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Shomi: shona what’s the need of going to hostel today itself you can do your project here also and can go by sunday right shekar

Shekar: exactly and shona you know na your college authorities won’t allow us also to meet you in these two months we will miss you beta aur sanskar ka bhi man karega na thumse baat karne ki so you stay for two more days and relax uske baath chale jana

Swara: exactly baba that’s why i’m leaving today you know your SIL very well right he will irritate me all the time and i won’t be able to concentrate on my project and above all this is a group project and kavya and shanu are already there so for now i want to rush

Swara packed her things and was about to call sanskar just then sanky called her and she picked at the first ring

Swara: hello sanskar

Sanskar: wow seems that you were waiting for my call

Swara: waiting … idiot i was about to call you

Sanskar: aww so kaise yaad kiya

Swara: stop your drama sanskar be serious i’m about to move to hostel so thought to inform you

Sanskar: today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kya yaar i thought at least tonight i could be with you on call for some time

Swara: sanskar please na maa baba ko samjathe samjathe dhak chuke hum ab tum shuru math ho. (crying) Thum sab ko kya lagtha hai ki muche bura nahe lagtha but sanskar i can’t comprimise with my studies also why you all are not understanding

Sanskar: shhh swara it’s ok i’m sorry vo bas i was missing you so ……… leave it you say packing ho gaye kab nikal rehi ho

Swara: ………………….

Sanskar: swara

Swara: i’m sorry

Sanskar: i love you

Swara: are you hurt

Sanskar: i love you

Swara: sanskar



Sanskar: (with a naughty smirk) SHONAAAA

Swara: (pouting)SWARA

Sanskar: i wish i would be their to give a peck on your that cutese pout

Swara: i love you

Sanskar: that’s like my gud girl

Swara: you know very well to set my mood na

Sanskar: of course after all i’m your one and only fiance dear

Swara: still sanskar please don’t feel hurt that i’m giving more importance to my studies

Sanskar: bilkul bhi nahi. Swara i know how much you love your studies and your college also. And i know very well that it’s not more than me to you.

Swara: phir bhi sanskar

Sanskar: if you are feeling that bad then why don’t you think about a compensation

Swara: compensation…… how?

Sanskar: kiss me

Swara instantly kisses on the phone

Sanskar: how are you feeling now?

Swara: relaxed…..thank you sanskar

Sanskar: acha ab main paray ho gaye

Swara: shut up sanskar

Sanskar: ok then let me make an another rule

Swara: pyaar mein no sorry and no thank you right

Sanskar: nahi mine is something different and that is when you feel like thanking me you can say an I LOVE YOU instead of thank you and if it is a sorry then you can KISS ME instead of saying sorry what say?

Swara: sanskkkaar you are too much

Sanskar: akhir hubby kis ki hai

Like that they talked for some time and swara felt relaxed after talking to sanskar and she left for her college.

[guys at first i have mentioned swara’s college as XYZ COLLEGE but now i’m giving it a name]


Kavshan: (hugging swara) missed you a lot swara. How are you.

Swara:(hugging back) I’m absolutely fine how are you both and when did you reached have started the project

Kavya: swara…. Swara…..hold it take a breath yaar

Sanaya: haan yaar relax we reached just now and now you get fresh then we will start

Swara: ok then I will be back in 2 minutes

After that they start their project and two days passed like this

After two days

Swara: kavya shanu get up yaar how much will you both sleep

Kavya: swara 5 minutes please

Swara: no way kavi we have college today get up I’m going to pray hall will meet you both in mess bye

@ college

(I really don’t know about the systems so I’m going according to the story. Sorry)

Dean: hello my dear students welcome back. Today we are starting our next semester which includes your quarterly assessment test, projects and some extra curricular activities also. We will be conducting the meetings of our various clubs from this week itself and the previous schedules will be followed. Thank you.

Kavya: thank god he finished other wise I was about to sleep here

Shanswa: kavi you are impossible

In class

Swara was attending the class with full concentration were as kavshan were in their usual masti mood.

Kavya: are yaar how much boring is this

Shanu: haan yaar I’m sleepy

Teacher: kavya shanaya what’s going on there

Kavya: nothing mam we were just wondering how you manage to look so young even in this age.

Shanu: yeah mam see we teenagers also don’t have this much color sense how you manage to get all your accessories so matching matching

Teacher was all flat

Teacher: OK…OK… now concentrate on your lecturers.

Kavshan: yes mam

Swara: you both na…… stay quite OK

At lunch break

Swashankav were in the canteen having their lunch when sahil came towards them. Swara remember sanskar asking her to be away from sahil and a smile came to her lips thinking about sanskar

Sahil: hai all how are you

Shanaya: hello sahil we are all OK. You say what about you

Sahil(Sitting on their table): I’m fine.

Swara: guys I have some work in the library so bye

She went from there without even waiting for their reply

Here sanskar was with his father in the office

DP: are you sure you want to do this sanskar? What will shekar think about us? What if shona mistook you?

Sanskar: on dad nothing will go wrong and I’m sure baba and swara will surely understand my situation

DP: if you are so confident then go ahead.

In karma

Laksh: (on phone) ragu where are you sanskar is also not picking my calls is all ok

Ragini: yeah laksh everything is fine bhai and dad are busy with a new project and I had gone to drop mom and was in a last minute shopping.

Laksh: oh yeah I forgot you have to leave tomorrow right

Ragini: haan I will come to karma after my shopping so see you bye

Laksh: bye

In college(AP and janki’s)

AP: Janki hw are you

Janki: I’m fine you say hw are you aur ghar mein Sab theek hai na.

AP: haan haan Sab theek hai

They were about to enter the college just then Sulekha came there along with some of their colleagues.

One of their colleague: arre Annapoorna you were surekha’s bestie right then when did you become friend with janaki

Janaki: why if she is surekha’s bestie then can’t she became friend with anyone else?

Colleague: not like that janaki they were supposed to be sumdans and now behaving like strangers so..

Janki:exactly they were ONLY SUPPOSED to be samdans Hui nahi thi so better keep this unwanted talks aside and let’s get to work

Surekha: waise bhi who wants to be a friend with such a cheater come on guys let’s go

AP felt bad hearing this

Janki:( consoling AP) annapoorna it’s ok just leave it she is like that only don’t give her so importance

AP: (with a fake smile) yes janaki you are right

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