SWASAN- ek recording aisi bhi (OS)


Swasan os-ek recording esi bhi

Hey guys it’s me Aanya I’m new to tu but I have been reading all the Ff n Os a small idea popped in my mind n I couldn’t stop my self guys I’m a 8th grader so sorry if its not to ur expectations…sorry for the mistakes.so let’s start with the story….

Character sketch
Swara bose/swara maheshwari-a sweet girl of 25yrs married to the no. One business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari it is a love marriage.
Sanskar Maheshwari- no. One business tycoon love swara 27yrs old .
The story revolves around a huge mansion where a girl is shown planting some plants in the garden of the mansion.she was doing her work suddenly a sound came from behind.
Sound- swara where is my phone…????

Yes the girl is r swara.
Swara-sanskar chk it properly it’s there in the shelf..
The boy is r sanskar
Sanskar-swara are u ready.
Swara-yes I mean no I mean yes oops….!!!

Sanskar -swara u r not ready right..??
Swara-sanskar it will take me just five mins plz…
Sankar-hmm OK.!…..ho gaya
Sanskar- Chalo ab..!!
They had their bf n left for their respective work.
sanskar was waiting for his jaan as it was time for their dinner suddenly his face got enlighten as he saw swara she gave him a “sorry” look n -sanskar ensured her from his eyes that he is not angry.
Sanskar- so how was ur shoot…??

swara-ya it was gud but what about ur deal u got it right….???

Sanskar – yeah I got the deal as u know.
Swara-ya I know…!!
They talked n soon finished their dinner n went to their room.

Swara was arranging the bed when two soft hands held her waist n kissed her on her shoulder.
Swara-sanskar let me at least arrange the bed.(blushing)

Sanskar- so I’m not stopping u even.(putting his head on her shoulder)
She was about say but the fell on the bed such that swara was on top.

Swara-sanskar will u let me do my work…??
Sankar-yes (while he was nodding no)
N they slept in e-o embrace with a smile on their face.
It’s was a beautiful morning the sun was peeping inside the room of our loved birds who were sleeping as if thethey didn’t have any other work but they didn’t knew that soon there life would turn upside down.

Sanskar got up with a jerk after listening a sound he went down slowly slowly with a flower vase n when he saw the scene the flower vase fell from his hand n he was shocked.

Swara woke up with a jerk when she did not find sanskar with him she went down n was shocked….she ran n hugged the person tightly n took their blessings.

Swara-mom dad when did u come…??
Dp-just a half n hr before.
Swara-maa papa aapne toh mujhe dara hi Diya th.
Sanskar-yeah…atleast u could have informed us na ma.
Ap- sorry sanskar we thought of giving you a surprise agli bar batadenge Okk..!!! They burst into laughter…………
The talk for a while then Ap informed them that sahil is coming back today from the jail. After listening the word Sahil sanskar got angry n stood up with a jerk n said in a cold tone-he is not going to stay here.
Ap-sanskar he is going to come back after a yr n have he gone mad that he will do that mistake again at least give him a chance to change.
Sanskar-okk but he will only stay for two days here.
Swara-maa papa now u both go n freshen up main bf Lagti hun.
Then apdp & swasan went to their respective rooms.
sanskar-swara u will only come in front of him to serve food n etc. Otherwise don’t come out…!!(he said this my hugging her from back)
Swara-sanskar….come on why will he repeat that mistake. He will not do anything now.
Sanskar-yeah as if I trust him…
Swara-sanskar (she turned n hugged him) I said na till the time u r wide me nothing can happen to me.
Sanskar pulled away n kissed her on forehead- I’ll never let u happen anything agar tum he Kuch hua toh main mrjaunga…

