from his wife I become his sult
Shekhar -you messed up everything. ..like mother like daughter

Sorry friends day before yesterday only my plaster was removed. …my hand was paining that’s why I didn’t post sorry ….
Recap -swasan start feeling for each other

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