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Next day at jewellry shop

Swara’s POV

I’m watching him since the time he entered the shop, he is talking with everyone except me. May be i’m overreacting but it’s hurting, the thought of him avoiding me, it’s like hell. I even don’t know my fault. And he is not even looking at me. Is he really regretting his decision of choosing me, or did i made a mistake by playing that prank, oh god i will go mad if he continue to ignore me.

Sanskar’s POV

I’m really sorry swara, but I can’t face you now, at least not before our engagement. If I talk to you now I won’t be able to hide the matter from you and I’m sure you will hold yourself responsible for this mess. As far as I know you, you will even think of postponing our engagement, and I really can’t afford that right now. I want you by my side t handle this situation. It’s almost under control but still I want to remove the insecurities of mom and I really need your support in this as my better half rather than my lover.

Raglak had selected their rings when Swara and sanskar were lost in their own thoughts and it’s the turn of swasan. First Swara select a ring and showed sanky he took it and showed it to AP and asked whether she liked it. She nodded and he said ok. When all asked sanky t select a ring for Swara he asked AP to select one. She knew why he is doing so, so she took him aside and confront him.

AP: sanky what is this? I told in the morning itself that, that chapter is closed then why are you behaving like this? I’m watching you from the time we arrived you are not at all seeing towards her and talking with her. Beta I’m ok now you don’t need to do all this for me. Just look at her how pale her face is, beta you are hurting her along with urself

Sanky: mom it’s not like that, it’s just that ki I’m not ready to face her after what all happened yesterday

AP (shockingly): sanky at you holding her responsible for my stupidity

Sanskar: I’m not mom but if she come to know about this then she will hold herself responsible for this for sure

AP: but sanky for that please don’t ignore her she will be feeling like he’ll go and talk to her and haan select a nice ring for my daughter.

Sanskar smile hearing “my daughter” from AP for Swara and felt a little bit relaxed. Then he went and select a nice ring and she too liked it very much. All had their lunch in a nearby hotel. Sanky and Swara were stealing glances at each other and Swara too felt relaxed seeing sanskar eyeing her lovingly.


Sorry for the short update guys but what to do I’m having a very bad time . First my husband was in hospital and now my father met with an accident . He was in ventilator for almost 9 days and me too got very busy with hospital, shop, home children . I just don’t know how I survived last two weeks . Today he was shifted to ICU and is getting better so now I’m not sure I will be able to be regular and give big episodes so please pardon me.

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