Swara placed her lips on his lips n started to bite his lower lips she was showing her anger on him for saying such things. They parted away due to lack of oxygen n he stared her in shock…..then smiled n hugged her tightly . First she protested n then melted in his arms.
Swara-sanskar plz aage se aisa kabhi mat bolna plz.(still hugging)
They stayed in this position for a long time. They day passed n finally the time came Sahil has finally arrived.
Sahil(fake emotion)-maa…papa where are u see ur Sahil is back…!!
Ap(strict tone )-stop this drama Sahil don’t show me ur fake care towards ur parents.
Sahil- ohh…come on ma…leave it first let me sit n relax aapko toh Chinta hai hi nhi ki aapka beta ek sal bad jail se aaya hai toh chaye Pani ke liye punch list ulta ur scolding me.(fake crying)
Ap-so what do u expect that I should be happy that my son has returned from jail….u went to jail not on a world tour…N u r staying here for just two day did u got that.
Sahil- mom ur joking right u can live without me then how can u send me again….ohh I got it u n papa have bought a new mansion for me na OK OK I got it…. Thanks mom…love u..!!!
Ap gives a disgusting look to Sahil suddenly a close came from behind n Sahil stood up n was mentioned to see…
Sanskar-get up u spoiled brat..!!( Sanskar shouted) he was coming down with swara Han in hand.
Sanskar- will u not wish ur bhabhi first (with a smirk)
Sahil’s thought was jerked by the word bhabhi he had no option so bend down to take the blessings of swara but swara got back.
Swara-han Han Khush rahi(not showing much interest)
Like this the time passed n everyone ignord Sahil n swasan didn’t left a chance to taunt Sahil. Now it was enough for Sahil he has now planned something big.

Last day of sahil#
Today swasan were very happy as today was the last day of Sahil in this house. Ap &Do went to mandir n sanskar was taking bath tabhi Sahil enterd swasan’s room n closed the door from inside.(he didn’t knew that sanskar was n the washroom.
Swara(scared n with anger)-w-w-what are u doing h-here?
Sanskar got aware that sahil has enterd his room.
Sahil-oh come on bhabhi don’t be scared it’s ur Sahil.

He took out a knife from his pocket.
Swara got hell scared-what a-are u- doi-doing go from h-here. Sanskar…..sanskar….plz come out.
Sahil-ohh come on baby it’s only me n u how will ur darling husband come here.
Suddenly the door started to bang
Sankar shouted on the top of his voice- Sahil leave her…
Agar usse Kuch hua toh tu nhi beachega .
Sahil-ohh so ur darling husband is here so OK let him also see
By saying this he went near swara

Swara -stop…stop right there I said stop there Sahil if sanskar came out hr will not leave u
Sahil-ohh…. just shut up that day every thing was going well I was about to marry u but that b****y sanskar came n got me arrested. But not today,t today I will insult u n ur sanskar will not be able to save . Haaahaa
Suddenly the door got opened n sanskar came out in a shirt n pajama.(guys he took his clothes inside )
Sanskar-sahillllll don’t dare to touch her.
Swara ran n hugged sanskar tightly.he hugged her back.
Swara-sanskar thank God u came sanskar plz don’t go now plz save me from this moron.
Sanskar – swara don’t be scared now ur sanskar has come . Nothing will happen to u.
Suddenly Sahil pulled swara towards him and he put knife on swara’s neck n asked him to stay away but before sanskar could do anything Sahil stabbed the knife in sanskars stomach.

Swara bites sahil’s hand n ran towards sanskar but Sahil stabbed at swara’s back.

N the button was stoppeddd…!!!
Ap was crying as she was listening to the audio. Sanskar has fitted a audio recording machine to keep a chk at it n she got it from the police when they were investigating.
Ap- Kash Mene sanskar ki baat sun li Hoti toh aaj mere beache mere Saath hoten….kash !!!
Dp- why r u blaming urself for that incident it wasn’t ur fault . Jisne vo ghinauna Kam Kiya tha wo abhi apni saza Kat Raha hai jail mein. He is suffering for his deeds…!!
By saying this they went to the terrace n smiled luking at two stars that were together they saw the reflection of swara n sanskar.. there..!
Ap- my swasan…!!

Hey sorry to make u cry but do tell me how was it it’s my first os plz do comment silent readers n negative comments are most welcomed ilill reply to ur comments guys…. Bbye live u…???

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  1. Khushiii

    Yup you made me cry and it was a superb story loved it

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks khushii sorry for making u cry dear…

  2. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Awsum…i was literally Shocked reading the stabbing scn bt the Nxt Scn was More Shocking..It.was A Recording…Awsum…Srsly..bt i wished swasan wud be saved ??..

