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Days passed swara maximum tried to avoid sanskar but without hurting him or laksh. Sanskar felt something for swara but he brushed his thoughts as he loves his sweety.

On a fine day, sanskar got call from his friend

On call: hai sanskar it’s me Hareesh

Sanskar: haan hareesh bolo kuch patha chala

Hareesh: haan sanskar vho she is using the id from lap and mobile and these two are working at mainly two locations one is in the premises of XYZ college and other is from your locality only (i don’t know guys whether a cybercell expert can find out the location of a lap from just a mail id but in my ff he can)

Sanskar : what from our locality…. But who must be that i mean in my locality none knows me that well because from childhood i was either in boardings or at hostels and just after finishing my degree i flew to US and came back only before 6 months hardly.

Hareesh: sanky don’t be tensed yaar. I guess we got a great clue. I mean your family knows almost everyone there right then you can ask them for the one who studies or works in XYZ college from your locality. Kyoon???????

Sanskar: yeah, you are right if my family don’t knows then also i guess there will be some other sources.

Hareesh: exactly that’s like sanky, now bye

Sanskar: bye


Sanskar: mom… mom… mom i’m sooo happy you know what i was asked to go to US na for some of my paper works in university

AP: (Became sad as she thought he has to leave) haan tho

Sanskar: mom please don’t keep your face like this i’m not leaving they told me that i can complete the formalities here itself in XYZ college

AP: what sachh i’m soo happy

Just then sujatha arrived.

Sujatha: what happened bhabhi why are you so happy today

AP: nothing suji bas eisehi

Sanskar: mom you leave all these and tell me do you know someone there i mean any professors or any students studying their

Suji : Sanky how can bhabhi know someone from there

Sanskar: why not bua, i mean she is a professor so there might be some friends of her or any students of mom seeking higher education from there or someone studying or working over there from our locality, why mom?

AP: actually you said right but unfortunately i don’t know anyone from XYZ college

Suji arre sanky beta what is the need of knowing someone over there you just go to the principal and tell him that you are a maheshwari he himself will clear the formalities.

AP: no bhabhi what ever be the situation you should not use your surname for your benefit especially in places like schools and colleges. May be after knowing our surname they will help us getting what we want but it won’t have that value which we get from our hard work. Aur my son is capable of doing every thing by himself then why should we disturb others.

DP: exactly sujatha what she is saying is right. Sanskar when are you leaving.

Sanky: may be next week dad, wow i will have to stay there for nearly a week, so only i was asking mom about knowing someone there

DP: i know you beta don’t worry i was telling to your bua

Ragini just entered and she don’t know about all the happenings


Laksh: shona time is running i guess it’s been two weeks since you came and see in another two weeks you will go back also. This time we couldn’t enjoy that much also.
Shomi: sach mein lucky this time me too felt bored, why don’t we all go for an outing

Shekar: great then all will get time with one another also what say bhabhi

Janaki: when my children are happy then why should i say a no

Swara: yeeeeeee then what about tomorrow

Luksh: done

Shomi: ok then sanky why don’t you call your friend sanskar also aur haan his sister also kyon bhabhi

Janaki: why not

Laksh:(seeing swara’s dull face) it’s ok ma let it be it’s our family time

Shomi felt some thing fishy but her thoughts were interrupted by swara

Swara: oyyi lucky, monkey how can you say that your friend will not be family for you but for me ragu is my family only so i will call her.

Laksh: accha then me too will call sanky

They continued their nok-jhok and others were happy about their bonding

Here in MM, Sanskars room

Ragini and sanskar was talking

Sanskar (thinking): i didn’t ask ragini about her

(to ragini): ragu next week i’m going to ABC place

Ragini: kyon kya hua

Sanskar tell her everything as he told to AP .

Sanskar: do you know someone over there

Ragini: mujhe kaise pata ho………… ek minute bhai swara is studying there only.

Sanskar: whhaatt
Ragini: bhai why are you shocked

Sanskar: nothing …. Vho it’s the no. one college in india and she is studying there

Ragini: why not after all she was the topper in entrance test and now the topper of her collage. Not only that bhai she is the vice chairperson of their college students association

Just then she got a call from swara she told her about the outing plan and both ragsan manage to get permission from DP also.

Sanskar’s POV

Swara is it really you i can’t believe it, all the proofs i got is pointing towards you. I got the details of the location of each and every conversation we had and it exactly match the places you were at that time and i confirmed it from ragu and lucky in my own way. You knew it was me and bhir bhi kyoon swara, kyoon???? From the first day itself you were avoiding me, what do you think i can’t understand what you were doing? No swara i knew it from the first itself but i thought it was because we both don’t know each other. But now i can understand you were avoiding me for this reason. No swara you can’t leave me just like that i want my answers and i promise i will get it from you tomorrow itself. Good night for now sweety.

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