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Ragsan side

Sanskar and ragini reached MM where they are welcomed by Annapoorna and sujatha. They went and took blessings from sujatha

Ragsan (hugging sujatha): hai bua how are you and when did you come

Sujatha: just now beta how are you both

Ragini: we are fine bua, did you come alone

Sujatha: no beta raj is also with me

Ragini signed in dislike but sanskar assured her by a side hug

Annapoorna : now you both go and fresh up i will arrange dinner

Sanskar; sure ma come ragini, accha maa pappa nahi ayi abhi tak

Annapoorna: no beta he have some meetings so will be late, he told you to take dinner and sleep

Sanskar: ok ma

Saying this they went to their respective rooms, on the way

Ragini: bhai from tomorrow i’m also coming with you to office. I can’t bear this raj and if i say to ma she too will support him and you know bua very well, if i say something she will start marriage talks

Sanskar: ragu you don’t worry i’m here naa mein sab dekh loonga

Next day


Laksh :ma where is shona she told me that she is coming to karma today

Swara: (coming from kitchen) lucky why are you shouting i’m here only and you go i will come afterwards with your lunch

Laksh: what is the need of that you come with me naa

shomi/janaki: sorry lucky now we three are going for a shopping after that we will drop her at your office

Laksh: (disappointed) ok but don’t be late

Shomi: (teasingly) why lucky anything special

Saying this she wink at laksh and swara was suppressing her smile

Laksh: maaaa….

Saying this he left

In XYZ shopping mall

Swara: ma yeh kaise lagega

Janaki: mere shona ki choice kabhi galath kaise ho sakty hai it’s supebr

Shomi: ok then make it final.

Janaki: (looking to a certain point) shomi i will be back in a minute

Saying this she went to someone

Janaki: excuse me

Person: janaki what a surprise thum mall mein

Janaki: why annu? i can’t come to mall?

AP: not like that whenever i ask you won’t come and now you are here by yourself bas iseliye

Janaki: ohhh now come this is sharmista and this is shona

AP: your devrani and swara right

Swara: yes anty
Janaki: shomi yeh hai annu, annapoorna

Shomi: oh your colleague

Janaki: yes

Just then someone from behind

Person: mom you are here see this how……

Stops seeing swara and swara is also shocked seeing the person

Swara: ragini…..

Ragini: sho…..swara

Janaki: you both know each other?

Swara: haan bedima voh……..

Shomi (only audible to swara): ragini….

Swara give her a positive nod

AP: ragini how do you know her

Ragini: ma voh she is laksh’s sister

AP: laksh’s sister mathlab janaki is laksh your son

Janaki: haan but how do you know lucky

Swara: bedi ma voh she is sanskar’s sister

Janaki: mathlab sanskar???????????

AP: he is my son

Janaki: OMG Annu it soo strange that we don’t know this matter

AP: yeah shomi but better late than never right

They talked for some time and left

Swara: ragini you said you are coming to karma so if want ma will drop us I’m also going there only.

Ragini: ma kya mein jauon

Shomy: don’t worry AP ji your daughter will be safe

AP: ha ha shomi ji I know it very well and ragu you can go with them

Swara : ok then bye aunty

AP / Sujatha: bye

They all left from there and swara and ragini were dropped to karma on the way


Swaragini went directly to Laksh’s cabin.

Swaragini: good afternoon lucky

Laksh: agayi thu…… ragini thum donom ek say kaise

Swara: lucky relax ….
Then she told him every thing happened in mall and he was shocked.

Swara: lucky why are you shocked if both your mom’s are friends then it is good in your matter right

Ragini: Swara the matter is my bhua has already asked my hands for his son raj and dad never denies her as she is his only sister.

Swara: ohh now what will we do????

Laksh: shona you don’t take tension sanskar is with us and we will handle don’t worry

Swara: Haan ….. now leave all this and come have your lunch and ragu I have called you for this only. Your favourite mixed fried rice

Ragini: wow shona thank you soo much you know I really missed your hand made food

Lucky: really shona and I love you for this

Swara: awwww you love me for this fried rice idiot I hate you

Ragini: really laksh how can you say that

Laksh: ragu stop adding oil to the flame, now go and call sanky we all will have lunch together.


DP: a good business man, loves his family a lot but won’t express except for Sujatha, father of ragsan

AP: Wife of DP, a professor, mother of ragsan

Sanskar: son of ap and dp, finished his MBA from US and now joined laksh in his business along with helping his father in their family business. Good to heart loves his family and also have a secret affair which he hides from all

Ragini: daughter of ap and dp, a medical student loves her brother a lot and gf of laksh

Sujatha: sister of dp, a widow wants ragini as her DIL and have a son – raj

Raj: son of Sujatha, a spoilt brat.

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