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks swasanfan.goldie n I’m really sorry will definitely upload a better Os next time..

      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Its ok..this is also an awsum os.loved it.bt nxt time upload a romantic os..

  3. Mica

    uuhh luv it AAnya…
    keep writing, xoxo

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks dear…Ur wishes r with me…?

  4. Kaynatk01

    this is not fair yr subah subah swasan ko mara paaya but u teied ur level best i hope u will go best in future go on

    1. Aanya..

      Sorry kaynatk01 will surely upload a better Os next time… promise

  5. Serena

    Wow…u r really an amazing writer

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks Sarena I have read all ur os n I’m really a huge fan of urs n after seeing ur comment I was on cloud nine….glad liked it…??

      1. Serena

        Awwwww so sweet of u???

        I didn’t thought that even I could have the fan following??

  6. Teja

    Very beautiful,lovely o.s nice one dear keep going?

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks teja….thanks for commenting dear

      1. Teja

        Ur welcome it’s nice that’s why I have comment on this?

      2. Teja

        Keep reading my os

      3. Teja

        I will be very happy if u read my ff love,hate obsession

      4. Aanya..

        Ya sure Ull soon get a comment from my side dear..

  7. Vyshu10

    awesome…emotional kar diya

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks vyshu10…n sorry…?

  8. awesome… first i thought swara saved by reading next seen literally shocked.. awesome

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks Anu dear…n Han sorry for shocking u so much..

  9. Aww so sweet os…..just loved it???????

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks vidhi glad u loved it

  10. AnuAnn

    Emotional dear

    1. Aanya..

      Ohh…sorry anuann…thanks for commenting

  11. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome ….. marvelous ….. I have no words to describe it

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks dear glad u liked it…

  12. Great yar….feels bad about swasan…n disgusting about Sahil….he shouldn’t be jailed but hang to death…
    Over all it was very good…. I hope u will come up with many more good stories…GOD BLESS YOU!!

    1. Aanya..

      Trust me Maryam I was feeling the same thanks dear for ur comment n wishes? love n may God bless u too

  13. G.Chandu

    nice…!! and liitle senti..!!

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks dear…

  14. Loved ur os Aanya keep writing…?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks aalu my mood got enlighten after seeing ur comment…????????????

  15. I m also in 8 standard
    Loved it

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks dear

    2. Aanya..

      Oh great…glad u loved it dear

  16. Beautifully penned down! Will look up to more!

    1. And even I’m in 8th standard!

    2. Aanya..

      Thanks alot laddoo ur comment means alot to me as I have read ur os n trust me u r an amazing writer

  17. u made me cry

    1. Aanya..

      So sorry dear thanks for commenting

  18. awesome os every part is described beautifully ending is somehow sad and i really don’t thought while reading that it is a tape recording and swasan understanding is amazing and sahil how can he kill them sanskar came at right time but at the end both die its the sad part and the attempt u made by writting such a beautiful os is really amzing keep writting loved it??

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks alot Radhika dear…will soon update a Os in which Ull not feel sad

  19. Nice Aanya lage raho dono behene

  20. Keep going Aanya lage raho dono behene but it was really nice

    1. Aanya..

      Ohh thanks Sanjana glad u liked it dear

  21. Arunika


    1. Aanya..

      Thanks arunika

  22. Rlly loved it aanya..it was awesome..nice concept…keep continuing dear

    1. Aanya..

      Thanks alot dear…will surely continue n will keep uploading Os up to ur expectations….n thanks alot everyone didn’t knew that it would really bring 52 comments… haaahaa

  23. Diva

    Wow sista you nailed it seriously awesome story yaar…..jealous yaar..??????lol love you baby and do read my SS too and cmnt????

    1. Aanya..

      Ya sure Diva going to read it I’m sure that the episode will rock again…..love u to sweety

  24. Superb se bhi upar…Amazing…I am in 7th standard…

  25. Aanya..

    Oh thanks dear…

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