Swasan: Dreams will come true (Chapter 6)

~Sometimes I miss you the way someone drowning remembers the air~

Night engulfed the thick black velvet sky and only dimmed street lights were shining on the empty road……Sanskar went outside of the cafeteria and waited for Swara….He is restless and his heart ached each and every time he can’t see a glimpse of the beautiful Swara working over there…Yet, he knows she must be working because she never skipped her part time job no matter how hectic a day can be at the college….Sanskar murmurs in his heart “It’s a fateful day that started without Swara whom loved to tease and annoy me….I missed her too much that no words can explain….I missed talking to her..I missed her nonsensical jokes…I missed her questions and tantrums…I missed her smile…I missed each and everything about her…… I truly missed Swara but I can’t understand why her presence and absence makes a big difference in my life….He paused “May be I I just want to be with her because she is capable to lighten my heart with her smile….I want to be with her only to make myself happy….Nothing else…After all, she is just my good friend…..”The deep hidden feelings for Swara has already buried in his heart and he can’t reach for it even if he tries because he never know the form of true love even if he is witnessing it in his life now as he never believes in love…….. Sanskar’s fingers run through his hair and he quivered his lips ” But does she miss me like how I can’t get her out of my head throughout the day??? Did her eyes had the flashes of my picture like how I had about her?? He sighed “anyways today I will know whether I am holding an essential place in her life how she mattered in mine if she cared of my non existence…..”

Sanskar’s heart then skipped for a moment when his deep brown eyes manages to catch Swara approaching a customer……He watched her closely from far….Although he is far from her in distance, Sanskar sensed the chubby cheeks lost all the sparkling spark dwelling on it….Sanskar wondered” Why is she spiritless????” He wished that she shouldn’t be facing any kind of problems….He decided to wait for Swara even if his heart Is worried to witness an unanimated Swara because he didn’t want to disturb her during her work…… Swara’s mind is unable to stay focused thinking why Sanskar is invisible for the first time…. She missed his intense stare and the breath-taking looks….A prayer is chanting in her heart that no harm should befalls him ever since he became unresponsive…Swara tries not be a negative thinker but her mind is demeaning with such thoughts where for the first time Sanskar never attended a class… for the very first time never answered her calls and texts..She can’t figure out what is he doing right now???” Swara did not want to intrude his personal life but she can’t be in peace without knowing Sanskar’s well being………Swara walked away of the cafeteria and she gazes the tar road while cursing herself “It’s the worst day in my life…A day without Sanskar is driving me insane…I really missing him badly…His grumpiness…His humour…His stare……I miss everything about Sanskar…….She murmurs “I just wish that he is safe and sound……..”

~Hours feel like years and years become decades when stay apart of the special person that resides in the heart~

Swara suddenly bumped into someone and she lifted her chin to see the person…Swara’s eyes bugged out to see Sanskar is standing right in front if her for real….She feels like meeting him after ages even though it was just 20 hours without him….Swara eyes welled up with tears to meet Sanskar…..She crushed into Sanskar tightly….It is their first hug ever and that too under a moonlight….Sanskar is amazed to see Swara’s gesture because it’s very unexpected especially from a reserved and conservative girl like Swara….However,Sanskar unable to understand why is she shedding her tears……. Swara then stutters “San….Skar….I was wondering where you went??You didn’t answer my calls and none of my messages were answered…I was too scared that something happened to you because first time you turned out invisible….I was missing you so much Sanskar…I really couldn’t concentrate on anything without you…” Sanskar hushed her and brushed her hair with his fingers “Dear…..I am fine…Why you were over thinking??I am not a kid though ….” Slowly, his fingers gently cupped her face “Swara….stop shedding tears dear……. Trust me, nothing happened….I just left my mobile in my room and went out so I was unable to contact you….Don’t be a cry baby please……” Swara curled her lips ” I am not a cry baby….It was tears of joy that I meet you and my prayers were answered because you are well….”Sanskar wiped the tears brimmed over her face “No tears are welcomed on you…….” Swara gets conscious with his touch and she moved behind a little because it turned to be awkward than emotional…. Sanskar then pulled her close that she could feel his hot breath over her skin….Swara is shocked as Sanskar whispered in her ears….His husky voice is a pitch perfect of s*xiness….He whispered “Glad you missed me because I missed you too….”

