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Janki: shona listen it’s not needed to study all the time just because you have your exams ok. Just relax and for god sake please have your food on time

Swara: badi maa relax i will not take any tension and will eat well you just wait and watch you will get to see a moti shona next time

Shomi: (holding her ears) dramebaaz

Swara: aaahhh maa please leave na it’s paining

Janki: shomi chodo usse it must paining

Swara: haan badi maa a lot she have no mercy on me

Saying this she ran to janki’s back to safeguard herself as shomi who was about to hit her, and they had an emotional moment as she was leaving today.

Laksh: (hugging swara) will miss you

Swara: me too

Just then sanskar and AP reached there.

AP: voh bhaisab i just wanted to see off swara i hope you won’t mind

Janki: arre annu what nonsense are you talking she is your daughter also, you don’t have to seek permission.

AP: (goes to swara and hugs her) will miss you dear come back soon we will be waiting for you

Swara: me too gonna miss you mom

Shomi: zera deko janki someone is getting emotional

Janki: exactly shomi she was teasing me for being emotional and now when she got her mom she just forget her maa aur badi maa too bad shona

Swara: aww someone is getting jealous

AP: janki stop teasing my daughter ok

Saying this she hugged swara side wise and sanskar was watching all this with a smile. After spending some time together it was the time for their departure. All moved outside leave swasan alone.

Swara: sanskar vo yesterday i told you to forget me but don’t take it on a serious note, i was……

Sanskar : shhh swara i know you were just saying like that only. You know what just the thought of being away from you is killing me

Swara: stop talking rubbish sanskar bhale hum pas nahe ho par we are always connected with our hearts right

Sanskar just hugged her and she too they stood like this for some time feeling each other.

Sanskar: swara i forgot to tell you

Swara: kya?

Sanskar: dad have appointed me as the CEO of maheshwari group

Swara: really…

Sanskar nodded in agreement

Swara: (kissing on his cheeks)OMG i’m so happy between don’t forget about mom

Sanskar: sure and i have already planned something

Swara: what

Sanskar: nah.. Not now let it be a surprise for you

Swara: sanskar you can’t do this

Sanskar: (pulling her through her waist) of course i can

Swara: you are soooo bad

Sanskar: let it be but swara believe me it’s really important for mom i know she loves you wholeheartedly but still there will be some scratches of the past na. I want to remove all her doubts and welcome you with full trust to our family so please let me do what i have planned

Swara: i trust you sanskar and all the best, i guess now we should leave

Sanskar: (kissing her forehead) sure aur haan stay away from that sahil

swara:(pulling his cheeks) OMG you are looking sooo cute when you are possessive and i love your this possessive side

Saying this she captured his lips sanskar got shocked at first and then responded to it. They broke the kiss when it become difficult for them to breath.

Sanskar: (joining their foreheads) will miss you

Swara: (hugging him) miss you too

After sometime they went to others. Shekar, Shomi and swara left bidding bye to all


Sorry sory sorry i know i’m late uper se this small chappy really sorry guys i just wanted to start swara’s college life afresh so please pardon me. I promise next time i won’t be late. Thanks a lot for liking my story i thought no one will read my story at all but here i’m getting this much comments. I’m soooo happy actually your comments are a big relief for me in my busy life so thank you once again

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