Swasan-we enough for each other (epilogue )

After 4 yrs
In swasan room
Swara -ahh sanskar stop know. ..what will mom think about me ..she is working from morning and dad is taking care of our kids
Sanskar -they will think their children are planning to bring new sister for sanskrit and Uttra
Swara push him and run towards washroom before swara would close the door Sanskar enter and close the door. …
Swara -sanskar if anyone come what will they think …..u have become totally shame less
Sanskar -so let me do more shame less things
Sanskar moves forward and swara moves backward. ..finally swara reach to wall Sanskar comes to her and open the shower ……sanskar removes their clothes and gives wet kisses on her neck and love bites. .by which swara moans …and both consume once again. By taking shower after one hour they both comes out…
Swara is standing in green blouse and going to wear saree but sanskar stops her and pull her towards him
swara -sanskar
Sanskar put his index finger on her lips and turn her and blind fold her
Swara -sanskar what are you doing
Before she could say anything Sanskar pin her to wall and place his lips on her and kiss her wildly….when swara is going to respond to his kiss her break the kiss …then he turns her open blouse doori and remove her blouse and gives wet kisses on her back and on her neck. ..then Sanskar make her wear blue saare and open the blind fold
Swara-if you want me to wear blue saree then you should told me rather than. ..and blush
Sanskar -why should I leave my chance of romance

Next day
Ramta mansion is beautifully decorated with balloons and flowers and many different types of lights
Sujata is scolding swara and make her eat food
Sujata -what kind of behaviour is this. ..ha it’s good we should take care of others but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your health. ..u and your duffer husband always forget that you are 4 months pregnant with triplings
Swara-chorry mom
Sujata-stupid up and drink this milk
Ram and sanskar comes
Sanskar -maa I am hungry to plz feed me to
Ram-me too
Sujata -god has given you to hands na go eat yourself can’t you see I am feeding my daughter
Swara smiles in tears and hugs sujata
Sujata -i will kill u both because of u both tears comes in my child eyes
Sanskar and ram run away
After sometimes
All gathered near cake but 2 kids of 6 yrs standing by facing each other back with pout all were suppressing their laugh
Sanskar -what’s the matter champ princess
Sanskrit -look i am tall and stronger than her ….
Kavita -so what…I am beautiful than u and papa always say girls are more powerful boys
Both started fighting by pulling each other hairs
Swara-champ you both are twins
Sanskar -papa’s princess u are intelligent and good girls didn’t fight
Somehow both convinced and cut the cake and feed swasan and show each other their tongue
Sanskar -sanskrit is like u…stubborn always trouble my princess
Swara-and what’s about your princess
Sujata -you both stop it..ur children are fighting again
Swara-now what happen
Sujata -the doll u gifted to kavita sanskrit wants it
Swasan is trying to sort out the problem
Sanskar -swara you sit i will manage…..and have something jaan
Voice -ha swara i should take care of yourself
Swasan -rosey
Swara-you got the time to come. .pouts
Sanskar -where are u …from 4 yrs
Rosey-whats the use to contact you. ..u become married and father of 2 children and three on the way
Swara-flirting ..
Rosey-swaru just kidding yrr i was busy in a mission
Sanskar-help me first to stop the fight

