Hai guys i’m sheeja, i was a silent reader in TU but not any more. I had just readed two or three stories as i was a little busy with my life but now i read more and also use to comment. By reading your ff’s me thought of writing something. I know i’m not good at writing but still wish to share my thoughts with you. Thank you all in advance for sparing your valuable time for me.

I am a SWASAN, RAGLAK fan and my story will also be based on this pair. So please swalak and ragsan fans i’m sorry.

Coming to the story, it’s a simple love story their won’t be sooooo much complications and all.

And this is a tribute to our late little sissy MARIYA who left us in a tender age. I loved her story and her that OS on current track that was just perfect. LOVE YOU MARIYA


XYZ College

There are loud noises all around as it was the last day of their semester exams. A group of three girls are talking

Girl 1: guys what are you going to do in this one month, it will be so boring yaar

Girl 2: haan yaar shanu being with mom it will be killing and you know what she had already started searching matches for me.

shanaya: what, what is this yaar kavya why are our parents always behind our marriage????????? Hay swara y are you silent don’t you have anything to say what are your plans for this one month????

Swara: me as usual going to bade papa’s place

Kavya: oh haan how can we forget, you will be missing your lucky na

Swara: toooooo much

shanaya: you know swara at times i feel jealous with your lucky,

Swara: (amazingly) why what did he do

Kavya: what he did, swara we too are your friends and we know very little about you and you too shares less with us but when it come to your lucky you can speak non stop so mean yaar

Swara: awww so sad but you know what he is my everything my brother my bestest friend my soulmate my partner in crime my….

Kavsha: stoooooop, not again…….

Just then someone called them from behind

person : hai girls, so when are you all leaving and swara i guess we can go together as we are neighbours

Swara: (only audible to kavsha) don’t he have any other work other than stalking me. (To the person) sorry to disappoint you sahil but i have my car, bye.

sahil:(disappointed) ok bye see you.

Without answering him swara left followed by kavsha

Kaavya: swara why are you ignoring him like this yaar. It’s been almost a year he is behind you and i’m quite sure that he is sincere also I think you should give him a chance

shanaya: haan yaar swara we are not forcing you but still please have a thought about it

Swara: you know what kaavsha this is the reason, this is the exact reason why i don’t share much about me with you. Not only you other than my family no one can understand me well, but some were i had a feeling that you two can understand me a little as we are roommates and spends most of the time together but i was wrong.

Kaavsha: sorry na yaar we only thought of your betterment as much as we know he is a good guy good looking and also from a good family so only we said that. If you are not at all interested then fine from now he won’t be a topic of our discussion. Happy

Swara just smiled and they went to their hostel room for packing and after that they left to their respective places.


Guys it’s just an intro. Based on your comments i will go on further. Thank u

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