Hello all thanks a lot for understanding my situation and for your valuable prayers. My father is discharged from hospital. Hope you all are doing fine and a big thanks for all your comments. I will provide a link for all the episodes for your convenience


Here we go with the next episode.

Two days have passed with shopping, preparations and all everyone were busy with one or the other and in between all these Swaraglak were missing their respective partners were as sanky was in a little relief as he didn’t wanted swara to know about his mom. He very well know that if he saw her face to face then she will catch him red handed and he won’t be able to hide the truth from her and As much as he know if she come to know about the matter she will backout from the engagement for the sake of his mom.

Engagement day
(sorry guys i don’t know anything about the north indian wedding rituals so i will give a brief sketch)
Sanskar and laksh were seated on the stage and were waiting for their partners. The priest asked for the brides and swaragini were taken to the mandap by AP and shomi. Sanlak were totally numb seeing their love and swaragini were blushing like anything. First swasan exchanged rings and then raglak. Sanky signed in relief as she was officially his fiance, and all were happy.

It was the reception when AP was held to a corner by someone. She was startled first and then shocked to see the person.

AP: SUREKHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surekha: oh so you remember me?

AP: Surekha see we will talk later

Surekha: what is left to talk Annapoorna? You promised me to get my daughter married to your son. We have already took the appointment of the pandith to fix the dates and here you are secretly doing your son’s engagement? Wah… annapoorna wha meri beti ko dhoka dene se pehle ek bar bhi nahi socha tumne? Vo tho already tumhe apni maa maan chuke hai aur thum how easily you betrayed her? How could you do this to her annu? I’m feeling shamed to to say that you were my best friend

AP: Surekha see this is not the place to discus this matter i wanted to tell you this earlier but you were out of town and your phone was also not reachable.

Surekha: what you wanted to say annapoorna haan that your son got a better alliance and you are going ahead with that? Or yahi ke you got an alliance from a rich family than us so i’m sorry surekha? What you wanted to say Annu tell me

AP: surekha eisa nahi hai vo sanky was in love with swara and DP ji fixed that alliance before i could tell about kavitha.

Surekha: (smirkingly) oh i didn’t knew that my so called best friend have no importance in her own house. Now i feel that my kavi got saved from your so called family were lady’s have no value.

AP: (angrily) hold your tongue surekha you don’t have any rig………..

They were interrupted by a glass breaking sound and AP was shocked to see swasan standing there. Swara had tears in her eyes and sanky was trying hard to control his anger. AP went near swara

AP: shona……… beta…………

Swara: (folding her hands) sorry mom bcz of me you have to go throu…..

AP: shhhhhh chup kar it’s not bcz of you beta don’t blame urself

Swara: no mom agar mein nahi hoti tho yeah sab…..

Sanskar: stop it Swara kaisi batein kar rahe ho this was not bcz of you it was all bcz of my stupidity that I did tell Mom about our relationship. Surekha anty you can’t blame mom like that it’s the situation was like that and we couldn’t help it. I’m asking forgiveness from you Anty please don’t blame mom.

DP who came there along with other family members heard all these and felt very bad.

DP: see surekha ji I’m also apologising please don’t take it in your heart,

Surekha: aree waah kya baat hai the great Durga prasad maheshwari is asking forgiveness that too from a lady wow, I must admit Swara you are really talented. Vaise Swara what blackmagic did you do that they all are supporting you even after getting insulted bcz of you.

AP/DP/Sanskar: enough

AP: not a word against my daughter surekha

DP: you will see the worst of me

Sanskar: now keep your mouth shut and get lost the party’s over for you.

Swara​ couldn’t take any more so she ran to her room followed by others. Shekar, mishty and janaki were feeling happy seeing the maheshwari’s supporting Swara despite the situation. Whereas raglak were feeling blessed to have a family like this.

