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Hey ragu how are you said swara to ragini, who was waiting for her, while entering into the coffee house.

Ragini: shona look you are again late

Swara: how mean(dramatically) i’m here after such a loooong period of 6 and a half months and instead of hugging me you are complaining. Huhh…….

Ragini: (hitting her playfully) such a dramaqueen you are come

Saying this she pulled her into a hug

Ragini: missed you a lot

Swara: missed you too (breaking the hug) especially when that sahil irritates me and you know what the worst part is, ma had restricted me from taking my mobzy with me as it was exams and that stupid land phones will always be out of order

Ragini: (signing heavily) you know what same happened with me but here my senior doctor was the villain. He wanted us juniors to be perfect so kept us all away from all type of entertainment and only allowed our family members to meet us that too once in a month.

Swara: lucky told me how much he suffered actually you both no.. no….. We three

Ragini laughed at her statement

Ragini: shona you are toooo much

Swara was about to say something when sanlak come so she kept quiet.

Laksh sat beside Swara opposite to ragini and sanskar with ragini. Swara was a bit uncomfortable with the presence of sanskar but she didn’t show it to them. But laksh being the most understanding brother senced it and

Laksh: Shona I guess we have to leave as it is late and shomi ma and chote papa will have reached GM.

Swara: yeah you are right. Bye ragu

Ragini: bye shona

Laksh: bye ragu sanky

Ragsan: bye

Sanskar: won’t you bid bye to me swara

Swara: (without looking at him) bye

Saying this she moved a little and then turning back to ragini

Swara: ragu can you please come to KARMA tomorrow.

Ragini: sure shona

Laksh’s face lite up hearing this and murdered a thank you to Swara.

They went to GM where sharmishta and shekhar are already waiting for them

Swara: (squealed aloud)bedi ma ….

Janaki: shona meri bachi you came where were you kab se tumhara wait Kar Rahe dhi

Laksh: ma vho she was with me.

Sharmista: what is there in it to say we already know that

Laksh : (taking shekar and mishti’s blessings and hugging shomi) how are you ma

Shomi: i’m fine beta, now tell me how are you and what about your business and (only audible to laksh) ragu

laksh:(shocked) maa….

Janki to shekar: dekha shekar i told ki in done ke beech kuch toh kichadi pak rahi hai, shomi come on tell me what is happening

Swara:(obvious of what they have talked) haan ma i wanted to ask you about this last time itself what is that in between you, and lucky u too bad haan you started hiding things from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both shomi and lucky’s jaws drop to the ground but then started laughing hearing janaki
Janaki: (holding swara’s ear slightly) don’t be so inocent, jo bhi kichadi pak rahahe you too are also a part of it i know.

Shekar: exactly now come on swara be a good girl and tell us whats going on

Laksh: aree chachu eisa kuch be nahi hai

Janaki: now i’m 100% sure there is something

Swara: kaise???????????

Shekar: if there was nothing then he must have called me chote papa, he calls me chachu only when he wants to butter me right bhabhi

Janaki: absolutely

To divert the topic
Swara: aaaaahhhhhhhhh

janki/shekar/shomi/laksh: shonaaa kya hua y are you crying

Swara: yehan mein bhuk se mar rahi hoon and you all are busy in your silly talks. I hate you all

Janaki rushed to her: aree mera bacha eisa kuch bhi nahi hai chalo today i will feed you with my own hands you know i had made all your favourite items come

Saying this she took swara along with her while others shook her heads in disbelif saying DRAMAQUEEN


Anand Gadodia: dead, elder brother of shekar, husband of janaki, father of laksh

Janaki Gadodia: a widow of Anand, a professor, mother of laksh but love swara more than anyone

Shekar Gadodia: father of swara but treats luksh as his own son, business man

Sharmishta gadodia: wife of shekar, an advocate by profession, loves her family and treats janaki as her own sister and most importantly partner in crime of swalak.

Swara Gadodia: an MBA student, loves her family the most and for her her family members is her bestest friends and also have secret crush on someone (the one and only thing she hide from all)

Laksh Gadodia: son of anand and janaki. A very matured person because of the loss of his father in a tender age, loves his family a lot especially swara

Both the family lives in different cities but have a unique bond between them.

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