Hai everyone remember me. No na, i know as i’m so irregular, it happens. And i’m really sorry for being late but i couldn’t help it as i said earlier i was undergoing a treatment and when my doctors found me typing they strictly prohibited me from using lappy and i even can’t type more on phone so really really sorry

As you all have forgotten the story i’m giving a link for all the chapters


Swara:(shocked, monologue) DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

There DP was standing and the college authorities were welcoming him

Kavshan: we knew it after seeing him you will become normal otherwise you were lost somewhere all the time.

Swara was shocked to hear this as her friends only knew her ma and baba then how come they knew about DP.

Swara: how come you know about him???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kavshan: not just we but the whole college knows about this

Swara: (shocked) what???!!!! but how

Kavya: what do you mean by how, the whole college knows how crazily sahil is behind you but you are sayi…….

swara:(cuts her confusingly) wait … from where did sahil come in between

Shanaya: what are you saying swara we were showing you sahil see he is back from the match

There sahil and the team were getting out of a van

Swara: GOD!! Kavu shanu don’t you guys have any other work than th…..

Just then principal called swara

Princi: swara come to my office

Swara: yes sir

In manager’s cabin

Swara: (hugging DP) daad what’s all this

DP: how are you shona

Swara: fine dad but why are you here and sir was welcoming you what’s happening

Princi: careful swara you are talking to the manager of our school

Swara: what!!!!!!! Daad really

DP: yeah and now my daughter will be the manager in charge

Swara: but dad ragu’s studies are still going on then how can she take in charge of here

DP: (slightly hitting her head) stupid i was telling about you

Principal: so seems like from now i should call you ma’am

Swara: sir please don’t and dad i don’t want to become any authority here. In fact i don’t even want anyone to know about our relation also, i happy as a student and i love to remain like this.

Princi and DP felt proud of her

DP: seems like now i’m in great trouble

Swara: why dad

DP: shona i thought to make you manager in charge and handle my business over their but now as you are not willing i should find an alternative

Swara: what is trouble in this dad you can be here and sanskar will take care of the business simple

DP: no my dear i’m stuck with some foreign clients and they strictly want some elderly person to handle it so i think i should shift sanskar here

Swara: daaad i have a better option ask mom to resign her job and take charge here and your son, he will not spare a chance to tease me so mom is a better option

DP: (laughing) ohhh is it wait i will tell him that you don’t want him here

Swara: (twisting her lips) as if i’m afraid of him

DP: ok now listen i had already made the papers stating you as the manager in charge so let it be like that for the time being till i arrange an alternative

Swara: but dad how can i….

Princi: swara i think it won’t be that difficult. The whole work is done by the staff and you just have to check and sign it and as you are already in charge of the founders day celebration, no one will doubt also.

DP: i think he is right and don’t worry i will arrange something fast.

Swara: ok then shall i leave it’s already late for my classes

DP: bye shona and take care

Swara: sure dad bye

Saying this she went to attend her class and DP too left.

Two weeks passed and everything was going well until one day in college library

Kavya: swara you are still here

Swara: kavya what happened why are you looking so tensed

Shanaya: ………………….(says something muted)

Swara: (shocked) WHAT???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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