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“Done with you work swara” asked sneha entering the cabin

Swara: yes ma’am, almost finished. How’s it looking

Sneha: wow swara must say you have got real talent

Swara: nothing like that ma’am it’s just that i arranged this in the way i arrange my brothers cabin he liked it soo much so thought to follow it

Sneha: oh so what’s your brother doing

Swara: he a businessman, you must have heard about KARMA INDUSTRIES

Sneha: yeah, i have recently read an article about it, if i guess right his name is laksh

Swara: yes ma’am

Sneha: ok, so swara do you know anything about the new management

Swara: (astonished) what????? Me??? Ma’am i was about to ask you

Sneha: something is really weird about them no one know anything each and every single thing is handled by principal sir. He too is not revealing anything. I guess some professors are also going to be replaced

Swara: what???? I mean at this time at the middle of the academics

Sneha: yeah, even they have already started, some professors are promoted and some are demoted. Actually these were the things which we had already asked from the previous management but you know they always prefers the people who butter them but now i guess we got a good management. You know what the funniest thing is, suhaas , he is shifted to sports department

Swara: whattt? Sports?? Seriously ma’am i mean he was in economics department

Sneha: haan swara and the reason they told is he was good in hockey in his college times and our hockey team wants to get special attention and that’s why he too has been sent with the hockey team for the inter college match

Swara: really weird (monologue) oh so the inter college hockey match is going on and that’s why suhass sir and sahil was not there to irritate me.

Sneha: in all these talks i forgot to ask you, is the sketch of the program ready

Swara: yes ma’am here it is i was about to come to you

Sneha: good then i will leave

Swara too went to her class after finishing her work

Kavya: swara where were you

Swara: i had some work why? What happened?

Shanaya: (dramatically) it’s just that we got to know why you were feeling so happy with out any reason

Swara: really??? And what’s it

Kavya:(pointing towards the parking lot) see there

Swara’s jaws drop to ground seeing the scenario in front of her, she stand numb covering her mouth with her hands.

So now guess what will have kavya and shanaya pointed to?

Why did swara become numb on seeing that?

Sorry for the irregular updates. But i really couldn’t help it as i’m under an ayurvedic treatment and is not able to type more. For this much it took me three days, so If you want regular chappies then i will try to give but it will be short i’m really sorry.

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