Swara pursed her lips “I didn’t miss you…Go away…. Sanskar giggled “Oh really???Let me see the number of messages and calls from you in my mobile….Swara rolled her eyes and she saw Sanskar’s looks very tensed up when he accessed into his mobile …She quickly asked him “Any problem dear???” Sanskar knit his eyebrow “I wonder why none of your calls and messages in it??” Swara stares at him blankly “How can you won’t have it???” She turned on her mobile and scrolled through her dialled numbers then she also open her text messages’ sent items to show him….Sanskar is shocked and he reminisces that Kavitha was the one that passed his mobile to him while ago….He thinks “She is impossible…. I am sure that she must have sneaked into my mobile and does her creepy job…..” Swara jerked Sanskar “what happened Sanskar???” He grins and holds her hand “I think my mobile have some problem so forget about this….Let’s go for dinner….” Sanskar murmured in his heart “I am sorry Swara but I don’t think its necessary to bring up about the topic of Kavitha…She is never a part of my life so I don’t need to brag on about her obsession over me …….” Swara lowered her eyes and whispers “I am sorry Sanskar but I want to go home and sleep so I can’t have dinner with you….” Sanskar face grows with disappointment and he just nodded unhappily….Swara’s heart pricked to see Sanskar’s expression so she quickly faked a laugh “I lied Sanskar …..My stomach is actually growling where I don’t mind eating you so let’s go for a dinner now ……” Sanskar chuckled and nodded……..

~Curiosity increases only on the matter of someone we care~

Swara jumps in excitement when she saw a stall on the road side….A few people were sitting on the wooden chair and sipping out their tea….Sanskar refuted because he feels weird to try the food where hygiene is not promised….Worst of all, never tried all this before…….Yet, Swara assured him that it will be one of simplest mouth-watering meal he ever tasted…..Sanskar followed her words when he saw enjoyment dwelling on her face…..In the mid of enjoying the food, Sanskar wanted to clear his doubt he had….He always feels that Swara must be single because she is with him most of the hours but curiosity kills and he wanted to clarify her relationship status….It’s quite important to him after all the care she has on him is undeniable that he has to check about her as he cared for her too …….Sanskar huffed puffed “Swara…..Are you still single??” Swara laughed “No, I am committed Sanskar……” Swara notices a deep frown on Sanskar’s face….His face flushed that it becomes dark pink that soon it will become red……Sanskar then looked away that his eyes never meet her gaze….He glowered” glad you are committed but I never knew it…..”

Swara giggled “because you didn’t ask Sanskar…… ” Sanskar smiled “Never mind now I get to know….let’s go home…” Swara laughed “I didn’t complete my sentence Sanskar….I am committed to my studies and dreams not to any random guys…….I am sure you have mistaken me but the truth is I am single and I am happy about it because I am independent…….” Sanskar’s heart finally get ta biggest relief and he smiled in satisfaction as his doubt gets cleared…” Swara arched her eyebrow “You have any relationship with any girl???” Sanskar smirked ” Of course I do….I have a close relationship with a girl …” Swara stared at him blankly and mutters “You never spoken about her…” Sanskar smiled “That’s you…Why I should speak about you to you??I shared a relationship called friendship with you…Can’t be called as a relationship as well ????.” Swara quirked her lips “You love punning right….Nevertheless, I have to say that I am privilege to find you in my life Sanskar and promise me you won’t go anywhere without informing your friend??? Please I don’t want to go through that passage again…. Sanskar nodded “promise Swara….” Swara giggles and shows her little finger to him “let’s do the pinky promise then…..the promise between two friends….” Sanskar vacously stare her on what he should do but Swara hastily tangled her finger with his…Sanskar glooms up with a smile because the day may not starts good but the night ends beautifully for him where all his questions gets the respective answers and he meet Swara’s smile before falling into a slumber……..

To be continued?
No proof read and the update I have written in the afternoon gets deleted accidentally so I rewrite everything so I posted it late?Thank you for reading anyways and keep showering your love for my hardwork…The next will be only after 10 March readers so please wait….Lots of love?

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