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Swara: sir I’m saying that when we have the best and fully equipped music and arts department in our college than what is the need of bringing a troop from outside. Also sir last year there was much low audience and towards the end of the program the hall was almost empty. So sir why won’t this year we arrange the program of our students and we have much time to prepare also.

Princy: I think this is a good idea. So swara ..

Mr. M: but sir this is an experiment and what if it failed.

Princy: Mr. Malhotra don’t be so pessimistic let’s think positive

Swara: exactly sir and I guess if we work as a team then it will be a great success

Princy: right so swara I’m posting you as the team leader you can choose your team and…..

Swara: me……..sir please not me I mea…

Mr. M: (mocking)wow swara just seconds ago you were giving great speeches and when it come to work you are back outting. Too bad swara

Swara: sir I’m not back outing I’m just saying that we have very experienced professor’s here then I guess I’m not eligible for this responsibility. Sir I can help you in all possible ways but you make someone else as the team leader

Mr. Malhotra was about to say something but was stopped by the principal

Princy: I think she is right so I’m appointing Mrs. Mishra, our vice principal as the team leader and swara will be her assistant in this project.

Mrs. Mishra/swara: yes sir

Princy: so start your work from today itself , I know exams are going on but I guess it won’t be a big deal for you swara

Swara: sir

Princy: ok then give me a rough presentation by next Wednesday bye students the meeting is over for today

@AP’s college

AP: (angry) sanskar

Janki:(shocked) sanskar beta

AP : sanskar just stop this nonsense right here and come with me janki you just give a leave application for me. Come sanskar

AP was about to leave from there holding sanskar’s hands but sureka came on their way

Surekha: did you and your mom had taken my child’s life as a joke sanskar first your mom promised me to get my daughter married to her son and then did the engagement with someone else. And now after being engaged you are claiming that you will be marry kavitha what’s all these don’t your family seriously have any shame

Sanskar:(as calm as he could) anty I’m serious about the marriage. I will break the engagement with swara and will get married to kavitha so please stop accusing my mom and my family.

AP: sanskar I told you to stop it right there. Another word from your mouth you will see the worst of me

Sanskar:(ignoring AP) aunty for now I’m busy with a project, by a couple of weeks it will be finished and at the day of the success party of the project I will get engaged with ka….

He was left incomplete as he got a tight slap from AP

AP: how dare you sanskar chup chap gaadi mein baito

Surekha: why are you threatening him if you would have done it at the time of his first engagement then this situation will have never came to you.

AP: stop it surekha you are crossing your limits now I did bad with you and you can punish me but I won’t allow you to spoil my child’s life. He loves swara and he will marry her even if it cost my reputation, my job, my life….. I just don’t care get it

Sanskar: but I won’t allow that mom I don’t want a happy life which costs your reputation and your dream you always loved me and took care of my each and every needs now it’s my turn. Please mom allow me to do this for you

AP:(helplessly) sanskar why are you not understanding my happiness lies in urs not in my job or my reputation please don’t do this

Sanskar: no mom I have decided and I’m sure dad will also support me

Janki: and what about swara sanskar

Sanskar:(trying hard not to cry) she too will understand me bedi ma I will make her understand and will help her move on in her life.

Janki:(wiping her tears) I just hope, bye AP

Saying this she went from there and everyone leave to their respective places.


Sorry guys I can’t type more my fingers are paining like hell. Will try to update next part soon bye take care.

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  1. Nice one..tc..

    1. Independent

      Thank you kumu

  2. Noooo.I hate this sanskar who can’t stand by his love , I completely understand his need to defend his mother but how can he play with swara’s life he is nothing but a coward for me if he can’t stand for his decision just by hearing bad from other people I just hate him as of now.poor shona hope she punishes him hard n make him realize his mistake.

    1. Independent

      Thank u and when I’m here then what to fear everything will be alright

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      Thank u dear

  3. awesome hope sanky wont marry kavita

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      Thank you anu

  4. Sammykapoor

    nice dear…what sanskaar think of himself…why cannot he stood on his decission…instead of giving strong reply to surekha he talks like this?? AP give her promise..but he engagged with swara infront of all…then what about her n her family respect??

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      Thank you Sammy let’s hope for the best

  5. Swarna01

    Yaar post asap. Dnt delay much

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  9. Nice….but sanskar is really mad…can’t he himself much strong to no one point his relationship with swara and also his mother respect

  10. I agree with you all,,son who can’t balance with his mother and love should be left alone….Swara should leave him and move ahead so that sanskar realizes his mistake,,I don’t like sanskar’s character ,,,swara should leave him

    1. Independent

      Thank you dear

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      Thank you seebu

  11. awesome dear and swara should give him very good punishments for him by making him jealous and sanakar should think about his engagementbut no he thought about his mother’s promise which is very bad and give him very bad punishment dear pls pls dear take it as request

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      Thank you sooooo much dear

  12. need long episodes short ones bore me

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      Will try dear and thank you

  13. Simi

    Good one dear..
    Sanskar have no right to play with Swara’s feelings.. I agree he defended Ap but what was Swara’s fault in that.. What about Swara n her family’s reputation

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  14. awesome ??

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  15. ????

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      Awe sorry for making u cry dear

  16. He there,,we are wing for you to give a nice and long episode and make our set Swara give punishment to Sanskar so that he never thinks of leaving her. Please make Sanskar so jealous that he only remembers Swara,,waiting for their cute moments and your next episode. post soon,,,,thatnks for reading all the comments

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  17. Neptune

    diiiiiiii ye sanskaar paagal ho gaya hai kya…..

    what happened to your fingers diiiii?? take care di and post only when u r fine we will wait until then

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      Thank you dear and abt my finger I’m an arthritis patient so its just a part of it

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    Thank you dear and abt my finger I’m an arthritis patient so its just a part of it

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