Sanskar: whaaattttttt???????????/

Raglak: (shocked) sanky/bhai kya hua? Everything ok

Sanskar: haan but why did swara left all of a sudden?

Laksh: (worried) don’t know yaar. It’s the first time in our life she’s hiding something from me and i’m feeling so helpless.

Ragini: should i call her laksh?

Laksh: she’s not opening up to me and shomi mom then do you think she’ll tell it to you . no way

Rag: then what should we do now?

Laksh: as chachu said will give her some time

Sanskar was silently hearing all the conversation with guilt as he know he was the sole reason for her sudden departure

Sanskars POV

Why did you did this swara. If you didn’t like me then you could have told me once. I didn’t expect this from you never ever in my dreams i thought that my sweety is such a coward. I hate you swara. Now i really regret the decision of mine to find you out, at least i loved my sweety(with a small smile) in fact still I LOVE YOU MY SWEETY, i can’t hate you bcz of swara

Swaras POV

I’m sorry sanky i know my decision will hurt you but for now i want a change. I really didn’t expect you to find me out. And now when you know it’s me i can’t handle all these i’m really sorry. I know now you will be hating me and you have all the right to hate swara but please don’t hate your sweety bcz of this swara. I LOVE YOU SANKY

Days passed sanky first thought to meet swara and confront her but then he dropped the idea and decided to go back to US to complete the formalities of his studies. Swara was trying her best to concentrate on her studies. She talks with all on phone and all tried their maximum to know the reason but she simply avoid the topic every time.

It’s being a month she had returned to her campus and now she was not able to handle it any more, so she decided to talk with her dad.

Shekar: shona kya hua why did you call me here?

Swara: baba vho i want to tell you something but i don’t know from where should i start and what i….

Shekar: shona first relax ok you know you can tell me anything right?

Swaa: hmmm

Shekar: now tell me why did you call me here when you can come to home

Swara: baba vho i told you i’m not sure about what i want to talk and more over i don’t want lucky to know about this

Shekar: lucky?????? Kya hua shona tum usese chupana chahte ho

Swara: baba vho sanskar……. muje uske bare mein bath karni hai

Shekar: you love him right???

swara:(shocked) baba…… aapko kaise patha

Shekar: (smilingly)baap hun mei teri , ab bathavo

Swara felt a sudden relief seeing shekar’s smile and she told him every thing related to sanky except the kiss

Shekar: (thinking deeply) shona do you believe your baba

Swara: yeh kaise sawal hai apko nahi toh kisko trust karungi

Shekar: ok then first let me have a check then whatever i will decide you will obey me na

swara: do you have any doubt????

Shekar (smiled and kissed her on her forehead): bye.

Swara: baba voh….

Shekar: kya shona

Swra: baba maa…..please don’t be upset with her for hiding lucky and ragus relationship. It’s just that ki lucky wan…

Shekar: what do you think i don’t know about this till now. Shona she is my wife and she can’t hide a small thing from me and this is the matter of lucky’s life then how will she hide this from me

Swara’s jaws touch the ground

Shekar: i just acted that i don’t know anything bcz she told me that lucky wanted to tell this to us directly after getting settled in his life. And she being a lawyer caught him.

Swara: (laughing) yeah and you know his face was worth watching at that time

Shekar: (smiling) ok now i guess i should leave saying this he kissed her forehead again

Swara: bye baba

Here sanskar’s condition was also the same as swara. So he decided to talk with laksh and ragini.

Laksh (hugging sanskar) how are you dude? What happened you look so weak

Sanskar: come will tell you.

Saying this he took him to a nearby park and also called ragini there.

Ragini: Bhai what happened, now only you arrived and instead of going home what are you doing here??? YOU know mom is really worried.

Sanskar: ragu please it’s very important

Laksh: (understanding his nervousness) sanky why are you so restless I’m your friend and she is your sister in can tell us anything.

Sanskar: laksh what-if the matter which I’m going to tell you will hurt you. I mean if you are not ready to accept then……

Laksh: first you tell me, baaki Sab hum badh mein dekh leenke

Sanskar: no lucky first you promise me that you will hear ma fully and if you are not ready for it then you can do whatever you want but you will not break our friendship and the most important thing this should not affect your relationship with ragini. Promise me

Laksh: sanky now you are scaring me. Ok I promise now tell me

Sanskar:(closing his eyes) laksh I love swara

He opened his eyes slowly when he didn’t get any response

Laksh: what about her

Sanskar tell them everything and laksh was watching him keenly. When he finished laksh walked to sanskar and sanskar closed his eyes expecting a slap but for his surprise laksh hugged him

Laksh: I’m so happy that she chose you.

Sanskar was numb for a second and then hugging him back: thank you yaar

Raagini:(pouting) i’m also here

Sanlak together pulled her to a group hug with a bright smile on the trio’s face

Ragini: releasing the hug lucky i can’t believe this she didn’t even give a hint you know

Laksh: exactly ragini i must say these two are very good actors

Sanskar : what did i do??? I just come to know recently that it was she

Ragini: but you too didn’t even tell us about your secret love

Laksh: and shona i didn’t have any clue about her being in love OMG just wait shona now i will show you how much good i’m in acting

Sanskar: (suspicious) luckyyyy what are you going to do now

Laksh: not sure but whatever i do you both are going to support me ok

Ragsan: ok saying this the trio give hifi

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