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Sanskar was about to go to his room

AP: stop there sanskar

Then she called DP

AP: DP wherever you are I want you at home in 10 minutes

Saying this she cut the call and sat on the sofa sanskar tried to talk to her but her one glare was enough to make him shut. With in no time DP reached MM.

DP: Annu what happened why did you called me so urgently and you were about to go to college when I went to office then what happened all of a sudden

AP:(angrily) ask your son what he did

DP:(confused) what happened sanskar?

Sanskar: (stammering) vo vo..da………dad………vo

AP: in college you were giving great speeches, you were so confident about your dad’s reaction. Now what happened???

DP: annu let him speak or you tell me what happened otherwise how will I know what’s going on

Sanskar: dad I have decided to marry kavitha

DP:(shocked) what????!!!!!!!!!

AP: haan and he have even fixed the engagement date also

DP: what nonsense are you both talking we have already done swara and sanskar’s engagement then from where did this kavitha came in between.

Sanskar: dad I will tell you what happened

Saying this he narrated the whole collage incident to DP. And DP went into deep thought. After some minutes of silence

DP: sanskar can’t we find an another option

Sanskar: if you have any other option then tell me but please make sure that after that no one should rise their figures against my mom.

DP: annu what should we do?

AP: what should we do mathlab are you going to agree with him ??!!!!!

DP: do you have any other option

AP: sanskar will marry swara only and if all these crosses it’s limits then I will resign from my job

Sanskar: I have already told you mom that I don’t what any happiness which costs your dream

AP: just shut up sanskar, i have already achieved my dream of being a professor and I have already planned to quit the job after your marriage so that I can spend more time with my family. So this will not affect me in any way

Sanskar: but still this society won’t leave you mom

AP: from when did you started thinking about society haan

Sanskar: mom please understand I have promised surekha aunty and this engagement will happen for sure. I will talk with baba and swara also

AP: at least think about ragini sanskar do you think after this laksh will marry ragini

Sanskar: leave it to me mom I will handle it

Saying this he rushed out as he couldn’t handle more.

AP: DP what’s this how can you allow him to do this

DP: annu it’s his life let him handle it

Saying this he too went inside. And AP sat with a thund

@ GM

Laksh: mom what are you saying

Janki: it’s true laksh and ………

(They had a muted conversation)

Laksh: ok as you say mom and let’s pray for the best

Just then he got a call from sanskar and he went outside attending it.


Sahil: swara can I ask you something

Swara: ask

Sahil: vo th…that ri….rin

Swara: sahil I don’t have time to waste so if you want to ask something then be quick or else bye

She was about to leave

Sahil: vo the ring on the ring figure of your right hand……..

Swara:(looking at the ring, confused) iska kya

Sahil: do you know what does it mean

Swara:(still confused) what meaning

Sahil: wearing a ring on the ring finger of your right hand is a symbol of your engagement.

Swara: haan tho

Sahil: so why are you wearing this ring

Swara:(getting frustrated) yes, I have a boyfriend and I had done engagement with him, aur ab tumhe aise meri peeche karne se koi fayda bhi nahi hai happy now

Saying this she left from there.

Days were going like this AP always try to make sanskar and DP understand but nothing happened. Sahil was still behind swara as he was not ready to believe her
Janki, laksh and ragini didn’t interfere in any thing.

It was the day of the result of their tender, DP, AP and sanskar was in kavitha’s house for lunch as they wanted to share the happiness and wanted to finalize the date of engagement.

They were watching the news as the press conference is being telecasting live

Delicate:” SO THE TENDER GOES TO SUKLA GROUP OF COMPANIES’ they have given………………

All were shocked to hear the news and it was then DP got a phone call

DP: hello


DP: what sir how can you do that we are banking with you since our company started and now for this small matter how can you seize all our property

OS: ………………

DP: hello sir please………

Sanskar: dad what were you saying

DP: you heard it right sanskar as you know we have pledged our house and office to rise fund for this project and as we are rejected the bank is going to seize everything.

Surekha: everything mathlab

DP: everything matlab everything except our farm house which sanskar brought on AP’s name with his first salary and my personal account which hardly consist of 8 – 9 lakhs

Sanskar: dad don’t worry it’s common in business and your experience and my studies are enough for us to start a new business and now kavitha aur uske family bhi hai na hasmare sath

AP: DP don’t get upset it’s not good for your health, please sabhle apane aap ko

DP: you are right Annu (taking a deep breath) so rajeev ji leave all this let’s fix the engagement date

Rajeev(surekha’s husband): DP ji vo I guess today it will not be right to fix the engagement date. We will fix it after some days till you too will be get settled with the new situation, I’m I right surekha

Surekha: ji absolutely AP I will inform you

DP: ok then bye

They left bidding bye to all.

