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Sanskar: (coming near swara) kya hua swara, ruk kyoon gayi

Swara: (back to her senses) han…. vo i thought you called me, so……

Sanskar: i have called my sweety then why did you think that i was calling you

Swara: vho .. haan here there is only me and you so i…… thought…… like that

Sanskar: you know what we should not do things which we don’t know

Swara: whattt….

Sanskar : i mean when you don’t know how to lie then better don’t try for it

Swara: i didn’t lie and i don’t have to

Sanskar: oh then you accept that you are my sweety

Swara: why should i when i’m not

Sanskar: choot kyun bol rahe ho, swara i know very well that you are my sweety

Swara: sanskar dekho tume koyi galat famy huyi hai, i am swara, not any sweety got it.

Sanskar: swara please why are you doing this to me, if i did any mistake then please let me know

Swara: how many times i should tell you sanskar it’s just a misunderstanding some one have fooled you that’s it

Sanskar: yes, someone have fooled me and that is you swara, you made me fall for you, and when it became difficulty for me to breath without you, you just left me YOU MADE ME A FOOL SWARA

Swara: what the hell sanskar if you have fallen for someone and she ditched you then i’m not responsible for that

Sanskar: chup (furious) another word against my sweaty you will see the worst of me
Swara: (angrily) to hell with your bl**dy sweety …..

Before swara could complete sanskar caught her lips with his into a wild kiss. Swara, who was shocked first came back to senses after some seconds pushed him and give him a tight slap

Swasan: (together) how dare you?

It was then both realised what they did. Both were guilty

Swasan: (at a time) i’m sorry

Saying this swara went to others after composing herself. Sanskar stay back as he was not able to face her.

Sanskar’s POV

Who can you do that sanky what would have she thought of you . you shouldn’t have. But how can she say about my sweety like that, and why the hell is she not accepting oh god i thought i will finish it today for once and all but she is making it more complicated. What to do yaa shall i talk to lucky. Arrrgghhhh swaraaaa what are you doing to me.

Swara’s POV

Swara what did you do how can you slap him? He is your sanky swara and he have that right on u (her mind was blaming her). no… no…. No he is nothing to me he have no right on me how could he kiss me no that was wrong(her heart was supporting her) arrgghhhh what are you doing to me sanskar for the first time my heart and mind are standing against one another.

It was almost evening and they decided to return. In the whole way back neither swara nor sanky had the dare to face the other so they kept themselves away.

Night at GM

Shomi: swara you are ok naa? (saying this she touched her forehead with her palms as if checking her temperature)

Laksh: haan shona what happened all of a sudden you are saying this.

Swara was keeping quiet as she can’t lie to them more. Sensing the situation shekar came to swara’s help

Shekar: aree what’s wrong in it she is saying that she wants to complete her projects so she want to go back.
Janki: haan shekar we too hear that but all of a sudden from where did this projects and all came from

Laksh: haan chote papa, till now she had never mentioned anything like that

Swara: lucky vho today only i got a message from our college.

Shomi: Is it then how me the message

Shekar: shomi this is neither your court room nor shona is a criminal to interrogate. If she is telling she got a message then that’s it she is my daughter and have full faith in her.

Swara had tears in her eyes bcz it’s for the first time her baba is opposing her ma. She went from there cryingly shocking everyone.

Shomi: shekar can’t you understand she is hiding something. How can we let her suffer alone. If she share her problem then we can help her in sorting it out

Laksh: Haan chote papa what’s the need for her to suffer all alone.

Shekar: shomi, laksh Deko I know you both are worried for her, even me and bhabhi also worried but as far as I know her she is not a girl who will hide things from parents and do something wrong. My shona is so matured and can handle things wisely. And now I guess she is confused about the problem and we should give her some space. I’m cent percent sure that she will come to us within no time. So you guys just relax and let her go tomorrow.

Janaki: shomi I guess shekar is right, me too was observing her from morning she was a little disturbed I think she herself want a change.

Shomi/laksh: ok

All went to sleep but shekar went to Swara

Shekar: shona….. soyi nahi abhi tak

Seeing him Swara just went and hugged him and cried

Swara: I’m sorry baba bcz of me today you have to fight with mom. Baba I didn’t really meant to do that.please baba mom was just worried for me please for……..

Cutter by shekar

Shekar: shhhhhh shona don’t cry come on be a good girl

Saying this she wiped her tears and made her sit on the bed

Shekar: I’m not angry on your mom ok. We just had a talk on the matter and now it’s over. So don’t be sorry and you can go back tomorrow,

Swara: baba it’s just I didn’t know how to tell you and what you all…..

Shekar: shona it’s ok take your own time and tell us when you are comfortable. Don’t stress yourself. Now leave all these and sleep. Waise when are you leaving?

Swara: I thought to leave early in the morning , kyon baba

Shekar: nothing beta I have a meeting at 10 so …..

Swara: it’s ok baba you and Mom come after your works I will manage.

Shekar: ok then good night

Swara: good night baba

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