All went behind swara except janaki, she stay back to attend the guests

In Swara’s room

AP: swara beta isme tumhari koi galti nahi hai, yeh tho hamare beach ki communication gap ke vaje se hua hai, please beta don’t hold urself responsible for this

DP: haan beta and i promise you yeah surekha aur uske beti will never cross your path in future

Sharmishta: shona why are you silent beta

Sanskar: swara i’m sorry for not informing you about this but please don’t be like this scold me beat me do whatever you want but please shona say something.

Swara looked towards sanskar and said

Swara: you called me SHONA

Saying this she headed towards DP & AP leaving a confused sanskar behind

Swara: mom, dad i’m ok don’t worry. And i’m not at all worried about kavitha or her mom crossing my path because i know you all love me a lot and will be with me in all situations. But dad (holding AP’s hands) i don’t want mom to feel a single drop of guilt in this matter. Mom i know you are happy with this marriage but still i’m sure you have a small guilt in your mind for hurting your friend and her daughter, right?

AP nodded her head positively

Swara: so sanskar, dad will you both do this for me, will you help maa in getting out of this guilt?

sanskar/ DP: sure swara/ beta

AP: (caresing swara’s cheeks) pichle janam mein meine zaroor kuch acha kiya hoga ki iss janam mein thum meri beti benne wali ho, love you beta

Swara: (hugging her) love you too mom

Shemish: too bad shona, mom dad kya mile maa baba ko bhool gayi too bad

Swara: aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanskar: maa, baba usse chodiye mein hoon na apke liye.

Ragini: aur mein bhi

AP/ DP: ragu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laksh: but i’m with you mom

All burst out into laughter and had a good time together and left to the party hall leaving swasan alone.

At the very next moment everyone left sanskar pulled swara in his embrace, and she complied. After what felt like eternity swara asked

Swara: that’s why you were not talking to me in these days

Sanskar noded

Swara: but why sanskar?

Sanskar: i was scared

Swara: What is there in this to be scared?

Sanskar: bcz as far as i know you, you are a selfless person. If you come to know about mom’s sufferings then what if you cancel the engagement and leave me to get married to that kavitha.

Swara: (fake angry) sanskaarrrr…… if you have any intentions like that na keep it aside ok. I agree i’m a selfless person but when it comes to you then i’m a little greedy. What ever may be the situation I won’t leave you for anyone or anything. Better keep this always in your mind YOU ARE MINE got it

Sanskar nodded acting to be scared and then both burst out into laughter.

Sanskar: (holding her elbow) kya tha voh?

Swara: kya

Sanskar: SWARA…….. Don’t be so innocent, why did you say like that

Swara: sanskar ….. You were blabbering so much scold me……. hit me …..bla…..bla…bla….and you know your face was worth watching. So to bring you out of your trace i told that and i agree i like it when i’m called as shona but I LOVE IT WHEN YOU CALL ME SWARA.

Sanskar was overwhelmed to hear that and he again pulled her to bear hug after planting a kiss on her forehead.

Swara:(still in his embrace by parting their head) accha listen tomorrow i will go back and i don’t think i will get a leave in next two months

Sanskar: whaaatttttt?????????????

Swara: sanskar……. Why are you shouting? You know it already that i’m here just for our engagement and i will be leaving tomorrow then why you sound shocked?

Sanskar: (sad) yeah i knew you are here only for engagement but i thought you will be here till sunday and we will have a good time

Swara:(hitting him on his chest) idiot we had two days to enjoy but you, yourself spoiled it bcz of your stupidity, and now complaining (moking) “i didn’t get time with you”

Sanskar: but still swara you can stay for an another day na?

Swara: no sanskar i have project to complete and you know it will take time so please

Sanskar: (breaking the hug) acha theek hai jao (turned to other side)

Swara: sanskar don’t do that please don’t make it hard for me to leave

Sanskar: swara i’m not angry you go i will come in some time

Swara: sanskar please

Sanskar: leave me alone swara…

Swara turned to go with a heavy heart but then turned to back hug him. At the same time sanskar also turned to back hug her and both ended up in hugging each other.

Swasan: I LOVE YOU



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