Another week passed. Swara had completed her exams and was now equally concentrating on the founder’s day program and her studies. Her team head was very much impressed with her knowledge about almost everything related to the college. She had made a good team which includes teachers, students and even non-teaching staff. Now they all work as a team for their founder’s day.

Here surekha is always keeping a distance from AP and AP being matured enough understood that it was due to their present condition. One fine day shekar and shomi along with janki came to visit them.

(Shekar and shomi are not aware of sanskar’s decision of marrying kavitha as janki and laksh didn’t informed them)

DP: (nervously) aree shekar come in

They were seated in hall and AP give them snacks and tea. Now all are talking

Shekar: So DP what’s your next plan. I mean the bank will put the seized property on auction right then have you thought of any idea to get it back

DP: shekar vo first our business will be put in auction and if my calculation come true then 80% of the loan amount can be recovered from the business property itself. If it happens then my bank accounts will be freed and with that i can retrieve my mansion, you know I can’t let that go so easily as it is my ancestral property. And then with the balance we are planning to start afresh.

Shekar: that’s like a good business man and in any stage if you need any help then just remember we are there for you always.

Shomi: AP ji why are you looking so sad, don’t worry everything will be fine.

AP: Ithana sab kuch hone ki baat bhi app Hume support kar rehe ho hamare liye bohath hai

Shomi: aree AP we are a family

AP was overwhelmed hearing shomi. After that they spent sometime together and they left.

AP was in guilt to keep shekar and shomi in dark, but DP asked her to do so and she was surprised as janki also supports him. When asked janki told AP that she will talk to shekar when laksh return from his business trip as she lonely can’t handle everything. AP agreed.

One fine day when AP entered the staffroom after completing her lectures she found surekha distributing sweets to everyone and saying that her daughter’s marriage is fixed with the son of a big businessman. At first AP thought that she was talking about them but then she got to know that she was saying about someone else.

AP: surekha what is this when we have fixed sanskar and kavitha’s engagement, how can you do this

Surekha: tum ne bhi to yahi ki thi then why can’t I

AP: but sure….

Surekha: bhus annu I don’t want to hear any thing we have not fixed any date and all , we just talked about it. See annu this rishta came from a big businessman who are well settled and I don’t want my daughter to suffer with you please annu try to understand.

AP: tum me mere bete ki zindagi mazak banake rekdiya hai surekha. You know he was very happy with swara. Shekar and shomi, you know they were the only person to give us a helping hand in our bad times. Here you claim yourself as my friend and you are doing this to me. You forced sanskar to break the engagement.

Colleague: seriously so cheap of you surekha you did this much drama that day and now when you got some one better you are doing this

OC: really we are feeling ashamed to say you as our colleague, you made us badmouth AP and Annu we are really sorry for that day.

All were supporting AP and were cruising surekha and in frustration she burst out that she did all this because of the fame and wealth the maheshwari’s had.

AP: now I really thank god for losing that deal. Because of that at least I could figure out the truth of the people around me. Thank you so much surekha.

Saying this she went home. On reaching home she was surprised to see ragini, laksh and janki there.

AP: ragu you didn’t tell me that you are coming today

Ragini: nothing mom laksh was coming back so thought to pay a visit. Mom where’s bhai

AP:(angrily) mujhe kya pata, and I don’t even care. He made his life a hell with his own hands and (crying) I didn’t know what he will do now

Janki: AP what happened why are you crying

Ragini: mom please stop crying what’s the problem.

Sanskar and DP just arrived hearing all these and they rushed to her

DP: Annu what happened

AP(holding his collar): how many times I told you to stop him from doing all these. I told you I will be ok if he is happy in his life even without my job. But no you both were too stubborn to regain my lost reputation in society. So now be happy as today I got it back. I got my lost reputation in college but we lost our son’s life.

Sanskar: mom what are you saying?

AP:(giving him a tight slap) don’t open your mouth and get lost from here sanskar I don’t even want to see you in front of me. How many times I told you not to think about leaving swara, did you hear me nahi na now suffer yourself for a lifetime and make your parents also suffer by seeing their son’s condition.

Saying this she was again beating sanskar but ragini and laksh come and hold her

Ragini: .mom please stop it tell us what happened and what do you mean by “today you got your reputation back” it has already been fixed as bhai agreed to marry kavitha right

AP: eisa hame lega tha, but today surekha had fixed kavitha’s engagement with someone else and we had an argument on that and my whole colleagues were supporting me. I felt happy but at the same time sad bcz of my idiot son why you did this sanskar

Ragini: mom ek minute, bhai what’s all this first you assured me that nothing wrong will happen and you will marry only swara and now laksh is saying that jis contract ke vajhe se hamare business aur ghar seize kiya tha aapne uss contract ke liye tender kiya hee nahi. Now kavitha ki dusari rishtha what’s happening here bhai

AP: what??????!!!!!!!!!!


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