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Swara’s POV

How are you sanskar you know today the classes started along with this kavi and shanu’s tandroms. you know they made the teacher flat today. And this sahil he is again behind me but you know what whenever I see him I remember your that possessive face and ……… (with a sad pout)I miss you.

Kavya: swara we searched for you the whole hostel and you are sitting here what happened

Swara: nothing just like that yaar

Shanaya: swara are you hiding something from us

Swara: nahi tho

Kavya: then why you always prefer to stay alone, if we did any mistake then please let us know

Swara: nothing like that yaar it’s just I was missing my family

Kavya: uffo swara thum bhi na

Shanaya: now leave all these and get to bed tomorrow morning I have environment club ka meeting.

Kavya: urs is in the morning? Why

Shanaya: vho mam have to go somewhere after noon so

Kavya: accha… swara thume brain meeting bhi morning mein hai na, yaar please is bar kuch accha plan Karna founder’s day ke liye

Swara: kavya mein akele kya kar sakthi hoon phir bhi I will try. Now come let’s go

Next day

AP: sanskar I told you I’m ok. Ham sab ki mooh tho band nahi kar sakthe hai na let it be aaur vaise bhi muche koyi pharak bhi nahi padthy

Sanskar: par hame bahut pharak padta hai ma. I told you to take leave but you are not listening to me so at least let me drop you mom please

AP: sanskar I’m not a coward to run away from this situation let me face it beta I promise you that I will be ok

Sanskar: ok fine dono stubbornness ki dookan hai

DP: ab meine kya kiya

Sanskar: app nahi dad I was talking about this saas bahu Jodi

AP: (laughing)vo tho hai we are made for each other

Sanskar: ha ha ha ha ab chalein

@VCMS (swara’s college)

Brain meeting was going on all were discussing about the functions to be held on founders day

Pro. Malhotra: (one of swara’s professor who is not in good terms with swara because of her friendly nature with the boys of her class) I think there is not much to discuss , I mean like previous year will book some professional drama team or any mimics group ya bhir for a change this year we will conduct a magic show what say.

Some students:(who wants to butter the professor) brilliant idea sir (to Princy) sir we will follow as sir says

Swara: excuse me sir, I think it’s not a good idea

Pro. M: (angrily) what are you trying to say swara. You are insulting me

Princy: Mr. Malhotra calm down we are here to discuss about various ideas for the founder’s day so let her speak. Swara you continue

@ AP’s college

Sanskar dropped AP in college and was about to leave when he heard surekha and her friends taunting AP and he went there and argue with them but they were taunting her more and AP was at the venge of crying. Janki also come there and due to the mess some of the college students also come there

Janki: surekha please calm down let’s keep our personal matters outside the college

Surekha: how can I be calm janki she ditched me it’s about my daughter’s future. You know what my daughter , the one who used to be bubbly is now always stays in her room. From that day she forgot to smile always remains quite. What was her fault that she dreamt of sanskar as her husband.

Sanskar: Anty I didn’t knew anything about this then who can you blame us

Surekha: of course but your mom, she knew about it na. She herself came to me with this alliance, we didn’t

AP: surekha at that time I didn’t knew about sanskar’s and swara’s marriage has been fixed

One colleague: what AP you didn’t knew what’s happening in your own house. Kaise parivaar hai yaar

Another: exactly yaar ek bete keliye maa air bap dho dho rishte lekar ayi

Another: AP you should have discussed this with your family before asking kavitha’s hands from surekha

AP: I know it’s my mistake and I’m sorry…

Sanskar: no mom it’s not your fault I should have told you before about swara I’m sorry

Surekha : sorry thum kaho yaa thumare mom kya phark padtha hai jab mere bet I ki zindaghi katham hone ki badh

Janki: surekha why are you talking like this, it was just an alliance tho issme zindaghi katham hone ki baat kahan se agayi

Surekha: the whole society will blame my daughter only now no one will be ready to marry my daughter this is all because of you AP, only because of you

AP was crying badly and sanskar couldn’t take it any more

Sanskar:(at the top of his voice) bhas….. I will marry kavitha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don’t kill me after this chappy. Bye for today and hopefully meet you tomorrow

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