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Swaragini and raglak were having their lunch

Sanskar: wow yaar loved it just hope i get this type of food every day what a taste. Vaise from where did you order this, i’m sure this is not from our office canteen.

Laksh was about to say it’s cooked by swara but she interrupted

Swara: ma… ma cooked it as she know lucky like it very much

Raglak was like really…..what was that????????

Sanskar: ohh…. Then ragu why don’t you learn some cooking from her that will help you in future

Laksh finds something fishy with swara’s behaviour but kept mum for the time being. All had their dinner in silence and went to their respective works.

In evening swalak side

Laksh: shona kya hua, why did you lie that it was made by shomi ma

Swara: (trying to be so normal) nothing lucky just like that

Laksh: shona why are you lying to me i know very well that there is something you’re hiding from me, come on tell me if there is a problem we will together sort it out please don’t hide your pain

swara:(hitting him with a pillow) shut up lucky don’t try to blackmail me emotionally ok, it’s nothing just i feel a little uncomfortable with his presence, i mean i just feel him like an intruder in between we three.

Laksh: shona eisa kuch bhi nahi hai. Deko i agree you didn’t meet him till now but you know him very well from me and ragini then why are you behaving like this as if he will eat you

Swara: lucky it’s not like that ….. I don’t know to explain you please give me some time i will cope-up

Laksh: ok just try to be friendly with him and i bet he will prove to be a good friend

Swara: see this….. this is the thing i don’t like, for the first time in my life you got angry on me because of him, now also you are supporting him (with a pout) i hate you and i hate him more

laksh:(suppressing his smile) OMG swara you’re feeling jealous of him

Swara: no i’m not jealous i’m just angry on him and you too just get out of my room you traitor

Saying this she push him out of her room and closed the door

In MM raglak side

ragini:(thinking) what happened to shona why would have she lied

Sanskar: ragu don’t you think you give me a false image of swara. I mean you told me that she is so naughty, bubbly, smart bla bla bla, but i don’t think she is like that

Ragini: (thinking) i’m also thinking the same she changed a lot, but she was normal with me yesterday and today in mall also but suddenly what happened

Sanskar: ragu are you hearing me

Ragini: haan… han bhai … Kuch kaha apne

Sanskar: where are you lost kab se tumse bath kar raha hoon aur tum ho…. Leave it i guess you are tired go get a sound sleep good night

Ragini: good night bhai

Saying this she left for her room

Sanskar after closing the door went to his lappy

Sanskar: (monologue) let me check my mail, kash aaj uska koi message aaya ho

Sanskar’s POV

Today also there is no message of her don’t know what happened it’s being 6 months. We only speak through messages so i can’t find her where abouts also. I know i did a mistake by confessing my love but why she is not understanding me. That was our last conversation where i confessed and she didn’t replied not only that but after that she not even send me a single message. It’s ok if it is a no but she could have told me or is she in some other troubles. Whatever the reason may be but i will not let you go away from me i have already asked one of my friend who works in cyber cell to find you don’t worry dear i will find you as soon as possible

Swara’s POV

I’m sorry to hide such a big thing from you lucky but what to do i did that mistake. Hearing about sanky from you and ragini i fall for him, or is it just an infatuation, i can’t differentiate. I don’t want your relation with sanskar get affected because of me. After me, mom and ragini i saw you comfortable only with him and you yourself is saying that he is your best buddy. I don’t want to hurt you lucky, more over i don’t want to jump into conclusions also what if my love turn to be a crush so i have decided to concentrate on my studies for now.

So that’s it for today thank you for your patience bye

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