Swara stoped her car in front of a big building where a board displays KARMA GROUP. She smiled seeing the board. She remembers the time lucky started his own company


He was very much tensed about the success of the company and more over he was not getting a proper name. So just to lighten his mood she said

Swara: lucky beta tension math lo tum bas apna karm karo baki sab shani dekh lega

Laksh: shani !!!!!!!!!

Swara: han don’t you know him

Laksh : kaun

Swara: aree shani bhagvan…. “KARM PHAL DATHA” streaming on voot

Laksh: (laughing loud) shona tum bhi na you are just immpo….. Ek minute wow superb i love you yaar

(saying this he hugged her tightly)

Swara : aree aree sambhalke what did i do know that you are loving me this much all of a sudden

Laksh: kya naam suggest kiya hai tumne

Swara: naam….. Mein….. Kab????????????

Laksh: aree abhi tum ne kaha ki mein apna karm karo tho meine decide kiya…

Swara: kya???????????

Laksh: yahi that i will name my company as “KARMA GROUP” you know what you are my lucky champ

Swara: (lifting her collar and with a wide smile) voh tho mein hoon


Thinking all these she entered inside and went straight to the reception.

Swara: hey rosu anty how are you

Rosey (receptionist): aree swara beta i’m fine when did you come

Swara: just now, lucky is in his cabin na

Rosey: no beta, he is in work site and don’t worry he is on his way

Swara: ok then i will wait in his cabin bye.

Rosey: bye beta,(in a teasing tone) vaise swara your baby is there in his cabin.

Swara: (excitedly) sach wow then bye

Rosey shook her head smilingly in disbelief

Swara went straight to lucky’s cabin and immediately started searching for her baby. She searched all the cupboards and side tables but she couldn’t find her baby. Just then her eyes fell on laksh’s table and she went hurriedly towards it and looks on the table in utter disbelief.

Swara: what the, let him come i will show him real hell, how dare he left my baby like this all alone, idiot.

Saying this she took the lappy in her hands and started to clean it.

Swara: see how much dust is there, can’t he keep it clean stupid

Cruising laksh like this she opened the lappy and find an incomplete presentation in it so she decided to finish it by herself as all the credentials for the presentation was there on the table itself. She was sitting on laksh’s chair and was working on the presentation when someone banged the door and just rushed in.

Person : laksh the deliga……..

Swara: lucky tum aga…….

Both were stunned to see an unknown person in front of them.

Person: hey who are you and what are you doing in Laksh’s cabin?????

Swara: and may I know who are you to question me?????

Person: wait ….. you were working on his happy matlab are you trying to manipulate the presentation

Saying this he snatched the laptop from her, and that was it for Swara her anger reached it’s peak

Swara: how dare you to touch my baby

Saying this she took back the happy from him leaving the person confused

Person: BABY ………..

But Swara was busy in checking her happy and was cleaning the places touched by the person. And he became angry on seeing this

Person: hey you I don’t have any aids that you are cleaning this laptop like this.

Swara: hai mind your language ok this is my baby my laddu got it

She said all this by snapping her fingers on his face and he didn’t like it at all. Next second he hold her fingers tightly

Person: how dare you to snap finger on my face

Swara: how dare you….

Saying this she raised her hands to slap him. just then laksh reached there and find swara raising her hands to slap and he hold her hand in the nick of the time.

Laksh: hay sanky whats going on and swara what is this is this the way to behave

Swara became silent as laksh never calls her Swara so she understood that he was very angry on her and somewhere she was also ashamed of her behavior.

Laksh: (concerned)aree shona what happened, are you ok

Swara: (poutingly) how can i be ok without your hug

Saying this she ran into his embrace and he too reciprocated

Sanskar : excuse me may i have the honour to know what’s going on here and lucky are you planning to cheat my behan haan

Before laksh could react swara interpreted

Swara: OMG cheating your behan matlab laksh and your behan are in a relationship

Sanskar:if it is a yes then( he raised his eyebrows)

Swara: whattttt… lucky how can you do that you idiot… don’t you dare to chea..….

Was interrupted by sanskar : matlab you both are in a relationship

Swalak: whattttt…………shut up you idiot

San:(to swara) then what is it matters you if he is in a relationship with my sister

Swara: i will kill him, if he even thinks to betrays ragini. And you say your behein to stay away from my lucky otherwise she will be the one whom i will be killing first and better you also

Sanskar was stunned to hear this

Laksh: guys……guys…..guys relax ok now shona he is sanskar my best buddy and ragini’s brother

Swara: but he was in US right

Laksh: haan but he returned 2 months before

Sanskar: ek minute how do you know about me??????????

Laksh: sanky cool yaar now you meet swara (sanskar gives a confused look) aree yaar meri shona my sweet little sissy

Sanskar: oh.. Hai

Saying this he forward his hands for a shake hand and swara shakes hands with him muttering a hello.


That’s it for today guys. I will try my best to be regular and thank you for your patience and your valuable time

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