As kids where fighting sanskar apart them ….sanskrit saw towards rosey …
Sanskrit-beautiful….Kavita this doll is all yours. …
Sanskar -kids she is your rosey bua
Kavita -hi bua
Sanskrit -hello beautiful. ..rose for rosey
Swasan ramta shockingly looks toward sanskrit
Sanskrit -thanks for coming to my party …your presence increase the joy of party
Sanskar -sanskrit she is your bua
Sanskrit-bua hogi apki…
Sanskar shocks sanskrit rocks
Rosey-so cute of you
Sanskrit-madam boys are handsome not cute
Sanskar put his pam on sanskrit mouth and pick him and run towards a room …all laugh
Sanskar -hey what are you doing. ..flirting with my friend ….she is elder than you
Sanskrit -dad love has no age
Sanskar -love
Sanskrit-but I have a complaint with her
Sanskar -what
Sanskrit-why she has hurry to come to this world before me
Sanskar folds his hands
Sanskar -beta you are only 6 know when you become young then think about making gf
Sanskrit-but dad still then can she wait
Sanskar faints sanskrit goes
After sometimes
Rosey-okay guys I am going see you later
Swara-okay but next tym stay for a month
Sanskrit-mom don’t worry I will bring her paremanently .. (audible only to sanskar )
Sanskar side hugs rosey
Sanskar -rosey I think you are getting late and by reaching home u will be late
Rosey hugs all comes to sanskrit
Rosey-its nice meeting you little handsome. ..kiss his cheeks …sanskrit touch his cheeks….before he could say anything Sanskar holds rosey hand takes her from their
Sanskar -rosey …sry behalf of him
Rosey-sanskar it’s okay he is a kid yrr….see u bye
Sanskar -bye
Sanskrit comes to sanskar
Sanskrit-dad it’s bad habit to hug someone else girl friend. ….goes
Sanskar -he is my son or I am his son ..

In swasan room
Swara is standing in balcony looking towards moon sanskar comes and hugs from behind
Sanskar-what are you looking jaan …
Swara-you remember 6yrs before I have decided to end my life …..and u give me the reason to live
Sanskar -jaan that I saved my life if you died that day your mom never got justice and I was living in past by hurting myself and kavita
Swara-you still miss her
Sanskar -swara if i say no it will be wrong she thought me the real meaning of love. …love gives strength the love which make u weak it pain…I am sry I don’t want to hurt u
Swara -no Sanskar i am not hurt because I know i have my place in your hurt and u love me that’s it for me .. .
Sanskar -see the strength you gathered to die which u used for living
Swara-i become happiest person because of u i able to get justice to my mom i got my parents two children if I death al
Her words remain incomplete sanskar smashed his lips on her innocent lips his eyes is burning in anger he bits her lower lips it’s starts bleeding swara hiss in pain but sanskar again bit her her lips where swollen. …swara is out of breath but sanskar is not breaking. ..swara in order to free hit his shoulder but sanskar with out breaking the kiss pin her to wall and kiss her wildly after 5 mints he break the kiss
Swara is breathing heavily her is moving is moving up and down. ….sanskar is also breathing heavily he is rubbing his hairs with his fingers in order to control his anger ….sanskar see her lips where bleeding he again kiss her but this it’s slow he moves his tongue on her lips to smoothen her pain and break kiss
Sanskar -never dare to leave me
Swara gives tight slap to sanskar. ..sanskar shockingly looks toward her ..she holds his collar and bring him close to her. …..and put her lips on his ….as he is going to reciprocate swara bits his upper lips hardly sanskar hiss in pain. …then his lower lips …after few minutes break the kiss
Swara-i was saying if death also comes i will not go living this heaven
Sanskar -sorry
Swara-sorry my foot
Swara is sitting with pout on her bed holding her baby bump …..
A sweet smell of jalebi comes to her nose ..swara turn and see sanskar sitting with bowl of jalebi. …but swara torcher face
Sanskar -i think you like hot jalebi with chilled butterscotch ice-cream …but never mind I will eat….ahaha it’s so yummy
Swara snatch from his and start eating
Sanskar -please forgive me
Swara-only if you make samosa, pani puri,masala dosa,mong dal halwa
Sanskar -?shockingly samosa pani puri masala dosa halwa …it’s 2am
Swara-if you want me to forgive u
Sanskar -okay

Sanskar gets up and goes towards door
Sanskar -yeah jaan
Swara -plus vaada pav
Sanskar -cryingly okay
After 3hrs of battle in kitchen sanskar comes with all food at 4am…swara is impatiently waiting she already finished all the snacks kept in their room …by seeing food swara take complete tray and eat all the food like bullet train. ..sanskar is shockingly seeing swara ….
Sanskar -now u forgive me

Like this Swara carving for food at night increased so Sanskar shifted near kitchen with swara…..after 5 months Swara delivery 3 girls. …sanskriti ,swaranshi, swarna …..they lived happily ever after

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